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Default Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

The Tata Tiago JTP is on sale in India at Rs. 6.39 lakhs (ex-Delhi).

What you'll like:

• Fast, tight & chuckable. Lots of fun to drive!
• A professionally “modified” car with full warranty & support
• Looks smoking hot! Very tastefully applied design enhancements
• 1.2L turbo-petrol has character; 0 -100 in <10 seconds & a sporty exhaust too
• Superb handling, with a ride that won’t break your back
• Solid build & a good quality all-black cabin
• Feature list with 2 driving modes, 8-speaker Harman ICE, projector headlamps & more
• VFM pricing. Worth every paisa of the extra $$$ over the regular Tiago

What you won't:

• 3-cylinder petrol is neither refined nor revv-happy. Max revs of just ~5,900 rpm
• Low-end torque is strictly average. Lag can be felt in certain situations
• Limited availability in merely 14 cities. Number of dealerships is tiny
• NVH package has many holes & refinement levels are mediocre
• Driving position is too tall for a fun hatchback
• Rear headroom is tight. Also, a rare Tata hatchback that cannot seat 5 (best for 4)
• Doesn’t have some features of the new XZ+ variant (e.g. climate control, 7” touchscreen)
• Tata's after-sales experience remains a gamble. Plus, we hope this new car is niggle-free

This review has been jointly compiled with Samurai. Thanks to him for the expert observations!

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Since the Tata Tiago has already been reviewed by Team-BHP, this report will only focus on changes made to the JTP variant. To read the full official review, click here.

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Not every day does a car get launched and go straight to the top of our "best enthusiast cars' list". Well, that's just what the JTP twins did and we can tell you, they are special .

It's never been a better time to be an enthusiast in India. Whatever the budget, there are fun-to-drive cars waiting for you. And what makes the JTPs special is that they are affordable; proof that you don't need to spend big bucks to have a whole lot of fun.

Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review-jtp.png

We did experience a temporary lull though. With the 1.2L engine size incentives and focus on emissions + efficiency, the hot hatch was a dying breed in India. Very few manufacturers ventured into the segment and only VW managed some amount of success with the Polo GTs, but even that was not a wholehearted attempt. Maruti tried & we'd say that the Baleno Boosterjet was a 'decent' shot at best. They did a lot better with the S-Cross 1.6L though, which combined Maruti's easy ownership with a stonker of an engine and European car-like build & behaviour. Still, nothing came close to what Fiat gave us in the Punto Abarth. Now, that's a true hot hatch.

Tata Motors has been toying with the idea of a fast hatchback since years. We heard murmurs of an Indica Vista S and then the Tata Bolt Sport in 2015. None of these ever saw the light of day. However, in March 2017, Tata announced a 50:50 joint venture with Jayem Automotive and launched a new sub-brand called "JT Special Vehicles" (JTSV). The Tiago and Tigor JTP (Jayem Tata Performance) are the first offerings from JTSV and were showcased at this year's Auto Expo. These cars have been developed by JTSV using the components available with Tata.

Some of you might be wondering who Jayem Automotive is? It's an automotive technical centre that develops technologies as well as cars for racing teams worldwide. The firm is set up by J. Anand, a former racing driver from Coimbatore and an F3 champion. He has worked on Tata cars since the early 2000s and showcased prototypes of the Indica with 115 BHP on tap. In 2014, Jayem Auto built a M-A-D Super Nano with a 230 BHP superbike engine (some pics here). Good news is, more cars are coming from JTSV - apparently, the Nexon JTP is up next.

Unlike earlier attempts, we're happy that the Tiago and Tigor have actually made their way to the showroom! Nope, these are not mere 'Auto Expo' concepts. They are street-legal cars that you can drive to work on weekdays and your favourite mountain road or highway on the weekends. We're pleased to tell you that both are 'proper' hot versions. That includes reworked engines with a lot more power than stock, suspension upgrades and cosmetic changes to look the part as well.

Why did Tata put in the effort, despite the market size being small for performance cars? Well, clearly there are some car guys in the engineering & product departments @ Pune. Then, the immense marketing benefits to Tata (brand, image) are obvious. Plus, such cars help win over enthusiasts like you and I who are usually the opinion makers in their respective communities.

So, what's new on the outside?

Looks smoking HOT! The face gets revised bumpers and a piano-black grille. We like how the car has almost no chrome:

You'll immediately notice the pseudo diffuser finished in shiny black, the black spoiler and twin exhaust pipes:

Side profile looks more planted due to the lowered suspension. However, the ground clearance has reduced by just 4 mm to 166 mm, thanks to the larger 15" rims. Notice the subtle side skirt:

The blackened headlights are actually the same projector units found on the Tigor and boy, do they look good!

Closeup of the new grill and bumper. Shiny black lip looks smart. Must say that Pratap Bose (Head of Design) and his team have t-a-s-t-e:

The honeycomb grill has a more aggressive design vs the regular Tiago (compare here):

Don't miss the classy red & chrome JTP logo on the side. You know this is not a regular Tiago when you see the tightly packed intercooler behind the bumper!!

Foglamps are housed in a much larger grill:

Super sexy! When was the last time you saw hood vents on a hatchback, that too from Tata Motors???

The vents are actually functional in removing heat from the engine bay. Place your hand on them after a spirited drive and you'll know:

Front fender too gets the JTP badge. The grill - surprisingly - isn't a fake and is supposedly functional (as per JTP engineers):

ORVMs get the blackened effect which looks fab. What you won't like is the white car getting red ORVMs...yuck! See pics of the Tigor below. Best to get that repainted or wrapped:

Larger 15-inch wheels on wider 185/60 section Apollo Alnac tyres reduce the gap to the wheel arch considerably. We like the design. In fact, whatever Tata has done to this car is very tasteful:

A look at the side skirts as well as the lowered stance. Notice how the wheel-to-body ratio is better than the regular Tiago:

Shiny black roof is standard on the JTP variants of the Tiago & Tigor. The body can be either this red or white. Needless to say, both combinations look awesome:

Spoiler too is finished in black. Also note the winglets (just like the regular Tiago):

Zooming in on the JTP badge at the rear:

A close look at the rear diffuser with twin exhaust pipes which not only look hot, but also sound very sweet. IMHO, the pipes are of the perfect size. They look real meaty:

Larger end can too:

The JTP twins next to each other. These cars have something that few <10 lakh rupee cars do = CHARACTER:

The twins are manufactured at Tata's Sanand factory:

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So, what's new on the inside?

The interiors are largely similar to the regular Tiago's, except for the colour scheme which is now all-black with red accents (vs the black & grey-beige). We think this combination looks amazing. You get all the bells & whistles including that brilliant Harman-Kardon system (which I never used even once during my drive ). In the case of the stock Tiago, I had mentioned that the best way to enjoy the Tiago was to drive calmly, listening to the excellent audio system and forgetting the lack of power. In the JTP, it's exactly the opposite!

All-black cabin with red accents looks sporty. I'm a sucker for black interiors, so I absolutely loved it:

Leather-wrapped steering wheel feels chunky and is a joy to hold. Has a mix of perforated-style leather:

Red stitching on the steering as well:

All-black instrument cluster gets chrome-ringed shrouds. Don't miss the JTP logo on both the dials. Needles turn red as you approach the redline:

All-black door pads with some chrome & piano-black highlights. Armrest gets padding via the black fabric. IMHO, a dash of red would have worked here:

Cloth seats get a new design with red hexagonal printing as well as JTP branding. We find this very tasteful. On the flip side, the driving position is too high for a sporty car:

Sporty aluminium pedals with rubber grips:

Floor mats get the red treatment & a JTP logo:

Centre console shown here is of the Tigor which gets Climate Control (note: Tiago doesn't):

Harman touchscreen system is now upgraded with a colour screen and is similar to the Tigor's. The screen remains a tad on the smaller size and isn't the most responsive to use:

A/C vents with red accents. It's a proper Ferrari Red:

Side vents too:

Identical 5-speed shifter from the regular Tiago but... guessed it - there's red stitching on the leather shroud:

LED roof lamp at the centre, just like the regular Tiago. No map lights at the front:

Tata has gone the whole hog, and even the roof liner and A-pillars are finished in black. Some may not like this as it makes the cabin feel smaller & gloomier:

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Driving the 1.2L Petrol MT

The Nexon's turbo-petrol. These kind of engine swaps are usually done only in the after-market tuner shops, but here is one performed by professionals at the factory level...with full service support & a warranty!

Let's get straight to the point, the Tiago JTP is all about what's under the hood. The guys at JTP raided the Tata Motors parts bin, picked the Nexon's 1.2L turbo-petrol motor and shoehorned it into the little Tiago's engine bay. The engine has been reworked by JTP too. Power figures are close to the Nexon, but there are a few differences. The engine makes an additional 4 BHP (112 BHP @ 5,000 rpm) vs the Nexon's 108 BHP, although the torque rating is lower at 150 Nm vs the Nexon's 170 Nm. Reason? The Tiago JTP uses the same 5-speed gearbox as the regular Tiago and not the Nexon's 6-speeder. Further, we were told that the torque has been restricted as the Tiago's lighter body was bringing excessive torque steer. Perhaps for this reason, peak torque is made 250 rpm later vs the Nexon. With a kerb weight of 1,051 kilos, the Tiago JTP has an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 107 BHP / ton. This puts the car just below the Abarth Punto (121 BHP / ton) in the hot hatch segment, bettering the Baleno RS, Polo GT TSI and Figo 1.5D S. If you compare it to the regular Tiago, the JTP version gives you 28 horses more. Is the price premium worth it? Totally. In the early 2000s, a lot of enthusiasts paid 1 lakh rupees extra for the City Vtec that had just 6 BHP more than the regular City, but I have yet to meet an owner who regretted buying that maniac car. The Tiago JTP is also the cheapest sub-10 second 0-100 km/hr car you can buy today (Tata claims it'll do the dash in 9.95 secs).

There's no fancy engine start button and when you turn the key over, you are greeted by a typical 3-cylinder thrum. Refinement levels aren't bad, yet nowhere near a 4-cylinder engine. Tap the throttle at idle and you know this is no ordinary hatchback. The exhaust note is sporty with a deep growl that's not associated with any car in this segment. It even has a pop when you lift off suddenly ! Sadly, the engine revs only till 4,000 rpm at idle, which means it doesn't get loud when stationary.

Release the light clutch, tap the A pedal and it's clear that the JTP isn't the regular commuter hatchback you're used to...and definitely not one from Tata Motors! Below 2,500 rpm though, it does not feel like there are 112 horses under the hood. Power delivery is strictly average in stop & go traffic under 2,000 rpm. The low-end grunt can sometimes catch you out and you might stall the Tiago, especially when starting off on an incline. Samurai stalled it like 10 times on the hotel ramp! Reason = lag; the turbo really spools up at ~2,500 rpm. It's an issue only when starting off from 0 km/h; the Tiago pulls well once it starts rolling. The 1-ton kerb weight and ample power mean that performance is brisk in the city. In bumper to bumper traffic though, it needs gentle pedal co-ordination as things can get jerky in both the driving modes. Gearshifts aren't always easy to get right (i.e. smooth without a small jerk). Note: This isn't a problem once out on the open road.

Cross 2,500 rpm and you are now in the meat of the power band. The mid-range is very good. There is a proper push back into your seat at 3,500 rpm, and you hold the steering tighter with a wider grin across your face. Unassuming passengers who thought this is a normal Tiago will be in a state of shock. The redline is set at a conservative 5,500 rpm in City mode, and ~5,900 rpm in Sports mode. This sucks as it's too low for a petrol (we know diesels that touch ~5,500 rpm). Also, the motor isn't revv-happy like the Vtecs & TSIs of the world. The rev limiter itself is not very intrusive and cuts the fuel supply gently. 1st gear is good for 42 km/hr (Sport mode). 2nd gear is proper fun, maxing out at 78 km/hr. I used 2nd gear almost entirely when climbing up from Coimbatore (Mettupalayam) to Ooty. 3rd gear doesn't give the same kick as second, but is a good tool inside the city. The Tiago works like an automatic in 3rd gear from ~20 km/hr to almost 110 km/hr (we couldn't test above this due to the road conditions).

Like all small + fast cars, the Tiago JTP is the most fun when driven on B roads, or up the hills. You will enjoy thrashing this car on your favourite ghat section. Just downshift and fly past slower traffic. The surge after 3,500 rpm is addictive. Out on the highway, it's a breeze as the Tiago can easily keep up with larger cars, and give most cars twice the price a run for their money. Top speed? Tata says its 160 km/hr.

The Tiago has 2 driving modes, Sport and City. By default, the car starts in City mode. Both modes are usable, thanks to the ample power available. As mentioned earlier, the Sport's redline is higher at ~5,900 rpm vs 5,500 rpm in City mode. Throttle response is sharper in Sport mode and there's probably a 10-15% difference between the two. Unlike the regular Tiago, City mode is not crippled or tuned for outright efficiency. Being in City mode didn't bother me. Of course, when you are in the mood for fun, Sport is the mode of choice.

The clutch is light and the gearshifts are accurate. It isn't a super slick unit though and the shifter has a notchy side to it. What's more, if your hand is resting on the shifter, you can feel some movement when you lift off the throttle and press it again.

The ARAI rating for both cars is 15.87 kmpl. It's lower than the Nexon, from whom the engine is borrowed. The FE should be acceptable if you drive with a light foot...but would you? Drive the car hard and expect to see FE in the mere single digits.

One thing for sure, there will be polarising opinions around the car's NVH levels. The 3-cylinder engine is not the most refined and you can feel this as you work the engine through the rev range. While accelerating, there is a constant triple-cylinder thrum, with a vibration felt in the cabin at around ~2,200 rpm. This vibration is most likely a resonance at a particular rpm as it is very evident. Other than that, you feel vibrations from the pedals as well as the gear lever. At the redline, the engine doesn't sound nice. Things get loud in the cabin and the audio track isn't a sporty or sweet sounding one; rather, it's a thrummy sound which you won't enjoy. While the engine note isn't music to one's ears, the Tiago does make some other likeable sounds. The exhaust is absolutely brilliant with a proper deep growl heard when you roll down the windows. It also pops on lift off (this in a Tata hatch !). When you cross 2,500 rpm, you hear the induction noise from the air intake as if it's taking a deep breath. Still, the absolute best sound is heard when you roll down the windows and lift off the throttle while accelerating. The sound of the Blow Off Valve (BOV) is just crazy!

Overall, if you're looking for a smooth & refined driving experience, the Tiago JTP won't appeal to you. The car gives you a very visceral experience that is kind of raw & brute. Personally, I didn't mind it at all as it adds character to the car. IMHO, it actually goes back to the old-school philosophy of a performance-oriented car that's not trying to cover up all the mechanical noises.

Ride & Handling

The JTP team has not just souped-up the engine, but they have also worked on the steering and suspension. The suspension has been lowered and is tuned on the firmer side. Overall ground clearance however has only reduced by 4 mm since the wheels are now 15 inchers with 185/60 tyres vs the 175/65 R14 in the stock Tiago (diameter is 3.3% smaller). The suspension tuning itself is some serious trickery that JTP have pulled off. The hardware is firmer and you will love throwing the car around corners (trust me!) & exploring its limits. To get anywhere near the limits or cross them, you really have to push it. It takes a lot to unsettle the car and make the JTP lose grip. There is understeer once you drive beyond the limit, but that bar is set high and it's difficult to get to that point on public roads. The Tiago maintains its line through corners easily. Just point it in the direction and it follows; the car is extremely eager to change direction. Body roll is well-controlled and the Tiago remains planted when driven enthusiastically. Even on Apollo Alnac tyres, the behaviour was fantastic. I can only imagine what will happen when JTP owners swap these with sticky Michelins or Yokohamas.

The steering has been recalibrated. This, along with the fatter 185 section tyres, gives it a more weighted feel. The suspension + steering come together beautifully and as a result, you can just throw the Tiago from one corner to the other nonchalantly. The braking hardware is the same as the regular Tiago, but thanks to the wider tyres and stiffened suspension, it gets the job done. Yep, the brakes are 'adequate', but not 'exceptional'. We raised concerns with the JTP engineers that with so much more power, why were the brakes not upgraded? They assured us that the stock braking hardware was more than sufficient and with the improved grip and tuned suspension (less dive), the braking will work as expected. They worked fine in my drive. Just that you won't be raving about them in the way that Abarth Punto owners do.

After reading the above paragraphs, you would think that ride quality has gone for a toss. I'm happy to report that is not the case. This is where the trickery comes in. Ride comfort is comparable to the stock car at slow speeds. Yes, it is firmer, but the ride is very liveable and it's not a back breaker at all. As the speedometer climbs, the ride quality is as good as any. Even when we "missed" some large potholes at speed, it never transmitted the shocks to the cabin. The only time you feel the stiffness is when you go over very sharp bumps. I'm impressed with how JTP have managed to get this suspension tune spot-on.

My only gripe in the entire package is the driving position. The stock Tiago seats don't go low enough and if you're tall like me, you will find the seating position to be way too high. Not befitting a car with sporty intentions at all.

You can see how tight things are when you pop open the hood. JTP had to rework the entire air intake and as a result, the Tiago uses a much larger air filter than the Nexon:

Reworked air intake is bigger. What you see isn't the engine cover, but the air box. You can see the air filter below in orange. JTP logo with an image of a race track is super cool! No, it isn't Coimbatore's Kari track where the JTP cars were developed. It's just a generic image. When you see such fine touches, you know this is a car built by the heart:

No under-hood insulation. I don't think Tata were looking at reducing noise levels. It's a RAW package. Also check out the functional hood vent from the underside:

Zooming in. Here, you can see the additional hole in the metal (top right of the vent):

Large intercooler is a very tight fit! Check out how the grill has been pushed forward as much as possible to accommodate the plumbing. This is a top-class swap job:

Closeup of the intercooler pipes:

Larger end can with twin exhaust tips sounds brilliant when revved. It even pops & crackles when you lift off!! Has a throaty exhaust note. Still, many BHPians will find the need for an after-market free flow exhaust:

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The Smaller yet Significant Things

Alongside the media cars was a camouflaged Tiago JTP. You don't see that at media drives. This particular car was one of the earliest testers with >50,000 km on the clock. It was almost stock with one small change - there was no rev limiter . The dude getting into the car is none other than J. Anand, the man behind Jayem Auto. Getting into the backseat is Mr. Nagabhushan, the CEO of JTSV:

This is how close the intercooler is to the grill! Main issue I see here is even minor taps to the front bumper might end up being heavy on the pocket due to potential intercooler damage:

Sadly, a QC issue on one of the Tigors. Why Tata, why??? The double-sided tape holding the side skirt had already come off on one side. We pointed this to Tata engineers who made a note of it:

Another issue. The air intake was loosely hanging in the Tiago we got. You can see that there's a plastic insert at the bottom. It was just not clipped on! I simply had to press it back in and it was secure after that:

My India, Beautiful India. Perfect roads from Coimbatore to Ooty, with such picturesque views. A fun-to-drive car was the icing on the cake:

Tata claims that the braking distance of 29.98m is 4 metres lesser than its closest competitor. Still, this claim is irrelevant as Tata hasn't specified the 'speed' nor the 'competitor':

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The Tigor JTP

The Tigor JTP is mechanically the same as the Tiago JTP. However, there are a few small changes:

- The kerb weight is 21 kilos above the Tiago @ 1,072 kg.
- Tata claims that the 0-100 km/hr time for the Tigor is 10.35 seconds (vs 9.95 for the Tiago).
- The Tigor JTP gets climate control, which the Tiago doesn't (same case in the stock cars).

When driving the Tigor, we didn't see a huge difference vs the Tiago. The only place where you can feel a minor change is in cornering, where the 50 mm longer wheelbase results in slightly less agility. The Tigor isn't as nimble as the Tiago when darting through corners. However, the longer wheelbase should make it a bit better at high speed cruising.

The Tigor JTP received mixed opinions in terms of design. The hatch was unanimously voted as looking sportier. Personally, I feel it looks sporty:

Front end treatment is identical to the hatchback:

From this angle, you can see the different contours on the side. The stubby notchback style remains the best sub-4m design:

Another look. We stopped for a quick viewpoint break here. These stops were few & far between as the cars were fun to drive and we only stopped when we remembered about shooting them!

The rear stance is HOT! Note the black strip on the boot which was chrome in the stock Tigor:

Headlights are a carryover from the regular Tigor. No changes here:

The foglamps are almost identical to the Tiago's, but there is a very small difference:

For some reason, the Tigor foglamp housing has an additional plastic piece which you can see on the left side of the fog light:

The red mirrors on the white car stand out like "Mickey Mouse" ears. Tata should have stuck with black. This red looks very cheesy:

These clear-lens tail lights are similar to the ones seen on the Tigor facelift; they obviously suit the JTP's character more:

JTP branding on the boot lid is placed on the piano black strip:

Twin exhaust tips just like its hatchback sibling:

The Tigor gets climate control vs the Tiago which has a manual air-con:

Which do you prefer in terms of styling? The hatchback or the compact sedan? I like the hatchback more:

Disclaimer: Tata Motors invited Team-BHP for the JTP test-drive. They covered all the travel expenses for this driving event.

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When I was asked to attend the Tiago / Tigor JTP drive, I wasn't too sure. At that time, we all thought it was going to be a track drive @ Kari. And I don't exactly fall into the category of track drivers. But Tata has a performance hatch? Hmmm. So, curiosity got the better of me, and I signed up.

My role was primarily to act as a ballast on the passenger side, while Vidyut does the corner carving . However, once we received the itinerary, it was clear we would be driving on the ghat roads between Ooty & Coimbatore. That greatly boosted my interest, because it is my favourite kind of road.

So, what's the premise? Think of BS-II petrol cars like the Honda City Vtec, Baleno 1.6, Palio 1.6 & the Lancer. We used to redline all the time, just to hear that sweet engine note. In fact, my '05 Baleno 1.6 was the last car I redlined. After that, I turned into a far sober driver, tamely driving a Grand Vitara. Driving on ghat roads is the only fun I am allowed to have now. Besides, there are hardly any models in the market that will remind us of the glory days of petrol-car-driving in the early part of the century. Tata-Jayem want to change this status quo. Therefore, the primary goal of the JTP edition is to bring back that original joy of petrol car driving.

I gotta say Tata JTP has met that goal. I redlined after 11 years! I even drifted on purpose while carving corners . And I had no plans of doing either, even after watching Vidyut do it halfway up the ghats. However, once I started driving, I could feel the car literally begging me to push it. It had virtually no body roll, excellent grip levels, and was as nimble as a ballerina. So I had no choice. If geniuses like Dr. Banner and Dr. Jekyll couldn't help but turn into their evil versions, what hope did I have? After sliding unintentionally a couple of times, I did so intentionally many more times through the curves. The tarmac was in excellent shape. Not once did any of us feel unsafe or out of control. Basically, it brought out the inner racer in me. I drove like I hadn't since my younger days.

We mostly drove in the 2nd gear while ascending & descending the ghats. Although, I did switch to 3rd more often than Vidyut, due to the difference in our driving styles. The 3rd gear is almost like an automatic transmission, you can stay there forever. I did switch to 4th gear on our way back, but it was tall & boring.

If I have a complaint, it is about the reverse gear. Since the car is turbocharged, reverse gear offers very little torque at lower revs. If you are parked in a downward slope and have to climb in reverse, it gets complicated. I had the misfortune of doing exactly that. Reverse should have had a lower ratio. Things will get tricky and you will stall. Expect to use the handbrake & judiciously slip the clutch.

In conclusion, this car is a genuine pocket rocket. It is the most honest effort in creating a fun hatchback (along with the Abarth Punto); Tata-Jayem have succeeded in their objective.

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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to Official Reviews. Thanks for sharing, guys! The two of you have hit it out of the park. A special review of a special car . @ Vid6639, that engine post reads like its straight from your heart.

Cars like these prove that you don’t need to spend money to have fun (some more here). I love small + tight cars. From my personal experience, on Indian roads, these kind of cars are more fun than 300 - 500 BHP monsters. Have asked Tata for a demo piece in Bombay and am waiting to take it to Lonavla, throwing it into every corner of the familiar ghat on the way down.

With a car like this, brand JTP is off to a rocking start. Sure is a red Christmas this year.

Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
My role was primarily to act as a ballast on the passenger side, while Vidyut does the corner carving
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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

Here goes my productivity for the day! JTP is an honest effort from Tata and Jayem. This should spin into many more JTP variants, hopefully Nexon JTP and possibly Harrier JTP as well. To start with though, Tiago and Tigor JTP are perfect!
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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

It is cars like this and recent efforts from Tata that made me buy some shares of Tata Motors - I truly believe they have their long term game right

Fantastic review as well - early in office, and read this thread - enjoyed thoroughly. I could almost feel your excitement about this car as I read through.
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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review


A truly "put-my-heart-out" kind of review by the mods. Hats off! Felt like went back to college days, where driving was an intent of passion not a luxury statement.

The car itself is something (just like Abarth Punto) which is a piece meant for rare species of dreamers, who just like to roll down the windows and engage in a conversation with every moving part of the car.

Sadly, again like Abarth Punto, it would be rarely seen on the roads. Most amongst us have long learnt to make compromises with our choices, in-cabin refinement and cool gadgetry taking precedence over raw character.

I'm on the lookout of a new car, but no Tata dealer has a test drive car for JTP. One said that it will be only made to order on confirmed booking, that too towards the end of Jan.

Dealers are much more interested in Harrier, which they think would be more "acceptable" in mass market.
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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

GTO promised that there would be Christmas presents in terms of official reviews and boy! did we get one!
Great job Vid6639 and Samurai. It's fair to say that the JTP sang to your heart. A review worthy of the car!

My favourite among the two is definitely the Tiago. It looks smokin' with the Tigor's headlamps too.

Hats off to Tata Motors and to Jayem for catering to the enthusiasts and hope that they build something really special from here on. Best wishes to JTSV.

Personally, the car appeals to me and the only grouse so far appears to be the gearbox. I will be looking to do a test drive soon. Let's see how it goes.
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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

Fantastic review mods I suddenly felt like a teen, ogling at a hot-hatch. Good to see Tata motors put in such an honest effort. Now with immense congestion and ease of uber I had given up the idea of owning a car, this certainly changes things. Have never been so excited about a hatchback, a Tata hatchback at that
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Default Re: Tata Tiago JTP : Official Review

Thank you to both of you for the wonderful review. As always, it has been more than worth the wait. A special note of appreciation for the excellent photos, they made me feel like I was there .

The Tiago was a high-stakes car for Tata, but even back in Jan. 16 (when the TBhp review landed) the car's potential was apparent. Especially the fantastically proportionate styling that was bound to age well. The JTP Tiago looks fantastic, and is every bit a modern hot hatch.

Now, Tata Motors has to make sure that they deliver the cars to the people who want them!

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