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padmrajravi 14th May 2019 12:20

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
Great review as usual . It is definitely a good looking car . With the right amount of aggression and grace. And that is why Harrier will sell well. Indian market is all about aggressive looks and features. The market will forgive for initial niggles , but unless you are Toyota , you can not get away with an average looking car.

In spite of the niggles mentioned , I am not sure if it is a good idea to wait . You have to worry about Tata's feature deletion saga as well. Overall I think it is a great car which will sell well. This is an important car for Tata . So they will ensure Harrier customers are well taken care of.

Rajeevraj 14th May 2019 12:31

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
That was an extremely detailed and exhaustive review. Takes the attention to detail to a whole new level. Kudos.

Considering it is such an important car for Tata, surprised at the niggles and issues reported. Tata is on a upward path with a set of very good cars coming in one after the other, so such niggles on the Harrier is definitely disappointing to hear. On the plus side, good to see that Tata responded quickly and shared another vehicle for test drive. Although that did not work out, I see that as a positive step towards resolving all niggles and issues faster than usual. Hope that happens.

No AT is a big miss. At this price range, AT should be a given at launch.

Iyencar 14th May 2019 12:31

Wow, what a review! It seems this car is prioritising form over function just way too much. The car is frankly a danger on our roads with the foot trap between the dead pedal and clutch, those huge blind spots, and the tiny rear windshield. Look like it's not just the looks that kill, it's the entire package that literally can. I would be wary when driving or crossing the road near one. As things stand, this car makes more of a case for the Hexa than before. The Hexa has an At and 44 option, 2 extra seats and choice of captain seats in the middle (can you imagine how claustrophobic the upcoming 7 seater Harrier will be?), sorted niggles, usable orvms while retaining the Harriers plus points such as decent road presence, good driveability (if not better), awesome music system, spacious cabin, ground clearance, etc. Basically everything in the pros section of the Harrier is offered by the Hexa as well and the only reason to get the former is if you really like looks and nothing else matters as much. Rather than wait for the niggles, why not wait for the face-lift to see if Tata realises their goof ups and fixes them?

Read the review again, especially the niggles listed and a few lines came to mind:
Door se dekha toh Harrier nazar aaya
Door se dekha toh Harrier nazar aaya
Fir official review pada aur Paas gaya hi nahi:uncontrol

@mods please merge this post with my earlier one or delete it since it has probably singlehandedly lowered the quality of the forum.

Highh5 14th May 2019 12:57

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review

Originally Posted by GTO (Post 4588697)
My recommendation would be to wait for the 2020 or 2021 Harriers (later the better).
P.S. If I were to buy the 2021 Harrier, it would ONLY be in the deadly orange shade.

Another excellent review. kudos to the team!clap:
It's obvious that the future production cars will have less niggles or issues.
But, I highly doubt that all the features will be retained until 2020 or even 2021.
Going by the history of TATA, they delete their features faster then they introduce them. :deadhorse

tarik.arora 14th May 2019 13:05

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
Excellent review by the team. Yet again!

The kind of attention to detail we have here, is just unparalleled. I wish Tata had worked on the smaller yet significant things. This would have been a long term bet then. IMO Tata will be able to sell good numbers in the initial 6 months but once the word of mouth is out, people might shy away from the product because of such niggles. I won't just call them niggles, some of them are breath-taking (literally!).

On the other hand, this thing looks fabulous. It is a surely a style statement and Tata know this. It is clearly evident from the form over function approach that the automaker has taken. I have purchased 2 post-transformation products (Zest and Nexon) and i call tell that some of the quality issues existed in them as well. Especially, the ones related to the electrical's. It's just that with the Harrier, the issues are more pronounced and what amplifies them is the product price. A 2 million rupee car cannot flourish with such glaring omissions / niggles / shortcomings and what not.

giri1.8 14th May 2019 13:08

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review

Originally Posted by shobhit.shri (Post 4588751)
Looks like the chairman from an IT company has made his mark in the TATA motor's thinking :) Patches would be released!

Awesome review for a could-be-awesome car. I would wait out on this one but if looks could kill, this car has all of it.

Tata has gone the old RE way of letting the customer do the testing, Tiago/Tigor probably have got 4 new ECU updates after their release :Shockked: Mine is running on the 5th version I think, early adopters can clarify this!

Edit: Cons could have another point of lower variants being poorly equipped! Guess that would have made the list much longer than needed.

Next decade might belong to Tata if they learn from all the recent launches.

rovingeye 14th May 2019 13:08

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
Excellent review. Tata kept a lot of prospective buyers, just in this forum, emotionally invested in what seemed like a very good product in the making. Then the media leaks were orchestrated and the actual sample cars and test drive vehicles started to hit the showrooms and it all went downhill from there, for a lot of folks. I can imagine a lot of folks who were initially in love with the car in the pre launch phase would have felt majorly betrayed post launch.

Nonetheless, having been interested in the Tata Hexa and also the Harrier, I for one have got the feeling that they are not connecting all the dots. In their good offerings, if there is AWD, there is no AT; if there is AT, there is no ESP/TC; if there is a white shade, there isn't a black one; and if there's a dual tone, there is no single tone on offer.

I think what Tata needs to do going forward is offer complete products so the buyer's decision is made easy.

RoverX 14th May 2019 13:14

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
It's finally out; a much awaited review, replete with the usual T-BHP goodness!

The Harrier is an incredible looker inside-out, and comes with sound mechanicals. Although a few build quality and finesse niggles are something to be expected in a Tata vehicle (even the newer ones), I'm disheartened to learn that the Harrier has so many, and they are so obviously evident! And the poor steering calibration is just inexcusable, since Tata has never goofed up so bad in this department, before. These issues certainly raise a lot of questions on the reliability of the Harrier (an area where Tata doesn't usually fare well, to begin with). Perhaps the product was rushed to the marked under pressure from the numerous leaks, and the eager anticipation of a product that amalgamates technology from both Tata and Land Rover. Also, Tata seems to have shot itself in the foot by not having an automatic / petrol variant ready at the launch, given how the sales split is in their favour, nowadays!

I was one of the many people who were on the fence, whether or not to go in for the Harrier. But like the mods have said, it's wise to wait for the later batches which will (hopefully) address all the issues mentioned in the review. If such quality oversights make it into the Buzzard / Cassini, that will probably be another way in which it will be a spiritual successor to the Safari! stupid:

Please take note of these, Tata - don't let a brilliantly conceived product be a commercial flop!

AlphaKilo 14th May 2019 13:15

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
Thanks Mods for the most awaited Review of the year!!

Now should we start speculating on which of these features will be deleted/missing in the finally fully finished 2020/2021 Harrier? I am sure the first thing to go will be those red warning lights on the door pads (to be replaced with reflectors) and the twin rear fog lights (with a single unit). As already predicted by you, the string attaching the rear parcel tray. lol:

It is highly commendable for Tata taking an effort to make such a wonderful vehicle but sad that even with automation, the end product has so many bad panel gaps or uneven gaps. This all points to one thing, "Tata, if you are reading this post, Kindly FIRE YOUR FINAL QC inspector". Get a BHPian or some one with an eye for detail. Uniform panel gaps (even larger gaps if they are uniform) are acceptable than uneven ones.

bigben 14th May 2019 13:35

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
I agree as well. Tata could have waited a few more months to perfect the entire package and even offer an automatic at the time of launch.
But, yeah this is a lot of car for the money you spend. Some well thought of features and some that need improving.
Come on Tata. Improve on this amazing product.

GTO 14th May 2019 13:37

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
Guys, let's stop the talk on Tata deleting features in the future, and focus on the rest of the car please. Thank you!

ZenMaster 14th May 2019 13:57

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
2 Attachment(s)
Amazing review as always. The car looks just looks stunning. The only thing that's off-putting about the entire car are the Alloys. They simply don't blend with the design. For such a modern looking car, those alloys are at least a generation old.
Tata should provide Diamond cut alloys to buyers at least as a separately sold product/accessory.

I think it's high time Tata motors redesigned their Logo.
Since they are putting so much effort I to designing their cars , I think their logo also should reflect the "new" Tata motors.

It just does not ooze any charisma. If nothing else I'd rather prefer the old Tata logo or they can just use the "alphabet logo" which I think looks much better and more premium.
Attachment 1876097
Or a variant of this one would be cool.
Attachment 1876098

jailbird_fynix 14th May 2019 14:05

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya (Post 4588674)
During our test-drive, a learned gent walked up and said "can you believe the kind of cars made in India today?".

A simple yet very significant question - the topic probably deserves a thread of it's own.

Loved the review btw, read through the entire thing in one go. Thanks for reminding me why I keep coming to team-bhp forums day after day, more than even checking my Whatsapp messages. A big salute for your efforts!! :thumbs up

Leoshashi 14th May 2019 14:17

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review
3 Attachment(s)
The fit and finish surely looks atrocious. I spotted a couple of panels already starting to show some surface rust. :Shockked: Under normal usage, these points would rust in no time.

Look at the drain points below the doors:

Attachment 1876102

Attachment 1876101

Attachment 1876100

The design is so perfect that its a shame such teething issues will make all the effort go in vain. :deadhorse


padmrajravi 14th May 2019 14:30

Re: Tata Harrier : Official Review

Originally Posted by rovingeye (Post 4588784)

Nonetheless, having been interested in the Tata Hexa and also the Harrier, I for one have got the feeling that they are not connecting all the dots. In their good offerings, if there is AWD, there is no AT; if there is AT, there is no ESP/TC; if there is a white shade, there isn't a black one; and if there's a dual tone, there is no single tone on offer.


Very true. They are struggling to create a complete car. You always have to compromise on some feature set . This is where Mahindra trumps them.

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