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Default Re: Maruti XL6 : Official Review

Originally Posted by HornNotOkPlease View Post

Does anyone have an idea of the longevity of these units? Hope it lasts a while as it would be a very costly affair to replace them on regular basis as I am used to doing on my Ritz for the halogen bulbs.
All LED headlights irrespective of car/manufacturer (either projector / reflector based)
- are sealed units
- use LED Chips to give out light. No crappy LED bulbs.
- have adequate ventilation to prevent overheating of the LED drivers and chips.

Regarding the longevity, these units will outlast the car.

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Default Re: Maruti XL6 : Official Review

Ran into this nice feature in the head unit, planning to verify the claims though by comparing it to some mileage tracking appsMaruti XL6 : Official Review-cf39555725204dd8a963dc11885e95d7.jpeg
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Default Re: Maruti XL6 : Official Review

Originally Posted by HornNotOkPlease View Post
Ran into this nice feature in the head unit, planning to verify the claims though by comparing it to some mileage tracking appsAttachment 1975039
Thanks for sharing

How does one reach this feature?
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Default Re: Maruti XL6 : Official Review

My XL6 Alpha Automatic has now completed 5 months and 5.5k kms. Mostly happy so far with Zero bugs.

Mileage in Bangalore city (12kms in 1hr kind of) has been 9-10 kmpl and on highways with very sedate driving have achieved 16kmpl but normally I get 11-14 kmpl.

Last few mileage logs on full tank -
16.35 (Kerala trip)
11.04 (Kerala trip - Aggressive driving)
12.71 (Kerala trip - Aggressive driving)
9.42 (Bangalore City)
10.62 (Bangalore City)
13.25 (Kerala trip)
14.36 (Kerala trip)
12.39 (Kerala trip)
9.79 (Bangalore City)


Lot of reviews say ride is soft, but I prefer to differ. I am not sure if it is because I am coming from a Duster. I feel XL6 ride quality is neither soft nor stiff. I have been trying to experiment with the tyre pressures to find the right softness without luck so far


When you buy an XL6, in many ways you have already sacrificed to become a sedate driver. Vehicle also responds the same way. 100kmph on the ODO itself feels like a lot of speed. I have never gone more than 110-120 because of the "speed feel". In comparison Duster felt very stable at those speeds and my previous XUV500 felt 100 at 140!
This is where I wish to upgrade my rubber, but 205 with 16 inchers I have been reading mixed responses. If anyone has upgraded to 205 / 16 please update experience (esp rear wheel well concerns)

Just about average. Bite is less and more spongy. But we get used to it. No concerns as such.

So far so good. My 2011 swift started rattles from 5k kms. XL6 seems to be quite so far. Doors are heavy if not anything else.

This is a tricky one. As I said above, the moment you take XL6, get ready to be sedate. If not, get ready to be disappointed.
MODE 1 Sedate
XL6 is simply outstanding. Great quite refined engine. Peppy engine lower down. At 4th (OD), cruises in low rpm at 100kmph. Great feel, great mileage. Overtakes should be very calculated and extra sedate. 10/10
MODE 2 - Aggressive

As your floor the accelerator, more than power, disappointment kicks in. Gearbox is extremely confused on what to do, where to shift, how to shift and what not. You hear a lot of sound from the engine. Sometimes 2nd gear, sometimes even 1st, but is there enough power, NO! (Did someone say XL6 is more powerful than 1.6L SX4, common on you are kiddin me!). Vehicle roars when downshifting happens but the surge of power is very minimal and overtakes have to be calculated well. Since it revs so much, there is a lot of panic kicking in for driver while doing those ghat overtakes. Suzuki has given option to switch off 4th gear using OD button, but even then, it is all similar, nothing to take away from the engine or gearbox.
SOLUTION: Drive always in MODE 1

First row normal. But there is a "reach" problem with the steering. But nothing concerning. Wish it had more reach. Same issue was reported by my friend who is 5'10" and I am 5'6"
Second row is the place to be. All money was invested for the captains and it lives up to the expectation. Plush and airy.
Third row. Better than Ertiga bcoz of the captains in middle. More legroom through the centre and more airy feel. Third rows can accommodate adults for medium range trips.

HAPPY, super Happy. Because the past 3 cars I have had have been 1) Corolla Altis (Worlds Best!), 2) XUV500 and 3) Duster. 1 and 3 have been the BEST and 2 has been horrible in terms braking, ride and handling. I lost a few lakhs after investing in the brand new 2018 XUV500. With it a lot of 'aggressiveness' also got culled in me. And then I decided on XL6 and after 5.5k kms it gives me immense pleasure with zero bugs, no nonsense, good mileage, automatic companion and a people mover. And the difference I have from my yester year cars is that lately I let my wife drive and relax is second or third row lol

Once again posting my question - Any XL6 or Ertiga owners who have upsize to 205 16 please share experience.

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Default Re: Maruti XL6 : Official Review

Guys need a quick advice. Should the stock Ecopias be changed immediately after delivery or is it fine and we can do upgrades when it wears out?

Price quoted for 195/65R15 Goodyear Assurance TripleMAX 2 is Rs. 4200 while buyback for Ecopia would be Rs. 3200 per tyre.

Fresh stock isn't available in Michelin, Continental or Yokohama. They are at least a year old, and hence I'm not considering them.

Goodyears won't be a huge upgrade from the Bridgestones IMO. What do you guys think?

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