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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Originally Posted by SuperFlyBoy View Post
Totally ridiculous.

Here, they all want to save money by giving you an *empty* gas/fuel tank!

In the US, normal procedure (last I bought one, some time ago) is to give you a new (or used) car with a full tank of gas/petrol...

Edited to Add:
If that procedure was followed, then this wouldn't have happened while in your care - probably would have been noted at the dealership.

Edited to Add 2: Yes - congrats on the new car!

Let me tell you my story of how I took delivery of my brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee in Qatar (yes the land of Oil).

Sales guy did not even bother to give me a proper send off but the cleaner who also happened to be a driver told me there is less fuel so please go straight to the fuel station first.

As advised drove to the fuel station straight and just before my turn to fuel up came the car stalled and I was stranded with my wife and kid with a V8 behemoth stuck at the pump. Luckily it was one of those pumps where you can change oil etc...So got a 5ltr can and filled fuel in it first then moved the car just 10feet to fill it up.

Petrol at that time in Qatar was about Rs.17/ltr and I think in India was about Rs.65. So I really dont think Indian dealers would give you a tankful.

Though on a side not I have to say that we we bought our Indigo about 13yrs ago they did give us a slip which let us fill in 10ltrs of petrol from the fuel station nearest to the dealer.
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Hi Ullas,
Congratulations on your dream car.

When I went with my family to took delivery of our s-cross, I remember turning on the engine in the delivery bay and behold, the vehicle didn't start as the battery was dead!!!

From a sentimental point of view this is considered to be bad.

But, I didn't make a fuss and just informed the SA, they were embarrassed, apologized and jump started the car and let it run for 15 minutes.

This happened 18 months ago...the car did 27741 kms and by god's grace no trouble whatsoever other than routine service visits.

Don't let this event spoil your ownership experience.
I'm sure the Dealer will take necessary steps to rectify faults if any.

Drive safe, Happy Motoring.
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Originally Posted by cool_dube View Post
Did you finally take delivery? If so, please share your driving experience and some snaps.
Yes! Yet to click the detailed pic and go on a drive due to the busy life with a newborn toddler, my beloved daughter! Did around 100 km in the city limits and damn I am waiting to munch miles on the highway. Full-size SUV feels so like a sedan like to drive and handle. Really drives like a magic carpet eating potholes. I found power very adequate to overtake. Haven't explored S mode yet.
On elevated roads I find the engine making a slight noise when accelerated from gear 1, which is expeted. Otherwise, it does its job.

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-img_20210315_132407__01.jpg

Will share more pics soon.
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

March 2021 sales numbers for the 3 big ones -

1. Endeavour - 1024
2. Fortuner - 2136
3. Gloster - 507

While Fortuner is way ahead, Endeavour is still holding its place and has seen higher growth in Q4 FY 21 (115% vs 89%)
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Endeavour on a roll! Ford sold 1024 copies in Mar 21. Did I hear semi conductor shortage? With sales like these I don't see a reason why Ford/Toyota will not increase prices of their flagships. Also sales like this will push launch of all new model further.
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Has anyone tried to use a modified engine control chip to boost power output of the 2.0 single turbo?
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Just got the car back after Ceramic Coating.
Did it at Max Shine in Thane.
They did a thorough job.
There is a 3 year warranty on the coating.

The car looks fab!
Attached Thumbnails
Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-whatsapp-image-20210406-1.48.08-pm.jpeg  

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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Hi Folks,

Apologies for not updating the thread with my delivery, have been busy driving this one all over!

So I was really lucky to have the car delivered to me within 5 days from the time of booking to delivery. I picked it up from Bhavna Ford Nerul. Really smooth experience, while I would have appreciated the sales exec having a bit more knowledge about the features, but thanks to the folks at teambhp and youtube reviews, I was able to figure most myself.

Absolutely no discounts or freebies from the dealers end. Got carpetting, flooring and door visors from the dealer. Added 3D kagu mats myself.

I LOVE this car! Upgrading from a 2013 superb, this truly was a good experience and ticked all the right boxes from both, the head as well as the heart!

I got the ceramic coating done from the dealer cause I was at a paucity of time, and I did not want the brand new color to not be treated. I decided that my confusion over PPF vs Ceramic I will sort that later once I reach Bangalore.

Also contemplating between magnetic sun blinds or a film, but the legal aspect to it is holding me back.

I have done around 2400Kms in under 4 days and loving every bit of it.

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-whatsapp-image-20210407-09.29.34.jpeg

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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Pics clicked post full Aegis self-healing full body PPF. Preceramic coated pdf is adding enough gloss!

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-1.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-2.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-3.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-4.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-5.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-6.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-7.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-8.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endeavour-9.jpg
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Originally Posted by Bhushanrulz View Post
I have done around 2400Kms in under 4 days and loving every bit of it.
Congratulations on the buy. Wishing thousands of happy mile munching on this beast.
The only car to consider from Ford.

Originally Posted by motomonk View Post
Pics clicked post full Aegis self-healing full body PPF.
Wow, that’s some shine. Is it also anti ‘yellowing’?
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Originally Posted by abhi_tjet View Post
Wow, that’s some shine. Is it also anti ‘yellowing’?
Yes, as per the vendor it's self-healing, anti-yellowing, and pre-ceramic coated so do repel water up to a good extent. Have 8 years of guarantee.

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Dear All,

Having owned my Endeavour 2.0 Titanium+ 4x4 AT for about 50 days and driven 2000+ km, here is an attempt to provide an overview of my buying experience and ownership so far. Hope this short report aids fellow-members considering a purchase in this segment, with their decision making process. Given the superlative official TBHP reviews for all avatars of the Endeavour - 2016 (initial) model, 2019 facelift, and the 2020 BS6 version - I have omitted typical details on exteriors, interiors, features, etc. and focused primarily on my perspective as a potential buyer and subsequently, as an owner.


I have been an out-and-out SUV guy ever since I started driving, more than 2 decades back. The list of 4-wheelers I have owned over these 20+ years should give you an idea of what I am talking about - Tata Sierra, Mahindra Bolero Invader, Mahindra Classic, Mahindra Bolero Sportz, Tata Safari 4x4, Maruti Gypsy King Carb, Maruti Gypsy King MPFI, and Mitsubishi Pajero SFX. The last one on the list - the Pajero SFX - needs no introduction, being as tough as an SUV can get! It came home in a pre-worshipped avatar in 2017 and served us well over these 4 years - a reliable, rugged, fairly comfortable 4x4 truck with enough grunt for my kind of driving. It took us on multiple cross-country excursions, the most grueling one being a 7000+ km drive from Bangalore to Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys in 2019!

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-paj1.jpg
Somewhere in Spiti Valley

While it got us home safe every single time, being a 2011 model it had started calling for age-related/preventive maintenance of late, which made me realize that procuring parts was going to get more cumbersome as time passed by, thanks to the pathetic Mitsubishi after-sales support (or the lack of it). Thus began the hunt for my next SUV, around September 2020.

Alternatives considered

Only when you jump into this head-on do you realize that the full-size (7-seater) SUV segment in India has a very limited range of options, which is both good (one does not have to wrack one's brain too much) and bad (we Indians love to be spoilt for choice, don't we?). So, while I did flip through all options in this segment, the choice was essentially down to the two heavyweights - Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour.

Quick one-liners on options ruled out:
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - a lovely SUV with same pedigree as my SFX but similar set of woes as well - pathetic after-sales support and erratic part availability
  • Mahindra Alturas G4 - a good SUV and most VFM proposition in this segment but with Mahindra ditching SsangYong, I steered clear
  • MG Gloster - did not even check the website, let alone a test drive! No offence to Gloster owners/fans.
  • Skoda Kodiaq - a great crossover but not what I was specifically looking for; a ladder-frame SUV with "proper" 4wd drivetrain (read dedicated low-range gearbox)

The Dilemma - Would I get "Fortunate" enough in my "Endeavour" to get a full-size 4x4 SUV home?

I am sure that quite a few of us here would be torn between these two lovely SUVs and therefore, I will try and provide my perspective as clearly as I can. Please note that in no way do I intend to digress into an (endless) Endeavour vs. Fortuner debate. Rather, am elucidating my thought process as a typical car enthusiast while I was deciding between the two. It was indeed a very tough choice for me, as evident from numerous posts of mine across various threads over the last 5-6 months (a sample (MG Gloster vs Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour vs others)) and no wonder it took me several months to decide.

I had been a fan of the new generation Endeavour even since its launch in 2016, and would have picked it up last year without batting an eyelid, had Ford not decided to yank the 3.2 lit motor out with BS6 coming in! The thought of going pre-owned route (for an Endeavour 3.2) did cross my mind but I did not want to take a chance in that price bracket. Moreover, used car prices in Bangalore are way too high and do not offer the same VFM proposition as in other metros. So, having dropped that option, it came down to the new Endeavour 2.0 and the Fortuner (pre-facelift).

I took multiple test drives of the Endeavour over the course of my evaluation (Sept-Dec 2020) and came back impressed every single time with all that it had to offer, albeit a tad disappointed in the 2.0 lit engine which lacked the outright punch expected of a car as expensive as the Endeavour. Test drives of the Fortuner (pre-facelift) were quite disappointing as the SUV was no match for the Endeavour in any aspect except engine performance. After a lot of deliberation and numerous test drives, I finally gave in to the charms of the Endeavour and booked the Titanium+ 4x4 AT variant in December 2020, with PPS Ford, Hebbal (Bangalore). The fact that Ford had restricted color options for the Endeavour 2.0 to just 3 choices was again good and bad, for reasons cited above. I have always been a fan of black when it comes to big SUVs but would have loved to go for the "Smoke Grey" color which was an option earlier, had it been on offer. Of the 3 available choices, black was a no-brainer for me, despite being well aware of maintenance overheads. So, Absolute Black it was!

I was given a tentative delivery timeline of early-Feb 2021. The wait began and all was well until Toyota decided to up the game by launching Fortuner facelift in Jan 2021, with that stonker of an engine (not to mention a lockable rear differential, 11 speakers, ventilated seats, etc.), taking me right back to the dilemma I had just got out of! Despite having booked the Endeavour, I did not want to leave any stone unturned and hence, made multiple visits to Toyota dealerships near me to check the facelift out. Given reduced production capacity in TKM's Bidadi plant (due to worker union's strike and semiconductor shortage) and melee of bookings that ensued post launch, getting a test drive was out of the question, as none of the dealerships had a demo vehicle. In fact, I was given a queer look when I asked for a test drive of the Fortuner facelift - who in his/her right mind would want to test drive a Fortuner? Anyways, I did manage to get a good feel of display vehicles via numerous visits to the showroom and even wrangled a very short "drive around" of a delivery vehicle, which was enough to make me realize that the engine on this beast was a gem! However, I could tell that I would have to make a lot of compromises if I went in for the Fortuner just for the sake of a better engine. In my books, the Endeavour scored over the Fortuner in every single aspect expect the engine - looks (subjective, of course), ride, audio system, interiors, driving dynamics, and so on. I was mulling over the idea of waiting it out and take a final call after test driving the Fortuner (whenever it would be available) when Ford ended up increasing the price of the Endeavour by almost half a lac (on-road) w.e.f. Jan 2021. My SA at Ford clarified that I will be eligible for price protection against the hike as long as I honored my booking and took delivery as soon as my allotted car was available (some time in Feb). Fortuner test drives were nowhere in sight and dealers were not expecting demo vehicles before March. Given all this, I had 2 choices - forego my booking of the Endeavour and wait for a test drive of the Fortuner (which was still flaky) or bite the bullet and pick the Endeavour as soon as it was available. Amidst all this action, somewhere deep down in my heart, I knew that I had subconsciously locked down on the Endeavour and if I were to wait for a test drive of the Fortuner, it would just be for the sake of it; I will eventually go with the Endeavour, come what may! Now that would be a bummer since I would end up paying almost half a lac extra, given the price hike. So, eventually I decided to drop the Fortuner altogether and got my Endeavour home on Feb 24, 2021.

So, which one should you buy?

Strictly speaking, this is not a part of an ownership review but having researched extensively on both of these SUVs for months, I will try and summarize my views as crisply as I can, for the benefit of fence sitters. I will pick the Fortuner over the Endeavour for:
  • Engine response/performance - the Endeavour 2.0 does not hold a candle to the facelift Fortuner when it comes to outright performance. The Fortuner will leave it gasping for breath on the highway. Period! If you cannot live with an average (in terms of power) engine, go for the Fortuner without thinking twice.
  • Compact dimensions - the Endeavour is longer, taller, and wider than the Fortuner and this clearly shows when driving it around in city as well as narrow mountain roads, not to mention parking woes in our congested metros (semi-auto park assist notwithstanding). If you intend to use your SUV for regular city drives, then you are better off with the Fortuner.
  • Agility - the Fortuner is almost 200 kg lighter than the Endeavour and this, coupled with a more powerful engine, makes it much more nimble to drive, especially in hills and narrow roads. The Fortuner almost feels like a high-end jeep compared to the Endeavour, given its agility and compactness.
  • Toyota brand and reliability - if you value peace of mind above anything else, go for the Fortuner eyes closed as these machines are built to run hundreds of thousands of miles!
  • Resale value - enough has already been said on this. No other SUV (in any segment) would fetch you a resale even close to what a Fortuner does!

On all other fronts, Endeavour trumps the Fortuner by a fair margin - details available in the "Likes/Dislikes" section below. Note that these are strictly my views. Nothing beats extensive test drive experiences when it comes to making an individual choice.

As I realized time and again during those months of deliberation, both of these are great SUVs and one cannot go wrong with either. As with everything else in life, neither of these are perfect and have their share of pros and cons. Pick the one which has its strengths aligned with your priorities and you will be happy

Buying Experience

As mentioned above, I had booked my Endeavour with PPS Ford, Hebbal (Bangalore). My experience in one word - fabulous, right from my first phone call to the dealership (sometime in Sept 2020) till the car came home (Feb 2021). I have lost count of test drives I took and every single time it was honored, even at a short notice - the car was at my doorstep on schedule. The SA was very professional and courteous, and most importantly, very patient with all my requests and queries. I would strongly recommend PPS Ford, Hebbal to potential Ford customers in North Bangalore.

As for discounts, there were none from Ford India. From what I heard (later corroborated by sales figures), demand for the Endeavour was on the rise post launch of the Fortuner facelift, given the steep price hike for the latter. All I could manage was insurance at reduced premium and free floor mats. On top of the standard warranty of 3 yrs/1,00,000 km, I opted for extended warranty for 4th and 5th years of ownership. For some reason, the EW for 6th year is very steeply priced (almost double the price of the 4th & 5th year EW) and hence, I decided to forego it for now.

I booked the car in December and got a call from the SA around mid-Feb that my allotted car has been dispatched from the factory. As requested, he informed me once the car was in the yard and I was there for a quick PDI. One look at it and I was glad that I chose black!

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_yard_1.jpg
Love at first sight

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_yard_2.jpg
My favorite viewing angle of the Endeavour

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_yard_3.jpg
Just 5.7 km on the clock

All seemed well and while I was a little sore about Ford having dropped Active Noise Cancellation and rear heater from the Endeavour, nothing much could be done about it. I gave a go-ahead for registration and was told that the car would be ready for delivery within the next 3 days. Needless to say, those 3 days seemed longer than the 2+ months that I had waited for the car to be dispatched.

Finally the D-day arrived and we were at the showroom much before schedule!

Name:  Endy_Delivery.jpg
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Size:  70.4 KB
All set to come home with us

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_delivery_2.jpg
That's me driving the car out of the showroom. Very few occasions in life provide this level of ecstasy for us car lovers!

Summary of pros and cons

After having driven 2000+ km in about 50 days of ownership - including two outstation drives - here is my take on the pros and cons of the Endeavour 2.0:

Love it!
  • Road presence - absolute stunner with those boxy and butch looks. I ogle at each and every Endeavour I come across, even while driving one
  • Ride quality - this is what clinched the deal for me! The Endeavour just glides over anything and everything in absolute silence, without transmitting anything inside the cabin.
  • 10-speed automatic gearbox - very slick with seamless shifts. Quite intuitive as well.
  • Shift-lock - ability to restrict the highest gear that the car will get to, very useful during hill drives and off-roading.
  • Full-time 4wd - provides impeccable control, especially on wet highways. Also, you do not have to bother with flicking that 4H switch when the going gets tough. The full-time 4wd system ensures optimal traction under all driving conditions, be it on road or off it.
  • Off-road ready - while I do not intend to indulge in hard-core/recreational off-road activities with a 2.5 ton vehicle, it is certainly reassuring to drive into the yonder with 225 mm of GC, full-time 4wd, low-range transfer case, rear differential lock, a terrain management system, and 800 mm of wading depth!
  • Sync-3 infotainment - very user friendly, responsive, and aesthetically appealing.
  • Handling - as expected of a Ford, impeccable and confidence-inspiring for such a bulky, ladder-chassis SUV, especially in the 4wd avatar (due to the full time 4wd)
  • Steering - precise and effortless. Also, the steering wheel is a delight to hold with just the right amount of padding and lovely materials used. Gives a very premium feel.
  • Interiors - very plush with a premium, roomy, & airy feel. I can justify the money spent on the car, every time I step inside
  • Sound system - excellent output and audio quality.
  • Boot space - quite satisfactory with 3rd row up and humongous with 3rd row folded down.
  • Build quality - solid as a tank. The door "thud" is very reassuring.
  • Headlights - very powerful without being a nuisance to oncoming cars.
  • Fuel economy - though I do not give enough weightage to this aspect while buying my cars, this is an added bonus in case of the 2.0 lit EcoBlue engine. With a light foot, one can easily extract 13-plus km/lit on highway runs.
  • Cabin insulation - even with the ANC gone, the cabin is super silent while cruising in higher gears, almost like driving an EV.
  • Inbuilt GPS navigation - The GPS unit is very responsive and route planning is quite accurate for the most part. Given the impressive level of detail that comes with inbuilt maps, I do not need to use Google maps anymore.
  • WiFi compatibility - the car can connect to my home WiFi and auto-download latest updates for Sync software as well as inbuilt maps. Really cool!

Could be better!
  • Engine performance - an SUV as heavy and butch as the Endeavour deserves more power/performance than the current 2.0 lit single-turbo EcoBlue engine is capable of delivering. Wish Ford had offered the bi-turbo mill.
  • Too much electronics? - while this is the case with most cars today, having owned a primarily mechanical SUV in the Pajero SFX prior to the Endeavour, I am a little skeptical about this aspect. More electronics == more chances of failure! Already faced a minor niggle wherein the infotainment display did not come up for quite some time.
  • Location of AdBlue tank - as highlighted in the official review, the AdBlue tank is located a bit awkwardly (link to image) and prone to hits in case of extreme off-road situations.
  • Buttons for manual shifts - quite fiddly. Paddle shifters would have been much better.
  • Smaller steel spare wheel - a full-size alloy is warranted at this price point.
  • Missing reach adjustment for steering wheel - would have made the driving position that much more comfortable.
  • Size - while the steering makes easy work of city drives, the sheer size of the SUV makes it a pain to maneuver the car in
    bumper-to-bumper city traffic.
  • Ford's future in India - lots of speculations around, especially after the Ford-Mahindra JV fell flat
  • Long-term reliability of the 2.0 lit engine and 10-speed gearbox - both of these are relatively new entrants and long-term reliability is still a question mark.
  • Ford's after-sales service - while Ford has been aggressively campaigning about it's low maintenance costs, I am a tad wary of service experience, having read quite a few negative reviews about technical incompetency of many Ford service centers. Keeping fingers crossed as I wait for my first service coming up soon.

This is as objective as I can get. However, the single most important factor for me while choosing a car has been the "connect" I feel with it when I take the driver's seat and hold that steering wheel, which I could very distinctly feel with the Endeavour. Over and above all the points mentioned in the review, this was the clincher for me.

Post-delivery treatments

Well, nothing much, given that we are talking about an SUV here. All I got done was a good quality ceramic coat (which should last me 2-3 years) all over and PPF on vulnerable touch-points like the door-handle scoops, fuel-tank lid, and door edges. That said, black will be much more demanding on me, compared to other colors.

FordPass app

I am not a huge fan of connected car tech but the app seems to be quite okay with basic information like odometer reading, DTE, TPMS readings, service reminders, remaining oil life, LIVE vehicle location, etc. The remote start/stop/lock/unlock features are a hit or a miss, which does not really bother me since I do not intend to use them anyways. It also has a list of items to be covered under each scheduled service, and will also be a repository of service history going forward. The app also comes with a soft copy of owner's manual for quick reference, which is really useful.

First outstation drive

First outstation trip on the Endeavour was a ~650 km round trip to Chikmagalur, with a mix of 4-lane NH, 2-lane SH, and hilly terrain involving a few steep hairpin bends. Here is a quick summary of performance on each terrain type:

4-lane NH: As expected, the Endeavour munched miles flawlessly and in absolute comfort. I did not cross 100 km/h, being the run-in phase and the car was on cruise-control for the better part of the journey. The experience of cruising in the Endeavour at 100 km/h - with transmission in 10th gear - is something that cannot be put in words. It is almost like sitting in an electric car with absolutely no noise from the engine as it chugs along at ~1500 rpm. In fact, the ride was so amazing that we ended up wishing that we should have planned for a more distant destination for our trip. Overtaking was a breeze, even in "D" mode, wherein a sharp-ish jab on the throttle leads to the transmission dropping 2-3 gears in one go, to get the engine in its meat band ASAP. Icing on the cake was a FE of 13.8 km/lit being displayed on the MID for this stretch.

2-lane SH: The Endeavour was a treat here as well, gobbling up all minor undulations and potholes without us feeling or hearing anything inside the cabin. It is on these kind of imperfect roads - with scarred surfaces, undulations, small potholes - that you realize the prowess of Endeavour's superb suspension setup. Overtaking was a breeze here as well, though the engine does get a little vocal in lower gears under hard-ish acceleration. Nothing too intrusive, though.

Hilly terrain: This was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting the 2.0 lit engine to struggle a wee bit. The Endeavour, however, tackled the terrain with ease, transmission cutting across 3rd-6th gears without a fuss. Encountered a few steep hairpins and I was happy to note that the Endeavour took these in 2nd/3rd gear with absolute panache, not needing the 1st gear at all. The car was extremely stable and handled very well for its size and mass, all thanks to the full-time 4wd setup. Do note that I did not engage the "S" mode at all, which I intended to do in hilly terrain, once the run-in was over.

This drive was intended to be a pilot run primarily to gauge engine's performance, as I was certain about all other aspects of the Endeavour. I was quite happy with the overall performance of the engine. While it is certainly not a blistering unit like that of the Fortuner, it does its job well and does not give you a reason to complain at all. In fact, it is just the right unit for a sedate driver like me, who rarely drives above 100-110 km/h and goes easy on the throttle in general. The overall FE for the trip - with a decent mix of 4/2-lane roads and hill driving - was a respectable 12.5 km/lit.

Second outstation drive

This was another ~650 km drive to Coorg and back, last week. Nothing specific to report other than the fact that I played around a lot more with the "S" mode and manual shifting, given that the run-in period was over with the odometer crossing the 1500 km mark as we left Bangalore.

The "S" (Sport) mode transforms the Endeavour from a gentle giant to a raging bull, and you would be surprised at the punch packed by this small 2.0 lit fella! You won't need it in the plains as the "D" mode suffices for the most part but it is a delight to use in the hills, wherein it makes climbs and overtaking a breeze, and also provides decent degree of engine braking, given that it holds on to gears for longer. The flipside, of course, is that the engine gets quite vocal at higher revs compared to the "D" mode, and the cabin can get quite noisy. FE takes a hit as well, in this mode.

Manual shifting is fun, once you get used to the weird button shifters on the lever. The gearbox is quick to respond to button presses with lag being no more than half a second, if at all. The 420 nm of peak torque produced by the engine can be felt much better in the manual mode and is more than enough to tackle those steep hairpins and inclines - I could take most of these in 3rd gear with occasional switch to 2nd gear, not needing the 1st gear at all. This left me pleasantly surprised.

Did face an issue (a niggle, if you will) wherein the infotainment display did not come up on starting the car on my return journey. Multiple restarts did not help either. However, it came back on its own after a pit stop enroute. The issue has not recurred since but I intend to bring it up when I take the car for its first service soon.

Overall, it has been a very satisfying experience and the Endeavour has met - and exceeded - all my expectations so far. The family is loving it. In fact, my daughter fondly calls it the Everest

That is all I have for now. Thanks for reading through and hope it was helpful if not enjoyable. I will try my best to keep posting regular updates as I clock more kilometers on the Endeavour, most importantly on the reliability and service aspects. Feel free to send me your queries regarding the car here, and I will try and answer them to the best of my ability.

Signing off for now, with a few recent pictures of the SUV.

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_trip_1.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_trip_2.jpg

Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)-endy_trip_3.jpg
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Finally .. a user review. Fantastic observations. And congratulations for the new beast and beauty in black

- can u let us know whats the mileage in city ?

I am sitting on the edge over an endeavour and kodiaq
Having driven sedans all my life and now touching middle age, time to reclaim the fast disappearing vestiges of youth

Requirements being
- 6/7 seater (2 kids)
- decent fuel mileage in city as thats where i will be spending majority time except maybe one yearly trip to the mountains (although heart says screw mileage- business mind says "shut up")
- reliability without niggles.
- panoramic sunroof

Not considering the safari though as need something premium
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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Originally Posted by cool_dube View Post
Dear All,

Having owned my Endeavour 2.0 Titanium+ 4x4 AT for about 50 days and driven 2000+ km, here is an attempt to provide an overview of my buying experience and ownership so far. Hope this short report aids fellow-members considering a purchase in this segment, with their decision making process. Given the superlative official TBHP reviews for all avatars of the Endeavour - 2016 (initial) model, 2019 facelift, and the 2020 BS6 version - I have omitted typical details on exteriors, interiors, features, etc. and focused primarily on my perspective as a potential buyer and subsequently, as an owner.
First off; many congratulations on getting what I consider to be one of the best full sized SUVs in the subject price bracket available in India currently.

A few weeks ago I had noticed the change in your avatar's picture & was looking forward to your initial ownership write up.

From whatever I've read you've religiously done your due diligence and are more than satisfied with your acquisition. I have owned two Ford vehicles so far; the first one was Ford Ikon back in 2003 and I absolutely loved the car; had driven it only 27,000 kms when I had to sell it with a heavy heart in 2006 when I left the country. The second one was Ford Edge (a mid size SUV with 3.5 ltr V6 & 280 bhp mill) that I had bought in 2013 and it’s still going strong with 180,000 kms on the clock. I passed the car onto my daughter in 2017 and she loves it. One thing that really stood out on both of these vehicles was the impeccable ride quality apart from their brilliant motors. My experience with Ford has been absolutely first class.

Ford Everest/Endeavour is a beast (though I don’t like the usage of the term when folks use it for a puny car) and will surely serve you well for many years as you will take more than very good care of the truck (it’s a truck isn’t it).

In fact reading your write up I was almost tempted to put my money down and to indulge myself; called up the Ford dealer in Solan who informed me that they don’t have any inventory as they’re sold out (sounds great; they’re really hard to keep on the dealer lot it seems). Then I realized it’s a bit foolish as I’m sitting half way across the world and going by what’s happening in India don’t have a hope to travel for a few months at least.

Regarding your concern for the 10 speed transmission (Ford-GM 10R80); it is a fairly reliable transmission and Ford uses it in Mustang, F-150, Navigator, Expedition, Ranger, Transit & also the upcoming BRONCO.

I look forward to your updates, especially if you take it off pavement and do some rough stuff (no rock crawling but some rough roads) & if you do get a chance to engage the 4WD-Low along with the differential lock. Now you have a perfect platform to indulge in some cross country travel. Time to head to the mountains once this nightmare recedes.

Who knows if I come back for good; I might go in for one if I can afford it. Wishing you hundreds of thousands of kilometers of safe, comfortable & niggle free driving my friend. On a side note; have you gotten rid of the Gypsy? I saw a few of your postings on the Thar thread so maybe you're considering the new kid on the block?

Keep truckin’…

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Re: Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel AT : Official Review (with dune bashing)

Excellent review sir. Wish you all the best with your new beast.

It's one of my favourite cars on sale in India and just like you, I feel its head and shoulders above the fortuner except for the engine and resale. Before Covid I almost got myself one in diffused silver shade but dropped the idea after the pandemic. I think Ford's future in India is also a cause of dilemma for many potential buyers just like you have mentioned. But those of you who've got it are really in for a treat. Wishing you many happy miles ahead.
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