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Default Re: Hyundai Venue iMT Review : Intelligent Manual Transmission without a clutch pedal

Took a test drive of Venue IMT today, and these are only my personal experience & takeaway:-
1. Gear shifts are a ted hard as compared to amt or a manual, shifting did not feel seamless, its like the gear lever is reluctant in the absence of manual clutch input
2. Turbo lag is even more jarring in IMT, had driven DCT few months back and it felt much better at handling lag.
3. Drove Nios AMT back to this one and felt it is more convenient and head-nods are controlled slightly better than my friends Swift. Only when you press accelerator real had only then shifts delay is noticeable. Manual mode in this AMT seemed much smoother than IMT in Venue.

Was planing to look at an IMT as a cheaper alternative to automatics but will not go for it after this test drives.
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Default Re: Hyundai Venue iMT Review : Intelligent Manual Transmission without a clutch pedal

Two weeks back, I had a great test drive experience of the Venue SX iMT. The gear shifting was easy and smooth, and I drove it on Mumbaiís Link Road traffic with heaps of metro construction sites, and barely felt any annoyance or irritation. The right leg does all, and Iím able to shift gears conveniently at my own disposal.

Iím a young, fairly new driver, so it took me barely a few hundred meters of driving to get very chummy with the car and the engine. Iíve probably never felt as at ease settling into a new car as I have with this, quite simply because it was so intuitive and zippy to take across chaotic traffic. The suspension is a bit stiff as is the case with any Venue, but going over a shoddy road at over 25kmph smoothens things out comfortably.

Iíve been offered a decent discount for the Sport SX version that I think Iíll mostly be going for over my previous, pre-iMT launch consideration of the CVT Jazz.

I took my best friend with me for the test drive, an old school MT S-Cross driver for several years now, and while he appreciated the convenience of iMT, he'd never consider it simply because he felt like it was a halfway solution and that I should either go completely manual or pick a fully automatic.

While this logic is quite prominent in lots of places, especially here, I disagree that halfway measures a bad thing. To me, Best of both worlds beats purity every time!
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Default Re: Hyundai Venue iMT Review : Intelligent Manual Transmission without a clutch pedal

Dear Moderators,
Thanks for adding me to this wonderful family of Team-BHP. I hope to live up to the standards.

Coming to the topic of this thread, this is a nice review of the Hyundai Venue iMT, as always. The reason I had been hooked up to the Team-BHP website for the past few years is the amazing level of details the reviewers pick up about the car in question. The photographs of almost all corners of the car, the functions / features explained, and above all the practical nature of the review has always amazed me. I must have read most reviews multiple times. Though I am not in the market for buying any car right now, I am sure as with many others, the reviews will definitely play a big role in my decision.

I have always liked the Venue for some reason; not too worried about the tight space in rear seat as most friends / colleagues / family members who would use it (if I buy a Venue) are less than 5.10" and average body-size and shouldn't be too uncomfortable there. The iMT, though not to the taste of many, appears a boon to people like me. For some reason, I have liked automatics more, but also know that manual gear-changes would give the driver a better control of the vehicle. iMT seems to be a comfortable mix of both. Especially after having a minor fracture on my left foot, I have always been worried about the left leg usage in my WagonR. About the gear-changing without a clutch, pardon me for saying this, but whoever owns a automatic would have at some point used the manual mode especially through the gear lever. Compared to that sequential gear shifting pattern, this iMT seems to be a much natural mode. Most of us learn driving on a manual car & would have been in habit of the gear changes as per the requirements. In-fact coming from an automatic to manual transmission might be more difficult than iMT to manual transmission in my opinion.

Also think of who will buy a iMT on Venue (and Sonet whenever it is launched). Someone spending 10+ lacs on these cars would most probably buy it for their daily commute in cities (to work or errands). I think it is only fair to give multiple options to the consumer and let the consumer decide. I personally think iMT could stay here. Never driven an automatic properly yet, except for 5 minutes of ride of my friend's Honday City CVT. I am hoping to buy my next car which will not be a manual, thanks to the signals sent by my left leg. But if iMT is going to take care of my left leg signals I, for sure, want to try out iMT before I look further towards an automatic. Then ofcourse, there's that lucrative savings offered by iMT over DCT or CVT, or even AMT.

For now, I am waiting and watching how iMT tech picks up. Since the car never stalls, I am assuming the actual clutch somewhere inside will be working overtime. Other than that, Venue seems to be a option I will consider, hopefully soon.
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