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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

@ Rigid Rotor - nice explanation and yes, it’s always irritating to read “break” instead of “brake” in this context or any other infraction of our forum rules.

For our Moderators to see or correct any post there is a “report post” option which we have to utilise to draw their attention to any “break” in our forum rules. It’s impossible to moderate this or any forum without the active participation and vigilance from its members. The discipline and moderation on our forum is second to none in this aspect.


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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

I got the delivery of our GTX plus D 6AT last weekend.

I am also confused about the trip meter.

There seems to be only one trip meter. My previous car had two trip meters.. I always used one for the petrol pump visit and. The other one for individual trips.

Is there any solution for this?

The other thing is about the MAP is there any way to update it?
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Hello Team!
I have booked Sonet HTX 7DCT over 6 months ago (an official waiting period then) and still seeing no signs of delivery. Any suggestions on should I hang in or just cancel the booking ?(Not that I have any alternatives in mind and honestly don't want to go on searching spree all over again). Your inputs would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Originally Posted by seb11 View Post
There seems to be only one trip meter. My previous car had two trip meters.. I always used one for the petrol pump visit and. The other one for individual trips.

Is there any solution for this?
I use drivvo app for fuel logs.

The other thing is about the MAP is there any way to update it?
Itís OTA, and it is one thing I dislike about the car. Iíve been trying to update it for the last few months with no luck. The service advisor said thereís no other way and I have to idle the car at a location with good network coverage for Vi for a few hours (some said it took around 12 hours).
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

I have GTX+ diesel Manual, and the MID is supposed to have four menus.

Trip meter, Navigation, TPMS and User settings.

When i cycle through using the menu button on steering, it only cycles through the first three menus and never goes into user settings menu. Can someone help me with this.

I have watched multiple videos on YouTube, but i couldn't figure it out.
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Originally Posted by vamship View Post
Trip meter, Navigation, TPMS and User settings.
I’ve never seen the fourth one, user settings, on the instrument cluster. Are you sure the YouTube videos you’ve seen is showing the GTX model?

Maybe those videos were of the models with 8” inch infotainment system. For the models with 10.25” infotainment system, the settings can be changed from the infotainment system itself (Vehicle settings).

Originally Posted by neil008 View Post
I have booked Sonet HTX 7DCT over 6 months ago (an official waiting period then) and still seeing no signs of delivery. Any suggestions on should I hang in or just cancel the booking ?
I’d suggest continued follow-up with your dealer. I’m not sure cancelling the booking will help as it’s the same situation with most of the cars.

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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Originally Posted by robincsamuel View Post
For the models with 10.25Ē infotainment system, the settings can be changed from the infotainment system itself (Vehicle settings).
Thanks a lot for this, I was very annoyed with ORVM welcome function, as they open even when i walk by the car with key in my pocket.

It feels like Infotainment system was not thoroughly thought through by KIA, having no Android wireless in top end models while HTX has it and this, where the options are at different places in different models
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Hi All,
I have booked Kia Sonet HTX 7DCT on 27th June and the tentative waiting period is 40 weeks. Went for Turbo Petrol as now our monthly average does not cross beyond 1000Kms and also that I have been driving diesels since last 15 years. For Office commute, I use my bike.

To brief, I currently own Fiat Punto Evo 1.3MJD 2016 model remapped. Having owned Fiats since 2009, Punto has served me well so far with its brilliant handling, driving dynamics and solid build. All was well till beginning of this year when there were clutch issues, front suspension(Strut mounts) and needed replacement. None of the Fiat ASC here had the parts available on time and was cheated by a multi brand service center, but maintains Fiat spares. It began to worsen, when one after another several other parts begin to fail gradually. Spare parts unavailability, ASC who charge unnecessarily, delay in delivery of OEM spares when ordered online (sometimes with bad packaging and like used part) as such were bothering us. I deliberated and arrived at the following reasons to change the car for good;
1) That now its the right time to sell our Punto go before it becomes too late as there is no resale value.(we had never considered selling at the time of purchase). Now, It can cover the down payment atleast.
2) The nearest Fiat ASC`s is a good 25kms away from my home and both are lousy.(Earlier with TATA and FIAT co-existence, it was somewhat better and nearby to my home)
3) My wife somewhat used to struggle driving punto inside City limits because of clutch reach and Punto steering being heavy.
4) Age Factor, I am in my late 30s and off-late feeling tired after driving punto(not a good ergonomic car though) and also started developing knee and back pains.

However, my wife not willing to let the Punto go, suggested that we take a look at any mid sized automatic hatch/sedan for city purpose and keep the Punto for highway use. Parking is not a concern as we have ample space available.
We considered both the options i.e. used cars and new ones strictly under following conditions.
1) The nearest ASC should be less than 10Kms from home. Service, spares & fuss free ownership are the top most priority.
2) Should not be a discontinued car.
3) Should be a proper Automatic such as CVT, TC, DCT/ DSG.
4) Should have sold in good numbers.
5) In case of a used car, the budget should not exceed 7 lacs. In case of a new car, around 10 lacs & that we have to sell off the Punto.
6) Should be good in Performance, safety & build quality.
7) Should be Petrol. EV can be considered as well.

Option 1- Used Car.
Zerod in on Honda stables i.e. City/Jazz. Either, but we didnt find any good examples of CVT/AT in Honda or the ones that were good were beyond our budget. My wife is suggested Polo TSI and Skoda Rapid she even found a couple of good ones, I rejected them since its discontinued and did not want to go through the pain again. We gradually started deviating from the conditions set and were randomly looking at all cars ranging from Tata`s, Hyundai`s all the way to Innova, XUV 500`s etc both online as well as at used car dealerships. Eventually we began to lose interest in our search.

Option 2- New Car.
I began to spend time in going through various new car reviews in Teambhp and understand what is happening with new car markets and keenly followed when the news about new Citroen C3 started making rounds. Just like that we went to one of the nearby Citroen showroom to enquire, but the dealership said that the C3 will be available for display only from 1st July. Finally when the initial review and tech specs were revealed, non-availability of automatic in C3 and unknown dealership experience was enough to strike this car off the list. For some reasons known or unknown, we were never interested on cars from Maruti, Tata(except EV), Mahindra stables.

Dealership centers for most of the major car brands are nearby my home within 5Kms of distance except FCA. I took help of Teambhp to go through the review of several cars and Kia Sonet caught my interest. I regularly pass through nearby Kia Showroom and had never bothered to look at their products before. I compared Sonet vs other similar cars and found that the Sonet 1.0 7DCT HTX ticked all the boxes provided I increase my budget from 10lacs to 15 lacs. Kept Tata Nexon EV(base model) as an option as well( just for Tax savings benefits). Presented these two options to my wife and she got thrilled at my renewed interest. Next the question was what to do with Punto as the budget is increased approximately by 5 Lacs both Sonet ant Tata EV and also that we have to go for car loan. It was decided to have a look at Kia sonet first and then take a call.

Test Drive on 26th June;
On the way to home after buying groceries, out of the blue on the way we just thought of having a look once at Kia dealership wherein there were several customers either for enquiries or delivery. We were dressed in our casual daily wear, nonetheless we entered inside and were greeted well by SA and were made comfortable. Meanwhile, my wife checked the display cars and was bowled over by the interiors, fit & finish and she immediately said yes without even taking a TD. Though we found the rear bench space is limited in comparison to Punto its not a deal breaker. Otherwise, everything else seemed good. SA briefed about the pricing, booking process, waiting period etc in detail. I informed SA regarding my interest on Sonet 7DCT, but he focused more on the benefits of iMT and even before we could asked a TD of iMT GTX was arranged. SA drove the TD car first to demonstrate the ease of driving and then I took my turn. I found the power delivery was very good but left me confused at times. Having driven manual transmission for a long period of time(almost 15 years) and my TD was focused mostly on changing gears. My wife took a TD as well & she struggled even more to sort gears. iMT gave us a mixed feeling and we returned back home stating that we will take a call. Later that day, we discussed in detail and came to a conclusion that not to go with partial auto box like iMT as it still requires changing gears manually. We informed the same to SA and he agreed to our observation and that a TD for 7DCT shall be arranged.

Tata Nexon EV was discarded due to range limitations. Our Home town is approx. 350kms and it will not be suitable for us.

Booking experience on 27th June;
We informed SA to arrange a Sonet 7DCT and we reached the dealership at stipulated time. TD was immediately arranged. We both were impressed by the smooth gear shifts and ride quality. It was agreed that spending another 80K for this variant was worth it and overall it did look VFM. Decided to sell the Punto in exchange or sell for a good value once the SA confirms the availability.
Did not bother to check Tata Nexon EV as their ASC is not that improved.

Without wasting time, paid the booking amount and the SA completed the booking process. He told that the waiting period is roughly around 3-4 months and for HTX AE version, it could be even earlier by 2 months. We are open to opt for both the variants whichever is available for delivery at the earliest.
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Had called a couple of Kia dealerships in Bangalore to enquire about the waiting periods.

HTX Petrol DCT - 12months
Diesel TC - 8 months

Crazy wait times!!
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Update After Driving the Sonet GTX+ Diesel Manual..

I got the delivery of my Sonet on 22nd June 2022 and within the first week itself I was able to cover a 1000 kms and even sent the vehicle for its 1st servicing. These 1000 kms were 60% Highway and remaining 30% light city traffic and 10% bumper to bumper traffic.

Initial feedback:
On the highways the vehicle is a brezze. The 1.5L diesel engine is fun to drive and works wonders at higher gears/speeds and especially when the engine heats up a bit. I use the fuelio app to maintain logs and get overall average details.

First fuel up ever for the vehicle was for 41.95 Litres and 2nd one was for 39.59 litres (auto cut both the times) and with a mix of 60:30:10 I was able to get a FE of 18.46 KMPL. Here is a screenshot from the app.Kia Sonet : Official Review-whatsapp-image-20220629-10.56.01-am.jpeg

Few quick observations:
1. In City Drive if you dont use the correct lower gear (keeping it on 3rd gear even if the speed is say 20kmph) and trying to pick up from there, the vehicle manages to climb up the speed but the FE goes down. I was a bit lazy and tired during a routine return journey from office to home and I got an FE of 13 KMPL.

Then the next day I drove with correct gear shifting and I was able to get about 18 and 20 KMPL.

Bumber to bumber traffic completely afffects the FE and I was not able to get anywhere above 14kmpl.

This was about FE conscious folks.

Performance wise the vehicle gives a great feedback while driving. I was confidently making turns on the Pune Mumbai expressway at allowed speed of 95-100 kmph with zero feeling that the vehicle "wont" manage this. I hope you understand what I mean here.

WHile driving, the best things are as follows:
Wide touchscreen, UVO useful ventilated seats, seven-speaker Bose audio, cooled wireless charging, multiple active Bluetooth connections. I cant tell u how these features are a boon. I mean there are 50 other features to list but these ones are really the ones I have used the most.

I had a spare smart phone at home and I bought a Jio SIM and kept this phone permanenetly in the car. The entire music system, wifi etc is run from this SIM and suddenly my "already" conected UVO car is "internet car". My personal phone battery does not drain at all. At the same time my personal phone can get connected to the system as well so I get to attend work calls etc too. Isnt that great. Dont have to press a single button to manage any of this. Just setup once and you are good to go.

I cant stop taliking about the engine refinement. Its absolutely calm and superb to drive on the highways. Even in city, the engine doesnt disappoint at all. You get torgue even about 4000 rpm but most of the times its between 1800-2000 at 95kmph and I guess thats what gives the 26kmpl efficiency that I got from Bavdhan Pune to Bandra Mumbai. Here is the screenshot for your reference. Kia Sonet : Official Review-bavdhan-bandra.jpeg

I will be doing a roadtrup soon and will keep you all updated. Cheers and stay safe, drive safe.
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

I have discovered a new feature related to the rear camera in my Kia Sonet. The reverse camera can display a top-down view as well, which is very helpful to park the car straight. However, this feature is hidden. Here’s how you can get a top-down view:

When the reverse gear is engaged and the infotainment system is displaying the video feed from the rear camera, you have to tap on the screen. It will show you a top-down view icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on that icon to get a top-down view of what’s behind your car. Click on the screen once again to reveal the icon to go back to normal view. I’m attaching the images of the regular view and top-down view for your reference. Do note that I own the GTX Plus 1.5 CRDi VGT 6AT. Don’t know if this feature is available in models with 8-inch touchscreen.

Kia Sonet : Official Review-51799d5b609a4d5b91e73dececefe696.jpeg

Kia Sonet : Official Review-92bac782a6534c72b60785513c3a2524.jpeg
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

So after nearly 15 months from starting this thread ( (Which AT Compact SUV for me?)) and 4 months of waiting since the booking on 22nd Feb 2022, we finally got home our Kia Sonet HTX D AT on the 1st July 2022!

The initially waiting period was quoted of around 6 months from the date of booking; however, the car was delivered in 4 months and 8 days to be precise. There were absolutely no automatics being shipped / delivered in the Feb & March; atleast this is what my SA mentioned to me. The supplies however started streamlining from April onwards and all of a sudden my dealer got nearly 10-12 D AT's in June itself! Venue & Brezza facelift effect? maybe? Don't know, but it did help the customers waiting from as long as Oct / Nov '21!

The car reached the dealership on 25th June, Saturday evening & my SA informed me on Monday morning. Same day afternoon went to the showroom for the PDI with the trusted TBHP PDI checklist.

The car seemed OK overall in person. The odo had a reading of 34 kms. I did question regarding this to my SA, but it didn't sense any foul play to me. I think 34 kms is kinda acceptable? Even the TBHP checklist says anything below 100 kms is ok. So I think it is.
No other issues seen holistically; checked the engine bay, the interiors, tyres, etc. Touched and felt the paint too. No rough / irregular finish there. Just a point that I noticed later was that in the pictures that I clicked, the driver side door paint looks a shade off in comparison to the RR door. The difference isn't quite appreciable in person though. However, if one observes closely, it is kinda evident. I also question regarding this to my SA later in the day; however, he confirmed that there was no repainting or any sort of rework done at their end. I didn't stress much on this later as we were already waiting for the car since 3 months as we had sold our Swift in March 2022 and were in an urgent need of a car. Moreoever, in today's times the dealer doesn't care a damn about the customers queries or request given the kinda market we're in!

Further verified the VIN on the TBHP and it turned out to be a 9th June 2022 production. The labels on seat plastics were dated 7th June 2022. MRF Wanderer tyres with DOT of 2122 & 2222 (I would have preferred the Apollo Alnacs though). No other issues to report as such and hence gave a go ahead for the paperwork.

Here are a few PDI pics

This pic shows the difference in the door shade a bit. Also the front door wasnt' exactly aligned with the RR door, i.e. when you slide your finger over both the doors, the driver door felt a tad pushed in. Not sure if I'm able to explain this properly. Having said that, I noticed this on another Sonet there too.
Kia Sonet : Official Review-img_1029.jpg

Kia Sonet : Official Review-img_1028.jpg

The parting line below the curve is not visible. This is where the driver door is slightly inside.
Kia Sonet : Official Review-img_1027.jpg

Kia Sonet : Official Review-img_1030.jpg

Kia Sonet : Official Review-img_1031.jpg

I chose to do the registration and Insurance myself as the dealership was overcharging for both and was in no mood to negotiate. Major cons of being the ONLY dealership in the state you see! For registration they were charging nearly 2700/- as convenience fees against the earlier quote of 1500/- on the booking docket. When I enquired regarding the same, the SA mentioned that the quote is 'default' Kia system generated and varies as per the dealer.

Kia Preferred Insurance quote given was amounting to ~ 46k INR. I happily got it done outside at 36.5k INR for the exact same cover.

I chose only the following accessories from Kia,
1. Mud flaps - 500/- INR
2. Boot mat - 1887/- INR.

They didn't have the floor mats available and the SA was insisting on the Seltos mats for Sonet. LOL. I respectfully denied and bought the 5D GFX mats from a dealer in Delhi for 3500/- INR. Happy I made this choice.

Apart from this , I purchased the extended warranty and skipped the 3M package. I don't think it is worth 10k. I can get it done from 3M directly. I am also planning to get the additional 3 years RSA for 3500/- INR during my visit for the 1st service. Think it makes sense for the given price and peace of mind.

With Registration & Insurance done on the 30th June, we planned to take the deliver on the 1st July.

The delivery was a hush-hush affair. No unwrapping, no ribbons, no cake cutting, absolutely nothing!! Thank god they atleast clicked a pic.
Checked the car again on the delivery day. They had taken off and removed all the plastics from the interior, all of them! The odo reading on delivery day had incremented by 2 kms, i.e. 36 kms.

Did the formalities which took about 20-25 mins, clicked a few pics with the car and off we go!

Kia Sonet : Official Review-img_1080.jpg

Apart from the shade difference, another thing I noticed during the initial drive was that the car was pulling slightly towards the left. However, this doesn't happen continuously though. Seems like it's got more to do with the steering 'calibration' rather then the alignment. I have had enough of this experience with my Hyundai Creta, hence my guess. Somehow, the Koreans still haven't got their steering systems right; sad. Anyway, I have reported this to my dealer and he has requested to get the car for inspection. Probably I shall get this done during the 1st service itself.

So, that's a small update for now. The car has barely covered 400 kms since the delivery. The rains in my state are crazy since last few days and there's a alert from the MET department regarding the same. I shall munch more miles coming weekend. Shall keep posted on the driving experience and hoping to pen a detailed review of my car. I don't see any Sonet D AT owner's review yet on the forum.

Till then , drive safe.
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Hi @HappyRoadie, how is the black look faring after 4 months? How are you maintaining it?
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Originally Posted by ashvek3141 View Post
So after nearly 15 months from starting this thread ( (Which AT Compact SUV for me?)) and 4 months of waiting since the booking on 22nd Feb 2022, we finally got home our Kia Sonet HTX D AT on the 1st July 2022!
Finally! Congratulations on getting your baby home

It's amusing to see you act like a parent around a new born. But been there, done that. The paint difference that you're talking about may be an issue of odd angles. But unless it's pretty evident, no point fretting about it.
Same goes for the door panel gaps/misalignment.

It's surprising there was no ceremony. Please do raise this issue with Kia. I had a small ceremony when I got my Pulsar in 2009 and this purchase of yours is almost 15 times costlier!

Did u carry over the NCB from your Swift? I paid 31.5k for the insurance of my GTX. Please check if you didn't take the NCB. I believe you can ask for refund later too.

Do check the air pressure in the tires. The dealerships will give you the car with 44psi! Recommended is 33-36. That might be causing the left steer

Waiting for your review. (I already have one put up though)

Wishing you many happy and safe miles with your Sonet
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Re: Kia Sonet : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aconite View Post
Hi @HappyRoadie, how is the black look faring after 4 months? How are you maintaining it?
Hey, black is faring pretty good. Still shines like brand new. As far as maintaining it goes I keep it pretty simple. Have a microfiber duster which I use every morning to remove the dust particles first, then with a wet microfiber cloth I clean the whole body of the car. And on weekends a nice wash. That's it. The car is an absolute beauty in black colour.

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