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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

A very detailed and lovely review.
I just love the new Creta's exterior design. The rear three quarters has a nice squatting look.

IMO, this Creta is towards the top of the list for best designed cars. It has a personality of its own which sadly majority of the cars today lack. Heck, I feel Seltos' front and rear were designed by different teams. I personally like only extroverted car designs and loathe VW group type conservatism.

Few points from my Creta's Test drive (also I test drove Hector petrol Auto just after Creta) :

1) The interior Ambience difference in top end and mid/base variants is huge!!. Lower variants can feel missing out on the Creta experience,can look and feel really barren.

Hector: Definitely has an edge over Creta I felt in quality & of course in the space. Felt one size and segment higher than Creta, which it is.

2) The quality even in top variant leaves a lot to be desired for a 21L on road SUV. The lower dash portion flexes on hard pressure and plastic around ACC is downright cheap. The toggle switches for ventilated seats felt wobbly and horrible.

3) Leather quality is not fitting for 21L SUV at all. Felt, Hector's leather is way better.

4) Panoramic Sunroof is awesome. Easily the highlight of this car. Can never go for Creta without one. Preferred Creta's sunroof over Hector's.

Hector's Panoramic Sunroof felt lesser in width to Creta's. Also plastic around roof (part of Sunroof glass) felt way cheaper in quality to the Creta's.

5) Creta's boot space could have been larger. I really wanted electric tailgate.

Hector's boot was massive. A highlight for this car and absolutely loved electric tail gate.

6) Creta's turbo alloys look like wheelcaps, diamond cut types suit it better.
Hector's wheels look underwhelming.

7) Creta's ride was stiff. Hector rode plush. Creta's Silver side blade is unique design touch. I loved it. Iliked non Turbo models' chrome grill more.(Am a lover of Chrome in cars, like a pukka majority desi car buyer!)

8) Ambient lightning in Creta is just an excuse of that feature. Hector and Seltos has much better and more surrounding ambient lighting.

9) Hector in quality and plushness felt closer to the Fluidic Elantra 1.8 that I have, Creta was quite far in that department.

Plus Fluidic Elantra with front ventilated seats has leather covered front seatbacks, but as mentioned in Cretas review that now ventilated seats equipped cars need a hard plastic seatback!!! Hard front back feels cheap.

One this is for sure- Car prices have risen astronomically in past 7 years!! Paid 15 lacs on road for Elantra SX fluidic 1.8 manual in 2013 and both Creta and Hector are making Elantra look like a steal.

On the whole, Hector felt more special and a higher segment car. It's petrol DCT economy is what is scaring me.

Creta's looks are so hot that it is making me ignore all the Hector's pluses.
Attaching pictures from a fellow BHPian's Ownership review of his Creta.

His SUV in Silver is sheer beauty! Heck its my wallpapper, replacing the earlier BMW X6M
Attached Images

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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Originally Posted by Brishti View Post
Is that Lightening Arch C-Pillar fiber/plastic or metal?

Have not test drove it yet but the sides gave me hard nexon vibes.
It is both actually. The silver arc portion above doors is metal while the thick portion behind rear door is plastic/fibre. The plastic portion gives hollow sound upon knocking with hand.
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Excellent official review as expected and was well worth the wait.

One of the strongest point about the new Creta is definitely its highway manners and it is very well mentioned in the review. Ride and handling has been the nemesis for Hyundai cars over the years but no longer. For a crossover to have excellent highway stability that matches or betters C segment sedans is a big achievement.

I went on a highway trip (Bhubaneswar-Pipili-Puri and back) for the first time since the purchase and I was happy about the car's behaviour. The 1.5 Petrol settles at around 2500 rpm in 6th gear for 100 kmph. Honestly it can be a sleep inducing experience at times for the extremely low NVH, stability of the car and unstressed behaviour of the engine at those rpms. Even at 120 kmph which i touched briefly the car continued to be in its comfort zone. My Dzire, though more chuckable, isnt at same ease in triple digits. It is reasonably good but Creta is excellent.

The fuel economy from the whole trip through MID turned out to be 16 odd kmpl for the 150 km trip. Pretty reasonable as the trip included slow moving traffic in the countryside roads too.

Some evening shots from the day :
Attached Thumbnails
Hyundai Creta : Official Review-img20200918wa0000.jpg  

Hyundai Creta : Official Review-img20200917173746.jpg  

Hyundai Creta : Official Review-picsart_091810.47.07.jpg  

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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
Finally the long-awaited Creta 2.0 review is out. Despite almost-universal condemnation of its ugliness, I find the looks tolerable. Certainly the interiors look better put together than the Seltos, and that pano sunroof is to die for!

Hyundai continues to baffle with its variant differentiation, although they have gotten much better now. Why should only the turbo petrol DCT get all-black interiors and dual-tone exteriors, for example? Am also not sure if the diesel AT gets paddle shifters.

This car is just under 21L on-road in Pune (both top-end automatic variants). The extra power 25 horses makes the turbo-petrol an enticing option but the DCT worries make the diesel AT almost a no-brainer.
All AT variants have paddle shifters in Creta, even CVT.
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

My 2 cents -

STOP with the fussy detailing (not just Hyundai. ALL manufacturers. Like seriously). Chrome and different coloured plastics and Split 4 lights in front and brake lights with another strip going across and lights at the bottom and 20 different interior colours and colour floor mats. Whatever happened to simple clean lines and consistency in colour schemes ?

Other than that, I like the interiors. Would be happy there.
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Excellent review - rated 5 stars.

Great product overall. I was one of the first to buy Creta in 2015 when it was launched and had an blissful ownership for 5 years and this generation has only improved in features, quality and value for money quotient.

Hyundai's success with Creta (earlier generation and this) is an lesson in marketing for other car companies on how to do business in India. The car did not come cheap and I am sure Hyundai made a good margin on the car too.

Toyota - are you listening?
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Kudos to a extensively covered review. The wait was worth it. My takes on the vehicle so far
1. The vehicle is feature rich and has a good balance of performance & comfort.
However styling is not to my liking.
2. The design is pretty odd and it seems as if separate body parts have been designed by separate persons and whoever has assembled them has not paid heed to the overall look of the car. Mind you if you look at all body parts separately as covered in the review they look well designed and fresh. However on a whole when I look at the vehicle it looks misproprtionate.
3. Seltos looks better hands down.
4. I had huge expectations considering the BOSE music system. But after taking TD Iím not overwhelmed as Iíve thought I would be. It is good but it ainít as good as Iíd thought considering the kind of quality BOSE brand oozes.
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Thank you Chirag for that great review!

I was out running essential errands today & came across a base diesel in black colour.

No matter how much flak Hyundai gets, this car looks absolutely smashing in black. Maybe the black conceals all the lines & creases. Or maybe the silver on the c pillar contrasts nicely with the black, I don't know what it was but I had to turn & look again.

Black Creta looks gorgeous & imposing from front & back!
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Fabulous job, Chirag & Rush. As I have stated before, 5 stars just don't cut it in the measurements now - you guys need AND deserve a 6th star just for the intricate details and in-depth, really comprehensive observations which is the sole trademark of any contemporary Team-BHP review.

Allow me to answer a few queries.

Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post
Interestingly - the flip key on the base "E" variant comes in black in the 2020 Creta. The fob is in brown! About time they standardized it to black.
A few years back, Hyundai shifted to Brown as it's official colour (instead of Blue) and completely revamped it's operations and new dealerships accordingly. (link)

Seems like the official key-making vendor got an updated memo regarding the same.

Older dealerships are still decked in Blue, though.

Originally Posted by naveen.raju View Post
When the air-con is switched off, the re-circulation mode is switched off. You will need to switch the re-circulation mode on so that it's completely shut.
Not a problem anymore in the new Creta. The re-circulation mode stays selected even after the ACC and the vehicle are switched off.

Originally Posted by BZ25 View Post
why did Hyundai-Kia decide to use Vodafone as their network supplier, considering how incompetent Vodafone is?
I am guessing it is because of their merger with Idea, who has a comprehensive network and coverage in Tier-III cities and rural areas.

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
Am also not sure if the diesel AT gets paddle shifters.
SX & SX(O) variants of the petrol IVT, Turbo DCT & diesel AT get paddle shifters, like Viddy said above.

Hyundai Creta : Official Review-untit.jpg

Originally Posted by ajaiD View Post
Kindly recheck in another Creta maybe the one provided had a bug. Secondly the car gives out that error for closing doors & bonnet so there must be a sensor in the hood.
Nope. A display sensor for the bonnet is definitely missing.

Refer to a pic of my Phoenix where I have the bonnet, driver door & boot door open. Only the driver door & the boot lid flash is showing. No display or visual alert for the bonnet.

Hyundai Creta : Official Review-unt.jpg

Originally Posted by Brishti View Post
Is that Lightening Arch C-Pillar fiber/plastic or metal?
Reinforced fiber.

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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

I recently happened to see a white Creta and a white Fortuner parked next to each other. I was surprised at how the Creta could hold its own presence against the mighty Toyota.

I see some people in this thread saying the Creta looks 40 lakhs. Not sure about that but it can surely compete from a presence perspective and its hard to find fault with interiors in a Hyundai!

Creta is a bargain if compared to German cars with similar specifications(which would cost atleast 50% more?).
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

I see no reason to spend so much on an x1 or a Q3 when we can get cars like this at ~20 lakhs. Love the Creta in black. If I had 20 lakhs to spend on a car I'd spend it on this (4 more lakhs and I'd get a Harrier!).
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

So continuing from other thread, after test driving new Creta I felt the ride quality to be very poor(Both DCT & Diesel AT). Noises from concrete roads, potholes and humps filtered very much into the cabin and felt less comfortable than my current i10 automatic. So I need help with finding automatic vehicle with best ride quality south of 20 lac OTR Bangalore.
Shortlisted listed below cars as per my affinity order, need to test drive them.
Vento AT
Yaris AT
Verna DCT
Nissan Kicks Turbo AT
S-Cross(AT Box is not a upgrade from my current i10)

I know that Compass, Innova, XUV 500, Harrier are all nearby with stretch. At this point I am not looking for bulky looking vehicle because of issues with parking and narrow roads. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

A good review as always by T-BHP. For all the beautiful looking cars Hyundai and Kia produce, this is an abomination. Though I am not a big fan of the ever increasing front grill size of new Hyundai s, they somehow used to pull it off before. But here it just looks wierd and bad. Plus with umpteen lines and creases and matte here, silver accent there, the design is made too busy to cover up for the bland, bald and round look. At 20 Plus lakhs for top end creta, seems extremely overpriced to me. Features or not, the engine and vehicle size does matter a lot to me. Kia seltos ans Harrier offer much much more IMHO than this iteration of Creta!
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Brilliant review, applause!

Personally, I never liked Hyundai brand despite appreciating the fact that their cars always had more features for the buck paid.
This vehicle, esp Creta 2.0 , seems to change my perception.

The looks have a pleasant after taste, the rear portion actually has a recall value. Had seen black colored 2.0 at night, idling with lights on in my complex, it's a sight to behold.

Feel that with this design change, Seltos started looking old gen as compared to Creta.
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Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

I know 3 people who were contemplating cars from different segments - one was considering City, another Nexon and the third was looking at Jazz CVT and all of them went for Creta only because of the panoramic sunroof - I sat in a Creta and the sunroof makes the cabin look bigger than it is. As for the practicality of a sunroof in India - I sure see a use for the same during long drives and if one lives in a city with a nice(r) climate than the ones in Arid zones.

With the prices of hatchbacks touching 12-13 lakhs, a Creta with a panoramic sunroof at 15 is a good deal.

I saw one here in Nainital - Black colour and had 18/19 rims (Old bmw 24 spokes style) and the car sure was a looker. The design does grow on you over time.

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