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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

Thanks for the review moralfibre.

I think this vehicle is perfect for those who wish to flaunt their green, eco-friendly credentials with the help of an expensive, luxurious vehicle (nothing wrong with it at all).

Till now, if you wanted to show that you are a green, eco-friendly person, the only viable options were offerings from Tata, MG and Hyundai: none of the manufacturers scream premium or luxury.

I expect this vehicle to be visible in decent numbers in South Delhi/South Bombay households as a third/fourth vehicle doing city runs.
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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

I just don’t see myself spending a crore on an EV. Green credentials and the likes are well and good, but when the time comes to sign that cheque, and you’re well aware of that the same money can buy in the ICE world, it truly gives you a moments pause. Let’s just say the opportunity cost is quite substantial. No regrets per se, but one is always cognisant of what ‘else’ that money could buy.

I agree hands down with an earlier post, I would buy a Tesla hands down above this. No questions asked.

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-99d177fb6ab84b53b51f45d4aa109b95.jpeg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-823278e5cae8456488b1a67f3a76df82.jpeg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-9177b45d6d664df689078c556fa6a734.jpeg
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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

The EQC has been reported to be a sales disaster in Europe since its launch in 2019; Mercedes-Benz is known to not have posted any sales figures for the EQC officially, as a result.

This launch will likely serve more as a technology demonstrator and as a preview of MBIL's future product direction, than around adding revenue.
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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

Mercedes trainees build see through EQC

Name:  SmartSelect_20201013175847_Chrome.jpg
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Name:  SmartSelect_20201013175858_Chrome.jpg
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Name:  SmartSelect_20201013180038_Chrome.jpg
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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4˛ concept. It gets portal axes, has 293 mm of ground clearance, chunky 285 section all terrain tyres with 20-inch beadlock wheels, wheel arch extension and a fording depth of 400mm.

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-20201014_141450.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-20201014_141453.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-20201014_141456.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-20201014_141459.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-smartselect_20201014141617_instagram.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-smartselect_20201014141628_instagram.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-smartselect_20201014141638_instagram.jpg

Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV-smartselect_20201014141647_instagram.jpg

Name:  SmartSelect_20201014143307_Chrome.jpg
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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

Since an EV has lesser moving parts, will it solve the reliability problem that luxury cars have?
Or will it be more unreliable because it has more electronics?
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Default Re: Review: Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4˛ concept
An EV offroader feels naturally at home when it comes to instant torque and ontap power delivery. That, along with the wizardry of electronics can make hardcore offroading pretty accecible to everyone in the future.

Its really impressive to see the easy with which the EQC takles the terrain on its own with minimum driver input. Driving with the camera aids, seems like a driving a simulator.

Its just a matter of time, when this becomes mainstream in most SUV's with the battery costs falling below $100/kWh.

The furture is going to be an exciting place.
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