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Old 20th November 2020, 20:48   #361
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Exterior wise, the car looks very good especially at the front with those sharp looking headlamps. Can't say the same for the interior though which kind of looks very plain and the urus inspired AC vents are not to my taste. The head unit looks like it's an aftermarket fitment and the instrument cluster also looks very toyish.

Rear adjustable headrest, rear wipers across the range and features like the 360 cameras are some good features. The smooth CVT will be preferred by many over AMT'S. The Magnite will be the 'Make it or Break it' product for Nissan in India, I hope it works out for Nissan just like how the Duster worked as a saviour for Renault in India.
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

As always, excellent detailed review.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Button to engage Sport mode is hidden just below the gear knob. Owners better be informed of the same, else most will miss it! Out of sight, out of mind:
Thanks for sharing this important information Aditya. Most of us were under the impression that there is no S mode in Magnite CVT. S mode will really bring smile to the enthusiast's face. Also good to know that the infamous CVT rubber band effect has been minimized to much extent.
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

The biggest question doing the rounds today is "How safe is this car?". Magnite seems to be built to a cost with Datsun looks. Datsuns were never safe cars, will this be a safe car?
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

If only Nissan manages to position it below the best selling compact Suv's in terms of pricing and backed by good service network then there are some chances for Magnite to put some numbers on the sales chart.
Otherwise it is soon going to join the club of Kicks...
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

I really hope the Magnite turns the table for Nissan. The crossover ticks all the right boxes including pricing. Nissan should know by now that safety is also an aspect that isn’t overlooked by many when buying a car in this price bracket.

Good luck Nissan! And lovely, crisp preview Adi!

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Thanks for the review Aditya. So it's a decent product overall. For me the exterior design is its main highlight and would have bought it just for the looks alone. As for the pricing, i think the top spec CVT should be priced 50k cheaper than the leaked prices in my opinion.
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Looks promising from Nissan. They have done a lot of homework and focussed on important features that people look for like the infotainment, ICE etc vs the slightly gimmicky features like auto wipers and headlights that adds cost but imo is pointless for the sensor and electronics to add.

What's good is that finally there is another option to the Ecosport for a compact SUV with AT.

The Venue and Sonet were there with 1.0L DCT but a DCT is still a risk and the Ford enjoyed being the safe and reliable choice in this segment.

Nissan needs to makes sure after sales are also improved to support the magnite.

Kia and Hyundai are really strong and I hope the Magnite atleast manages ~5K units per month if not more being priced lower (hoping).

Nice review Addy.
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
I spent a day with the Nissan Magnite. My quick & brief observations below...
Thanks for the short unbiased review Aditya. Covers most of the aspects someone looking for a car in this segment would want to know. Nissan has thrown everything at it & it deserves to succeed

Having said that, just watched a couple of youtube reviews and it feels as if quite a few reviewers are not happy about the Magnite being so feature loaded & don't miss a chance to throw in terms like low-cost-engineering , competitor to smaller hatchbacks, below the sub4m CSUV segment etc. Somehow it sounds as if Hyundai/Kia sales folks are doing the reviews. No wonder these Auto-experts were supremely tight-lipped about the recent GNCAP results

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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Short, crisp and unbiased . The car definitely looks promising for the kind of package it is offering for the expected prices. Ticks all the right "essential" boxes. I hope this becomes a success for Nissan so that they can regain their lost ground & confidence and bring some of their global lineup to India soon in the future.

The video reviews from all the popular channels though are kind of underwhelming at best. Each one is having their own mind, some say too soft, the others say stiff, some experienced no rubber band effect, some others had excessive of it, some have very high turbo lag, some others don't, and it goes on. I mean, what did all these years of experience teach them. More or less everyone should ideally be on the same page. But it looks like each one is having their own affiliation with some brand & are completely biased, be it for or against the product.
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Fantastic car if the leaked prices hold or are undercut ! After reading Tbhp's short review, it really seems that most of the reviews on YouTube have been paid off by rivals, since everyone seems super ho hum.

So who is the Magnite for (imo)
1. Family man with tight budget who needs an automatic csuv for the city below 10 lakhs
2. People cross shopping for Baleno or base models for venue or sonet-and who place importance on more rear space
3. Owners using city cars on congested and broken roads

So for sure, its not for the performance oriented driver or the highway demon. But it ticks all the right boxes for some, if the pricing is right.

I just wish that Nissan goes the Mini way in the near future and offers endless customization options on this looker . That could end up in a very alternative pret style icon positioning
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
After a slew of slow-selling models, Nissan hopes to make a mark in India by entering one of the most popular and growing segments in the market.
Aditya, sorry if I sound like a fanboy, but thank you for your service to the TBHP community. In a world of n̶e̶a̶n̶d̶e̶r̶t̶h̶a̶l̶s̶ "influencers", where people who showcase their girlfriends while wheelspinning cars like peak wannabe racers on Reclamation pass off as reviewers, your reviews are a breath of fresh air. One actually gets a fair and highly insightful view into the pros/cons of any car that you review. Thanks again.

Coming to the Magnite, it seems like a solid package and a perfect city crossover, particularly for first time buyers. Wish Nissan worked on the interior quality of their cars.

Just one question out of curiosity - how was the steering feel in mid-range? A couple of the aforementioned "influencers" were hating on the steering feedback.

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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Thanks Aditya for such a crisp yet detailed first report of Magnite.

With such stiff suspension, how would you rate the handling compared to Ecosport (which I believe is still the benchmark, and by quite some margin)? Is Magnite the best after Ecosport?
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Thanks for the short, crisp review. Exterior of the car looks pretty nice and well proportioned. But the interior is a bit of let down barring the steering wheel that looks way premium.

Nissan could have spruced up the fit & finish inside with better plastic quality, soft touch materials, tried a dual tone scheme, usable arm rest etc. In one of the YouTube videos I saw the glove box is very flimsy with a huge panel gap. Somehow I felt the digital instrument cluster a bit overdone as well from the review videos.

Believe Nissan missed to create a wow factor inside. Have to see how the market reacts, get the feeling its a tough road ahead for Magnite.

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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Crisp review providing a good first look of what could be Nissan's most important model till date.

To their credit Nissan has done an excellent job in packaging the Magnite into the 4 metre footprint with a little for everyone. Eye catching design, a very good engine with a manual transmission, spacious rear with class leading leg room i think, decent interiors and standout features like the 360 degree camera would make it a very difficult product for compact SUV buyers to ignore.

I really loved the way the grab handle on the center console and the ledge for the wireless charging has been designed. Pretty cool location for the starter button too. The hexagonal vents looks good but how effective they are at cooling remains to be seen. They look a bit too narrow in height.

To top it all a capable chassis. The only potential fly in the oinment will be the service quality or lack of it. Nissan should be proactive enough to address this properly to reassure potential buyers as the Magnite is a very strong product. It would be a shame to let it be a failure.

Drive on,
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Default re: Nissan Magnite Review

Thanks, Aditya for this fruitful review. I've got mixed feelings after watching those review videos across YouTube.

As I was greatly looking for a sub 1 MINR car by next year, Nissan Magnite was on top of the list due to its VFM positioning.

It ticks all the boxes not for a CSUV, but for all the segment below 1 MINR.

Hope they step-up their dealership nos and quality so that people from all the major cities can access their range.
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