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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Wonderful review as always. Not sure why but somehow felt it was a lot shorter than other TBHP reviews!

The front looks more like a blown up Innova to me. The rear is so overdone. Hypothetically, IF (a big one) I bought one, I'd first remove all the badges on the rear! Otherwise I feel it is big and yet well proportioned.

I was wondering which segment of the market will buy this. Neither the brand conscious nor the enthusiasts will buy it. The only place where this may find some takers is the hotel industry. They can ferry guests in this from the airport the boot space and huge cabin space will best suit that usecase.

That said Must appreciate MG for attempting to do something big and not for not playing safe.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Makes me think how ahead the Chinese are and the day when we will be able to achieve this level of packaging.

As GTO said, this may sell very less due to the price range and the gearbox issues. Who wants to be stuck waiting for power, that too in Bangalore traffic

People will even more happily continue to queue up for Fortuner now!
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Originally Posted by yd_gli View Post

On a side note: A year ago, I got one of the last Hexa XTAs produced (19in rims, captain seats) for less than half of what the Gloster costs. What a steal the Hexa is when I now see the stuff that one gets for 40L. I would bet my money that the Gloster isn't a patch on the ride and powertrain that the Hexa offered. Shame that Indians have a poor choice in cars.
I second that. Very well put. I own a Hexa XTA myself and can vouch for the quality of the machine inside out. Excellent looks, power train, suspension and interior feel. It competes with cars double it's price. It's truly a shame that it didn't sell proportionate to it's quality.

Having said that, I love the Gloster! It's proportions, looks and interior quality and feel are top notch. Definitely an upgrade over the competition. The pros and cons listed in the review are absolutely bang on. Many will put down cash for this machine notwithstanding the Chinese links. However, I do feel MG could have gone for more competitive pricing and disrupt the market.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Hello Everyone. I am new to Team-bhp and this is my first post.

For someone looking for a most comfortable way to move, from place a to b, in this price point, carnival still seems to be the first choice. Gloster seems to be a mediocre product which doesn't excel well in any department. However for it's size and features, it is reasonably priced.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Originally Posted by yd_gli View Post
On a side note: A year ago, I got one of the last Hexa XTAs produced (19in rims, captain seats) for less than half of what the Gloster costs. What a steal the Hexa is when I now see the stuff that one gets for 40L. I would bet my money that the Gloster isn't a patch on the ride and powertrain that the Hexa offered. Shame that Indians have a poor choice in cars.

This is exactly what makes it even more challenging for manufacturers to hit their sales targets. A car that seems to have almost everything for almost everyone should sell decently. However that never happens in India. Hexa had all the ingredients to shake the Innova violently, if not dethrone it, but nothing of that sort happened.

You can floor the A pedal, make yourself a cup of coffee and come back before the engine + gearbox have figured out what you need. Only then does the Gloster surge forward. Overall, it seems to be a combination of bad gearbox tuning as well as turbo lag.
. This above statement is to be taken very seriously in Bangalore where we slow down more than speed up. If the GLOSTER is taking its own sweet time to move ahead, combined with its humongous size, all the space ahead will be gone in a jiffy with bikes and autos happily filling!.

The GLOSTER seems very much a long distance cruiser as its primary usage. With its bench seat version it is a proper 7 seater with decent boot space.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

The Fortuner and Endeavour have been in the Indian market for decades. Yet no Indian manufacturer has offered a full-size ladder on frame 4x4 SUV to compete with the market leaders. The fact that a Chinese manufacturer, having been in the market for only a couple of years, offers a competing product, says a lot about the state of Indian design and manufacturing. Tata despite having JLR could only offer the Hexa, which was later discontinued. What's stopping Tata or Mahindra from making a 35-40 lakh rupee full size SUV? And what will happen when there's a full onslaught of Chinese manufacturers in the Indian market? Or when Honda and Mitsubishi and Nissan wake up and realise the market is large enough to warrant selling some of their more competent products here? Are Indian manufacturers like Harley-Davidson in being heavily dependent on protectionist tactics to survive in their own home turf?
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Awesome review, the attention to small details is our specialty now. Regarding Gloster, Yikes!! I understand it is fairly loaded but I would never pay 40L for this unless am high on some quality stuff or there's a gun pointing to my head. Saw few online reviews and even the paid ones did not have too much good stuff to talk about this.

Think it's too early to buy this and this will make a stupendous deal in pre-owned market 3 years down the line. It will find some takers initially and once they go back to Endeavour/Fortuner, this will be discarded quite cheaply.

PS. If anyone buys this, please de-badge it before delivery. Please!!!

Originally Posted by karanddd View Post
What's stopping Tata or Mahindra from making a 35-40 lakh rupee full size SUV?
Isn't Alturas made by Mahindra? It's not that bad when you compare it with Gloster.

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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Once again, thank you for a great, unbiased, no holds barred review.

I just felt I had to write this post, to think out aloud and do a Pros versus the Cons, literally. I have to admit, I haven't driven the car. I am going by @Vid6639's review and whatever bits of truth I could glean from combing through the multitudes of (mostly sponsored) Youtube videos gushing over what a revelation the Gloster is for the Indian roads.

As usual, please do correct me if my understanding is wrong. So, here goes, pros and following right after, italicized, the cons.
  • Great space inside
    With great space, comes great dimensions. HUGE car

  • Good for highway cruising. Long-distance trips would be a breeze!
    Horrible (okay, not horrible, but definitely not up to the mark) for city driving. Confused transmission, almost non-existent low-end grunt

  • Heated/Ventilated front seats with massaging lumbar support & 12 way electric adjustment. Again, great addition for long-distance trips, not sure how much time we would need to spend in configuring it for short hops.
    Massage functionality is probably outsourced to a part from a different family who doesn't play well with the good-ish seat, because lumbar does not stay where you want it to. Not a huge deal-breaking con actually.

  • 360 degree cameras
    360 degree camera quality isn't really the best. It's there, it's decent & better than most, hence, it might help. If you peer closely, you can actually make out the different objects.

  • Interiors that are plush and remind you of BMW. Also has a nice-to-have panoramic sunroof.
    May remind you about BMW, but also makes a point to tell you that it definitely isn't BMW with lower than expected (for the price point) quality of build & materials. And the plastics in the cabin stay true to their name, don't try to act like they are leathery or soft-touchy (and are they scratchy?)

  • Exteriors that remind you of Mercedes Benz and might have road presence, depending on where you drive it
    IT's BIG (did I say this before?) And probably because they have "Internet Inside", they have thought that it's closer to a laptop ("Intel inside!") than a car and slapped badges and stickers all over.

  • Clear, concise MID with a good TPMS system
    Flawed algorithms... or over cautious, to a fault.

  • Higher specs have twin-turbo engine developed and tuned by SAIC in-house
    Unproven reliability. Enough said. Should we give it a chance?

  • 12.3" ICE screen, with all the connectivity options you need
    Is it just me, or does it seem a little grainy and dull?

  • Ending with what MG leads with, ADAS
    I am not sure if any computer is advanced enough to deal with Indian roads or motorists, for any kind of motorized operation.

By any chance, did the mods get a chance to play around with ADAS and check it's shortcomings/achievements, if any?
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

So by a slow Gearbox, do we have any fear of stalling the car in city or under hilly conditions?

I have never driven automatic cars for a large duration, so this query.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Cheesy - is the one word I will describe this. All those badges, copy cat designs, not so good materials inside. The amount of electronic especially ADAS is scary from an manufacturer and product which is still WIP. Please stay away from this one.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Though I personally don't touch the Chinese origin products by a mile, phone, car or clothes, they are just about a couple of decades away from dominating the world (I'm no fan though, but facts are facts).

The Gloster looks fantastic for its size, yes there is considerable bulk and cheesy and unnecessary badges all over with generous strips of chrome and that is what lets down the entire car. It does look like a kind-of mishmash of Audi, BMW and few other cars, but overall the design is absolutely nailed.

I won't comment on driving part and engine until I personally feel it out, though from the specs it does seem that the power+torque is considerably less given the weight of the car, but this MG seems to do what Chinese usually do, like the imitation Rolex - it'd look EXACTLY like the real deal, the movement is also a 1:1 copy and they actually proved that Rolex is kind of a joke when it comes to watchmaking because they're so easy to rip off, however they charge just about 1/10th the price of the real deal so they've to cut corners in materials and overall reliability, sadly that seems to be the case with the Gloster too, looks like a 1 cr vehicle (other than the outrageously ostentatious badges which lend it a wannabe look) but for sure the input quality, smoothness, NVH etc would not match even their own ex-showroom price, sadly.

Certainly much better than the Hector which looks weird to say the least, but as of now MG can only bet on their EV as it has almost everything to succeed and it has. I'd pick the smaller Tucson any day, at a much cheaper cost, with greater power, driving dynamics, comfort (can hardly feel the road) and decent space as well. For off-roaders, I'd say the Fortuner is the safest bet.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

The review is top notch, as usual - covering all the bases. I wouldn't touch that car with a barge pole. Try as they might to play up its British roots including getting Cumberbatch to endorse it - I have 0 faith in Chinese engineering. I realize this can be construed as prejudice. So be it. Maybe it is.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Excellent vehicle. I am not a fan of SUVs but I welcome the advanced driver safety aids it brings. I have been waiting desperately for adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking and lane departure assist systems to come to India. So far only Volvo was providing them. Now with this, I am hopeful that they would start drifting into other MG models and then to other auto makers. I saw it at Delhi airport a couple of weeks ago. The interiors are beautiful. I love the large touch screen as well as the 8 inch display in the speedometer area. If only it were a more compact vehicle, I would have immediately bought it. Here’s hoping MG brings these advanced driving aids in its EZS.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

MG Gloster looks too good to be true. Any ideas about it's safety rating?
I hope it does not turn out to be a big disappointment on this front like Kia Seltos that received just 3 stars at GNCAP. For a road accident prone country such as ours, vehicle safety rating should be one of the key attributes for a car review.
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Default Re: MG Gloster : Official Review

Some very odd choices in terms of equipment. I mean, a quick perusal of the badges tell me that it is equipped with Internet connectivity, ADAS, AWD and Full LED tech, but what good are they if the car does not even have power windows, power steering, air-conditioning and central locking? It would be a funny situation with Gloster owners sweating in the heat while an S-Presso customer is chilling with AC on!

Or is it that someone forgot to stick the badges of these basic features on the outside? I wonder what their QC processes are like, then?

Oh, and </sarcasm>

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