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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

For me this was the most awaited review of the month! An amazing job done by our BHPians who are giving us quality content despite restrictions, risks, and whatnot!

Highly refreshing to see a VAG car that is fit for the generation we are in and not based on platforms that are more than a decade old. While I feel the overall package gives a bang for the buck, there are certainly some places that Skoda could have done a bit more, namely those aspects are:

1) Speedometer: While all cars are moving towards digital speedometers (more so in the compact SUV segment) Skoda seems to have ignored this completely. The speedometer looks dated and the MID is similar to what I have on my 6-year-old Vento. A design like the Seltos which a more 'upscale' (digital + analog) would have been a treat!

2) The rear wash wipe: The rear wiper is an absolute eyesore in an otherwise fabulous-looking rear design. Looks like some sort of cost-cutting has been done as generally aero-style wipers have been used over the decades.

3) DSG reliability is yet questionable. This coupled with very little underbody protection might make the other components ever more vulnerable on our Indian roads.

4) Lights: Looking at the amazing lighting fixtures on other models I hoped that Skoda would have gone for an all-LED option. Halogens seem to be out of place these days.

5) Interior: The VAG group follows the same interior styling which is great but I feel small things like the hard plastic could have been done away with e.g. the start/stop button already has scratches around it. No specific USP to the cabin per se, could have used a couple of features like an e-parking brake.

In no way is this a critique of the car, just points where they could have given a bit more attention IMHO. I feel this car is the much-needed push that the VAG group requires in the Indian market.

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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Originally Posted by skarthiksr View Post
Looks like yes. 1.0 Automatic Top variant doesn't seem to get 6 airbags. I have taken a screen grab from two reviews in similar angles and it looks to me that there are no curtain airbags in 1.0 AT variant.
I think I will have to correct myself here. I carefully watched the video again and in another angle, looks like the airbags are indeed there. So, I think it would be best to wait till Monday for the full brochure to come out rather than getting mislead by video quality. Not able to edit the original post. So, sharing a new screen grab.

Skoda Kushaq Review-1.0style_at_shot_2.png
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Now this is such a breath of fresh air compared to the Alcazar launch. Skoda really have something volatile on their hands! Hope the pricing meets expectations. Price the 1.5 DSG style 10% over the top spec Creta/Seltos and this will sell.
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Originally Posted by Karthik.thm View Post
I have a dumb question.

Below pic is from our official review and I can't help but notice that the air flow direction control is sealed or absent.

Is it really sealed or my evening snack is making me to hallucinate?
That evening snack it is.

The central knob has the flow control if you notice closely.

Skoda Kushaq Review-dae39ca80f5a4b1a84952f0d4364cd7e.jpeg
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Thanks guys for the crisp review. Especially of the variant I'm interested in.

Wow...That's the real come-up Skoda needed! Well done Skoda! Hope they play their remaining cards right and the Kushaq achieves the sales success it deserves.

With not much to expect in ASS department, my hopes are pinned on reasonable pricing and a glitch free initial ownership reports.

A decent crash test performance will be the icing on the cake ( the Seltos fiasco has really shaken my confidence).

A reportedly cramped rear seat looks like the only bummer for me right now. Will have to see if that becomes a deal breaker.The 1 yr. cooling off period has officially started for me

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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

As usual a detailed review of the Car. Kudos!!

A very important car for Skoda and they seem have to done a good amount of cost cutting with the missing rough road package, budget grade interior plastics at least the door pads from the looks. With the 95% localisation, they should be able to price it competitively. In fact they should undercut the Hyundai/Kia twins to start with and see how it fares and increase the prices in phases.

With only petrol engine options, if it is overpriced. It would make good numbers for Skoda, but no where near the Creta and Seltos.
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Alcazar left me underwhelmed, but the Kushaq left me overwhelmed! Absolutely loved the 1.5L TSI motor, fantastic 6-speed MT (best manual I've shifted in a long time), solid build and perfect suspension tune. You should've seen us flying down the Lonavla ghats. Everyone knows how I love the Seltos and this car also goes straight to the top of my recommendations list.
Would it then be reasonable to assume that this car would've been the one you'd recommend to your baby brother if he hadn't bought the Superb yet, considering you had zeroed in on the Seltos until the GNCAP bomb dropped?
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Excellent review.
A few reviews that I saw on youtube (Evo India, Overdrive and Carwale) talk about the quality issues inside the interior.

Some missing items that have shocked me a little bit are the roof lining, lack of bonnet insulation, lack of underbody protection, AC controls unit and the apparent cabin noise at high speeds.

I am most interested in the 1.0 L automatic but I am a sceptical about the mileage figures of that engine+transmission combo. Compared to the 1.5 L NA engine offered in the Korean twins, the 1.0 L seems to be in trouble in city conditions.

The Seltos/Creta has a poor safety record and the Kushaq has cut corners in places I didn't expect it to.

The pricing of this product is going to be the deciding factor for most people, I think. Buyers in this segment face a tough choice.

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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Is Kushaq capable of scoring 5 stars in NCAP?
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Looks like a really promising product. The steering has started to grow on me. I hope it is priced well and cements a strong foot for Skoda in India, so they have ample money to focus on after sales improvement.

I'll miss the one touch auto up-down windows for all windows and via remote. This is the most underrated feature in VAG cars.

Mods, any image of the key/smartkey? Is it on the design of the new Octavia? (which is universally new VAG key design I guess, saw it on one VW ID4 review too) I am a sucker for good keyfob designs, as those reflect car's personality even when you aren't in your car, and TBHP is one of the rare places where we get to see keyfob designs of every car!
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Keeping my fingers crossed for the Monday launch event. Will go for Kushaq Style 1.0 AT, if it is priced below/par with Seltos HTX-IVT . Already prebooked the car with EVM Kochi. Since GTO has already recommended Kia Seltos , I would love to hear his view on a choice between these two.
My views on the car is,

It looks good and sturdy
Reviewers are happy with the ride, handling and overall performance
Cabin looks airy and decent
Rear view camera , seat stitching, hard plastics , a/c vents etc. are indicating to the "India" specific platform
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

In ZigWheels video, there was a mention that AT variants - Style get only 2 airbags. Is this true? The comment says Skoda might launch 6 airbags in top end as Monte Carlo
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

If this one succeeds, hopefully Skoda/VW will soon launch a heavily localised sub 4m , 1.0L CSUV version and price it predatorily by availing the tax benefits. Though it's the most crowded segment, it also has more numbers and decent margins.
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Great review as always! Couple of points, the lack of diesel engine will definitely affect sales. Also, pricing is key. Especially If the 1.0 MT is very aggresively priced, it will definitely bring in prospective hyundai/kia buyers. At par/ overpricing will kill the kushaq in its tracks, owing to its notorious (un)reliability and notchy service experience. Lets face it, a traditional creta buyer will always choose a peace of mind big car experience over an exciting SKODA product such as the Kushaq, unless the price point is tempting. The obvious choice for the enthusiast no doubt, especially since it offers manual turbos where the koreans dont.
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Default Re: Skoda Kushaq Review

Excellent quick review guys.

One important thing many are forgetting is if they price it squarely against Creta, Kushaq will sink without a trace. Skoda needs to undercut Creta variant to variant (and by good margin) else there's no way this will succeed. Indian consumer has a very herd mentality. To shake this off, only a VFM pricing can do it.
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