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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Some more info on the plastic tailgate. Helps to understand the choice and its pros/cons

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by peterjim13 View Post
I have had scenarios outside my warranty where the Manufacturer came down to waiver part of the bill owing to goodwill. Sure that Toyota may not do that, never will Ford, Skoda, VW, Jeep?
As a Ford car owner I would like to defend them on this one.

Last year my EcoSport AT gearbox failed and the service center gave a six-figure estimate for replacing clutch assembly, TCM, etc. I found the estimate was on the expected lines as per some owners on the EcoSport thread. Even though my car was 4+ years past warranty I shot an email to the customer care to get their take on the estimate. After evaluation they offered flat 50% discount on total bill inclusive of service charges even though I didn't ask for it. I have seen many such discount offers on their Twitter handle.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Hey All,

Was checking the Mahindra Accessories Website from past few days to see if they will add the XUV700 accessories.
Just Sometime back, it has got Added.
Do Checkout:
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by motorhead123 View Post
Hope competitors catch up with all these tech. gimmicks so consumers will have some options.
High time MG brings Diesel Automatic in Hector/Hector Plus to compete.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Well the intention was not to offend the prospective buyers but to highlight that increasing prices on day 2 of the product launch and much before the product proves it's real life worthiness is unacceptable. This is worse than petrol pricing

Since I seem to have offended the community, Let me share some bits from my ownership/ beta testing/ guineapigging experience and explain (at least try) where I am coming from:

Originally Posted by sixthsense View Post
While it's sinking in, how was your experience being the guinea pig when you bought the Thar in 2020 ?
It's hasn't been great and hence the mention. In 9 month of ownership, I am on my 2nd hard top (which leaks) and waiting to get 2 of 4 tyres replaced. However let me talk of an issue that is more elementary and wide spread - windshield fogging.

Every Thar'20 owner has faced this and the root cause happens to be the flap that is suppose to cover the AC vents next to the windshield. Thar has a pretty small windshield height, I think 18" or so, 3" of which get fogged. It hampers visibility (think of terrains that the car is meant to go) and can get really irritating especially at nights.

It's been an year since Mahindra started delivering the Thar'20 and till date owners report the said issue. While there's a solution identified, there hasn't been a proactive recall from Mahindra to fix such a widespread issue.

Now let's talk of the solution: The flap/actuator needs to be replaced for it to work as intended, the replacement would entail dismantling the dashboard. I am not sure if you would like your new XUV with a stripped down dashboard but certainly it's not something that I had imagined when I was paying 17L for the Thar.

The only solace is, I didn't pay the premium that some 7oo buyers would pay for booking the car on day2.

Originally Posted by Desi Dybuk View Post
Quite a bit of projection of you to say that those who have booked are 'guinea pigs', isn't it? While it is still a Year 1 product, just because it is an Indian brand, it isn't automatically prone to be a test bed.

Mahindra XUV700 is after a decade of XUV 500. Between 2012 & 2021, Mahindra has launched a number of vehicles which were mechanically sound (Marazzo, KUV100, TUV300, XUV300, XUV500 refresh & Scorpio refresh and your own Thar Ver 2). I haven't heard of any disastrous issues with any of them.

Will niggles be there? Unfortunately yes. Will they be show-stopping ones? Hopefully not. But Indian manufacturing has come a long way in the past decade.
While it is a general perception that Indian cars are not well tested, my comments were not based on that. I know a lot of foreign brands have teething issues as well, new skodas for instance.

However when I ponder on the issue sighted above and fuse it with your line of thinking - Mahindra has been delivering cars with air conditioners since the 90s, how did they mess up with an AC vent after 30 years?( forgot to mention that when you close 1 of the 4 front facing vents, a faint whistling sound is heard from the remaining 3). How did the alpha testers not figure this in supposedly millions of kms of testing?

I can go on an on with my observations on the Thar but I may have already dampened the spirits here, at this stage, I would rather wish the prospective buyers a niggle free experience.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Monty1 View Post
Hi Team bhp family,

Just wanted to share my booking experience here.
Congratulations, and sorry to nitpick - I couldn't help but notice the dealer committed date of 9.9.99.

As an IT coolie who used to be in QA, this sort of crap riles me up more than it should.

I wish that you get the car much earlier!
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Fellow BHPians -

A question, if you may help, I had booked the vehicle online yesterday by making a payment through my card and now plan to cancel my booking.

Would be thankful if anyone who may have cancelled their 7OO or Thar booking may let me know what is the process, how long the refund take and by what mode (account credit, cheque, etc.) is it returned back.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Rajiv0909 View Post
Well the intention was not to offend the prospective buyers

Since I seem to have offended the community, Let me share some bits from my ownership/ beta testing/ guineapigging experience and explain (at least try) where I am coming from:
Thanks for bringing this up - this is very valuable real owner feedback. Itís for exactly this reason that most folks recommend waiting for a year or two for each new modelís initial niggles to settle in. And frankly this is the case for most manufacturers across the spectrum, with some being a little more prone than others.

The trade off is obvious of course, that initial exclusivity - perhaps a better price compared to a slightly more matured product. The good thing about waiting is that sometimes you catch a few extra features as well which the manufacturer has factored throwing in to keep the interest alive and fresh. For instance, my pal was an early 2021 Compass buyer and another friend bought it last month. I think within a year itself there was some slight add on feature to the Compass which the second buyer benefitted from.

These real world user experiences such as yours are handy reminders to what weíre getting into with the v1.0 of each product.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Regarding the price protection for the first 50k bookings and price increase for booking # 25k to 50k, we need to understand that though these bookings have happened in a span of 2 days but the deliveries are over a period of an year. We all know the continous volatility around the metal prices and now the chips too. No other manufacturer gives price protection for even a short duration let alone an year. I think a lot of calculations / input price forecasting would have gone around while deciding this but it might have been simplified by syncing it in buckets of 25k instead of giving a estimated price based on month of deliveries. While there are valid comments around Mahindra playing around with customers' FOMO but credit is due on price protection too then.

For every enterprise the shareholders are a priority. Moreover, my Thar which was just over 17 lacs on road Delhi has a pre gst price of just under 9 lakhs. Enfact be taxed as income tax.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by r_devakumar View Post
This video is in Tamil, but shows the ADAS in action, check the video time 4:10. It is a lane cutting overtake many does and ADAS may be risky at this situation.
Man, he uses 10,000 words where 10 will do! Frankly, the guy is justifying bad driving and cribbing about the car preventing that because it is unsafe, even if the practices he refers to are common in India.

On the AEB, he was obviously cutting lanes much too close to the car ahead. This is a public road - and just because there is a gap which a Hamilton or Verstappen would exploit on the track, it does not mean you must squeeze through it. On the lane keep assist, he talks of the car preventing him from switching lanes, but that happens only when you cut lanes without giving a signal. Even if there is a barrier ahead of you, you ought to give a signal to switch lanes.

Gentle request for folks sharing YouTube videos. Please put a 5-10 bullet point summary of the video (even when the video is in English) - helps save time and permits those following a thread to get what is being talked about. Posting a video, especially one in another language, without such a summary detracts from the experience of Team BHPians.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

I'm bringing back my doubt that was lost in previous posts of pros vs cons of booking :-

Is there a solution to the long travel of the clutch, just like in bikes we have adjustable levers, any advice, links to separate threads would be much appreciated.

On a separate note how many are eagerly waiting for 10th of October
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

You're right. I would never drive like that, with ADAS or without. It's risky behaviour. But you know, other road users are not on the same page. A few years back I was on the ring road, and as the lights turned red I applied the brakes like a normal person would. This KSRTC Bus pummeled into my car full speed from behind. He got down and was fighting with me that I had "applied the brakes, who would stop at red light and blah blah". And, it wasn't even a sudden application - just the gradual and progressive deceleration. Such driving gets good drivers in trouble
Originally Posted by Hayek View Post
Frankly, the guy is justifying bad driving and cribbing about the car preventing that because it is unsafe, even if the practices he refers to are common in India.

Last edited by Sebring : 9th October 2021 at 10:28.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

The ARAI certified mileage for the 2L Turbo Petrol is 14.5, according to the dealer with whom I booked the XUV 700.
While nothing official seems to have been announced on this front by Mahindra themselves, I wonder how true this info is.
I look forward to your comments.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

There seems to be a lot of comments on whether people who rushed to book 7OOs, took a wise decision or not. It's all about how one perceives his/her own risk appetite and value proposition.

Given the pent up demand in 18L-25L range (on-road) and the lack of options currently in the market - (Koreans lack safety, Germans lack space and road presence, Tata lacks features and ASS troubles, MG had polarized design and origin, Compass falls behind in size and features) - Mahindra came up with a strong proposition with 7OO which ticks all the boxes. Yes there may be initial niggles, but given the track record of Mahindra being responsive/proactive, that's a risk people are willing to take.
Again, this is my personal opinion. These were the trade-offs I had in mind while taking the decision.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Post my booking I visited NBS Andheri, Mumbai showroom yesterday.

Aim was to confirm my booking and to and take a test drive.

First I completed the booking form part and the advisor filled a form and gave a docket copy back to me, although no other details were available, further details will be shared post 10th October.

Was pleasantly surprised at the arrangement and friendliness of entire staff especially looking at the rush things were really well managed. Also NBS Andheri, has many display cars (except red color) and all fuels & transmission options for test drives which is impressive.

I had booked MX Petrol, hence took a test drive of a AX7 Petrol Manual, and based on my driving experience sharing my 10 cents:-
- 1. Coming from a 10 year old i10 my observations would be positively biased:-
- 2. XUV 700 looks awesome in person and has great road presence. Period.
- 3. For its size, sheer space, build quality, engine and features provided for 11.99 MX Petrol is the most VFM option out there.
- 4. Petrol engine is super silent and against expectations has a linear power delivery, but when you need to floor the throttle this car just pushes you back in your seat.
- 5. Fuel efficiency is my biggest concern, display showed 4.7 kmpl, overall would be very high on petrol bills, current calculations approximately translates into a whopping INR 22/KM + other costs like purchase price, service etc. One of the reasons for me to doubt my decision!
- 6. Clutch travel is deep and biting point is also not easily guessed. Dead Paddle was a bit off for me and as difficult to rest my foot before & after using the clutch paddle.
- 7. Gear slotting & flow is OK but nowhere near the Hyundai's.
- 8. Got around a couple of KMs test drive and the route had pot holes of the size of crates and XUV700 managed them with aplomb, just thuds inside the cabin and no unsettled rear seat passengers, loved this part, although coming from an i10 this one was going to be positive.
- 9. Ingress/Egress, Seating Comfort, Controls Reach, etc are well placed and faced no issues getting comfortable.
- 10. Insurance quoted of ~90K (Online shows 50K with all the bells & whistles) along with incidental charges of 11K for a 11.99 lakh car is just atrocious and loot in plain sight, members and moderators on this forum should collectively help get rid of this practice once and for all. Essential pack is not compulsory is what the sales fellow told me.

Hoping for the best!
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