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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

I have a quick query to the evaluators:

Do the smart door handles sense & open on their own when we are near with the key fob, or do we need to unlock it with the key fob?

If it is former, I am happy, if it is latter - then whole concept of keyless entry falls into a toss here. . Hope M&M doesn't do such basic mistakes.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by efgritesh View Post
Any first hand experiences on how well lane assist works with faded or missing lane markings? Same for ADAS, will it work in traffic chaos situation we have in Indian cities or is it more suitable for higway drives only?

I have experienced both the features in Europe on a rental car and feel they are absolutely worth it, Indian context, someone can shed light on.
Lane Assist in T Roc activates above 65 kmph when at least one lane marking is visible ( faded works fine). So lane assist hardly activates in the city as speed is usually below 65kmph.
If the steering wheel is not held then a message pop up with a chime after 15 seconds. I usually keep it off on 2 lane roads ( mostly one lane is detected( read present) in this situation) due to frequent lane changes (overtakes).
I have experience of driving In northern India ( Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jabalpur, Allahabad etc) and lane markings are clearly visible on 4 lane highways and lane assist works smoothly except in Ghats, very foggy weather.
So lane assist is better to be trusted only when both the lanes are detected and faded lane markings are not an issue.

ADAS ( front assist in T Roc) is a game of relative speed. For me, it has activated many times when the car in front deaccelerate and my car is still running at constant speed or accelerating ( like on a speed breaker). Sometimes it also activates ( advance warning) on a sharp turn if speed is reduced at the last moment.
If budget permits then we should go for the ADAS model.

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Originally Posted by Fiestaboy View Post
I have a quick query to the evaluators:

Does the Smart door handles senses & opens on it own while we are near with the key fob or do we need to unlock it with key fob?

If it is former, I am happy, if it is later - then whole concept of keyless entry is taken into a toss here. . Hope M&M doesn't do such basic mistake.
I think it would be the later... if request sensor is available and the smart door handles opens automatically, then why would Mahindra sell Electrically deployed Smart Door Handle as part of the Optional Pack?

1. For cars with Electrically deployed Smart Door Handle, the unlock button needs to be pressed in the key and all 4 handles will open then.
2. For cars without this feature, the unlock button in the key should be pressed and then the door handles have to be pushed, which will then pave way for opening the doors with the handles.

Happy if I am wrong here and request sensor option is provided in at least the Optional package. Either ways, it looks like the quality of this mechanism would not be that robust and that the chances of door handles becoming loose is higher. Hopefully M&M would have done some testing around this and would have seen some favorable test results.

Originally Posted by MukundanMK View Post
5. AX5 will have 4 airbags, 2 in front and 2 curtain airbags extending till 3rd row window (regardless of 5 or 7 seater). AX3 will get 2 front airbags only and AX7 will have 7 airbags - 4 as mentioned in AX5, plus 2 side airbags and an additional driver side knee airbag.
Sorry for the back to back post... this one I felt is very important and didn't want perspective buyers to miss out on the detailed Color and Airbags options available in XUV 700

For those of you interested in the colors that is offered, you can watch this video. Also from 4:48 minutes, there is a detailed presentation on the Airbags on offer. All 7 airbags demo is being shown. Good thought of M&M to have this kind of presentation to the media. I like the fact that AX5 comes with 4 airbags (generally it will be front dual airbags plus side airbags, but here it is front dual airbags plus curtain airbag covering all 3 rows) and AX7 is even more assuring with the 2 additional side airbags in front, plus the knee airbag at driver side.

to M&M!!!

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

It looks like XUV 700 does have the potential to be a major 'SUV' market disrupter here not only by extending own legacy but also looking to beautifully aggregate competitor creamy points , taken as:

1) Maruti'ish Pricing + Affordability - Very Aggressive pricing vis-ŗ-vis corner cutting and northward price trend
(Also covers the Toyota overpricing syndrome)

2) Learnings from TATA's successes and mistakes e.g. Aria, HEXA and to an extent new Safari and sharing the 'Indian safe car revolution' perception

3) Cutting deep into Hyundai feature and finesse territory

This does translate into huge value but very important at the same time for Mahindra to tightly control its own teething niggles virus.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Quiet detailed review.

Would love to see details about 5-Seater version too.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by krishnakumar View Post
Why isn't there a lot more buzz around the FSD suspension on offer? I mean, which car at this price point offers this fantastic technology?

Is it because, the tuning isn't done properly? I'm just surprised there is very little information on this excellent piece of addition in the car. These are the kind of things that will stand out for a long time, every single time you drive the car.

Can someone shed light on whether FSD is on offer on all variants or whether it's reserved for some optional packs/variants?
As far as I know, the other car on sakte currently that offers FSD is Jeep Compass. However as you rightly said that's outside the pricing territory of XUV700. But it should be surprising that Compass wasn't the first car south of 30-40 lacs to introduce FSD to Indian customers. I think the first car to offer FSD in India within 15-25 lacs range was Tata Hexa. I drive a Hexa XTA and I must say its ride - low or high speed - is unmatched by any SUV south of 40 lacs OTR, including the Duster. The reason why Hexa may not match the nimbleness of a Duster / Harrier / Safari / XUV700 shall be that it's Body on Frame vs Monocoque, that humungous wheelbase and the fat kerb weight of 2.3 tons for all the solidity that it provides (ensuring you don't Zip, Zap, Zoom (pun intended) at speeds which you cannot bring down immediately should there be a need after slamming the brakes). The Hexa definitely deserved bigger discs but it's one of the few cars like BMW that barely nose dives even in case of heavy breaking at triple digit speeds.

The XUV700 definitely excites with its features but that design isn't yet growing on me - at least till I not see it in flesh. Also the same goes for some of the interior design as well - including the much talked about white leatherette upholstery. Let's see, as I suspect it will be a long time till I can get to see it in flesh and possibly get a test drive.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

I still cannot wrap around my head around the fact that Mahindra is offering such a loaded car at a price none of us could have predicted. However, I have a few irksome niggles that I would like to point out.
The omission of the Automatic dimming IRVM is glaring given the fact that the car boasts of providing class leading safety features. I am fine with the omission of the Ventilated seats but that cheap looking IRVM looks out of place. Also, the wood used on the door trims looks cheap at best. It takes away the otherwise premium feel of the cabin.
I am also quite skeptical about all the ADAS features being offered and how effective they will be in our driving conditions. Honestly, I have never even used the cruise control while driving here in India. For me, ADAS is more gimmicky than anything else. For a country which doesn't have well marked roads and traffic signages, I would rather prefer to have my own hands on the steering wheel rather than having a computer over ride my inputs. ADAS must involve complex electronics and I don't know how reliable it will be in the long run.
All that being said, the car has sorted dynamics and very capable engines and gearboxes. It's definitely a huge leap in terms of everything over the XUV 500. It's great to see this from an Indian brand. However, I wish Mahindra like Tata work more on the ownership experience to match the Koreans and the Japanese. Also, I am quite sure that the car will have a long waiting period which may throw off a few people and make them go for its Korean siblings.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by ramki.grandhi View Post
Can you please ask your sources about availability of ESP in lower variants?
I believe the MX will skip it. The AX5 & AX7 should have ESP. Not confirmed for the AX3.

Originally Posted by brownianmotion View Post
is there any information on approach and break over angle - does not look promising from serious off-roading point of view
Originally Posted by ScorpWarp View Post
I think there was a question about approach angle in one of the posts, please check below review.
Originally Posted by sierrabravo98 View Post
In this video of AWD variant, it always looks like (to me at-least) that car is too low to the ground and could use another 3-4 cm of ground clearance.
Anyways, seems like this will be a soft-roader with some capability to handle slush/snow if required. Approach and departure angle (break-over angle is too low anyway by the looks of it) will further limit any off the road adventures that people may have in mind.

Approach angle - 22.6 degrees.
Departure angle - 24 degrees.
Ramp-over angle - 20.7 degrees.

Off-roading can be done, but make no mistake - the 7OO AWD will be a mild-offroader.

Originally Posted by Phukan23 View Post
Saw Faisal Khan's review. He mentioned that Ventilated Seats will be offered.
It will be an optional accessory. Not sure how they will get it fitted at dealer level, or one needs to pre-order it directly from the factory once it's made available. But it is listed.

Originally Posted by purohitanuj View Post
Any idea if the top variant will be available with black / dark seat color option?
No. The AX7 will come with those light-coloured seats only, for now.

The AX3 & AX5 variants will have dark fabric interior seats.

The optional packs will be offered with the AX5 & AX7 trims only.

Originally Posted by Fiestaboy View Post
Does the Smart door handles senses & opens on it own while we are near with the key fob or do we need to unlock it with key fob?
It opens outside. You have to pull the open handle to open the door, though.

Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
I am just curious why they missed out on simple request sensor for the door handles?
Originally Posted by raj_5004 View Post
Many reviews have shown that the top variants door handles automatically pop out when you approach the car with the key in your pocket. Which means the vehicle detects your presence and automatically unlocks.
The AX7 MT doesn't get the smart door handles. I believe it's a part of an optional pack. Every other variant not equipped with that optional pack gets the push and open type door handle.

Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
But what about keyless exit? For lower models, does it lock itself once you press the handle inside?
I don't think so. For lower models, you can see a keyhole inside the door handle when it is open.

Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
And what about the higher models, does it retract inside automatically once the doors are closed?
When you close all the doors and start driving, the smart door handles retract into their slots automatically.

Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
Does the car get separate cornering lamps like the XUV500 or are they cornering fog lamps?
It's inside the foglamps.

Originally Posted by Moto_Bear View Post
stranded on numerous occasions or faced multiple issues because of a faulty DSG?
The Aisin AT box is fairly reliable. Much more than the notorious DSG. You can be sure that it will last longer and won't cause trouble for you or your family.

Originally Posted by Axe77 View Post
1. Which engine, gearbox or variant are you veering towards tentatively?

2. What is your opinion of top of line XUV 7OO variants versus say a Hyundai Tucson?
1. Diesel. Automatic. Either AX5 (if 5 seater) or the top of the line AX7 (if 7 seater), depending on budgets in a year from now.

2. VFM is the only word which comes to mind, because the 7OO is punching way above it's weight! But for finesse, premiumness and overall experience, the Tucson is still a level above.

Originally Posted by ashvek3141 View Post
Wow! That is some news sir. That means even the 2nd gen Creta will depart in under 2 years?
No, it won't. Both of my current steeds will stay. This will be an addition to our garage, provided it passes our comprehensive Team-BHP full-blown official review, my test drives once they become available, my health improving in the next 365 days, and if it manages to impress all of us in the family.

Originally Posted by ashvek3141 View Post
Letís see how well Mahindra prices the higher variants; or is it just like the way Koreans do. Sticker price @ 9.99 L and top variants brush the 18 L mark.
You know it. Mahindra sure knew how to create a buzz.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by NotanF1driver View Post
I feel lucky that I did not book a Harrier and chose the Seltos. Had I booked the Harrier, I would have got it delivered by now. With Seltos, I got a long waiting period, which would allow me to experience the XUV 700 as well. One thing is for certain - I won't take delivery of Seltos unless I consider the XUV 700. Period.
I'm sailing in the same boat...have booked a Creta and the waiting period is almost 6-7 months as per dealer communication. Was getting quite impatient until the XUV700 launched! Now I'm hoping I get to TD the 700 and explore that option, instead of just tuning out the noise in my head and accepting the Creta

Originally Posted by CapKoura View Post
Has anyone been successful in securing a booking at the dealer level in Mumbai? I called up a couple of dealerships, like NBS(Juhu) and Hare Krishna(Mulund), but both of them denied accepting bookings.
Even I called NBS(Chowpatty) and they flatly denied accepting any bookings. As a matter of fact, the person wasn't even aware of the variants of the XUV700!

Originally Posted by CarNerd View Post
Another point is why Petrol variants don't have drive modes, AWD? If mileage was the concern, why give Petrol engines at all?
Even I was hoping to get drive modes with the Petrol. That just adds a little bit of excitement to the drive.

Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
AX7 AT could very well be lower than 19.99L Ex-showroom. The AX5 MT is available at 14.99L, considering 1L for AT, and 1.5-2L for additional equipment of the AX7. I believe 16.5-16.99L could be the price range for the petrol AX7 AT.
Guessing the AX5 AT with the optional pack should come up to around 18.5-19L on road. Eagerly awaiting details about the exact features that Mahindra will offer in the optional pack though. AX5 sounds like a decent bargain sandwiched between the AX3 and AX7. Not sure whether I should opt for a 5 seater or a 7-seater (to be used with the 3rd row tumbled-down for bootspace).

Originally Posted by Moto_Bear View Post
While a lot of members are going for unofficial bookings, is booking through online mode(as and when the bookings open) better than doing it now unofficially through your dealer? Also, when bookings open, whether unofficial bookings will have any advantage over a booking made through online portal on the same day bookings open?
Unofficial bookings might have a slight edge over bookings done online later, as the dealers would just login these unofficial bookings earlier in their system. Not many dealers are accepting bookings at the moment though, unless you have some jugaad.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

I got a chance to see the car in flesh. It looks much better in real life compared to the pictures. I didn't click any pics to respect the privacy of the Sr Mahindra exec who had taken the car out on a personal errand . He was tight-lipped about the bookings' start date.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Wow! Fabulous first impression Mahindra!!

Coming back to the ground, the last time I was this amazed after a car launch, was when the Seltos was launched. The Seltos too, like the XUV 7 OH OH, looked like a perfect package for its price until the news of its crash test results broke.

That episode has made me a firm believer in the old saying - When things look too good to be true, they usually are!

So this time, the jury will remain out for atleast a couple of years until all the kinks in this apparently glowing armor are revealed.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
1. Diesel. Automatic. Either AX5 (if 5 seater) or the top of the line AX7 (if 7 seater), depending on budgets in a year from now.
Dear sir, Thank you for all your scoops and timely responses. Information you are sharing with us keeps the buzz alive more than the company themselves. Could you please confirm if AX5 diesel will be available in 5 seater variant. Also how much premium one can expect on similar diesel AX variants over petrol for 5 seater variants.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

The initial hype of this car has taken multiple segments by storm. This is rare.

Finally something which will compete not only with it’s direct competitors but also used car market. Considering the price rise in recent years, people who would have a budget of around 15 lacs would have a lesser incentive to buy a used car when they can get a decently equipped new XUV 700 for the same price.

Lastly, full admiration for the new Tbhp strategy of covering more breadth of car launches with minor compromise on the depth. Aligns to one of the guiding principles in my line of the work - If planned right, 70% value can be easily achieved within first 30% of the effort. Great review guys

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

I didn't see the Diesel XUV700 drive Impressions. I would request Drive Impressions of the Diesel model to be part of the review.

Diesel will still make substantial portion of XUV700 sales as big Petrol Engine in this size will definately will be a fuel Guzzler.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by TORQUE_AANJANEY View Post

But it should be surprising that Compass wasn't the first car south of 30-40 lacs to introduce FSD to Indian customers. I think the first car to offer FSD in India within 15-25 lacs range was Tata Hexa.
Thanks for sharing this! Never in my life would I have expected the FSD to be first launched by Hexa. This what excites me to come to TeamBHP every day. I learn something new everytime I visit.

As you said, I assumed Compass was the first to introduce. And boy does it make an impression. The composure with which it drives at both high and low speeds, at those undulations while coming down a flyover etc. It was truly remarkable and I loved how confident the FSD made me feel.

Sadly, it's a car that is outside of my budget and I was wishful if any car would have it in my price range.

Needless to say, I have completely lost my mind knowing that 7OO has it on top of my already lost mind at the shocker pricing.

I mean XUV7OO with the earlier expected price range would have been a little stretch for my budget. But they launch it at this price and then slap on stuff like FSD, brake pre-fill, ADAS? C'mon man. I'm pinching myself to see if this is reality.

My friend who is an ex-Mahindra worked on sourcing the body panels for 7OO. He said even he's shocked at the pricing because the grade of steel used is high strength typically used in German cars. He told me "safety" is the last thing to worry about.
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