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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by vigsom View Post
This one looks like a proper offering unlike the many quirks in styling of the erstwhile XUV500.

1. The digital console on the AX and the regular 7" console on the MX look great

3. Even the MX is adequately specced
True. Except for the omission of the rear wash/wipe, the MX looks to be decently specced. Just hope that it can be ordered with the option packs, or atleast we can option the MX with the Sony music system. The 7" instrument cluster sure looks great, though the bezels of the 8" infotainment system looks sorry.

Though it is not gonna happen, wish the MX variant got regular door handles. Also wish the MX range had a few more variants.

Originally Posted by abhishek_hch View Post
Earlier the wait for reviews seemed to be long and now sometimes it leaves one wanting for more This happens as the bar TeamBHP has set the bar for exhaustiveness is very very high. However, this may not be happening for all the reviews or maybe that the updates are not catching as many eyeballs.... Two separate version of reviews - one Initial and one Exhaustive for all cars would be the best IMHO.
Originally Posted by caffeineAM View Post
I think I will step away from the gushing review praises that call out what I felt. This is the first review that I felt ended abruptly. Again, not taking anything away from the effort put in by the team, but this is the same level of information we come across on YouTube. With TBHP, we (at least I) expect details. Maybe those could be out at a later date under some sort of a "Detailed Review" format.
Felt the same, ever since the reviews for the Thar and City were out. Was actually a bit confused as the pandemic meant everyone had it hard.

The new format may have been done with the feedback from many members who wanted crisper reviews. When you look at the reviews, actually it is pretty detailed and comprehensive. Just that little something that I can't put my finger to.

1. The earlier reviews made it felt like we were doing a walk around of the vehicles ourselves. Add to that the little attention to details and observations that we will never notice in a short TD.
2. Maybe the arrangement of the pictures?
3. Some reviews like of the Civic, Innova Crysta and the Harrier were the best. Especially since those had the short-lived 'Review Index'.
4. Kinda feels clinical? Reviews of the JTP twins, D-MAX (not V-cross) had that secret ingredient that made us smile and feel excited. 'Cos they are niche models? Nah, I was similarly excited for the reviews of the Innova Crysta, Kodiaq and S-presso.

We are a whiny lot, aren't we? Earlier when the reviews took time, we would be impatient. When they arrive on time, we complain of them not being as exhaustive as before.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Quick question to mods

1. Do we know the boot space (in liter) of 5 seater varient or at least do you have some pics of it?
2. What exactly zip, zap, zoom does? Do you have the power/torque details of each mode?
3. How does the AX5 interior look? Does it come with black fabric seats?
4. Will the AX5 Diesel AT come with AWD or just the AX7 version?

Here is my preference.
Diesel, AT, AWD with Option pack(for that lovely audio). Just hoping this is available in AX5 varient.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Overall a great package. The car has almost everything the market has to offer as of today. Some of the features which even brands or models 1-2 levels higher dont have. Mahindra has really disrupted the market again just like how it did a decade back with the XUV5OO.

I see posts about some of the features that could have been included like ventilated seats, auto dimming IRVM, all black interiors etc. But then they should have somethings to offer in the future updates say 2 yrs down the lane with minimal changes to the design . With the seats being perforated, high chance of ventilated seats coming up in the future.
XUV5OO also missed out on sunroof, power seats etc when it was launched. And these were made available in the later upgrades.

So lets wait and see.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Model-Bouncer View Post
Thanks for the review. Was much awaited.
Pardon me here, but the overall sense I get from the write-up is sort of underwhelming.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

- Importantly, BHPians don't need to go anywhere else for their "new car review" addiction.
Originally Posted by abhishek_hch View Post
Earlier the wait for reviews seemed to be long and now sometimes it leaves one wanting for more This happens as the bar TeamBHP has set the bar for exhaustiveness is very very high. The unbiased-ness of the reviews is ofcourse is beyond any question!

Wait, what's happening to the review comments? I see many people asking for more detailed reviews and I feel this review is detailed enough and as GTO said, more details get added later.

But let me tell you this, I watched PowerDrift review and the Autocar review and this is the only time I felt that there is no excitement while reading/watching the review. Is it because of the hype, revelations before and so much discussion on the XUV 7OO that made us immune to any surprises or detailing?

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Coyote View Post
Hey Mahindra,

So if I'm paying you for ADAS, AWD, blah blah blah, please just please, take some more of my money, and give me:
  • Ventilated Seats
  • Black seats and interiors
  • Auto dimming IRVM (C'mon man)
  • Front Parking Sensors.
I echo your sentiments V-E-R-B-A-T-I-M .

Seriously. What were Mahindra thinking when they decided not to offer a thing as simple as an Auto-dimming IRVM??!! Even the XUV300 offers it! I seriously hope they offer dark interiors in the AWD variant at least. Also, I believe that the two dummy switches next to the driver's side seat control were intended to be the ventilated seat controls. So Mahindra, if you are reading this, please plonk them in and offer us an AX9 with these skipped features.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Kudos to Mahindra, I really liked the interior and exterior of this one. Looks killer in that dark blue shade! Over the years XUV500 was quite toned down on exterior, but quite like this new aggressive front grille. Actually, turns out to be perfect launch time for me. Will be in the market for an SUV 2 years from now. And this looks like ticking all boxes except for ventilated seats and auto-dimming IVRM.

I am sure these two will be added over next 2 years (with perforated seats already in place, there should be plans for ventilated seats), could it be because of the parts shortage that the industry is going through? XUV500 was also a pioneer in getting a lot of premium features in that price bracket and Mahindra has once again followed the same template, thankfully though! So I am sure these couple of misses will be coming in the next year or two.

With most niggles ironed out, 2 years from now would be the perfect time to hit the market. Ventilated seats could be a deal breaker though for me, if not included, as that's the most useful feature in my current Verna given the Bombay heat and can't imagine as the next car without that.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Wow! Another excellent review and very timely. Was looking forward to it.

The review has made me thinking of whether to cancel the Tata Safari booking. The car is L-O-A-D-E-D with features and even if it is priced a little over the Safari it will still be value for money. However, it also means that I should wait for another 6 months to get the product after the niggles are ironed out and I don't have so much time to wait.

On a separate note, when I spoke to a couple of Tata dealers they were offering to get the Safari available immediately. They use the usual sales technique of saying if you book and pay immediately we could get the car immediately even though the wait period is more than 6 weeks. So that indicates that there have been many cancellations recently.

The feature list and the mouthwatering pricing of the XUV700 will sure impact the competition. Time for the competition to change the game.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Great review, glad to read that the ride quality is finally sorted. But from certain angles it just looks like the outgoing Xuv-500, especially from the side. A moment of pride to see the local townboys taking it down to the Koreans. A well rounded package must say.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Getting to read TBHP review first before any other publication is a major boon.
Erstwhile I used to have second hand knowledge from Autocar, top gear etc before coming here for reviews. No more. Please keep up review publication on first day like recent times!
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Once you got past the sticker shock, I think Creta/Seltos still has the edge. I'm talking purely as a potential buyer in Delhi NCR region.

Diesel is out of the question with the 10 year rule.

Petrol is a beast, but the average user will hardly ever use that kind of power. And the fuel costs will be prohibitive.

The 1.5 NA engine, though not in the same league performance-wise, is a more practical choice (in terms of fuel costs, size and reliability of the overall car, in terms of electronics, etc).

ADAS is impressive, but how well it works on chaotic Indian roads is anybody's guess. Not a deal breaker IMHO.

The joker in the pack is safety. If XUV700 scores 4* or above, then I would go with it, despite higher lifetime running cost, because you cannot put a price on safety.


Nice review. I hope it is updated after the reviewers get to spend more time with the car to make it as comprehensive as other Team-Bhp reviews!

Till then, this is the most honest review so far on Youtube, highlighting both the good (engine, performance, etc) and the bad (laggy screen, notchy gearbox, missing features, etc):

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Great review as expected from Teambhp. There are two things I wished the Mahindra should have provided.
1. Dual exhaust pipes just like earlier XUV 500
2. A better looking car key . The flip key looks too basic and bland as compared to my XUV 500
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Great review points. The feature list and variant spread is exhaustive but some combinations are left out, like Driving modes are NOT available in Petrol variants (If I remember) I don't know the reason as to why! In addition, the AWD is only available with the Diesel AT AX7 variant.

Dear Mods,

Please add a poll to the variant choice of BHPians

MX - real bummer is that smaller display in a bigger plastic casing! Not that you can do anything about it as it is integrated with the driver's console.

AX3 - Should be the entry point for the 7OO experience but misses out on the popular features like Skyroof & Alloy wheels

AX5 - This has all the features today's day and age demands, should keep the masses entertained for long. Should be the most popular variant with Curtain Airbags for all 3 rows.

AX7 - the blue eyed boy! All bells & whistles variant. I wish the white seats were limited to the top variant only or be part of the Luxury package (L).

T & L packages - the best answer is Technology (ADAS) and Luxury (Sony sound system & white upholstery).

- Are these only available to the AX7 trims?
- In addition, the adaptive cruise control, lane assist, emergency braking available only with the AT variants?
- Is AT available only with the AX7 trims?

MX - Petrol - Diesel - MT (forget it)
AX3 - Petrol - Diesel - MT
AX5 - Petrol - Diesel - MT (popular choice)
AX7 - Petrol - Diesel - MT/AT*

Add to this the 5 or 7 seating options. A 7 seater configuration seems logical as you can just tumble them to make it a 5 seater but vice versa is not possible! I would consider the 7OO as a 7 seater only option!

*T & L packages - Details please

Enthusiastic BHPians must be eyeing the AX7 - Diesel AT AWD.

I'm a bit skeptical to the Tech pack though! Someone applying brakes in my car is a ghostly feeling. Though if proven can be a life saver.

To simplify things, one should choose from the following trims:
AX5 Diesel MT (7 seater)


AX7 Diesel AT AWD (7 seater)

Add T OR L packages as per your taste! (I assume it's an OR and not an AND for the packages)

*NCR folks, sorry, I'm writing off all the petrol options


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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Kudos to the Team for getting the review live, soon after launch of the vehicle by Mahindra. Another succinct review under the new format which gets the most important bits addressed before geeking out on finer details.

I am quite bowled over by the XUV 7OO. A feature packed and up to date product which will be accepted by the market. Am sure it will be a huge success and for the first time, will trigger some price corrections of their competitors' and segment leader's offerings.

First the Thar, and now XUV 7OO, both the products show a focus on providing the best for the Indian market without charging insane premiums.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Really informative review as usual, but there is a small error here:

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

Mahindra XUV700 Price

The MX variant with the diesel engine is priced at Rs. 12.99 lakh.
The base diesel is priced at Rs. 12.49 lakhs.

Regarding the new review format, I was also missing the old exhaustive reviews but GTO's points also make sense. To be honest, I didn't know that the review gets updated after the moderators get an extensive look at the new car. Will keep an eye out for that in the future.

Coming back to the car, this definitely has the potential to set the market ablaze. Before the price announcement, I wasn't even paying proper attention to the car even though I am considering a new purchase in the next 3 months or so.

I was only considering premium hatches and compact SUVs under 10 lakhs and had my eyes set on the Nexon. This car has definitely disrupted the decision making. I'm genuinely considering extending my budget for this car. However, I see the following problems for my use case scenario:

1. I can only stretch for the base variants but I would like to go for the 7 seater option if I'm buying this car. We don't know the premium that Mahindra will ask for the 7 seaters (or if they will be available for the MX variant).

2. The base petrol, while attractively priced, will be thirsty with the powerful engine. Also, since I'm based in Delhi-NCR, buying a Diesel will be a severe disadvantage. The base diesel also comes in a lower state of tune.

3. The size of the vehicle is also scary for me. I've never driven a car over 4m.

Anyhoo, this definitely looks like a competent product and kudos to Mahindra. Hopefully, Mahindra is able to deliver a niggle-free experience to all its owners with this product.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Great Review as always, almost everything is covered what they can in a short span of time. Waiting for another detailed review by TBHP once they get the car.

Few points if anyone can answer (who have done the media drives)
1) ESP is standard or optional? The top variant which you got your hands-on was equipped with ESP or not?
2) Lumbar support, I can't see anything for Lumbar support and no one talked about it in any of the reviews on youtube. Can you please shed some light on this?
3) How was the quality of door handles? Do they look sturdy or ok type? Any comment on long-term reliability? Is Mahindra aiming for more spare part sales after 2-3 years?
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