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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Got this brochure from an SA I am in touch with.

Mods: Please remove if already shared.
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File Type: pdf XUV700 Product Brochure.pdf (7.10 MB, 252 views)
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

As per Mahindra’s official brochure, AX7 has normal Cruise Control. Adaptive Cruise Control is available only with the Luxury Option Pack.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Just received this official brochure of XUV700 from dealer.

XUV700 Product Brochure.pdf
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Just got the Brochure

XUV700 Product Brochure.pdf

Mods kindly remove the post as it's already shared above while I was uploading.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Just received the full brochure from the SA. The AX5 has some of the most basic features missing, it's almost laughable.


1. Cruise Control (even the basic one)
2. Reverse camera (seriously? And Mahindra expects us to manage with just 2 rear parking sensors for this huge vehicle)
3. Push button start

Agree that all the above features are not a must have. But c'mon. The OTR for the AX5 series is between 17-21L depending on the engine/gearbox combo. For such a pricey car, these features are basic.

A cruise control is a must have on any 10L+ car.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Finally saw the car and was not disappointed. It looks great from all angles imo. It'll turn heads for sure. The interior feels premium and modern ,the only issue i felt was the space part. It didn't feel as roomy as my xuv500. I wish the 5 seater version has sliding 2nd row seats. The SA didn't have a clue about most of the features. They need to be trained properly Mahindra. Will go for a test drive next week and take the final call.
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Mahindra XUV700 Review-20211001_155449.jpg  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-20211001_154820.jpg  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-20211001_154317.jpg  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-20211001_155952.jpg  

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Did anyone get a chance to sample the audio system in the AX variant - 6 speakers with sound staging vis-ŕ-vis the Sony 12 speakers? Outside of this am ok with letting go of some other features, please do update as am torn between AX7 AWD and AX7L and also between petrol and diesel especially if it means delivery can happen next month
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Finally saw the car in person. Yes, it looks fabulous in midnight black. Interiors look premium too. A few quick points.

1) The 'skyroof' looks a tad smaller than what I had imagined. Bigger than the one in Safari but not as big as some videos suggested.
2) The one I saw was with smart door handles. I couldn't really use it to lock/unlock the doors, so no comments on that front. They feel sturdier than what I had imagined. Would last 3-4 years without any problem.
3) Seats are a tad softer than the 5OO. I also like the leather in the 5OO better.
4) The fake wood inserts are gone! Thank God!
Edit: fake wood inserts were present in another vehicle. Probably it is on its way out in the production version.
5) rear seat is comfortable for even short inter city trips. My height is 5'9" and I think I can easily sit on the rear seats for 2-3 hours without a problem.

The negative:

Middle row loses out on the recline function. At least, the left seat in the middle row can be reclined with some difficulty using a lever behind the seat. The middle and right seats of the middle row can not be reclined at all! This is the greatest shocker to me, to the extent that I was ridiculing Tata motors/Pratap Bose for skipping the rear seat reclining function in a 4600 mm five seater (Harrier) at launch. Mahindra is faring no better. Apologies to you Tata! (No apologies to you Mr Bose, you haven't learnt your lessons even at your new workplace!)

Heck, we were expecting Mahindra to give a sliding second row, but these clowns not only missed that, but have also removed the adjustable headrest for the middle passenger, moved the rear A/c vents from the B pillars into the middle, removed the arm rest for all variants except AX7 and removed the recline function. Idiotic to say the least.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Spotted an XUV 700 on ORR today in the afternoon. Looked imposing on the road in the Midnight Black colour and had good presence. It was being driven pretty hard and seemed stable in those conditions. Guessing the car was on a test drive or was being driven to the dealer. Conveniently saw the TD Astor just moments later and it looked puny compared to the XUV. Couldn't snap pics of either as I was on my bike.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

The AX7 D AT costs 24.03L while the Harrier XZA+ costs 25.5L OTR Pune. This variant in XUV is pure VFM over Harrier-Safari. The additions in L pack anyways are not available on Harrier/Safari in XZA+ trim.

I dont know how good/bad the 6 speaker system in AX7 is going to be. So if you stick to AX7 D AT, below are the only things worth any upgrade to L:

1. 360 degrees camera
2. 12 speaker Sony system
3. Knee airbag

For these three however the on road price in Pune goes up by 2.4L

I got a call from dealer to come for TD tomorrow. Lets see how good is it to drive.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Has anyone managed to have a look at AX7 without the luxury pack?
In the website under explore 360, I can see it comes with Sony branded speakers but not the roof mounted 3D surround ones! Can anyone confirm this? Attached a snippet from the website on the same.

BTW manual hand break on AX7 is not acceptable and looks garish in an otherwise beautifully crafted interiors. Wish Mahindra released Tech/Comfort option pack including EPB and couple of other small features priced ~60k premium

But overall I think its positioned better than its competition: Safari/Harrier XZ+ and Hector Plus top trim.
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Mahindra XUV700 Review-capture.png  

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by neoonwheels View Post
The AX7 D AT costs 24.03L while the Harrier XZA+ costs 25.5L OTR Pune. This variant in XUV is pure VFM over Harrier
True. And you get *2 seats more* compared to Harrier while paying Rs 1.5 lacs less.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Geta View Post
Mahindra has armed the XUV700 variants based on the features the competitors offer at that price point.

I am very very surprised by the reactions after the price reveal yesterday. I personally believe that Mahindra has carefully pitted every variant against the popular variants ot its competitors in the 10-20 lacs ex-showroom bracket and have done a fabulous job of outsmarting the competitors.
It is 10 years since Mahindra launched XUV500, which set new benchmarks in the industry with a feature rich product at a great price point and made sure that everyone can aspire for a large car or SUV (crossover actually). As a customer and small shareholder, I was seriously hoping Mahindra will repeat history and offer something feature rich, much more advanced than competition. I was also excited to see that it launched 20+ variants, which I hoped will match the requirements of a really wide range of target customers.

Instead, (and excepting the engine power and individual suspensions) Mahindra seems to have attempted to match features of variants of competition, nothing truly extraordinary. Will it be able to lead the industry for years and gain market share rapidly, or will be a follower and lose? BTW, competition is much more stronger and capable now.

In spite of having 20+ variants to chose from, with price ranging from 12 lakhs to 21.6 lakhs, I could not find ONE single variant that comes close to my requirements or expectations.

The feature spread is really poor in my personal opinion. I strongly felt that the core equipment list just doesnt match with the fantastic engine power, high strength metallic structure and suspension specs.

Ofcourse, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, preferences, and I am sure Mahindra execs also must have deliberated well as they spent years to develop this vehicle. But it does appear to me that somewhere, the variant&pricing decisions (It is introductory pricing, and the expectation is that it will rises soon, right?) are more due to some business compulsions driving users to topmost variant and making quick money from a few vehicles than offer something really compelling in each price bracket that will retain competitiveness of the product for years and will also fetch great resale value.

There are too many software based features especially in the AX7 series. They are yet to be tested in real world by real customers, there are still lots of unknowns - warranty, mileage, service costs and consistency, spares costs and so on, how the ADAS and other software features will reliably work on Indian roads with incorrect speed signs in different lanes/angles, even defective road designs.

If Mahindra had to just match existing competition, they could have outsourced to the Chinese, and not the research and design engineers to make a future proof product that delivers for a long period. I feel it has underutilized the capabilities of Indian engineers and suppliers with such feature mix in the given price brackets.

Ideally, again, its purely MY personal wish list, I was looking for the following features, repeating again, purely based on my requirements, my driving style, experience with current/past vehicles with some future proofing if I have to use a new vehicle for next 8-10 years, and fetch a fair resale value, which means the vehicle is not obsolete when I sell it, and is still reasonably reliable and with low TCO. And EV future is staring at me.

I was hoping the features in the Mid Variant (AX5) to include
1. Speed weighted power steering with illuminated / fluorescent control switches
2. Central locking and keyless entry
3. One touch Power windows control, electrical fuel lid control, electrical boot release
4. Electrically adjusting wide view auto-folding mirrors, auto-dim IRVM
5. Door and Puddle lamps, Follow-me headlamps, car finder
6. LED auto headlamps, bending lamps, incandecent warm white fog lamps
7. Rain sensing automated wipers with speed control
8. One touch down windows / remotely operated on lock/unlock
9. Single zone AC Climate control
10. Cooled glove box and central console
11. 4 Airbags
12. ABS+EBD+ESP, Hill hold
13. USB Type A 5V2A ports in all rows + USB Type-C PD 20V port at rear center
14. 12V socket in central console
15. Rear view camera (dynamic guidelines) and video/sonic parking assist
16. 6 Speed AT / 6 speed MT option
17. Basic Cruise Control
18. Drive modes - Eco/City/Sporty
19. 6 speaker music/video system with FM, USB, BT
20. Navigation using external mobile device
21. Optional: AWD, Ventilated seats, ISOFIX mounts, sun-roof, mood lighting, rear video screens and individual headsets, wireless charging port, sliding middle row seats, Mobile holder on A pillar, illuminated sunvisors, dashcam with power outlet behind IRVM, underseat lockable storage, rear parcel trays etc.

AX-7 or top variant over mid variant:
1. 7 or more air bags
2. Ventilated seats atleast in first two rows
3. Entertainment screens with individual headset sockets and USB ports for 2nd row
4. 12 speaker surround sound system
5. ADAS and black box
6. Gesture controlled electrically opening and closing tailgate
7. Headlamp / foglamp washers
8. 360 degree guided parking, sensors on front, rear and corners
9. Anti-fog wing mirrors and cameras
10. 8 speed automatic transmission
11. Pedal double push electrically locking brakes in AT
12. Electronic parking brake
13. USB Power Delivery 3.1 Type-C ports in all rows
14. Wireless charger in door trims
15. Advanced standalone navigation with integrated android
16. Wi-Fi hotspot with LTE+ carrier aggregation upgradable to 5G modules
17. Individual reading lights, mood lighting
18. Full stretch reclining middle seats (5 seat version) with memory
19. Geo fencing and remote tracking, black box
20. Run-Flat tyres
21. Optional: AWD, Automatic parking, Sunroof, Leather seats and steering, high-res/high-refresh/high-brightness rear video displays with gaming controllers, refrigerator, 220V AC inverter etc.

If Scorpio can have 7 year extended warranty, I was hoping this car too comes with introductory 4 or 5 year basic warranty (esp higher variants) with option to extend to 7 years, to assure potential customers that a Mahindra's freshly baked product can be truly trusted and that they are breaking away from the old image truly. BTW, there are a lots of similarities and carry forward elements from XUV500, so this may have been really possible.

Anyways, who has seen the future?
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Just visited Unnati Motors, Nagar Road, Pune to check out XUV700 and came back impressed.

They have an Everest White in AX7 L Petrol trim on display in the showroom and two cars - Dazzling Silver and Electric Blue for the test drive.

Mahindra XUV700 Review-pxl_20211001_130824393.jpg

Despite of rush, staff was very courteous and well informed of most features. They gave all visitors enough time to explore all the features to their satisfaction. Test drive queue is well managed with token after registration but we decided not to wait 1 hour for our turn and visit them again tomorrow morning.

Here is the price list:
Mahindra XUV700 Review-xuv700_price-list_pune.jpg

I found the price of the Essential Accessories Kit too high at Rs. 35,000! When asked what all accessories are included in this kit, the sales representative had no clue and responded seemingly with a standard answer that it includes floor mats, mud flaps and other essentials for which they will share details later. Also, buyer has no option to opt out from this kit and is mandatory to purchase! Not sure if other dealers in Pune are also charging similarly.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

No additional information was provided today at the launch event I visited. They don't even know how many cars and what quantities of each variant/colour they will be allotted by Mahindra yet. The dealer here has started taking pre booking amounts of 21000 already. They also stated they have asked Mahindra to provide them with total of three vehicles (1 display and 2 test drive), but they are not sure if Mahindra will oblige them. They don't know what variant will be given to them tomorrow for conducting test drives by customers. So far, they have received only one display vehicle (AX7 L AT Petrol).
I questioned them on warranty, and they even could not give me a definite answer as to whether it was 2 years or 3 years when purchasing the vehicle. The price sheet they had had a column for extended warranty 4 years /up to 100000 KMS + RSA. Although this column was left blank, and prices will be determined later as per them. As expected, their warranty for top end AX7 petrol was around 1.2 Lakh. They were clear on this that no reduction in insurance can be expected. They stated their warranty is expansive and covers everything (Bumper to bumper, zero dep, engine protection, tire protection, Key loss, RSA).
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