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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Punch dimensions are wrong. Kindly correct them.
Its 3827L1742W1615H
Attached Images

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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

One of the most anticipated car launches of the year and well deserving too. With a good launch price, this should be a hit among the youth. Tata should seriously think of adding the ex-Tiago yellow too, to the Punch palette.

One question for Tata - Why do you give a cut out for rear fog lamp when you have no intention of providing the feature even on the top variant of your freshly launched car?

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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

@GTO, as you stated that the AMT drove you to the wall, can Punch AMT be the only car in the garage in Delhi? I have kept a Alto in Delhi. It will be 15 next year, ran only 30,000 kms as I had other cars. I now go to Delhi for a week every couple of months. The running will be 400 km during that week, Delhi-NCR and sometimes Haridwar and shimla.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

The Punch has the potential to be a revolutionary game-changer for Tata, if priced correctly.

It ticks a lot of boxes for the paying urban customer - looks that stand out from the crowd, classy interiors, new-age platform, tried and tested competent engine, and an automatic option. Not to mention, the feel-good factor which comes with a "SUV" purchase these days, however "mini" it might be. This is a fast growing segment which the KUV100 and the Ignis could not crack, and the Punch has the best chance of doing so.

I am sure the 1.2L I-Turbo petrol will join it's lineup in the days to come, in the higher-end variants. The diesel option is being mulled over too (a test mule with the same tune as the Altroz's diesel is present), but nothing finalised yet. Petrol sales in this price range are off the roof these days, so don't be surprised if the plans for a possible diesel option are eventually dropped.

I really hope Tata provides enough after-sales service support to the Punch's paying customers. Their record in this department in recent times has been a real hit-and-miss. They should realise that this is the most important feel-good factor in owning a car these days, and they need to tighten up in this department. There's nothing more impactful than word-by-mouth publicity, more so when it is coming from your paying customer!

Fantastic review, guys. Take a bow with your hats off - another gleaming feather in Team-BHP's cap. Rated our thread a very well-deserved 5 stars!

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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by GLAD73 View Post
While the engine may not win over enthusiasts , it will suffice for most people
See, that's my point. Why offer just one? Why not ALL engines, and let the customer choose?

The 1.2L NA can very well be offered on the Punch for those sensitive to cost & who are okay with its ordinary performance. Even the Octavia was sold with a 1.4L petrol & the last gen Creta too had smaller engines. But why not ALSO offer the 1.2 Turbo & 1.5L Diesel for customers who want it? When you have the engines ready, it really is inexplicable to not offer the same at launch. Sell the Punch with THREE engine options.

Offering more engines expands the market for the car. With this 1.2L NA being the sole offering, Tata is going to lose many customers who want better power & refinement. If Dominos sold just a peppy paneer pizza, it wouldn't be as successful as it is today.

Tata eventually offered both the better engines in the Altroz. Hope it's the same with the Punch.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Overall a very promising product as pointed out but can't help but after with GTO and others, just why oh why would you handicap your new car by not offering a more spirited engine?! I'm pro choice at most things in life, and I feel OEM product planners need to realise that you're not really doing yourself a favour by limiting the internal choice customers have within your stable. I know the cannibalisation issue has been convered ad infinitum here, and for good reason I might add, what baffles me is why Tata Motors management seem to refuse to heed this advice.
Very good point about the need to just source a solid CVT automatic from someone if not developed in house. Like the fit and finish, all this adds up to the overall feeling of polish to the whole experience with this car.
Tata could've really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons by offering a BEV option, high price or not, would've created so much buzz (but then again Altroz is another that's been waiting to have an EV version).
Hope Tata price it well. This is a striking looking addition to the market that will certainly bolster their sales target.

On a final note, from the rear three quarters I just realised why the tail lights look familiar. Is it me or do they remind you of the Mazda MX-30 BEV? At a much smaller scale the Punch emulates the profile of the Mazda, which is no bad thing considering how handsome modern Mazda's are.
It's remarkable how the Harrier esque face of the Punch at first glance gives it the presence of a much bigger car (from photos at least).

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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Great review! While most BHPians won't appreciate the weak engine, this will find a lot of takers across the country who are looking for a good looking City car with a raised height and decent comfort & space.

I think Tata will reveal the GNCAP rating along with three pricing and I feel they will price it very competitively. A volume winner for them for sure!
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by Dr.Abhi View Post
Punch dimensions are wrong. Kindly correct them.
Its 3827L1742W1615H
Corrected. The product note we were given said the width was 1,915 mm (with mirrors) while the 1,742 mm width is without mirrors.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Looks like Tata is packing a Punch (pun intended) for the Indian market. I agree with GTO that they should have also offered a turbo petrol option as well. I'm sure they will in the coming months.
Also glad to see that they have not deviated a lot from the original HBX concept's design as the mini Harrier-like styling is something to look at.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

I am guessing that Tata wants to price the car aggressively, hence no better engine option. Once the sales picks up and VFM image in stamped, they might introduce the turbo.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

In the off road video it showed one of the fog lamps got switched on. Was this a feature? Happened with two cars.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Clicked on this thread as soon as I saw it. A point I would like to add about the idle sound of the Punch - it is well within control and not at all noisy. It's got sort of a pleasant hum, standing and hearing it outside the car. Much better than the rattly Tiago.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Wow! a review I was eagerly waiting for. Absolutely wonderful coverage of the product. What stops Tata from putting their Turbo Petrol and Diesel engine in this car right from the beginning? Even as an option pack maybe. The interiors look just awesome, is it the best till day from Tata? One thing though that this car will probably sell volumes just because of its looks and cabin, add turbo petrol and diesel other cars will surely have a big competition. At the end price is what matters here. Tremendous overlaps expected between Nexon base, Altroz Mid, Tigor Top and Punch Mid variants, I guess through these product launches, Tata has played the Maruti game here of offering multiple choices to customers with even narrow band of price budget.
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Default Bugs or Feature?

One more bug spotted. It is seen on more than one occasion in the video.

Tata Punch Review-fog-lamp.jpg
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Default Re: Bugs or Feature?

Originally Posted by busydrive View Post
In the off road video it showed one of the fog lamps got switched on. Was this a feature? Happened with two cars.
Originally Posted by svsantosh View Post
One more bug spotted. It is seen on more than one occasion in the video.

Attachment 2217007
Guys, this could be the cornering function activating in the fog lamps. The driver would be steering the wheel towards the right side and that fog lamp has got activated.

From the brochure, page 11:

Name:  3CD9D168EF6A45288C892C4E2C078757.jpeg
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Size:  116.1 KB

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