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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
Red light on the 'window lock button' appears when all passenger windows are unlocked. Should have been the other way around.
Marutis have a red sticker on the door locks which are visible when the doors are unlocked. This is the same principle - lit when the windows aren’t locked. It’s a choice Tata has made on how to present the information, not necessarily wrong.

Tata Motors SA stated in an interview that they stick to manual work for some tasks because people are the most flexible machines (in terms of being able to modify processes and workflow). They are however the least precise and imperfect in repetitive consistency, and this shows in places where a human has “finished” the piece.

Sad about the engine. I watched a What Car India video in which the Tata rep said that they are open to all engine options including diesel. People need to start a campaign Now!
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Much awaited car, yet everything was as expected. Tata being Tata, left the new-born handicapped in the powertrain department. Would loved to have the diesel in this but considering the Altroz's petrol:diesel sales ratio, can't blame Tata. Though to be frank, their usual excuse of 'Will do so if the market demands' is getting annoying. Well no one demanded an estate or 3 door SUV, yet you gave them. No one demanded the Sumo or Safari. No one demanded the Indigo CS. The Indica Vista at one point had Five different engine options. Also the mass market didn't exactly demand safe cars. You started entirely new segments. Just be frank and declare you have suspended ICE development and is going to jump straight into EVs.

Not excited for the Punch now, nor the future turbo petrol variant. Not expecting a diesel variant to come. The Punch that am excited for is the PUNCH EV ~10 lakhs OTR.

Originally Posted by SenPai_GTi View Post
Tata not offering speakers or even a slot for a simple 1-din radio is beyond my understanding....Now Tata has the additional "Rhythm" pack (costs 20-25k on the Altroz) gives 4 speakers, a 3.5" floating screen (which I agree looks better than the old 1 dins, but costly) and steering mounted controls (seems logical and convenient, but not sure how useful in this segment)....(where even 10k matters a lot while deciding on accessories).
Like how @bwildrd had pointed out, there is indeed a 1din slot way down. Though have seen only one Altroz with a 1din music system down there. Most others buy the Altroz XE and straightaway go to the accessory shop to plonk a chinese tablet on the top of the dashboard.

Though am okay with a 1-din system, Tata offering the Rhythm pack can't be ignored. Don't particularly like small digital display they give, but a factory fit music system with steering control. Am all in. Worth the extra ₹10k IMHO, instead of guys tearing up a brand new car's interior.

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Mahindra goes: "With our vehicle dynamics - what's the maximum power output we can get away with, so the owners don't kill themselves (from a rollover)? 150hp on a Thar - let's do that!"
And TATA Motors goes - "With our excellent dynamics - what's the least power we can get away with, so the owners don't kill themselves (out of boredom!)? 16 - 18 seconds to 100 - let's do that!"
Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
Problem with Tata is their R&D focus (among other things) - brilliant design, focus on safety but hardly anything "new" on engine and transmission front.
Tata Motors team goes - "Build the car with the most beautiful interior and handsome exterior, which should be able to break through concrete walls. Don't worry about engine, we have one lying around from the Tiago".
Mahindra team goes - "Build the car. Plonk every engine from our arsenal until the car doesn't topple on a straight line. Start with the most powerful one first".

Reason why I am now a Mahindra fanboi instead of a Tata fanboi. Love Tata designs and their dynamics. But...The last Tata I was excited for was the JTPs. The last Tata which I loved after driving was the Hexa automatic. Only Tata am okay with owning right now is the Altroz D. At the same time, am excited for almost all new Mahindra launches even though their steering feel is crap across the board and their A.S.S makes Tata's feel like angels.

Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
Or maybe Tata is cooking something but it's taking too long to be ready. Hope ICE doesn't get banned by the time Tata comes up with the next range of engines!
Am afraid that is what they are planning to. Other than the 1.5l turbo petrol, there isn't even a rumour about any other engine in development. They are probably trying to eke out the current engine line-up or outsource engine until they can go all EV.

Tata Punch Review-screenshot_20211010085543.png

What is this area? Seeing in recent Tatas. Am afraid I missed out if it has already been explained.

Name:  punchwhiteinterior.png
Views: 1631
Size:  84.4 KB

Aah, Tata. Taking away physical audio controls from everything below the Harrier. Yet. Gave it in the Rhythm pack of the Pure variant. Kudos
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Kudos to the team for such a detailed review!

Punch looks great, tight on almost all angles, similar to the Hyundai Venue. I like this more than the slightly rounded (smiley) look of Harrier/Safari with that ugly front 3 quarter look of bonnet to window slope angle (bulbous in an attempt to look muscular).

Ah, the sweet dashboard with the rectangular aircon vents - very tasteful. Steering wheel looks just the right size and after a long time we are seeing the extended/side horn pads?!

Wish they sort out the niggles on all their cars and fix service owes for some of us to get a TATA. As someone suggested in another thread, TATA should get Ford service centres onboard to speed things up.

Would be interesting to see an EV based of this car.

An Auto diesel MPV based on the Nexon now please TATA.

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

Tata Punch Pros

• 366-liter boot is accommodating

Boot Space

The Punch has a 366 liter boot. That’s impressive when you compare it against some of the other cars in the Compact-SUV segment like the Nexon (350L), Vitara Brezza (328L), Ford EcoSport (352L), Hyundai Venue (350L) and Nissan Magnite (336L). However, the Kia Sonet (392L) and Renault Kiger (405L) have larger boots than the Punch.
Autocar in their review mentioned it’s 319 litres of luggage space and 366 litres if measured ‘from top’ explicitly, not sure if it’s the same case with the other cars stated.

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

Driving the Tata Punch 1.2L Petrol MT

Things are more acceptable in the 30 - 50 km/h commuting range than continuous 0 - 10 km/l.
I am sure you meant 10 KM/H.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Amazing review as ever!

Great looking car with absolutely classy interiors. I love these interiors more than the interiors of latest gen i20/ sonet etc, which are a touch too blingy. AC vents ooze class!

If it had the turbo engine engine from Altroz and a non-amt gearbox, it would have saved a lot of people a lot of time in finalising a car, considering how crowded 8-14 lakh category has become.
Does Tata even realise how many customers have they lost by giving just an AMT in Nexon?
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Re: Tata Punch Review

First of all thanks for the great review.

Before I come to what I feel about Tata Punch, I must give a insight as to why I have come to this conclusion.

I have owned Tata's right from 1991 Sierra, 2003 Safari, 2004 Safari, 2006 Safari, 2012 Aria, 1999 Indica, 2006 Indigo Marina, Indica Dicor, Tata Nano 2011, 2009 Indica Vista (TDI), 2009 Indica Vista (Quadrajet), Indica NA (2007).

All of these cars had two major distinct USP's which differentiated Tata from the competition. Those were SPACE & RIDE COMFORT. They were the reason I bought Tata's. I preferred Space and Ride Comfort over reliability and engine power (needless to say all of them except Aria felt under powered).

Even now I own a Indica Vista and it diminishes potholes like no other hatch back of current generations can do. I can say that as I also own Swift which has stiffer suspension.

Safari was a great looker, Vista was fine for its generation even Aria was not bad.

Coming back to 2021, All I see are great looking Tata's and in the process of making them fine lookers they have undone everything else that was their USP. The current gen Tata's apart from safety ratings are AVERAGE IN SPACE, HAVE UNINSPIRING ENGINES & RUBBERY GEARBOXES, STIFFER SUSPENSION (I don't know why with the kind of engines they are providing, this suspension setup does'nt make any sense).

I donot like what they have done with their cars in respect of the things mentioned above and there is not a single car except Hexa (discontinued) which I would buy if I had to put my money. I am very sad to say that they are not learning anything from competition and are rather than just copying what is working for others in the market. All of their current gen cars appear to be the product of "What work for others will work for them" mindset. This will take them no where, as it appears that they donot know what they are actually doing.

I on the other hand am seriously happy with what Mahindra has learned. They have come great way and are not simply betting on the market trends, instead they are creating new trends.

Tata Punch looks like another unfinished\hasty product attempt by Tata.
The uninspiring engine which is dud, stiffer suspension, less space, same old gearbox in the generation of MATLAB and other simulation softwares where you can pre-simulate almost everything. The connection to the brand is missing.

PS : I hope my post is not taken as Tata bashing, I rarely comment on reviews but today after reading this review, strongly felt the urge to speak my heart out.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Usual excellent review of a very interesting car. Rated it 5 stars of course.

I have been seeing the HBX/Punch since months now near my home & I always felt a bit "short" when driving alongside in my Nexon. The Punch is certainly tall enough to claim the "SUV" badge at least.

The technical aspects are of course quite good, especially gimmicks like the electronically "locking" front drive via head unit control. Smart & simple.
However - the real show-stopper for me - is the visible step forward in interior design, fit, finish & small aspects.

For example - the proper cut-outs with plastic cladding for the ISOFIX anchor points in the rear seats. Both Altroz & Punch have this. Nexon is still crude. One has to "find" that anchor. Its these little items that actually make a big (but unnoticed) mark in the daily usage of a car. Good to see that each "next" car from TaMo has some learnings put into design decisions. Good days.

I for one will not once complain about that 1.2Revotron. Ram-air or not. Its more than enough for regular usage as a "all rounder hatchback" engine. Noisier than the K12 on the outside yes, but good enough in the cabin. Enough power and torque to get the job done. The part of the country where I stay - the roads are dangerous even at 50KMPH. So no real use requirement of a very fast engine to be honest. Safety first - and leaked information seems to show that the Punch will get 5 stars. Anything above 4 is fantastic.

The Punch sure packs one - punch! Has at least so far shown that it has the guts to take on the WagonR, Swift and even some sub4M SUVs. Honestly - put a diesel engine in that engine-bay & the Punch can even knock-out the Nexon.

I'll have my eyes open for the Punch EV eagerly. This might well be my first EV (the potential spot is currently occupied by the Altroz EV, but Punch has far more practicality associated with it).

Good luck to TML with this exciting product. Over to the sales teams and supply chain to make it happen in the real world now.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by RR96 View Post
Can you confirm whether this feature is applicable for AMT version only. Does the MT version also have traction control, also is it available across all variants.
Brilliant feature in my opinion And this makes some sense that it is available only on a 2 pedal variant. To bring this on a manual would make it too difficult to use for most people unless they had 3 legs.

Originally Posted by Durango Dude View Post
I just parked a Nexon Petrol AMT from my drive way into a parking lot. I must say there is no creep function and car doesn't move unless given the stick even in reverse.
There should be creep function available in all AMT from Tata. In your case the system must have disabled it for some reason. Creep does not work in the following situations:
1. If the driver's door is not closed (Stated by another user too in a previous post).
2. Sequence of actions. Brake pedal release must be the last action. For example if you slot into gear and then open the driver door, creep gets disabled even if you close the door. To re-enable the creep, you must press and release the brake pedal once more after closing the door if the vehicle is already in gear. This in my opinion is done as a safety precaution, in case the driver has actually left the car, we don't want the vehicle to move away by mistake.
3. Clutch temperature above safe limits.
4. Slope is too steep for creep to handle.

I owned a nano AMT from 2016 and this is how it works on a nano.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by DicKy View Post
What is this area? Seeing in recent Tatas. Am afraid I missed out if it has already been explained.
I guess that must be another "blank" feature they planned for all their cars and had deleted it before they launched the car, just like the cut out for fog lamps.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by HSR21 View Post
Tata Punch Safety Rating (5 Star Global NCAP) – Leaks Via Official Website

Attachment 2217459

Wow , That is a real Punch !
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by HSR21 View Post
Tata Punch Safety Rating (5 Star Global NCAP) – Leaks Via Official Website
What a stupendous acheivement !!! A vehicle which might start from ₹5 lakh getting 5* GNCAP rating should put the Hyundai & Kia management bow their heads in shame, who was deliberately making less safer versions of their models purposefully and putting people’s lives at risk. Even Tata has to be transparent about Safari and Harrier safety. Happy to see that Tata and Mahindra are producing safer cars at the cost of profit. My next car would be mostly one from either of the two.

NB: Hope that demented MD of Maruti sees this news and Maruti become relegated to 3rd or 4th position in sales.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Just give it 2 months and all the start stop buttons will have an ugly white patch with letters erased.

Am I being short-sighted by judging Tata quality with this button? How can it be bad in every damn car I haved tested? Altroz, Tiago and Harrier.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Had just gone to see the car in person & the car is a real looker. The Tata showroom also was jam packed and the punch was the centre of attraction for all the folks visiting the showroom, good to see so much interest in their new car.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Hi sir,

Not specific to Punch. In a few reviews we see statement pertaining to After Sales Service (ASS). How does team-bhp make this assessment. Is it based on what we see from fellow members experience, is it based on data collected from companies. How often does this get updated? Good to bad, bad to good or worse, etc is always possible.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by bwildrd#1 View Post
They have provided a single din slot. It's below AC control. Please look carefully. I have highlighted it.
Yeah, that could be the slot, or it could be for a 12V socket, a USB charging and some weird shapes, their website shows a different picture of the pure interior. But if true, that's the worst place to put a radio slot, in terms of reach.

Tata Punch Review-inkedcapture3_li.jpg

Originally Posted by DicKy View Post
But a factory fit music system with steering control. Am all in. Worth the extra ₹10k IMHO, instead of guys tearing up a brand new car's interior.
Yeah, agree to that, I would never give my brand new car to a local accessory shop. But when I had purchased my Nano back in 2013, the dealer(Pandit Auto) had a Pioneer 1 din as an accessory for the car, apart from the standard OEM, which was costly(Only due to the inclusion of a CD player and a Bluetooth). So we had the option to add the cheaper one, fitted by the dealer himself. Now its just the Rhythm pack.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Has Tata indicated as to when they will release the pricing? The new phased rollout manufacturers do is really irritating.
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