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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by ant_vas View Post
I too received that whatsapp message and they have Diesel Manual available for test drive since yesterday. I am planning to do the TD tomorrow. If the Diesel feels sluggish, i might go for Turbo petrol.

Apparently TD of petrol/auto variants will be offered post price announcement on 15 Feb
I've booked turbo petrol, so will wait for the same to TD.
I had taken diesel Alcazar for TD 3 times with 5 people. Didn't feel that it was sluggish. May be, because of my driving style and my earlier cars.

But it is strange that many are feeling Carens Diesel sluggish but not so with Alcazar. Both have same engine and same transmission. I don't think Carens will have more kerb weight.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Checked out the Carens today without taking a TD. Mainly to see how comfortable parents are, to get in and out, compared to XUV700. Experienced the 7 seats version, which I'm interested in.

Everyone has captured here their observations and mine were not very different. My mom was way more comfortable to get into the 2nd row of the Carens, compared to the high struggle the XUV700 was. Also for my father, who is slightly taller than my mother (dad is 5"6).

In the 7 seater version, the middle row bench seat is good only for 2 very overtly healthy adults or 2 thin/ moderately built adults and a kid under 7/8 yrs. Its USP over captain seats is, on rare occasions, to seat a 3rd passenger for city drives. Maximum recline again even on the 2nd row bench seat is very good, for possibly taking a short nap.

3rd row seating is surprisingly better than the 3rd row in XUV700, as I saw my mother and daughter (10 yrs), sit comfortably even with the middle seat pushed 90% all the way back (and 3rd row seat back reclined to middle position). My mom couldn't sit in the 3rd row of the XUV, for comparison. My daughter could move around comfortably in the Carens and after few minutes, said she was more comfortable in it, than she remember being in the XUV700's 3rd row.
Adults of height 5"7 and lesser can be comfortable here for some hours, with adjustments to the middle row. I think Kia has achieved this majorly by limiting the seat fore and aft slider movement, in the middle row seat(s).

Also because of no one in our family being taller than 5"8 (me), the short backrest of the seats is not a concern at all. The AC performance of the roof mounted louvers was also very good and definitely seems a smarter implementation than 2nd row floor console mounted ones (mostly aimed at crotch area).

Everything seems fine inside, only major concern is the safety of the body (structural integrity). And performance of the LED reflector headlights (until it can be tested). Fixed front seat arm rest is a slight inconvenience, for drivers who don't need the seat pushed all the way back. A slider function would have been fab. And I do not like the fog lights. The design leaves no scope to install an aftermarket 4200k projector fog light, if one finds a need for it (like can be done in Maruti XL6).

Everyone is expressing concern/ reservations on the 1.5 Diesel performance. Coupled with the 6 AT, will it be so slow on a full load (5 adults + luggage) that it cannot do 120 on the highway? Or climb steep hilly roads between 20-50 kph? I need to understand this and if anyone knows from Alcazar experience, I request such feedback be shared. Can help make an informed decision.

From what I sat and experienced in the Carens for ~35 minutes today (barring the vehicle structural safety aspect) any family who's members aren't taller than 5"7 can easily find comfort, in this 'recreational vehicle'.

Additionally, I visited JSP Kia showroom in Marathahalli Outer Ring Road. Anyone has experience with dealer's showroom and service centre? Test Drives were being offered, some visitors were taking TDs.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Had a chance to check out the Carens today.

The interiors are very well appointed. All seats offer very good support for a person of 5'6" (self). Wife was comfortable in last row, she felt it to be better than XUV5OO and Innova, less of body roll and good leg space. I sat in middle row after adjusting front seat for self. All seats offer good space from my perspective.

Test drive was of 1.5L Diesel manual. The SA drove for small stretch and then asked me to take driver's seat. When I started the car, I was not able to slot into any gear. The clutch was half depressed. I told him that there is some issue to which he did not agree. Then he forcefully slotted it into 1st. I drove the car after that bit gear slotting was bad. The car did not pull the way my Brezza does. Since the test drive was a short one, I can't comment much. Have told him that I'll require a longer test drive to come to any conclusion. Later, the clutch was manually pulled up by the SA with his foot.

Kia Carens Review-img_20220213_125323.jpg
Clutch when half depressed. It was not stuck in noodle mat.

Kia Carens Review-img_20220213_122857.jpg
Something glaring at my eyes which I couldn't unsee now. These weld joints on the door were an eyesore, present near A pillar also.

Will I buy it? As of today, I'm not on lookout for a car but if I have to look for a 7 seater, this would definitely be in my list.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Kia India to announce Carens prices tomorrow at 12pm.

Kia Carens Review-smartselect_20220214170301_youtube.jpg

Launch Livestream

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
.... It can crawl in bumper to bumper traffic conditions at 6 - 7 km/h after you lift your foot off the brake pedal in 'D'. This way, you can drive in heavy traffic with just the brake pedal. Be warned though, the practice has a downside and you shouldn't do it for an extended duration. The DCT starts heating up. In the worst situation, if you get the transmission overheating warning, just pull over and let the gearbox cool down. Kia claims that this problem has been fixed in the newer iterations by software tuning....
I really wonder how someone can fix the gearbox overheating issue by a software fix. Is it that the warnings are suppressed? Given the reputation of DCTs, I wouldn't risk buying the petrol automatic. Indian laws are too lenient to have peace of mind with the DCTs. If luck runs out and I get a DCT that forces me to stop every few minutes in bumper to bumper traffic to cool down the gearbox, I would rather buy the fiats/ambassadors of the 1960s where I just need to carry a bottle of water to fill the radiator every 10 km.

The Autocar India review mentions that the ride quality of the DCT Petrol is better than that of the Torque Converter Diesel, will wait for the official review to confirm.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by BoneCollector View Post
Something glaring at my eyes which I couldn't unsee now. These weld joints on the door were an eyesore, present near A pillar also.
A query to the moderators / rest of the people who have checked out the Carens - did you catch such an ugly weld?

I also recollect a comment on the quality of welding in one of the car sites - is there any explanation for this? I do not recollect seeing such a poor, non smooth, exposed weld over the last decade or so.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Visited Epitome Kia, Hoodi to check Kia Carens. I felt the car is bigger than it appeared on photos. First and second row seats are very comfortable, third row is also good. My family members were very comfortable.

I like high seating positing and upon raising the driver's seat to maximum level, fixed hand-rest was not able to support my hand properly.

I took test drive of both petrol (1.5L NA) and diesel manual. I felt 1.5L NA petrol is under-powered that too with just 3 adults + 2 kids. Diesel manual was better but not sure it will be enough when the car is fully loaded and climbing a hill. Automatic variants were not available for test drive and expected to be available in about a week. I will take test drive of petrol and diesel automatic later.

Am I going to book the car? Not yet. Need to check price, which will be announced tomorrow as well as wait for NCAP test result (if they send).
Attached Thumbnails
Kia Carens Review-img_20220214_154828.jpg  

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Did a TD of Diesel Manual on saturday. I drove for couple of KM near the showroom there was good traffic on the road. I felt the car drove nicely, the sound was minimal. max i could use was 4th gear.

Then my friends took turn to drive the car on empty stretch and they felt the car doesn't pull that much in 3 and 4 gear and it might be an issue on hills. other then that the power seemed adequate with 4 adults on-board.

The AT cars would be available for TD over the coming weekend as they need to be registered with RTO which will happen post price announcement today.

I am eagerly waiting for Diesel AT test drive to see if the engine feels too lethargic.

PPS has some 18 carens in stock in which 3 are 1.4T 7DCT, Diesel were prestige variants and Diesel AT is not in stock which is available only in Luxury plus
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Kia India has launched the Carens at an introductory prices of Rs 8.99 lakh and goes up to Rs 16.99 lakh.

Kia Carens Review-20220215_121833.jpg

Kia India claims it has received 19,000 plus bookings.

Kia Carens Review-20220215_121333.jpg

Claimed ARAI mileage figures for the Carens are 21.3kpl for the diesel and 16.5kpl for the petrol.

Kia Carens Review-20220215_121708.jpg

Kia Carens Review-20220215_121711.jpg

Kia assures customers they are prepared for delivery. Third shift at Anantpur plant to start to ensure no long waiting periods.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Introductory Prices of the Kia Carens

Kia Carens Review-042dd8c177174158a0670fd7dba180ba.jpeg
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Kia Carens pricing. Screams VFM.
Attached Thumbnails
Kia Carens Review-screenshot_20220215121604.jpg  

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Crazy introductory price by Kia. They beat everyone's expectation for sure and now the booking numbers are sure to go up and a long wait list will ensue.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Price reveal, which are introductory and but no mention of till when these prices will be valid.

Looks good!

Kia Carens Review-20220215_121615.jpg

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Kia has gone bonkers! Not a single one of us had predicted the starting price to be that low. Absolute VFM is the Prestige variant at 9.99L of 1.5NA petrol.
I have booked Prestige Plus DCT and expected it to be around 15.5 to 16L price range. But What a pricing!
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Called the Sales Executive and booked a Red-Carens. Went for Prestige - Diesel Model.
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