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Old 16th February 2022, 12:03   #286
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Rumour is that the base version variant (Premium) is only on the list for attractive pricing. We would have to wait for it to be seen in actual. When enquired about the Seltos, HTE 1.5 petrol variant commands almost twice waiting period as compared to the HTE diesel(4-6 months waiting). So, the same would most likely be applicable for Carens.

So, the starts from 8.99L is a tried and tested marketing tactic. And by the time the first base version car hits the road, prices for the same would have moved to the next bracket.

Time now to see if the salesman can convert a good percentage of bookings from these sub Rs.10L versions to 1.4 Petrol or the 1.5 Diesel versions.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Just an observation. Ertiga automatic (7 seater) is about Rs13.5L on road chennai.
XL6 automatic (6 seater) is about Rs14.5L on road chennai.

The cheapest Carens automatic Petrol or diesel seems to be about 4L (minimum) more expensive .

How will this be of any competition to Ertiga and XL6 to price conscious middle class buyers??
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Yes. I,am also in search of reasonable family car to replace my 12yr old wagon r, according to my usage, petrol would be ideal. But considering E20 fuel rollout in next 3 yrs. I have written practically to every car manufacturer, whether there petrol model is compatible with E20 fuel. I did not get any answer yet.
I think none of current petrol vehicles are E20 compatible. Going forward if Govt. ever decides to have both pure Gasoline and E20 Blend. For sure, Pure gasoline would be much more expensive.
Now, i,am thinking go to Diesel engines. This E20 mess and uncertainty will hit us hard not now. But in 2025.

Originally Posted by msk_kapoor View Post
That is a pretty useful information. Hope you did some research here. Any other petrol engines in other cars are compliant with E20 fuel?
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Where is the 1.5 CVT ? Its missed even more when you think of the fact that the base Carens starts at 8.99 and if you need an automatic, you need to shell out a whopping 5.6L more.

What if someone doesn't need the turbo/additional features and just wants a simple 7 seater automatic.

Impressive pricing but the same cannot be said about the variant distribution.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Killer pricing...not only will it kill the competition, it will put to rest the recent #boycotthyundai and other hashtags that was trending on the internet.

I feel this "Introductory" pricing is more because of that topic. Once these mouth watering prices makes people forget everything else, Kia will increase the pricing.

Whatever is the background, It's a steal...People who get this car for this introductory pricing will really be a really happy lot.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by 84.monsoon View Post
I am pretty sure the tests are done under full load, there are several comments in the article about performance under fully loaded conditions. Are you suggesting reported performance figures of vehicles seating more than 5 are always incorrect?
I believe so. On all performance run videos, it is usually 1 person on board doing the sprints. Hence, they capture and provide the "best case" acceleration numbers possible on the car. However, when their reports talk about the general driveability under loaded condition, they don't quote any numbers but explain the feel of the drive/engine response.

For example, here's what Autocar says

You won't feel any lack of power in average city driving and even when you do need to make a quick overtake, you'll appreciate how the smooth-shifting, 6-speed gearbox chips in to ensure you aren't left behind. The Carens diesel gets up to cruising speeds with ease, too, and makes for a genteel cruiser, with 100kph coming in at an indicated 1,900rpm in sixth gear.

The thing is, the engine feels alright with up to four passengers but with a full load, it's out of its comfort zone. You can hear the engine work harder, there's a grumble from the engine bay when you need more power and often the gearbox will have to downshift to get the most out of the engine. Long inclines and uphill climbs with a full load only serve to highlight this.
Source: Autocar

I drive a Seltos diesel manual and am sure it is faster when I am alone in the car.

I would be happy to be corrected if someone has concrete info on the test conditions.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

While the pricing is definitely "killer", we must also be aware of what cost cutting measures were taken by Kia to hit that price point.
Base variant of Seltos barely managed 3* (probably should be considered 2*) in GNCAP.
Carens which is an extended Seltos, might get an even lower score/rating.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by 84.monsoon View Post
The latest Autocar issue has done a detailed acceleration test of 4 powertrains of the Carens of and the results are attached. The Diesel manual does 0-100 in 10.09 seconds and the 1.4 petrol manual manages this in 9.71 seconds. .
The timings for diesel manual looks strange, i20 MT with same engine did it in 11.15 as per autocar. Carens should definitely be heavier than i20, so is the gearing so different between both?

Edit - sorry just realised i20 power figures are low compared to Carens

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Wow that base price will surely attract Ertiga customers and Carens seems to be more spacious and a better deal overall (XL6 should be worried). Also there is no diesel even as an option in Ertiga/XL6. Looking at the 5 digit sales Maruti is enjoying now, Kia seem to have done well to grab a share of this pie and also differentiate this with Alcazar which is more premium.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
I would be happy to be corrected if someone has concrete info on the test conditions.
I watched the AC video review few days ago and they tested both petrol and diesel under full load - 6 seats occupied. For diesel here is what they said "Carens is not at its happiest when all seats are occupied".
However something that I felt odd about this observation when only 1 person is there "engine works well only if easy driving is your agenda and is a 'gentle' cruiser". I don't recall this observation about Seltos or Creta diesel. I have driven Creta diesel and that engine is fantastic if not at VW or Suzuki 1.6 levels. Probably tuning is different + extra weight that Carens carries.

Here, 6 minute mark onwards :
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Those who have checked the car, can please tell if it has reclinable seats like this? It will make it really great for chauffeur driven.
Attached Thumbnails
Kia Carens Review-fff5992639074cf899c46f1071d5e5af.jpeg  

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by #drivingFreak View Post
Hello everyone, not sure if this has been mentioned before but here's some interesting news on the Carens.
I attended spaces meet on Twitter hosted by Sidharth Vinayak Patankar from car and bike. It was about how Kia was able to price the Carens so aggressively and the reason is that the Carens is based upon the K1 platform that underpins cars like i10 nios and Santro in India. On the other hand, the Hyundai Alcazar is underpinned by the K2 platform and hence the huge price gap between the two cars. So unlike what was earlier speculated, Carens is not Kia's version of the Alcazar. This is the same strategy used by Maruti for Ertiga and XL6 which are based on the swift's platform and similarly, the Honda Mobilio was based upon the Brio and Amaze's platform.
Please do not listen to all this and believe it as fact. SVP is not always correct.

There is no ways the Nios and Santro platform can take the 1.4L or 1.5L engine.

When reviewing the Carens I closely checked with the Alcazar and it shares all mechanicals like suspension points and engine mounting points with the Alcazar and therefore the Seltos and Creta.

When you closely examine the body shell points of doors and pillars you can see they match with those on Alcazar.

There's no way they would re engineer a small santro or Nios platform to exactly copy the Alcazar when they have the platform available in 3 other cars.

There maybe internal differences elsewhere but the Carens is the same platform as Seltos and Alcazar without doubt. When you drive it as well you know the car feels like a Seltos and nowhere near a lower smaller car platform. You cannot get that dynamics and ride comfort and high speed capability from a cheaper small car platform.

They have simply managed to price it brilliantly and looks like many are shocked (including me). It's commendable to have such a well priced all round package in today's overpriced market.

The features cut from the Seltos have worked in the price. You lose 360 camera, full virtual dials, electric seats, smaller (cheaper) 16 inch rims, HUD from the top spec Seltos. You save 65K over the Seltos (wow) for those missing features and get a larger more practical car.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by Aakash118 View Post
Those who have checked the car, can please tell if it has reclinable seats like this? It will make it really great for chauffeur driven.
Have checked it out - and no, it does not recline to this flat-bed angle. It reclines to perhaps 60-65% of this recline angle
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by arnprasad View Post
Is there any reason why I shouldn't switch?
Bit the bullet and booked a Diesel AT online. Though back of an envelope calcs say I will need to drive close to 1L kms to make up for the price difference between the Prestige Plus Petrol DCT and the Luxury Plus Diesel AT.
Given my existing driving pattern I will never hit that mark. Will reconsider after I test drive.

I dont expect to get the delivery anytime soon, hopefully the new Ertiga will be out by then, and I will have a choice. In case I still choose the Carens over the Ertiga hopefully the wait will be lesser.

Anyone else have experience booking online, do they allow for the booking to be transferred to someone else?

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Re: Kia Carens Review

This pricing (introductory of course) is astonishing. Recent Seltos owners will be so broken-hearted and that includes my brother too.
Kia has stolen likes of King Creta in the past and now it’s time for Lord Ertiga.

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