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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

I test drove both Slavia and City on separate occasions and here are my thoughts on the two:

1. I felt City required lot of aftermarket upgrades. Case in point, there are no tyre well insulation and overall NVH left lot to be desired, the ground clearance didn't give me a lot of confidence, and tyres are too puny; have read City owners complaining about tyre burst due to shorter sidewalls - all this would mean I have to spend 1 lakh over the MRP risking the OEM warranty. On the other hand, I felt no such thing with Slavia. It felt almost perfect the way it is, except few plastics on the vents and dash that might not stand the test of time. The ICE on the Slavia is just amazing, City doesn't even come close, it has much better audio output and UI; and with better NVH, Skoda felt even better.

2. Slavia nails the build quality game, City is nowhere near it. Slavia had a better paint quality, doors felt much heavier and secure. City felt quite flimsy especially the rear doors, I test drove the City on three separate occasions but it always felt like "not quite there" to me.

3. City has better driving dynamics, I felt more connected to the road in the City and steering felt much nicer to hold and manoeuvre. The 1.5l iVTEC unit is what you pay for. Slavia 1.0l is no slouch either but it's just not as good as the Honda. On the brighter side you have an option of upgrading to 1.5 TSI in Skoda.

4. Slavia is more practical with 60:40 split rear seats, bigger boot and much nicer centre armrests both in the front and back. Hondas might have great ergonomics but the Skoda was a tad bit better. Also, with high ground clearance Slavia felt like a much easier car to live with.

5. Both cars look great IMO, though the large chrome slab on the Honda can be a turn off for many. Slavia has no such controversial elements, making it more accepting to the most.

6. I don't like 2-spoke steering wheels, Slavia has it and it's not something I found fascinating.

7. I am 6'2" and I felt City was designed for shorter people, although I can't fit in the rear of either. I have to slouch a little, but it's something I have accepted to do now. City with the sunroof didn't have enough room for my head even in the front. Slavia had no such issues.

8. City's suspension felt more plush than Slavia's, atleast in the metropolitan area but based on the reviews Slavia is much better on the highway and that's where I generally use my car.

9. Honda is definitely a more logical buy - better brand value, better service, much better resale, reliable, cheaper to buy and own; while Skoda is more of an emotional decision for me - better looks, comfortable and that European family it comes from.

10. I felt Honda's salesmen and service centre to be quite laid back and uninterested, contrary to popular opinion. Skoda felt like a much nicer and exciting place to be at. It's like Honda isn't even trying now, I had to call the Honda toll free to get me a test drive as the salesmen promised a date and time but didn't show up. I don't expect to be treated in such a way if I am shelling out 17-18 lakhs.

11. I didn't feel the City was any better than my current Tata Zest from 2015 except for a better engine, hence had to take multiple test drives. IMO, Zest even today is much superior in many ways than the City. Slavia did feel like an upgrade and something I could readily do.

12. I would rather wait if I have buy a Slavia though. I am scared of Skoda's ASS and want to see whether they change for better during India 2.0 strategy.

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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

First look at a Slavia today, in our apt complex. It's lovely ! The slanting fuel cap tank looked nice too. It looks are primary consideration, I would definitely short list it.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by abhi_ank View Post
I am very skeptical of the ground clearance on offer in the city. However, I also read somewhere that the laden Ground Clearance of the Slavia is only 140mm! That has really put a spanner in the works for me.
The unladen GC of the Slavia is 178 mm and the laden GC is 145 mm (33 mm less).

The unladen GC of the Honda City is 165 mm and the laden GC assuming similar variation is 132 mm. My guess is, it is probably even lower than 132 mm in the City, as the suspension tends the be more softly sprung and compresses more in Japanese cars compared to European cars.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by hdman View Post
I am scared of Skoda's ASS and want to see whether they change for better during India 2.0 strategy.
Couple of cents from my side. I understand, it might vary heavily from dealer to dealer, however my ASS experience with Skoda over the past 3.5 years have been nothing short of excellent. The dealership experience with them during the buying process made me decide a Skoda over a Honda at that point in time. As you already mentioned, I can't stand the arrogance and don't care attitude of the dealer when I am shelling out north of 1.5 million bucks of my hard earned money. Being said that, do take the pre-paid maintainance package, it's VFM and guaranteed peace of mind is what I felt in my ownership experience. My suggestion would be to give the 1.5 TSI a try before final decision
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

I test drove the top spec Slavia 1.0 MT petrol on Old Mussoorie Road (hilly) this morning. Drove my petrol Punto with the tall suspension before and after. I’ve driven this stretch a million times so was able to push the Slavia to nearly 9/10ths on some of the tight corners. Not enough to hear the tyres though, with the sales rep next to me.

Remarkable how similarly fun both the cars felt in the corners. GC is about the same (ie, plenty), but body roll was better controlled in the Slavia I think. Grip may have been better too. Steering felt ok too. Punto’s hydraulic feels much better (taut and springy) once you get up to 60-80 kph, but for that you need to be on a faster road like the Badrinath - Rishikesh drive I did on new years’ eve. Now that was something else. On this tight road I didn’t mind the EPS, since the corners here are super tight hairpins.

So, in short, the Slavia is a good car for hill roads as far as entertaining handling goes.

The engine was sufficiently performant, I could use most of the power coming out of corners, so it wasn’t hugely powerful, but it was great fun and quite sufficient. Basically an engine you can enjoy, without having too little or too much power for such conditions. Of course in a different universe from a 70 hp Punto. Only issue was that it was quite gruffly vocal, and made its power quickly being a turbo, so one couldn’t really make it sing. I’d rather have a similarly powerful NA petrol I think.

I also drove on the broken road going to Hyatt, where the car was compliant enough for me. Again similar to the Punto probably, maybe a bit comfier. But the car isn’t really set up for plushness or floatiness, just a decent balance.

The cockpit felt pleasant, but not at all luxurious after my Compass test drive the other day. No soft touch materials, manual hand brake, etc don’t really shout luxury. Wasn’t happy to see that the seat wasn’t powered and didn’t have lumbar adjust. The rear camera wasn’t pretty either. Audio quality was decent enough. Wireless CarPlay worked for me. Ventilated seats were a joy.

I sat in the back also for a brief stretch and had acres of leg room (I’m 5’ 8”) but could also see acres of slightly rough black plastic, around the lower part of the door and the B-pillar. Maybe the sun was falling in a way that highlighted it, maybe the car was dusty. But I couldn’t recommend the car to the chauffeur driven friend I was testing for, after that.

My Punto has 195/65 tyres so could feel the additional rubber when I got in the Punto. Also from the drivers seat both cars felt the same size. The Slavia did not feel any more substantial, but then the Punto was always the most substantial of the hatchbacks. Door heft was similar on both cars I think, and quite enjoyable too.

Will try the S-Cross on this road next I think. It might be the nicest drive with that sweet sounding NA engine. Or maybe not, in which case I think the Slavia 1.0 MT makes a good little drivers car / upgrade to the Punto. Unlike a Polo GT or i20 N or the like, this car has enough clearance to head off exploring the village roads as well.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Test drove the the Ambition 1.0 MT yesterday.

Being a Vento diesel owner, the first thing I noticed is how light the clutch is but the bite point is higher. I could quickly adapt but I'd suggest you to check it out and see for yourselves, especially if you own a Hyundai or Maruti.

The 1.0 MT felt very much tractable at slow speeds and I never felt any lag at all. In fact, it's a very well tuned engine and is well suited for leisure as well as spirited motoring. You can even shift it up to 6th gear at 50 kmph, which is about 1000 RPM, and I reckon a lot of people will end up doing it considering the fuel prices today.

The ride was absolutely compliant and is a step up from the Vento's suspension behaviour- the body settles much more quickly after going through bumps and quick maneuvers are handled well. Do note that my comments hold true only for the city since it was tested inside city limits. The braking action is so good that you would wonder why people make a hue and cry about the drums at the rear.

The rear seat is a definite improvement over the Vento and my friend commented that it was marginally better than his Ciaz, both in terms of leg room and width for 3 people.

The real bummer for me was the glossy plastics inside the cabin- I absolutely hated it! The car had only run 2000 kms but the swirls in the glossy black plastic was bad. Made the interior look less premium considering most of them was right in front of your face. If we can somehow seal it from scratches, it would be highly advisable. The beige panel plastics initially looked like low quality but on further touch it felt just fine and on par with the Vento. The bronze piece in the official pics was silver coloured for the Ambition variant.

The touch screen infotainment was decent but i don't have much experience to comment further. The touch AC panel is a pain but since I usually put it in auto mode, it doesn't bother me much but you cannot operate it on the move.

Overall, my friend was happy and I guess he'll go with the automatic. The other option was the Honda City but concerns about ground clearance on loading it and rusting issues (originating from under the paint in an acquaintance's car) have ruled it out.

I expect a lot of people looking at the Kushaq to go with the Slavia considering how it's cheaper and can confuse a lot of people who would've otherwise bought a Seltos/Creta considering the space, boot space, power and quicker availability. All this without compromising on ground clearance which seems to be the number 1 reason people opt for the crossovers.

This is certainly a car with potential. Hope Skoda handles it's ASS well. The biggest con of the car is that it doesn't feel very premium although the basics are spot on. I can imagine a lot of families rejecting for the lack of feel good factor.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

I was not sure I needed a new thread for my short review of my first month with my carbon steel slavia active 1.0 mt. I was a previous skoda customer with a long history with the dealer and the purchase part was a breeze. The car the slavia replaced was my almost 5 year old ciaz which had provided exceptional service. I will be fairly unemotional in this review as I have a auto eng background and the passion side of it has long gone. It was the second test drive that convinced me. What stood out was the exceptionally stiff chassis which translated into dynamics two segments above if not more. The combination of the large and supportive seats up front and the well sorted ride was impossible to ignore/resist. I thought there is no better option than the ciaz for my aching back but the slavia has taken comfort well beyond it. Long story short, the slavia came into my garage sometime mid last month.

What I like:

1. Brilliant ride under almost all road conditions. It never gets rattled by either bad city roads or crater filled highways.
2. Despite the soft ride, stability is exceptional on smooth surfaced highways at triple digit speeds. Better than an a6 according to friend who owns one.
3. The front seats are a god send for a tall and wide creature like me. Even 750km in a single day was free from any aches,pains and tiredness.
4. The refinement is a step above from the ciaz at most of the rev range. The tire noise is the only thing which comes through at highway speeds.
5. The cornering is better than the ciaz in a few areas.
6. The basic build is not less robust than what I found in my rapid all those years back. This despite reviews to the contrary.

What I don't like:

1. Wobbling felt through the body at a narrow range of roads and speeds. This was there in the ciaz too. I suspect the tires that are oem supplied contribute mainly for this issue. It is not a balancing issue or a gremlin of any sort. The range it is felt is too narrow for that. The steering does not wobble when this occurs.
2. Much like the rapid, this car hates short sharp potholes which result in a thud or worse a violent metallic sound as the suspension goes through its travel. My rapid broke wheels, tie rods and struts on more than one occasion thanks to this trait. Larger potholes surprisingly do not bother it. My advice is to crawl on sections which you suspect are iffy.
3. There is a lot more understeer in medium speed corners than the ciaz. This goes away on higher speed stuff where the steering feel is exceptional and the car tracks an apex like its life depends on it.

I will try posting a full review at a later date. The odo reads 2400km as of today. Mileage is around 16 with some city driving included. I tend to call a spade a spade but I have no qualms in saying I have underpaid ! for what is an exceptional piece of engineering. This is a car whose dynamics are on par with something twice its price.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by peugeot96 View Post
What stood out was the exceptionally stiff chassis which translated into dynamics two segments above if not more. The combination of the large and supportive seats up front and the well sorted ride was impossible to ignore/resist.
I test drove the S-Cross petrol manual (Alpha, top variant) on Old Mussoorie Road today, the exact same stretch that I enjoyed driving the Slavia 1.0 MT on the other day. I think you may have a point about body control and supportive seats - I think I can feel myself slipping sideways in the seat a bit in both the S-Cross and my Punto, and not so much in the Slavia. I wouldnít mind another go in it - just to confirm haha.

Handling aside, the Slaviaís rorty engine note and jackhammer torque have stayed with me as well. I didnít think I would enjoy a turbo petrol as much as an NA petrol, but I guess I was wrong. Although the S-Cross NA petrol did fit me like a glove. The joy of keeping an NA engine like that on the boil lies in how predictable it is, you can dial in the exact amount of power you want. Still the Slavia 1.0 turbo engine has loads of character, thatís for sure. Maybe enough to get my vote, and maybe one gets better at managing it with practice.

For the rest, the S-Cross is of course a bland looking car with many features missing - I wouldíve liked wireless CarPlay (can be done with a dongle?), a sunroof, and rear AC vents for starters. Ride is a bit stiffer than the Slavia. The backseat delivers the compact SUV experience in terms of seat and roof height - less leg room of course. The front seats go low enough for the car to feel sporty in the corners. I heard the tyres chirp and I was still firmly in my seat - this is no Duster, thatís for sure, and you can go crazy in the corners all day long. But with the big windscreen and high roof.. its a slightly aesthetically confusing experience I guess. There is something utilitarian and unappealing about the whole thing. Nonetheless a phenomenal value in the Zeta variant, which in Dehradun is about 11.5 lakhs on road. Iíd rather have a Slavia though. That car is growing on me.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Been actively following the updates in this thread as i am looking at the Slavia as my first car. Thanks to the fellow BHPians for the updates.
I test drove the 1.0 AT past Saturday. Had tried the 1.0 MT couple of weeks earlier. Here are some observations from both.

  • Space, LOT. I am 6'3 and could sit in the rear seat when I adjusted the driver seat for myself. The headroom was a bit low for my height but I don't plan on sitting in the rear seat.
  • Engine - the numbers might suggest that small turbocharged engines from other brands pack more punch, reality feels different.
  • Gearbox on AT - smooth, reasonably quick override when downshifting under braking or declines. Also when letting go of brakes while starting, it doesn't creep forward as aggressively as Rapid.
  • Infotainment screen UX is well thought out and is very intuitive. Doesn't need a manual to understand what is what.
  • Steering - I thought I would hate the two spoke steering but it is nice to hold and actually looks decent.
  • Stability - The car felt planted till the speeds I saw, also tested hard braking in empty stretches. Came back impressed.
  • Seats and ergonomics. Seats are supportive and I quite liked the support on the sides. Also it didn't take much effort to find a comfortable driving position.
  • Dealership experience - Would be unfair if I don't mention this. The folks at both Jai Skoda and Ring Road Skoda in Gurgaon were excessively nice. Prompt to answer queries, respectful of boundaries when I asked not to give me any follow up calls, eager to offer test drives and very communicative. Was a stark contrast from when I briefly considered i20 n line DCT. The salesperson at Himgiri Hyundai, which is literally next door to where I live, basically tried to size me up with absolutely irrelevant questions and decided I was too poor to even send a test ride unit to.
  • No physical knobs- how can I adjust blower speed while driving if needed? How can the passenger quickly lower volume to answer a call? Nobody knows, nobody considered.
  • Console - the screen on Style seems to have good resolution and contrast ratio but has only 3 options. None offers a layout where both speedometer and tachometer are highlighted. Have to choose one to prioritise. I have booked Ambition AT which comes with analogue tach and speedo so this goes out of equation for me
  • Steering feel - While the steering itself feels really nice to hold, it is very light which is nice when pulling out of a parking space but while driving, I personally would prefer a bit more weight. This is too light for my preference
  • Visible cost cutting - The insides of doors around the door handles doesn't feel particularly nice. No liners present in boot or hood. Seemingly lighter panels in general. Also the placement of start/stop button on steering column instead of dashboard feels like an odd choice
  • Suspension - Yes it is planted at high speeds, and yes it goes reasonably well around corners as long as you are not forcing quick direction changes. But somehow, the suspension didn't feel very well damped when riding at rough patches of road or crossing small speed bumps and felt a bit, dare I say, cheap.
  • Engine - Yup, found a spot in both likes and dislikes. While it pulls nicely once past 1800-2000 rpm, there is a noticeable lag felt with manual gearbox. It didn't help that two of my friends joined me when I test drove the MT so it was basically under full load. The AT masks the lag a bit but it is still there and you either have to manually downshift or wait for a moment if you are looking to move quickly. Also the sound can be heard inside the cabin at high RPMs and it isn't a particularly special soundtrack.
The 1.5 variants don't seem to available here, not sure what the reason is. Even though the 1.5 DSG was out of my budget, I was looking forward to trying it out.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Hi fellas,

This will be my first post on team BHP and I want to thank all the mods for accepting me here. Apologies if I make any mistakes. Feel free to correct me I am never offended

So I bought Slavia 1.0 MT Style on March 27. Have done only 360 km on the ODO. Colour carbon steel and it looks damn crazy. Yes it's a dirt magnet of course I would say that but once clean this beats almost everything that is out there.
It's a sexy looking car and I feel there is nothing more beautiful than this at this price point. I am sorry Honda.

So my hunt started, my budget was around 16 to 20 lakhs and since I already own a hector, I was not really much inclined towards buying a proper SUV.

My requirement was just about 30 to 40 km a day city drive and it was to be driven by my dad mostly. My dad is the one who will be riding this 1.0L stallion. I don't know but he just absolutely hate automatics. I think he feels that he has more control over the car as it's a manual. Maybe he is old school but choice respected.

India has seen a segment shift and quickly people have moved out from sedan to SUV because of practicality. While there is nothing exciting that is happening in this segment , Suddenly you see a sexy looking Slavia launched. Segment which is largely led by Honda City and Hyundai Verna now has the largest, most spacious and most practical looking Sedan with higher ground clearance and of course that looks. I have taken Skoda's 4 year maintenance package because I want peace of mind as we all are aware of Skoda ASS.

Now the cars I considered.

Seltos : Since I never had many options in the Sedan segment, I started my journey with looking at Seltos. It's a good car the reason I let it go was because of the cars GNCAP ratings and of course it would not have been any new if I would have had Seltos and hector together. So idea dropped.

Creta : I did see this car but then I decided against buying it because of its longer waiting period. Some how I feel that the old Creta was much better looking than the current gen and I have been informed by my sources that there will be upgraded Creta coming soon. Hence no to Creta.

Carens : out of all this is truly the most practical car I found. I was not impressed with the quality of the car as such. Specially after I own a hector which feels solid and built like a tank. Carens was not considered because my drive requirements. I was not to drive family around but just 2-3 people or 5 at most. Though its a good car and most practical car however I was not impressed with the engine both petrol and diesel. 7 on board this car on hill with full family suitcases.. spare me the horror.

Hyundai Verna
: I was in love with this car. It's my personal best, i have owned old Verna Fluidic before which I just sold because of this diesel thing in Delhi. Hence when I set down in the new Verna I felt that the that there is no room at the back and this car was cramped plus didn't really feel like an upgrade to old Verna. Plus it felt outdated in comparison to the likes of Honda City and much nicer looking a suv's.

Honda City
: I took a test drive Honda City along with my father and he immediately liked the car. It felt like he has come home. He was in love with the compactness of the car and at the same time the practicality of the car. It felt that he needed something like this. The fit and finish in the inside specially on the dashboard was ok not something which is talkworthy. Overall a good car and shortlisted in our minds.

Slavia : Soo.. the story started when me and my brother just wanted to check out Skoda Kushaq. We never thought that we will end up buying a Skoda. But the moment we entered the showroom there was this sexy looking carbon steel coloured Slavia with imposing bonnet and good looking proportion. We liked it so much that we didn't even bother to sit in Kushaq. The interior felt nice but not typically European fit and finish however I will I have no reason to complain as I see that its built to last.

We took a test drive of 1 litre engine and it surprisingly impressed us. Never did it felt under power or we didn't notice any turbo lag. This car is a breeze to drive both in city and highway. Definitely a head Turner because people are not recognising this car as of now. It feels like a lone horse in the cattle race . Booking amount paid finalised and wait starts and in about 2 weeks car was ready.

My ownership experience so far :

So far so good. Handover process was very good. Nice and informative salesman all around Skoda. Willing to help at your call. Car was clean and ready when I arrived at the dealership to pick up my car. My father took the wraps of the car. However I would say my experience of getting the MG was faarr better than Skoda.

I have driven it 360 km till now and overall I am satisfied with the car. 1 complain that I feel is the AC of the car. It is not the best in the segment. Ventilated seats do help but in peak summer this car does not cool as much as the others. Also absence of some common features like electric front seats, good reverse camera, tire pressure monitoring system, absence of RPM in the odo (yes it's correct), no physical buttons to open the trunk and the tank.(if car is open they are open by default etc leaves that desire to own another car maybe.

I am getting around 10-11 kmpl on highway and around 8 and 9 kmpl in the city so far. This is when I drive mix bag. If I drive it cautiously then I am sure to extract 13-14 from this engine. It will improve over time surely.

Will share pics soon, i am at my personal embargo as i haven't for the HSRP yet hence once done, I will upload pics here.

Thank you for patiently reading the above post. I am sorry it's a long post but it's my first one and I wanted to share all my experience so far about the car.

Please feel free any potential owner who wants to talk about the car wants to understand anything in the car you can please feel free to just reply back.

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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Caught on the streets of Pune by our friendly neighbourhood AutoSpy some days back.

Skoda Slavia Review-image0.jpeg

Skoda Slavia Review-image1.jpeg

Skoda Slavia Review-image2.jpeg

A new variant? Possibly flex fuel? Your guess is as good as mine.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
A new variant? Possibly flex fuel? Your guess is as good as mine.
Manufacturers keep on testing the car even after the launch for specific parts testing, suppliers keep on improving various parts and components so in turn manufacturers test these parts.

Customer complaints which are reported in the market are worked upon too with changes and improvements. Once a car gets launched the camouflage is removed and the test runs are continued. Any problems or issues which are noticed in these test cars are again worked upon.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Autocar detailed test drive report

Slavia 1.5 MT and DSG numbers are impressive

Skoda Slavia Review-e7d17b23572a4ef98218870a7ab3f0aa.png
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
A new variant?
Sorry if I'm being a newbie here, how exactly (besides the missing Slavia badge) do we know this is a test car and not just a dealer test drive car? (unless dealer cars don't have red registration plates like I thought, but I remember identifying test-drive cars by red number plates).
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Skoda Slavia currently has the highest waiting period of almost 4 months

Sedans With Highest Waiting Period [April 2022]- Tigor, Slavia & More

Read more at:

Skoda Slavia Review-sedan-waiting-period-april-2022.jpg
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