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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

Citroen C3 Cons

• Missing plenty of features = electric ORVM adjustment, IRVM dimmer (not even manual), climate control, rear wiper & defogger, reversing camera, alloy wheels, tachometer!
• Just 2 variants at launch (no true top variant)
• No automatic transmission on offer - a big miss when ATs are rapidly gaining popularity in India
• Quality of cabin materials doesn't feel great; cost-cutting is pretty evident in certain areas
• Some ergonomic issues like the placement of rear power window switches, unusable rear headrests…
• 1.2L NA petrol’s highway performance is mediocre; 5-speed MT is notchy too
• Cabin width makes the interiors suitable for 4 adults, not 5
• Long-term reliability & after-sales service quality are big unknowns; dealer network is tiny
What are Citroen thinking? They first launch a Seltos/Creta competitor with seemingly all the bells and whistles but price it nearly double the price of those, rendering it almost unpurchaseable. Now they launch a sub-4m that seems to lack even in basic features!

It's a nice enough looking car but who's going to buy it? I live very near a Citroen dealership and still haven't seen a single C5 Aircross on the road bar their TD vehicle.

God save Citroen!
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Originally Posted by lionheart_mm View Post
I hope that they shock everyone by pricing it well. Other than that I don't see this selling very well. However, looking forward to seeing the EV version of C3. Now that will be interesting if they can price it around 10lac.
Is there a news on the EV version? If they are getting it, hope atleast in that they fix most of these features and interiors.

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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Really disappointed with the C3 launch, My mum was sold on this car and said she would book one when they announce prices.

What really put me off

- No automatic, this was the number priority for my mum as she has never driven a manual in her life expect for a short 1 year stint with a Suzuki Esteem

- No rear wash wipe, IRVM, defogger and a tachometer, I mean come on we are in 2022 not 2002 the tachometer miss was really a big letdown

But in the near future based on how the Indian spec C3 fares in NCAP tests and if Citroen do decide to give it an automatic transmission I would surely buy this
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Originally Posted by sunikkat View Post
Is there a news on the EV version? If they are getting it, hope atleast in that they fix most of these features and interiors.
yes in a review they told an EV version of the C3 is coming next year.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Based on all the reviews, they got fundamentals right but only a handful will look at it in the first go. Many will do the shortlisting online and without features it will be hard for Citroen for bringing them down atleast to showroom to prove that they got fundamentals right. Poor network, alien branding, siff competition & sub par media feedback - everything is going against them.

2 things are in favor. One is PRICE. Price it right, you will gain good interest. Price is expensive, there is no coming back. Price correction won't work here generally. Remember how Magnite did it with 4.99L.

Second is availability, shorter waiting period can make best of the situation. But unsure if they can make it with plethora of customisation in offer.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

So no AT, lacks most basic features which should be there in any car costing 6-7L(rear wash/wipe,adjustable headrests,ACC,electric orvm etc). What is this? 2010?

Something tells me Citreon is going to price this very aggressively and that’s why kept the true top end away for now. Which might work for/against. Can’t tell.

But with that turbo and the good ride quality (going by reviews), all they need to do is add all the features mentioned in the review. Exterior surely looks likeable which would appeal to sub10L customers but will drive them away as soon as they look at features list. With proper features this can compete with Punch if they do well in GNCAP tests.

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Re: Citroen C3 Review

I like how they have focused on the bits that are important (engine and comfort) and left the rest to to "Karol Bagh". In my view, fewer features means fewer things that can go wrong down the line. But since there is no AT, I am out.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

I have never participated in any manufacturer feedback sessions or surveys but Citroen seems to have built a car around my preferences- great engine, good ride and handling and great front seats.

Unfortunately for them, most potential buyers would reject this car after comparing the features in some car comparison website.

If manufacturers didn't realise yet, our market treats car buying process like purchasing a smartphone-buy a car with maximum features for a given price with good support and mileage.

Tata Punch is a sad offspring of such a market- great looks and features bundled with a boring engine.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

The C3 like its elder sibling no doubt will have its customer base. And of course that is going to be niche. So after the initial hype/initial few months of its launch, it probably will sell only in few 100's if not less. C5 is a failure for Citroen and this C3 looks no different IMHO.

Mainly for these reasons,
1. The service/sales network is scarce for a country like India. Today even a well established company like Tata is struggling to increase its service network given its strong portfolio of vehicles on offer.
2. The brand itself. Citroen is not Hyundai/Tata/Maruti period. It is no Ford/VW either. Citroen will have to work on a war foot basis to address this brand awareness and reputation.
3. While every manufacturer has started to focus more on their EV roadmap, Citroen is yet to establish its footprint as a brand in India. This is again a challenging part that needs to be addressed by its management.
4. C3 - the product itself. More than 90% of the budget/entry level car buyers in India look for product value and features, weight on the wallet, resale value, reliability, ease of maintenance, etc. And this C3 looses out big time in these aspects.

Let's wait and watch. Let the numbers speak.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

May be Citroen had fleet operators in mind while designing this car. It just not an embarrassment, it's down right insulting to treat Indian car buyers as some third world 2nd hand scrap buyer. Such a shame Citroen that all they could come up after 'research' is an apology of a vehicle. Why even provide seats in the car. Put wooden chairs and benches instead. Sell the seat cushion as accessories. That will keep the 'cast even lower. Pathetic Citroen.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Citroen C3 has torque to weight ratio above XUV300 (which has one of the best Torque in the segment) and also all other competition in its segment. But it does not seem well packaged with oodles of Important missing features. Hope they add more features with more variants, and have a different top model variant than the current which does not even have rear wipers or alloy wheels. This is their chance to establish in the market. It will be difficult to build their brand if this is does not sell well. is offline  
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

I see Citroen has pulled off a Datsun with this car. Manual mirror adjustment was enough for me to forget about this car. Heck even some base model cars get electric mirror adjustment.

Good luck Citroen.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

Great attention to detail pointing out that the NA and turbo petrol versions have different accelerator pedals.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

I am trying to like the C3 but it's very confusing who the target customer is. I like the funkiness and the panel on the interior, there's just too much that screams cheap. There are some things Citroen's so-called "young buyers" are willing to compromise on, but this is taking cost-cutting to the extent it could be a deal-breaker.

Some things are impressive: the size, the rear seat, the styling, the 1.2 turbo, and I'm sure those will get this car some buyers. I always thought those buyers were a niche. If Citroën is okay with that then it's great, after all, competition and variety is always welcome. I just don't see this doing great numbers unless it's positioned against the Celerio/Tiago.

If it's positioned against the Punch or Ignis or Magnite, there's quite a bit of catching up to do. But I wish Citroën and this car the best. Awaiting the pricing, there's quite a lot resting on it.

Originally Posted by Kuldeep31 View Post
A score of 4 or more looks very much possible.
Not really. From July you need optional electronic stability control for >2 stars and optional side head protection for >3 stars. So in a best case scenario this is a two star car.
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Re: Citroen C3 Review

While the fundamentals may be right, the niceties that are missing are going to be a deal breaker for many. An automatic is a must in this segment, and a proper TC or DCT transmission would have earned them some brownie points early on. My gut feeling is they will price it at 7L for the base and ~9L for the top end. Let’s wait and watch what they do!
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