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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Hi all! I just became proud owner of a forest green Z8 D MT 4WD. I got it at non-introductory price although booked on 30-July. The waiting period has been 10 months. On delivery day itself, I have changed the wheels to 18" alloys. Will post a separate post on accessories.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-20230604_134728.jpg
Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-20230604_135042.jpg
Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-20230604_13465701.jpeg
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by Kosfactor View Post
Use the leveler and set it correctly, if you are driving alone it should be 0 or 1 depends on how much illumination you are used to upfront coming from your previous vehicle. When you have second row occupied, move the leveler to 1 or 2.

I have compared these lights to my Hella made halogens, metal reflectors, glass lens, excellent clarity and beam pattern they have but then technology has caught up, these are brilliant LED headlamps.

Is the rear blower on?
I have to check the rear blower. Will it make a difference if it was on ? Can the rear blower be controlled from the dash or is the 2nd row knob the only way to switch it off ?
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by ankan.m.blr View Post
Hi all! I just became proud owner of a forest green Z8 D MT 4WD.
Congratulations! The problem now is that you'd want to drive it all the time and will have an extremely hard time trying not to drive it.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by vredesbyrd View Post
Congratulations! The problem now is that you'd want to drive it all the time and will have an extremely hard time trying not to drive it.
Yes, yes and yes! I am now always fighting the urge to grab the keys and just drive ! How do you know?
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by thegoldenmonkey View Post
Friends, I had a very serious/small/technical/unwanted/unlucky whatever we may call incident with my Scorpio-N Z8L 4X4 MT during my recent drive to SPITI in February 2023.

I am sharing just because these sensor-operated cars can really put you in trouble sometimes.
The first problem was clutch burn during the climb to HATU peak. It may have been because of me, not sure, maybe due to overuse of clutch during the climb. I realized due to the foul smell what was wrong. I stopped for an hour and when the smell subsided then started the downclimb. Things were normal after that and no problems.
P.S. I had been to SPITI in December 2022 also, with my “Scorpion King”. The Vehicle worked flawlessly even in -26 degrees. The engine started in max 2 cranks even in -20 degrees. I was and still am very happy and satisfied with the vehicle.

The ordeal started in the return journey.
During the hill climb towards GUE monastery, I was well aware of the problems I had faced at HATU peak. I was cautious with the clutch usage. Even then 4 km before the monastery, the car now refused to pick up speed.

I and my wife were a solo couple doing the SPITI expedition, we were shocked and afraid. Nothing happened after all the tries, on the center console, checked and found that the engine is giving only torque and no power. I was unable to understand anything. Also no network even for JIO sim in that area.
With no option and no one around, I managed to drag the beast to the base of the village at crawling speeds and again decided to use the wait-and-watch technique. We waited for a strong 1 and half hour and then gain tried but the same result. We avoided going further up to the monastery and decided to go back.
With no network coverage, we decided to again go down 14-20 km to the nearest village for network coverage and ask for help. The car even downhill refused to pick up speed. Almost after 15-17 km of crawling, just before reaching HURLING, the engine again burst with power and the was working as expected. MAHINDRA walo, JAI HO.

We waited again for 2 hours in Hurling and avoided calling the RSA or service center as thought it would be that the car is feeling AMS. I mean there might be some glitch or loose connection and now things are okay. The car was working as if nothing happened for the next few hours.
Soon we were about to reach Nako and before that the uphill climb started again and the car broke down again. Almost 5.00 PM and no one is around, going to turn dark. Frantically I started calling the service center in Mumbai. Even they would close soon.

The service center advised either RSA for scanning or taking to a mechanic, so that he can talk to him and if possible resolve. Luckily CHANGO village was 7-8 km and we managed to drag the car downhill alone in the dark. The helpful villagers called the mechanic and we tried for almost 2 hours with the RM and mechanics' help to resolve but failed. Battery disconnection, radiator fuse check, air filter sensor removal, everything tried but of no use.
Finally had to call MAHINDRA RSA for towing. It was 8 PM and the RSA said it will take 2 days for the towing van to reach as it will come from SHIMLA or MANDI. A Shocker. Stranded in between out of nowhere we were almost half dead hearing this. But Mahindra helped and they confirmed after a lot of communication that the towing van will leave now and reach there tomorrow afternoon.

Though seemed impossible driver will make it, had no choice, and was ready to sleep in my camper Scorpio-N. But the mechanic insisted to stay at his house and we were saved in -15 degrees. Having a supportive and understanding wife made it easy or it would have been more trouble.
The next day towing came at 2 in the afternoon, was surprised. and we went with the towing van in my Scorpio-N, a 12-hour journey to RAMPUR, reached at night 3.00 PM. Took a hotel and the next day early morning went to the service center.
Mahindra North head from Chandigarh was helpful and aligned everything. Though they were like if it's your mistake in handling the car, you will have to pay for everything. I said OK. I was not charged for the Towing for 200 km.

After waiting for half an hour till they opened up, they soon were on task. Connected the scanner and the laptop, quickly checked the errors, and found quite a few like low tire pressure warnings and all. And the main culprit was the VARIABLE OIL pump sensor. It was in an error state and hence the problem. Once cleared, Lo and Behold the car is back to what it should be.

3 days of ORDEAL and 5 minutes to get it solved.

No error warnings are on Display in the car.

I do not blame Mahindra, in fact, they managed well in spite of me not being ARUN PANWAR.

I feel I was unlucky with the car malfunction.

I don’t know how other brands manage such a situation.

But from all this, I feel, if an OBD scanner is such a lifesaver I really want to buy one. If it’s like a RESET button for your Desktop, I WANT IT for my car.

Please anyone using or having some good experience using it? Please suggest.
Long post, but the ordeal was harrowing, but all is well when it ends well.
I always have a Bluetooth OBD adapter in the car. Once, a loose turbo intake hose on my mini got the car into limp mode. Cleared the code. Got home. Fixed the turbo hose and cleaned the MAF sensor next day. Error was 'Mass or Volume Air flow Plausibility'.

My Skoda would fail to regenerate dpf if the coil warning sign was on and would enter limp mode. Clear the code. Take it to highway, and get the dpf regenerated. You don't need a fancy paid app or laptop. Even the free "Torque" android app does the job of pointing you towards the error. If not serious, clear the code, exit the limp mode and reach to safer place and then worry about the car. If it's a serious fault, the car will anyways enter into limp mode despite clearing the code!
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Got delivery of my ScorpioN on 15th May. Munched 3000 kms while driving down from Panipat to Pune via Shimla, Delhi, Agra, Indore and Nashik. It feels very robust and powerful. Not a single time felt dearth of torque or response from the engine. Though it’s not as planted as a sedan. On 2nd June got delivery of RWD Thar. Both the beasts are very different. Thar is imposing but ScorpioN is respectable. ScorpioN drives like a wild horse, Thar rides as an elephant. Best thing is both the machines are fulfilling and worth the wait of 10 and 5 months. Look forward to many valleys and hills to take out the stallions.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Niggles update:
1. The Entertainment system continues to be buggy despite a software update. Hangs up and loses connection to the phone often during phone calls or switchover from 1 application to another. The touchscreen response is still laggy.
2. The sound volume stays high when reversing, which can be distracting. Apple CarPlay (on my old Maruti) has a neat feature where the volume is automatically reduced when the car is put into reverse gear.
3. The loud rattle sound that comes from the right when the car goes over tall rumbler strips at speed still persists.
4. The above might be related to the steering judder that I am experiencing, like some other owners. The dealership is refusing to acknowledge any issue so far, for the former because they cannot replicate it (despite my playing the recorded sound back to them) and the latter they claim is normal.
4. Some squeaks and rattles occasionally, but the continuous ones are gone after suspension re-torquing.
5. The toolkit holder attachment for the flat boot has supposedly been ordered, but I am yet to receive an ETA.

Other than that the car is great to drive. Long journeys including those that involve being stuck in traffic are a lot less tiring than before.
Now if only M&M would acknowledge and fix the steering judder issue, and release a working CarPlay sometime in the near future.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by thegoldenmonkey View Post
I would like to invest in a good brand compatible with most cars so that can help anyone if need arises.
Just purchased a generic ELM327 Bluetooth adapter from Amazon and it's working fine so far. Tried with Torque app and Car Scanner app on Android. They both support Mahindra OBD protocol and display all kinds of data beyond what's available through the cluster. At a cost of around 400/- it's a worthy stand-by option to keep around for the rare cases.

On a different note, I noticed in one of your videos that you seem to have installed metal underbody protection on the Scorpio-N and it covers the fuel tank and DEF tank too. It would be great if you could share some details (material, thickness/weight, cost, photos if possible) about the same here and where you procured or had it installed from. Would be much appreciated!

On a separate note, it's possible to reset the odometer of the vehicle before it reaches a certain mileage (150 or 200km), so I had requested my SA to get the odometer reset at time of delivery. Picked up my Scorpio-N with 0km on the clock! Didn't click a picture until we got to the temple.
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-20230508_191308.jpg  

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Mysterious Camouflaged SUV Spotted on Chennai to Bangalore Highway!

Spotted this captivating camouflaged SUV on the Chennai to Bangalore highway today! From the distinct front and rear design, it doesn't appear to be the C3 Aircross. The unique styling suggests something new and exciting.

Let's engage in some speculation! Any guesses on the manufacturer and model? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-spy_shot_1.png  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-spy_shot_2.png  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-spy_shot_3.png  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-spy_shot_4.png  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-spy_shot_5.png  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-spy_shots_6.png  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_7229.jpg  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_7230.jpg  

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Re: Mysterious Camouflaged SUV Spotted on Chennai to Bangalore Highway!

It's the Mahindra Scorpio N. Probably the waiting times are so high that the local M&M dealer decided to deliver the car in camouflage to avoid a possible rebellion!

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Re: Mysterious Camouflaged SUV Spotted on Chennai to Bangalore Highway!

The front of the car gives it away, it's most probably the Scorpio-N, Moreover, the rear taillights also resemble the Scorpio-N, maybe Mahindra is testing something out for it, or perhaps it could be what @GKR9900 said.
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Re: Mysterious Camouflaged SUV Spotted on Chennai to Bangalore Highway!

From every possible angle this is absolutely and only, a Scorpio N.
I wonder what they are testing which requires camouflage, now that the vehicle has been in the market for more than a year.
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_8886.jpeg  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_2415.jpeg  

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Re: Mysterious Camouflaged SUV Spotted on Chennai to Bangalore Highway!

Could this be an hybrid or an all electric Scorpio-N and so the camouflage? If it is Scorpio-N then what else can prompt one to disguise the vehicle but for engine variation?
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Re: Mysterious Camouflaged SUV Spotted on Chennai to Bangalore Highway!

I would like to think it’s the “new” Ssangyong Rexton .
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by rodeoz View Post
Got some upgrades done to my Z4.

These include seat covers, soft touch to centre arm-rest, silver grab handle, soft touch on door arm rest and piano black switches. Also got the steering wrapped (not shown here).
Everything looks great. Where did you got them from and their breakup?

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