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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Originally Posted by el lobo 6061 View Post
Would increase sales of Dummy Seat Belt Alarm stopper.
Could be launched as an official accessory from Maruti soon
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

When are the prices going to be revealed? And is the name of this car going to stay as it is?
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Hello, excellent review and thoroughly impressed with Maruti / Nexa approach of keeping their product portfolio updated to ensure that they keep their market share intact.

Fronx is an excellent product, both engine wise as well as look & feel wise. They already have Brezza in Maruti Arena set up and Fronx at Nexa will give boost to their overall sales.

In my view Fronx will definitely hit sale of Punch (higher variants) and to some extent Baleno too as both Fronx & Baleno will be in one showroom and people will definitely inclined to Fronx because of its raised structure (compared to Baleno) and slightly more ground clearance. Everything depend on pricing & if Fronx is priced within 50k of Baleno for MT then Fronx will have an edge over Baleno.

As Fronx is slightly different name, I think Maruti is targeting young generation with Fronx.
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

It is a very balanced package but the variant line up seems to be intentionally planned to avoid a typical Baleno top variant buyer switching to a Fronx instead by keeping the Zeta and Alpha variants to the 1.0T only.

But it will be interesting to see how this will play out in the minds of buyers where one needs to pay a good 40%-45% ~ 4.5-5L more in OTR prices for a Fronx 1.0T Alpha AT over a Baleno Alpha 1.2 AGS for a crossover styling, a bit more power and torque with a smoother AT.

This is speculative since the prices are yet to be announced but the Venue N line DCT might offer better value and exclusivity to an enthusiastic driver should the Fronx Alpha 1.0T land at 16L in Chennai/Bangalore.
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Thanks for a great review.
If I was in market today, the only reason for me to buy this one would be for 1.0 engine. Maruti though has sadly skimped on all 4 discs that Baleno 1.0 used to come with.

I wish you also had taken a Baleno with you for comparison. Being a Baleno owner, I really can't stop drooling over this design. Baleno looks way too boring now.

My 2016 Baleno has 339 litres of boot space, I wonder where the 30 litres of space has been lost! Assume it could be due to that Jack cover on the right hand side.

Last edited by SDP : 10th April 2023 at 15:06. Reason: Multiple typos
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Given the way Maruti is ushering in products to cover various CSUV segments, it seems more than likely that they get to pole position in SUVs and recover all the ground that they lost over the last few years. However, question I have is whether a ~50% marketshare to one large player is good for consumers?
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

A great review with many nifty findings like LED rear indicators, adjustable 3 headrests, concealed jack storage area, up right spare tire for easy refill.

However, missed the "Other Colors" section as i feel the red and silver color Fronx with black roof, really stand out.

As mentioned in the review, hope that Fronx pricing targets the Magnite, Kiger and higher variants of Punch only. The cross-hatch segment saw many entrants like Polo Cross, i20 Active, WR-V, Avventura and even a Celerio-X. It seems lack of differentiation and high pricing is where they goofed-up.

Going after the Nexon, Sonet, Venue and XUV3OO may be a lost cause and best left to the Brezza as those cars appear half a size bigger albeit with same length.

Let's wish well to this car as MSIL targets the FRONtier neXt , hoping to recover from the sub 40% market share achieved last month.
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

I read the review and was expecting to read that "Since Baleno has already been reviewed this review will focus only on changes made to Fronx" but this one turned out to be a full blown review. Does this mean that fronx is totally a new car and not just a raised Baleno?

If that's the case then a side by side comparison with baleno would be helpful to a lot of ignorant people like myself. I just assumed that this is just a jacked up Baleno.
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

So Fronx is in the same segment as Brezza correct? Wouldn't this be affecting brezza sales then? Or is it in the Tata Punch segment?
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

This is probably one of the best looking car from Maruti's stable. Smart and funky at the same time. I wouldn't mind overlooking the safety ratings to get this for a city car. If maruti doesn't get too greedy with pricing, they will surely cut Kiger, Magnite and Punch sales to half. Very competent cross over.
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Originally Posted by warrioraks View Post
Could be launched as an official accessory from Maruti soon
Not to be surprised if marketed as a additional 'safety ' feature.

Terrible cost cutting idea
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

How is the bonnet visibility from the drivers seat ?
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

The chances may be slim, but if it receives a GNCAP rating of 4 or higher, it could break all waiting period records. Is anyone else hoping for a good rating this time?

P.S.: Thank you for the excellent review!
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Excellent review. MS has another winner in their hand. This is going sell in huge number for sure. MS has filled the gap between Baleno and Brezza/Grand vitara with this crossover. The thing disappointed me is, MS not offering the AT in the 1.2 L NA variant. On a lighter note, the only thing not going in Fronx way is the launch and hype of Jimny almost at the same time.
It can be a good upgrade from my Tiago which might happen by year end.
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Re: Maruti Fronx Review

Great review, and seems like a great car!

But what is this nonsense about the seatbelt sensor?

Next, all the seatbelts have to be buckled in while the car is being driven, even if there is no other person in it other than the driver. If not done, the seatbelt alarm keeps sounding. No, this was not a niggle with our test car. The system has been designed that way and it's incredibly stupid. What if you want to fold the rear seatbacks down to carry more luggage than the boot can hold?
I had to reread this statement multiple times to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding what was written. To be frank, I still don't think I understand.

This makes absolutely no sense! I'm someone who uses my car a single-person vehicle most of the time. I can't even...I don't know what to say. I have to keep all of the other seatbelts permanently clipped in? When friends/family sit in my car, they would have to remove the seatbelt and then put it back in? Or do they just sit on top of the seatbelt?

My blood is almost boiling at the sheer stupidity of the engineers at Maruti. This oversight is quite frankly, a deal-breaker.

I hope that this is something Maruti will quickly rectify in the 2nd batch of deliveries. Or maybe they think that most of their customers will de-activate the seatbelt alarm, so why bother installing weight sensors.
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