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The ODO on completing the 2K mark:

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240118_102127.jpg

Let's talk about the elephant in the room, DEF.

The DEF meter stood at 75% with the ODO at 26 Kms during delivery. In 3 weeks, the DEF meter came down by 15% with the Harrier doing 950 Kms, all driven within the city.

As had an upcoming 2000 KM highway drive, thought of getting the DEF refilled. Called the service centre and they didn't want an appointment for DEF refill. Walked in the next day and was out in 30 mins. Paid INR 620 for a 5lt can. With the refill, the DEF meter went up to 90%. Now when the ODO stands @3000KMs, the DEF meter stands at ~70%. So ~20% reduction for 2000 Kms. The SA clearly said that the DEF reduction depends on how you drive. The higher you revv, the higher the DEG usage. I did categorically ask him, 'do I have to rev at 2500+ rpm on some days'. His answer was a resounding NO.

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240119_235917.jpg

Overall experience so far:

1. City dynamics - The steering is light. I say that because, a day before delivery, drove my friends 2nd generation Harrier with the hydraulic steering. Man it was heavy. Mine requires a single hand to drive in the city and weighs in nicely on the highway

2. Highway dynamics - The beast simply soaks in bad roads. The recommended tyre pressure is 34psi and at that, it is a butter smooth ride.

3. The EPS weighed in nice and with the size of the car, it was an easy in & out between the trucks hogging in both the lanes.

4. The ac is a chiller. Although weather was pleasant, still kept the temperature at 26 deg.

5. Ventilated seats: They are god sent. Work like a charm. Ran them from 10am onwards during the highway drive and it was damn comfortable

6. Seats: Well a lot has been said about getting a driving position. I am 5'6.5 and have set a perfect position since day 1. The memory seats do the rest. No the legs do not hit the dash.

7. JBL: It's the best in the segment. With JBL modes, you've got a bunch of settings to soothe your nerves.

8. The Touchscreen: In the past month, never missed a beat, never lagged, always worked on the 1st touch. Has a ton of information at hand. Android Car play syncs in a second. Spotify, Gaana, Maps, Whatsapp all at hand. However, once the system froze in the 1st week itself and simply would not respond. Went in and did a Reboot. Since then All Izz Well.

9. Touch Control Panel: It took about 3 days of getting used to. Now can simply play with it without taking my eyes off the road. Cool features include the boot opening touch button

10. Info Cluster: Apart from the various views, the best part is that you can broadcast/project the map on the entire info cluster. This way, you do not have to take your eyes off the road. Lovely feature.

Name:  Harrier Map.PNG
Views: 271
Size:  474.4 KB

*Pic courtesy Internet

11. Wireless Charger: I use a Samsung Galaxy S22+ and it charges without smoothly. The phone also fits in the bay properly. The Galaxy Ultra would too. Nothing beyond that.

12. The cooled glovebox is a neat feature. Have not got an opportunity to use it yet.

13. Panaromic sunroof: Enjoyed it on cloudy days. On sunny days, you need to put the ac on 24 deg. to beat the sun. That's in Jan. Post March, I am sure the sunroof will go in hibernation. The 2nd row passengers enjoy the sunroof more than the front row.

14. Rear ac. vents: While they work and are placed nicely, blower controls for them would have been a useful feature.

15. Dual Zone Ac. I generally keep my ac. static at 24 and my wife likes it at 25 or 26. This was a boon during the recent trip. Works like intended

16. Headlights: While the auto feature works well, the power of the headlights is weak. With incoming powerful lights on the highway, one would surely have to reduce the speeds during those night blind spots.

17. The Fog lamps are sharp

18. 360 degree camera: The quality is right up there and is surely the best. Guidelines are accurate. Driving this beast on some narrow patches is super easy with the 360 degree camera in action.

19. ADAS: Extensively used almost all the functions. What I did switch off on the highway after a while was the Lane Departure Warning. Primarily as 2 wheelers kept on the extreme right on the highway and had to go beyond the lines.

20. Adaptive Cruise Control: Well the feature absolutely works perfectly well. I've tried it within the city and extensively on the highway. One can easily get used to it with ACC level set to 1 within the city. On the highway, if you want peace of mind, set the speed and the let car do the rest. You ain't winning any speed challenges with the adaptive cruise control managing the car, however you will surely get the best mileage and stress free driving. The system recognizes all jaywalkers, bikers who are crossing at their will and reduce the speed accordingly. During my recent highway drive of 2000 kms, I used the system for 1400 Kms in all and absolutely loved it.

21. Rear Traffic Alert: Super sharp and catches bikes etc which are crossing from quiet a distance.

22. Lane Keep Assist: Yet to come.

23. 4 speed intermittent wiper: All cars come with intermittent wipers, however have loved this nifty feature that Tata provide of 4 speed intermittent wiper. You can use it at an interval of 5, 7, 10 & above seconds. Really useful in drizzling conditions

24. Paddle Shifters: The most unused feature by me so far.

25. ESC & EBD: Have seen this in action. During my recent trip, while I was doing high double digit legal highway speeds, there was a C turn wherein the car itself controlled the speed by 10-12 km/hr. Could see it kick in multiple times.

26: Rough Road mode: All the torque is contained in a very small band in this mode. 1st gear goes upto 25km/hr and I haven't seen the car cross the 30-32 km/hr speed mark in this mode.

What I love the most:

SPORTS MODE: During my return highway trip from Raipur - Hyderabad last week, the entire 828 kms were driven in anything but Sports mode. The beast is made to be driven in this mode. It performs at another level in the sports mode and is very addictive. City mode feel sluggish once you used to the sports mode.

Mileage: While my Hyd-Raipur trip (818 kms) was in city mode, the car returned an exact mileage of 16 km/lt as per the OBD and as per tankful method, I see the car returning 16.9 km/lt.

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240114_093135.jpg

On the way back, the entire 828 kms was in sports mode and the OBD shows a mileage of 15/lt.

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240119_235900.jpg

Am I happy with the buy: A BIG YES
Would I buy the Harrier again today: Nothing but the "Harrier"

Some more random pics taken in the last month. Yes, everytime I've turned around to see the beast

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240112_212859.jpg

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240115_163413.jpg

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20231230_111528.jpg

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Let's get down to some more details:


1. Very tractable engine
2. Addictive Sports mode
3. Usable ADAS features
4. Suspension Tuning
5. Music system setup
6. The Kitna deti hai is really good for a 2 ton beast
7. Auto boot open and close feature
8. 360 degree camera setup is helpful and crisp
9. NVH levels in the car sound proof you from the outside world
10. The reassuring thud on door closing. Tata has put a full door rubber beadings along with suede finished cloth on the glass housing


1. The alloy design on the Safari Accomplished+ is better in my view
2. The foot gesture feature to open the boot is a hit or a miss so far
3. The bonnet is heavy and cannot be managed with a single hand. Should have come with struts, atleast for the top variant
4. Like the Safari, Harrier too should get ventilated rear seats
5. Missing blower speed for the rear vents
6. Atleast for the top variant, Tata should provide side steps as a compulsory accessory
7. Currently the boot cover has a string attached and opens on boot opening. If one wants to travel with large suitcases in vertical position, you need to take out the cover an store at home. This is tacky. They should have the retractable covers
8. While the Touch Panel is responsive and does not have a lag, in the last month, have faced the below
a. Once had to do a Forced restart as the system did not restart and it came back up.
b. Once the speed and rpm dials were stuck at 0, however the car was running in normal. Parked the car and restarted, however that did not resolve the issue. Did a forced restart to the system and all was back to normal. Seems like Tata has taken a leaf out of Windows OS. Restart to Resolve
9. Headlights need an upgrade
10. The memory seat function sometimes loses it's memory
11. During the highway trip, Adaptive Cruise Control was sometimes losing it's mind and revving upto the set speed in 3rd gear and then shifting

What were the alternatives considered

1. XUV700: Twice Nov 2021, Oct 2022 came to booking a Red XUV700 AX7L. The family simply did not like the design

2. Hycross: Almost booked at launch. During an official trip to Bangalore, got a Hycross cab from Airport and was unable to push my legs under the front seat. That was a deal breaker as my mom cannot sit with legs up

3. Q3: Great discounts. Would have almost booked it in Oct'23. Audi lost a customer due to the attitude of the Sales Advisor. He promised and never showed up, however followed up the next day asking when should I get the car

4. Tiguan: I had filled the form on the website for a Tiguan. Got a call from VW head office asking for preferred dealer. Got a dozen calls from VW dealer asking which variant of Taigun am I looking for. Everytime I told them that I enquired for a Tiguan and not a Taigun. One SA confirmed test drive on Sunday and called 30 mins before saying the car is not available. That ended the VW story

5. Seltos: Checked out the new Seltos. The disadvantage that Kia had was we saw the Seltos after seeing the Harrier, and the family simply did not like the build quality, the sound system and the interiors. Add to that the high headedness of the Kia dealer

6. Ioniq5: Dealer confirmed that it's Hyundai who deals directly with customers. Took down my details, however there was no follow-up

7. Hector: My wife's colleague bought one. My wife liked the interiors, specially the humongous Internet Inside. For me not buying an MG was both a head and heart decision. Head for it not being allowed to get funds due to govt. policies and Jindal has not yet bought a stake. Heart because it's a Chinese company

8. Compass: No ADAS meant no Compass

9. Harrier: The Shape, ADAS, Engine and TATA in a flamboyant RED sealed it for us. As I have said before. Buying a rare color ensures your car is built to order, plus in the entire assembly line, a different color cars (apart from White, Dark and Signature color) chances for QC and errors being fixed are higher.

10. Safari: Well didn't need a 7 seater.

Booking experience

Booked the car on 27th Nov, on Gurupurab day from PrathamMalik. They clearly mentioned a wait of 4-6 weeks, however with wife's birthday on Christmas, they said they would try, and did they deliver bang on the 25th of Dec. The Sales manager John even came to ensure the delivery process is smooth on Christmas day. I wouldn't rate them anything less than a 10/10 for keeping their commitment. However for the time spent on the delivery day, I would rate them a 5/10.

Theirs is fairly a new setup in this part of the city and therefore not a huge showroom, however solves the purpose.

The showroom ensured to get all invoices, forms and temp. registration within the stipulated time.

Ex-showroom: 25,89,000
Temp Registration: 3,000
Insurance: 83,000 with add-ons (They initially quoted 1,24000, however matched with outside quote)
Registration: 34,987. I opted for BH. Since Telangana does not give that option, I got it done from Nagpur
TCS: 25,890

On-road: 2,735,877

Other notable points:

Tyres: Since this is not a Dark edition, the car comes with 18 inch wheels and therefore has a good sidewall. Surely drives better than the 19 inchers. I also got Bridgestone Ecopia. The 19 inchers are MRFs.

Storage: There is no dearth of storage inside. The boot @~450 litres is good enough for a family of 4/5. Cooled storage works just fine.

Gearbox: It's tuned perfectly. You may very very slightly feel going from 2-3-4, however the 4-5-6 transition is very seamless. Overall great tuning.

Eco mode: One should not try to tame the beast. Used once and vowed never to use it again.

Braking: Excellent bite for a car of this size

What would I want TATA to improve: Well I went to the service centre for DEF refill and saw customers being turned away as they did not have prior appointment. I was surprised to see this at a Tata service centre. Tata surely needs to increase their network. They are overburdened at the moment.

Some more details with images:

All switches on all doors are illuminated

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_125253.jpg

The lit up cockpit and dashboard

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_125320.jpg

Winglets on headrests for the rear passengers

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_125644.jpg

The soft touch top part of the dashboard

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_125910.jpg

The illuminated TATA logo on the steering. Have applied Hammer Guard (like on the phone) to avoid scratches

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_125919.jpg

Helpful Puddle lamp

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_130020.jpg

Request sensors on both the front doors

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_135051_gallery.jpg

SOS call buttons beside the Sunroof button, and they work. Once I pressed it by mistake and got a call from Tata Motors in under 5 mins

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_125126.jpg

The Key. Both are of the same design

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_140516.jpg

You can only set the clock on the entire screen

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_135346_gallery.jpg

The default screen with widgets. You can change them as per need

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_140116_gallery.jpg

The Android Auto Screen with the apps

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_140245_gallery.jpg

The different JBL Modes

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_140346_gallery.jpg

JBL Modes. One can also see the air Purifier in action. Does bring the AQI down to 18. One can easily feel the difference in the air on coming out to of the car

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_140403_gallery.jpg

The Phone screen

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-screenshot_20240124_140322_gallery.jpg

Boot-space: With 1 Adult and 1 Teenage kid in it

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240124_152210.jpg

One last pic with the Rear LED in action

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20231225_1813191.jpg

At the end, would like to thank Team-BHPs review, to provide those intricate details on all the above mentioned options, which did surely help me in making a decision.
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Having been owning small cars for a couple of decades, almost all of it being city drives, maybe less than 10K in total of highways, we decided to go for a SUV.

Primary needs:
  • Comfortable long drives
  • Boot space to not worry about what we carry
  • Easier for senior citizens to do longer hours in it
  • Made in India (yes, a few of us exist)

Few things we were a bit inconclusive and swung about were:
  • 5 seater VS 7 seater
  • Used car VS New
  • Diesel VS Petrol

Test Drives:

June 2023, Mahindra: Rang up the nearby dealer for TD and they got both XUV700 and Scorpio N on different days

XUV 700: A menacing look at the front, resembling a limo. Decent interiors but almost a let down of a rear look. Suspension and ground clearance felt to be good for Bengaluru roads. Good infotainment unit with overwhelming features which I was not interested much to decide on the car. With the read backrest down, boot is as spacious as it can be.

Scorpio N: I liked this. Just looking at it and sitting in the driver seat, I said this is having a real SUV feel. Of course, this is also body-on-frame/ladder-frame chassis which makes it more off road ready than the crossover SUVs which comes in monocoque. However, this ended up being a bit compromised 5 seater and almost not usable as 7 seater and zero boot space with all seats in use. NOTE: With captain seats of middle row, it may be a different, spacious configuration. Home minister rejected the idea of captain seat because it wouldn't allow the middle seat passenger (the privileged passengers) to lean against each other or an aged person to laydown for a bit and oh, the dog. Makes sense for a family. After all, it is for them.
I also felt that the turning radius of the Scoprio-N a bit uncomfortable (wider radius) for U turns.

Let me admit, was quite impressed from the initial days when I had a second look at the Harrier, unignorable road presence. However, that cannot be all.

Jul 2023,
TD1: I found a couple of TATA dealers nearby my residence and at random went with the one who responded first, Key Motors on Bannerghatta Main Road, BLR.
They got us both Harrier and Safari on different days to try. Since we were a bit picky about boot space, we quickly decided against Safari. Otherwise, it is a good vehicle to consider.

Harrier: Liked the drive, could see a bit sluggishness than Safari but with the badly beaten up cars that are brought for TDs, it is too hard to decide based on these too. More happy of the turn radius than Scorpio.
Our personal life took a beating towards the end of the year and we put a hold to our plans as we saw no use for any SUV for time being.
...Project shelved with an eye on what was going on still with the interested models.

In the meantime we went back to some of the points we were indecisive of.

Used Cars: I personally think it makes a lot of economic sense to wait and find a good used car for the crazy amount of money you can save due to depreciation.
Decision made: No
Reason: We don't know of a good trustworthy auto technician to help choose a good one. We know the used cars market is huge and rife with a lot of cheats looking for a gullible buyer.
5 vs 7 seater: Our closer look at more vehicles (7 seaters) brought some clarity in us to just stick to 5.
  • Hard for senior citizens to crawl in/out to last row
  • Leaves it for just a couple younger ones to crawl in (and they mostly are 5"5'+ in height which makes it uncomfortable for them always)
  • With all seat in use, boot isn't enough for 6 or 7 folks to travel long distances with enough baggage
  • We did not want to use roof luggage rack
Diesel vs Petrol: Been reading a lot about Govt deciding on Diesel engines soon and it's risk, etc. However, not convinced of any SUV popular for it's Petrol variant. Revv of Diesel is real.
Decision: Will not keep this as a factor to decide.
Reason: Future is anybody's guess given less information. Betting on the auto manufacturers not making a move yet.
We were emerging out of the personal situation in Q1 2024 and revisiting the need. Noticed that by then Harrier had come up with a facelift.

TD2:March, 2024
An acquaintance referred to TATA Kropex Dealer on Hosur Rd (Electronic City). Made a visit to the dealership. Very lukewarm interaction from the manager in spite of the referral connection. The boy who got the TD arranged and accompanied was a lot more enthusiastic than his boss, even followed up later better.
The facelift definitely seemed to have gone through a big change in infotainment and display units like having maps displayed directly on the primary dash panel behind the wheel and leaving the larger display for others to deal with ever changing moods for music, AC control, etc
Wish there was a choice of headlamps, as I am not still not a fan of LED lights. I see it more blinding than illuminating, but not everything comes with an option.

So what did we decide ?

Easy guess, went with TATA Harrier FEARLESS AT. Placed our order with Key Motors giving the advantage for at least being in touch and responsive. A bit better than Kropex who almost didn't bother about our business.
As I type this down, I realize that there probably is a big confirmation bias at play. Yet, quite happy with the decision and hope there is nothing that will make us regret

Good and bad about a fast moving model is that you can expect/hope(given TATA) for better service support given many on road. Down side is that they are not open for much negotiation with pricing. Almost take-it or leave-it attitude and they openly say that the demand is such that we really don't need to add sweeteners to attract buyers for these.

PDI - Thanks to Team-BHP forums, was insistent of doing a PDI. A bit disappointed that the dealer made us drive a good 50 Kms round trip through toll highway with them in our (other) car to do the PDI. It is something that they must be offering to do. Never the less, was satisfied with the one that was awaiting to be registered for us with no visible damages or misfits. It had done just 10 Kms on the ODO during PDI.

NOTE: In spite of the PDI, I found a couple of not so major issues post delivery as we used the car. Things that could've been caught during PDI

1. A tear in the seat cover notice only after a couple of weeks when the plastic covers were removed - claimed for warranty in first service, awaiting response
2. One of the door lights not turning ON - fixed in first service
3. Wide gap in the plastic panel of the boot - fixed in first service

Loan: I wanted to go for a bank loan for some part of the payment. The dealer arranged for it with their next door SBI branch. Fairly simple process with standard documentation you can expect of ID, Address and income proof. What made me feel like 1980s was them asking for passport size photos. I don't know when I got that done in a Photo studio the last time. Me questioning the manager of why they still don't have an online photo capture tool as part of their system was of no use. Got the standard, 'It is still not implemented in our branch' response.

Insurance: As warned by well wishers, the insurance premium offered by the dealer was high. Since I knew about it, I got an external quote from same insurer (TATA AIG) which was 10K less and showed to the dealer's tie-up. No question asked, they matched the quote. Make sure you do this step. I did not go with the external agent though I felt bad about it because if we do so, I believe the dealer will try to walk away in case you need to invoke your insurance anytime.

Accessories: Hardly much choice as this version is almost fully loaded except to choose the type of mats, window visors and side-step. Went for these 3 with the dealer. Disappointing that boot mat for this new edition is still not available even with the dealers and the inner boot-lid that comes stock is too basic and flimsy.

(Later, after a lot of online research I found a boot mat in Amazon that fits perfectly for this version. Remember, the contour of the boot varies by different versions so need to be careful if you are specific of a good fit. What I finally purchased fits perfect for this version, looks good and seems to live for a while, let's see: )

It took a couple of days for the dealer to go back and forth to co-ordinate the accessory fitting and getting the car ready for delivery from their yard to the show room. I decided to get my ceramic and PPF coating done with some external party (details will be a different post).

Registration: I had no preference for a lucky/fancy number plate OR RTO so I asked them to get it done asap with least ('other')cost.

Delivery: I had to do a bit of follow-up and nudge to roll out the car over the weekend as I had plans to travel for over a week the same weekend. Cannot complain, it was about 24 Hrs since I got the SMS from vaahan web-site about my registration that they were able to deliver. I was told that the HSRP number plates get done by RTO's registered vendors and it needs to get delivered on time.

It was finally the moment to receive the keys (from KEY Motors) and thankfully it was a quick simple event they made it to be. Sign a few papers, get a few snaps clicked of unveiling the car and a nice cake to cut as a family. I had got a box of sweets to be distributed to them. Straight we drove to a near by temple where we got a simple pooja done before we directly ventured into the maddening Saturday 7 p.m. Bengaluru traffic. The ODO when we received was 50 Kms, which is fair. The vehicle had fuel left for just 50 Kms upon delivery so second stop was a bunk for just 10 Ltrs fill for now. It was a crazy 2 Hrs for 25 Kms drive with all new controls in bumper all around traffic. Good experience, unscathed we made the trip and back home by late night, safe.

DashCam: Within a week, while the car was out for detailing, I also picked up a dashcam to be fitted before I start driving it around. Given all things we see get to see in social media and the news, better safe than sorry, it is worth an investment to go for a dashcam. After some good research, I purchased VIOFO A229, 2 Channel from Amazon.

Driving experience: Done 1200 Kms in 2 months mostly on Bangalore-Mysore Expressway, averaging 17 kmpl (with AC always ON). I am just loving it. The engine really wakes up only at 5th and 6th gear and sails the boat smooth even at 125 kmph. Huge difference in what you will feel within the city at < 50 kmph and highway > 80 kmph. Mostly a couple or solo in the vehicle so far and I don't remember of experiencing any body roll, sure the specific highway is pretty much a straight line. Will need more miles and different terrain, especially ghat hair pins to check that out.

A/C is satisfactory, again given our weather, the AC is just needed to keep the window glass rolled up to avoid dust. Haven't yet tried in hot-hot weather.

Happy about the breaking, had to break hard on the highway while at over 110 kmph to avoid a few idiots mindlessly zipping through lanes and I never felt like losing control anytime.

Looking forward to do more multi-hour long drives to test the mettle of both the driver and driven to report back.
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

Originally Posted by nadodi View Post
Easy guess, went with TATA Harrier FEARLESS AT.
Heartiest congratulations on owning the Harrier.

That stance gives the real gangsta look. I am sure it is making many a heads turn.

Happy mile crunching.
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

Congratulations! Fearless looks indeed fearless, wish you happy miles ahead.
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

A front closeup taken early in the morning

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review-20240323_060844.jpg
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

Originally Posted by nadodi View Post
Easy guess, went with TATA Harrier FEARLESS AT.
Hearty Congratulations and wish you miles of happiness.

Based on mileage you have covered so far, how is the drive over expansion joins, rumbler strips etc? Is it unsettling at typical city speeds?

Would you also be able to comment on comfort of back seat recline angle(from family members POV), specifically on slightly longer drives like Blore-Mysore
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

Many congratulations on your purchase.
Basically it’s a Range Rover in Indian Avatar if you ask me as it’s built on Omega platform shared with TML.

This is a good product from Tata along with the Safari.

Can you pl elaborate the experience of dashcam installation ( considering you fixed it from outside agency). Was it just plug and play?

Also how is the music system quality ?

Wishing you hundreds of thousands of miles of driving pleasure.

Keep posting / updating the thread for all of us here.

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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

Congratulations to nadodi & gauravdgr8. Great to see the Harrier thread finally becoming active.

Our Harrier has done about 14000 kms in about 8-9 months. Will post my thoughts after the 15K service.
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

Originally Posted by gauravdgr8 View Post
9. Harrier: The Shape, ADAS, Engine and TATA in a flamboyant RED sealed it for us. As I have said before. Buying a rare color ensures your car is built to order, plus in the entire assembly line, a different color cars (apart from White, Dark and Signature color) chances for QC and errors being fixed are higher.
Ah yes, the generation old strategy of chosing a less common colour and assuming that the guy putting the car together would have his eyes lit up in AW and would grab his tool kit and get on with your car specifically to make sure everything were perfect because he got so bored of blacks and browns and #dark.

PS. Congratulations on the car!
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

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Of course, this is also body-on-frame/ladder-frame chassis which makes it more off road ready than the crossover SUVs which comes in monocoque.
I have always wondered why a body on frame is better suited for offroading than a monocoque. Researched a bit, asked chatgpt even. But nothing seems to clearly suggest why Body on frame is better than monocoque. Atleast by a substantial margin. Can any Gurus explain in simple terms the difference, why people prefer Body on Frame.
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Re: 2023 Tata Harrier Facelift Review

It looks like TATA provided some kind of discount for the Harrier and Safari. I am unsure about the exact details. This was in Bangalore.

I posted here thinking it may help someone enquire more about this.

In general, what are the recurring costs and how much approximately?
1. Service cost - I know the first few are free, after that? What are the mandatory things to be done and cost for each service?
2. Which parts get worn out the most?
3. Insurance cost year-on-year.
4. Anything else from an ownership view that a new buyer should know?

It is easy to buy one, but maintenance should not be the major project in life after buying one.

I was looking for these details, maybe someone posted and I missed it. Please provide the link, will read it.

Thank you.

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