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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Any comparison between the 2 petrol engine variants available anywhere? In terms of city drivability, real world mileage, reliability of the technology and repair cost if something happens.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by condor View Post
Isnt the Petrol AX7 a TC auto compared the Sonet's DCT - a relatively more reliable AT box ?

Note - We have had a TC for a long time, but not a DCT
I agree. But I have not read of a Sonet DCT failure even once in this forum. Seems that Koreans have mastered the DCT wrt reliability?

For reference (Has the DCT improved in 3 years? Comparing 2021 i20 N Line DCT with 2024 Seltos DCT)
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by Bhokal View Post
No it is not. It is still one chink in its armour in an otherwise brilliant package. Watch this video review (5:09 onwards) -
One more video showcasing boot space.
Shouldn't be a deal breaker vs Nexon.
Overall, the 3X0 is pretty good.

Why don't they can bring out 4X0 Coupe with larger boot and bump price by 1 lakh. Create another sub segment.

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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Mahindra XUV 3XO bookings to open on 15th May.

2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review-smartselect_20240507194957_x.jpg
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by Venkatesh View Post
Mahindra XUV 3XO bookings to open on 15th May.
As if Mr. Mahindra doesn't know that his unscruplous dealers are already taking unofficial bookings on Cheque at dealer level since last one week.

And on 15th it will be announced that 3XO has waiting period of 9 months.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
and failed miserably in the rear bench and the puny boot. Was the rear seating further compromised?
Uhm, the 300 has the best in segment rear bench with excellent leg space (can easily seat 6í tall folks in front and back) and wide enough to accommodate 3 adults abreast. I can attest to this as I own a 300. The only nitpick would be that the under thigh support could be better but it is great for average Indian height anyway.

A bit confused why you think the 300 failed miserably on this aspect? Specifically asking about the rear bench space and not the boot, which is definitely one of its few sore points.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
The XUV 300 was a pocket rocket and failed miserably in the rear bench and the puny boot. If the dimension of the 3XO is same as 300 then how was the boot increased 1.5 times, where did that space come from ? Was the rear seating further compromised? If the dimensions have changed/increased for 3XO, will the previous 5 star safety rating still apply for the new model?

I kind of liked the Deep Forest color added, gives a nice twist to the usual boring colors.
I am 99% certain that you have never sat in the rear seat of an XUV300. The only thing accurate about this comment is that the XUV 300 was a pocket rocket.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Visited the showroom again for a TD this time. Seems the AX5 variant with MT on display has now been turned into a test drive vehicle. But thanks to that saw the new deep blue coloured version which is now the display vehicle.

2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review-img_9284.jpg

2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review-img_9285.jpg

2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review-img_9286.jpg

It is quite eye-catching to be sure. The paint quality and fit and finish are very good.

And as someone who has always liked the looks of the facelift, the dark colour made is more luxurious looking in my eyes. Another aspect that I could finally articulate is that is has a certain 'muscle car' vibe - maybe because of the bonnet creases and lines, or the almost 'snout' like length of it compared to the car. The older 300 has a more 'docile' look if I may say so. This one looks more eager to jump!

And now to the TD.

Took it over their designated route, but since I've been doing this for a while with all their models, told the SA I would want to take a slightly more circuitous route, since my primary run will be in the cratered roads of Mumbai and I wanted to test the suspension and the ride quality. Having driven the old XUV300, there was a stiffness to it, potholes used to filter into the cabin at low speeds (maybe also because of the TPMS not working in the hire car I had, and the old TD 300s being overinflated as most showrooms do) So while the ride quality was acceptable, I and my wife have been spoiled by the Duster and we never really warmed up to the 300.

I was driving the petrol AX5 - but MT, which I actually love. Never been able to like an AT other than - strangely - the one in the Jimny (!) so no issues with that. It wasn't peak traffic but it was traffic alright. The gear box was absolutely smooth, the throws perfect, slotting was sure and precise. Clutch was light and easy and once I got the hang of it, the engine was good enough for me, despite being the lower power output unit.

But. The. Ride. Quality.

I don't know what these guys have done but it is outstanding. They've softened it for sure, but that sideways movement on our moon craters that made me feel like the TD Kushaq I was driving will almost topple, and the Elevate feel like a ship on stormy seas - it was almost not there!

I made it a point to go over bad roads (which are pretty much all around), craters, speed breakers - and at city speeds I can safely say, the ride quality was *almost* as good as the Duster. Please keep in mind I sold off my Duster in 2021, so I've not driven a car in the last 3-odd years and I only have a vague recollection of the magic-carpet-ride like feel of the Duster. But man, this surely reminded me of that. Probably one of the most comfortable compact SUVs I've driven. The only car that has a slightly better ride was, bizarrely, the Jimny. My wife initially sat in the back seat to check it for how bouncy it is - she was mighty impressed. Didn't feel unsettled at all, not even when I took it down a lane where they had dug up the road and literally left 10" gaps between the concrete.

She was more impressed by how much space there was in the back seat. She said it was like she was lounging in a house - and she's not short, she is 5.9. When I sat in the back post the TD, there really is massive space in the back seat. I have no idea why some people have said they found it small earlier - even the 300 had a big and luxurious back seat, but the cushioning on this version is so much better, even better than the Nexon facelift, which was not comfy at all for the two of us since we're both quite tall.

The soft touch materials on the door rails at the driver's side and the driver's arm rest both really helped make it feel more luxurious to drive. I think the ergonomics for me on the 3XO are spot on. And even the seats are perfectly contoured and cushioned. Like I've mentioned I'm 6.2 and I'm quite heavily built but they felt really comfortable to sit in, the lumbar support also wonderful.

Thanks to the time of day and the fact that there was line for TDs, we couldn't do a very long one, but wherever I could get a little empty space, the car was very eager to run when I pressed the accelerator. For most people the AX5 engine tune will be more than enough. Found a route with a small incline and some winding roads and the car was roaring through it, but then even the earlier 300 was a great car to drive w.r.t power. They've just made it really, really luxurious now on the inside.

The AX5 has a wireless charging pad for the phone which was nice. There is cruise control, and the lovely looking Adrenox head unit and the digital display which seemed fine in visibility despite the TD being in harsh noon sunlight. It has dual zone climate control and in the heat the TD vehicle had it at 18C which we had to push up to 20C, it got so cold!

I played with the music system a little - so even with 4 speakers the sound quality is OK, not great. But then I feel that can be after-marketed if needed, or then as someone who loves his music, I prefer to spend money on things in my house/on headphones/speakers than in a car that I spend lesser time in and can't control the acoustics and damping of beyond a certain point.

I prefer the smaller 'moon roof' since when we opened it for a while, the heat almost killed us, so the panoramic would be murderous in this weather. Frankly, the sun-roof craze has never really appealed to us but since the variant doesn't come without one, the smaller one in the AX5 is good enough.

The steering was light, good to hold, the car responded to it well, though it was not as great at the Kushaq. The horn is good.

My biggest gripe with it - no dead pedal in the MT! That was the one thing I had hoped would be in every car now. Not only is there no dead pedal, there is almost no space on the side to rest your left foot. And I have flipper feet, with size 13 shoes! So that's a BIG miss. My calves were crying already.

The seating position is quite high and the angle of view is good. Is it, like they claim, exactly like the XUV700 - I don't think so. I climbed into a display 700 right across the room to see. But it's quite close, no complaints. You sit quite high up and on the TD route we passed a few Kushaqs and it felt like we were sitting a good foot above them on the road!

For me a car has to be comfortable in getting me from place A to B, big enough for luggage and if people are to be accommodated, the AC should work and the ride quality has to be good. The AX5 ticks all the boxes on that.

If anyone is looking at the 3XO, I think just the ride quality might be more than enough to convince them IMO. Very, very impressive.

2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review-img_9288.jpg
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

M&M is managing the press release and new drops very well. Recent article in Autocar India details how M&M is offering tech(digital and mechanical) in 3X0 from XUV700 and Scorpio-N. This should confidence to people who are considering the car to know that M&M has actually spent serious efforts and money to develop the car and its not just a facelift. Another good thing in that article is that M&M has mentioned that body is still same as 300, but they have used plastics etc. differently. This must have helped them to keep their development cost low and also for the company to recover/make most of it's investment in original 300 platform.

This is the Autocar article that I was referring to
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

This is finally a hatchback I can get behind! The suspension is the right levels of stiff (I generally like my suspension as firm as I can get). The engine has superb mid-range. This car punches through like a bullet!

But I did experience some substantial throttle lag. In both manual and automatic versions of the tGDi, I floored the throttle pedal and had to wait a noticeable time before the car reacted. Did anyone else notice this? Is this engine characteristics at play or perhaps the throttle calibration is off (being ride-by-wire)? When I tested the diesel manual later, I noticed this again. I remember the XUV300 being very eager and responsive in the diesel form atleast. Brakes were top notch and stopped on a dime. The mushy feel was all but gone.

Space inside for tall adults is superb! I finally found a sub-4m car I didn't have to contort my 6'3'' frame into. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for seat ergonomics. I have an abnormally large inseam and find almost every seat too low for my liking. This was no different.

The touchscreen was impressive and was easy to operate at standstill. I don't use the infotainment on my car at all, so music and maps are useless features to me. Thank god they didn't integrate key functions into this like some other manufacturers do. I find it infuriating to look at screens while on the move. We don't need anymore distractions on our already dangerous roads.

The looks are definitely subjective. I found the front and rear rework impressive. The side profile still looks a bit abrupt unfortunately. But you'll probably forget it all when you get in and drive around. Such a pleasurable little machine! If Mahindra offers it without that pesky sunroof, I will definitely put my name and money down for one. Sunroofs make lesser and lesser sense as the days go by and the country heats up. With summer temps hitting 40 C even in places like Jammu, it will be very difficult to actually live with the sunroofs in the near future.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by SoumenD View Post
Yet to go through the entire review but wanted to share one feedback:

Please don't miss the pros & cons list right at the start. It helps set a nice context.
Originally Posted by amol4184 View Post
Where are my "pros" and "cons"? I read only that for reviews of cars for which I have no interest. Granted there is a link to old review but I think having those mentioned for all reviews is a good idea.
Thanks for the feedback!

Pros and Cons have been added to the opening post (Click here).
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

New XUV 3XO based XUV400 EV variants

New homologation documents filed by India’s de facto SUV manufacturer, Mahindra, sparks a few interesting questions. The company is on the verge of launching a new trim lineup for its electric offering, XUV400. Currently, we only have two trim levels – EC Pro and EL Pro. These will be replaced with a newer trim hierarchy.

2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review-2024mahindraxuv400evfaceliftlaunchvariantshomologtedleak1008x1125.jpg
In effect, EC will get L, L(O) and LL variants, while EL will get LL(O), LH, LH(O), PH and PH(O). Mahindra XUV400 EC L is the base variant, whereas EL PH(O) seems to be top-spec variant. Dimensions remain the same as current model. Launch timeline for the new trim hierarchy is not known yet.

Where design is concerned, Mahindra XUV400 facelift will be almost identical to XUV 3XO, only slightly longer and a lot more proportionate.

Powertrains-wise, Mahindra XUV400 facelift gets around the same 34.5 kWh and 39.4 kWh batteries as before. There seems to be a sole 150 PS electric motor. Smaller 34.5 kWh battery is sourced from LG Chem, while larger 39.4 kWh battery has two sources, one being LG Chem and the other is Farasis.

Interestingly, Mahindra is retaining XUV400 name and not replacing it with XUV 4XO as they did with XUV300. That’s because Mahindra doesn’t have XUV 4XO trademark. The new naming scheme only has odd numbers in them (XUV 5XO and XUV 7XO) and XUV400 is not one of them. Expect XUV700 facelift to be named XUV 7XO.

Source - Rushlane

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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by fazalmirza View Post
Why don't they can bring out 4X0 Coupe with larger boot and bump price by 1 lakh. Create another sub segment.
This is a sub 4m car which enjoys 29% tax. If they lengthen this car by even 1cm, this will be subjected to 43% tax.

The tax increase alone on a 19L car (AX7L) would be around 3 lakhs, then add the cost of extra size and equipment as well and you can expect the top model to be 4L more.

Thatís why the sub 4m segment exists in India and India alone. These cars exist because our tax structure unreasonably punishes reasonably sized cars.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Originally Posted by vaibhav_one View Post

Am now confused whether to go for XUV 3xo MX2 Pro AT or Brezza VXI AT (relative cost between the two not being a factor). For a new driver with 95% running in Delhi NCR itself, the NA engine of the Brezza with linear power delivery looks like a better option on paper. Plan is to keep the car for more than 10 years.

Request thoughts and advice of esteemed members.
For senior citizen parents and a long term ownership, I would suggest to get the Brezza. Fill it, shut it and forget it nature would be very easy to live with for your parents.
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Re: 2024 Mahindra XUV 3XO Review

Having an XUV300 owner in the family that has driven almost 50000km in the last 4 years, its a great VFM car in the diesel manual powertrain spec.

The build quality is great, ride quality is good and NVH is decent. What catches my goat though is the design department. The exterior of the old one has grown on me. I am afraid that can't be said for the facelift though.

But one change that is better is the AC buttons layout in the W8. It is such a mess! Having the tiniest and sleekiest button for adjusting temperature is a not intuitive when it comes to automotive HMI (Human Machine Interface). You simply have to spend a second or two searching for the button on the side of the big rotary knob! As someone who uses the Auto mode, I find it very annoying and distracting when driving. Glad to see that changed in the facelift.

Name:  XUV300.PNG
Views: 812
Size:  499.3 KB

The button space looks big but only the red lines are clickable elements making it hard to locate without taking eyes off the road.

But there is still some quirkiness as both the knobs seems to control temperature (for dual climate zone, which I guess is very rarely used!) and a press type button to adjust fan will not do much good. Hopefully lower variants have sensible HMIs.

As someone who really admires M&M for all the engineering effort they put into their cars to compete with global players, the design team needs to learn a thing or two about minimalism. Right from naming the car (XUVspace3X0) to all the frivolous design elements, there is still a huge scope to get the basics right IMHO.

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