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Default Re: Fiat Grande Punto : Test Drive & Review

I went to PPS Jeep on Hosur Road for my service at 152k, the last one was at Vecto before they shut shop. The service was expensive as most authorised centres go but the train wreck was with the interior cleaning. I was charged around 2k (opted for it) , they broke the parcel shelf string on one side and scrubbed the leather with some acid that wrecked the feel of the leather, this, after nine years. It feels like I paid for vandalism.

Concorde and Vecto were much better in that never did any damage occur with either of them. I can't imagine compass owners having their new and much more expensive cars being treated like this. Overall, a good motivation to plan for a new car, this kind of service doesn't inspire much confidence.
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Default Re: Fiat Grande Punto : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by avira_tk View Post
Overall, a good motivation to plan for a new car, this kind of service doesn't inspire much confidence.
Just shift to a friendly neighborhood workshop?

I'm actually wondering why I didn't do it myself earlier - had good experiences with both Pride Cars and Kriti Car Care.
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Default Re: Fiat Grande Punto : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post
I'm running a similar setup using Sinolyn projectors (Aliexpress). Initially I used to have white-ish lights (closed to 6000K), but later swapped out to Osram XENRAC 4300K bulbs and ballasts sourced locally (from India).
HID Projector fog lights.
Completed this project on the brother's Punto EVO 90 HP diesel (in the impressive Rosso Corsa Red of course) yesterday. The image where you have removed the fog-light shroud panel helped in quickly undoing the clips without much fiddling. Thanks!
Some observations -
  1. The Punto's engine bay is nice to work in. Well put together. The car doesn't show age anywhere at all. It just doesn't age at all in fact. Just like the exterior timeless design.
  2. Accessibility is quite good.
  3. The only tricky bit was finding nearby grounding bolts in the body to connect the limited length ground wires from the ballasts / projector solenoids. Had to patch the projector wires a bit longer using Polycabs.
  4. High beam implementation was extremely convenient. Unlike most Marutis, the car runs on negative-earth (like Tata, Mahindra and other European cars.) & the fuses don't stay powered unless the car is in ignition. So the high beam was a 1 minute installation with tap into the high beam fuse in the engine bay fuse box.
  5. Like Honda City - the Punto's stock fog lamps are 55W H11 halogens and wiring is good. So in theory they could have directly powered the HID fog lights also. However - to avoid flicker during other load conditions (loud music etc.) via BCM, I implemented it with the separate H4 harness anyway. Safety coming with that is useful too.
  6. Hooked up the relay harness to LHS stock fog light socket. So the OEM fog light switch in the dash board works fine.
  7. The stock lighting is really poor on Punto Evo I must say. Saying low-beams are inadequate in rains on our unlit highways is an understatement. And when on high beams as a last resort - there is a large dark spot from bonnet to about 50 meters where there's no illumination.

Result is as expected, fantastic with 4300K CrystalEye HIDs in IPHCar projectors. When we took the car out for a spin, upon switching the fog lights off - bro thought all lights went out & we couldn't realize that the primary head-lamps were even on. They feel so dim now that they are barely recognizable. He was further flabbergasted to imagine that he was driving with just those candles all these years. We noticed that the RHS cut-off is a few inches lower than LHS when out on the street. So we'll align it next weekend. That's just a 5 minute job of adding a pair of washers under the lower 2 holes of the mounting brackets on RHS.

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Default Re: Fiat Grande Punto : Test Drive & Review

Crossposting from User car price check thread.

Fiat Punto Pure Diesel(old body style)
2019 registered.
22k Kms done

What would be a good buying price for the the same? The car i am looking at is quoted 3.6L. Its dealer listed.

Additionally would like to know if it came with abs.
How much would it cost to fit a central locking system and upgrade tyres to 15inch 195 on linea's steal rims.

It is going to be a lateral upgrade to Figo 1.2 2011 zxi variant with 60k on the odo. Im the 2nd owner. What kind of resale do i expect on it? Looking for an cost effective upgrade on a 10 year old car as my running is low.
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