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Old 21st December 2009, 19:00   #196
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The Matiz and Spark never had great boot space. The Beat continues the tradition I guess!!

GTO, would the car appeal to the fairer sex? I know a lot of women who bought the Matiz because of its looks (at that time, compared to a staid Santro)
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Old 21st December 2009, 21:00   #197
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Yes Spark's boot space is less, after fittong MDF tray at rear there is nothithing much I can keep

csentil:- According to me Beat may not appeal to the fairer sex, I already have 2 examples got -ve feedback when I suggested this car :-)))
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Old 21st December 2009, 21:09   #198
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Nice report, GTO! Had a busy week and got to see this just now.

I was a little perplexed when I saw the pic of the rear door handle---I wasn't sure what it was till I read the entire thread. Initially I thought it was a handle for cyclists to cling on to, when they are lazy to pedal

With each new car being launched, I must confess that it must be quite confusing for a prospective buyer with a budget under 5 to 6 lacs!!! There are some sedans too available at that price, which might add to the confusion!!
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Old 23rd December 2009, 12:04   #199
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GTO what an awesome writeup, every time i read your reviews i dont feel like buying Auto magazines, kudos..

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Old 23rd December 2009, 15:02   #200
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Originally Posted by Latheesh View Post
csentil:- According to me Beat may not appeal to the fairer sex, I already have 2 examples got -ve feedback when I suggested this car :-)))
my exact thoughts. matiz and Spark, zen (not because i own one ) are the cute cars on road. The big chevrolet symbol infront give it a bold mean machine kind of looks (like Cruze) rather than cute look preferred by women.

any other cars on road which look cute?

may be F-500, Beetle, Cooper but they arent affordable easily

The car manufactureres should release pink colored cars to attarct women buyers

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Old 24th December 2009, 14:42   #201
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Beat seems to be a good car but the small sized boot can be a problem in this category.

A-star also has a small boot which resulted in poor sales figure. Looks like India wants to carry lot of luggage along with it while traveling.

FE figures seem to be impressive but we have to wait for unbiased owner’s feedback.

GM limited dealership and service network can be an impediment in its sales.

Upcoming competition like Figo , upgraded Swift & Polo will also pose a significant challenge to its growth.
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Old 24th December 2009, 18:47   #202
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Would agree to your views and thoughts on the Beat. Your review needless to be said has been one of the best, descriptive and fair review. Would like to see how this fares against Swift, Ritz, I10 and the to be launched Ford Figo, VW Polo & Nissan Micra.
Please do keep up the good work and being true to the car's character.
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Old 24th December 2009, 20:15   #203
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Did anyone see the New Beat Add on T.V , very impressive i must say, whats your take fellow members on this !
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Old 25th December 2009, 21:10   #204
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would be good if you could post a youtube video embedded or linked for this commercial , especially for the international readers.
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Old 26th December 2009, 12:31   #205
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Excellent review GTO, as per your writeup I like the car most.
I haven't gone for the whole threads but simply want to ask one question
Should anyone buy Chevy Beat over the Maruti Ritz??
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Old 26th December 2009, 16:15   #206
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Default BEAT beats the i10

In the latest issuse of ACI (January 2010 issue),they have road tested the Beat as well as compared it with the i10.
The magazine gives 9 points out of 10 to the Beat in the road test,
While in the comparison with the i10, it mentions that the Beat,which has a fresh design and good build, rides beter than the i10.Regarding the price, their estimate is 4.30L ex-showroom Delhi for the top end LT variant, which is 40,000/- less than the similarly speced i10.The stunning design, good ride, silent engine ( at lower torques),good over all package along with excellent value for money makes the Beat the choice of the magazine , over the i10.
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Old 27th December 2009, 01:57   #207
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Great review and it sure looks like a funky little car. It would be a great 3rd or 2nd car and seems ideal for a city ride. It's a shame about the lack of keyless entry, audio mounted controls and the sad little tires. And which genius thought of a mini-USB port? What am I supposed to do - find my ancient MD player and hook it up? I bet some geeky engineer actually thought it was a differentiator - but who would approve a non-standard port? But a minor quibble really. The 3 year Chevy promise will sound alluring to a bunch of potential buyer - youngish families or families looking at a low maintenance 3rd car. I am not so enamored by the idea of calling it a Korean car. I wonder what to make of Suzuki - owned by the Japanese, Indian shareholders, GM and VW too? The lines are blurring.
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Old 27th December 2009, 13:11   #208
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The Beat has been released with the name of Spark in Germany---saw the pics on DW TV's Sunday serial named 'Drive It'. (A couple of weeks ago, they showed the Spark that runs in Europe with the name of Matiz).

Confusing names, eh?

In Europe there are 2 versions of the Beat/ Spark---one with a 1.2 litre engine, and the other with a 1.4 litre engine. The review was positive---it also said that it got a 4-star NCAP rating, and narrowly missed the 5-star rating.
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Old 27th December 2009, 17:43   #209
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Super Review GTO !!! Its just what a potential buyer would need to know. Keep the good work going.
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Old 27th December 2009, 20:30   #210
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Refreshing...after reading the all the reviews in the automags T-BHP review gives a real practical view.

I am still waiting for pictures which show the right proportions, in most of the pictures the front look very agressive. The rear door opening is going to be getting used. Chevy 'Beat' will add one more option for the buyers in this segment.
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