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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by jeganatu View Post

I thought of only replacing the hoses that runs the coolant system and keep topping the coolant as usual. Is this fine? What is your take on this?
The problem is that if you try to replace the hoses the metal part (case of water pump) will snap. That's why service centers are replacing all the affected parts. In reality changing the water pump case (main hose and 2 other originates from here) along with hoses will solve the issue. You need to find an expert mechanic. Child parts are easily available. Drain the coolant into a 2L cola bottle which can save you 1.7 L coolant cost post repair.

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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review

I also have changed my water pump over a year ago. The cost was definitely under 10k for parts, labour and coolant. I think you should go for it from an FNG if you know a good one.
I have also changed the coolant water jacket elbow a couple of years ago as it had completely rusted through and was leaking coolant. Get that inspected as well and replace if necessary. It's location is at the back of the engine towards the top and on the driver's side.
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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review

I received a message from Chevrolet today about a product recall. I don't know for which model it is, but I owned a Beat, hence posting it here. Hope this helps existing owners.
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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review

Hi folks,

I am planning to buy a used hatchback to avoid both bike and cabs during the corona winters. Budget is not a big issue but given that I didn't have time to plan/think I am looking for something in the range of 1-2L or slightly higher. Compared to its peers Beat seems to have better specs (age/mileage) for the same price range. For example it seems possible to find a decent 2015 petrol <30k km mileage for 1.5-1.6L. The only concern seems to be the availability of parts/service. I know you guys must be fed up with this question by now so I'll be very specific.

I am based in Gurgaon and will be using the vehicle solely in Gurgaon and occasionally Delhi. So my questions are:

1. Are ORIGINAL/GENUINE parts available in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR?
2. Are authorised Chevrolet service centers operational in Gurgaon? If yes are they good?
3. If not does anyone know any trustworthy local mechanic based in Gurgaon who I can trust blindly? I'll be very busy next few months so if I run into car troubles immediately after buying I won't have much time to research stuff out myself so if there are any reliable honest mechanics I could trust that'd make it much easier for me to go for Beat.
3.5 Does anyone know any good competent mechanics in Gurgaon who I can take with me to inspect the vehicles I shortlist? I'll be happy to pay whatever their charges.

Thank*you for your patience if you've read so far!
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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review

Chevrolet India has recently announced part re-call for Beat cars manufactured from 2010 to 2013 (not sure) via customer email and through its service partners. I received an email late September, but some how my email went to spam and got deleted. However, one can track theirs using the Chevrolet website.

Attaching screenshot of mine.

(The display says "VIN:MA6BF482MAT038082 LAST UPDATE: Nov 19, 2020 There are no recalls currently associated with your vehicle"

The notes contain this,
1 If you have been separately advised that your vehicle has been involved in a recently announced recall, and you have been shown a green icon, we recommend you contact your dealer directly. In the event of recall, Chevrolet will work to quickly

identify all affected vehicles and notify our customers directly. In addition, affected vehicle VIN’s will be loaded onto this site, however this process can take several days and in rare cases it may take longer. )

Yesterday, I have asked my service advisor to check and revert, no news from him yet. Did any one of you got such emails or calls?

Attaching the screen shot.
Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-jazz.jpg

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