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Old 27th February 2010, 02:43   #31
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Great comprehensive review guys. Was waiting for a review as the santro A/T needs a repacement in my garage. No thanks, ill wait for the Figo.

Surely they are not thinking of an autobox on these engines.
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Old 27th February 2010, 02:45   #32
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Guys, superb writeup and stunning pics! Was glued to my seat till the end (had to leave office 1/2 hour ago!)

I guess petrol is the one for city driving. Diesel looks like it would make a great touring car with an economical engine coupled with great high-speed poise.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
• VW’s market blitzkrieg included the tagline “Das Auto”. In my opinion, this is the worst tagline to use for a mass market like India. Sure, “Das Auto” means “The Car”, but just how many people know that? Its silly to use a foreign language in your punchline for a market of 1.2 Billion people. A market with nearly 350 spoken languages at that.
Heh..Heh! Anybody remember Chevy Nova story?
'Das Auto' is what you see outside the railway station. (10 autorickshaws)

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

• There are 40 VW dealers in India as of today. While VW is of the opinion that this is enough to sell & service the Polo, I have to disagree. The Polo will need a substantially stronger dealer network to succeed.
I think its their policy is to let initial dealers get a good chunk of sales(revenue) before they offer more dealerships. Honda did the same. I remember when we got our OHC in 2001. With only one dealer in town, we were totally under his mercy. No competetion + heavy workload=Poor service.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
• With the Polo now on sale, and being a far more contemporary product, the failing Fabia is almost a writeoff.
Only redeeming fact is that the Fabia has a more roomy back seat (longer and taller vehicle) and a more torquey HTP petrol. But still not worth the ~1 lakh premium.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
• Air-con controls feel rather entry grade. No climate control even on the top end.
Screams supercheap even in the pics. They could have at least given it a contemporary rubberised cylindrical knob.

Steering is a disappointment! PQ35 actually has EHPS. (electro-hydraulic power steering) which is supposed to give the feel of an HPS with the FE of an EPS.

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GTO/Rehaan, an excellent review, but I too felt something missing in the review and a finishing line, may be the engine is not good enough for an "exciting" finish,

Few questions

1. Is there any difference in MID between versions? brochure says Highline has open door warning light, anything else?

2. Is there any way to overcome the issue with door locking mechanism? Any aftermarket solution?

3. Nothing was mentioned about the quality of ICE.

4.Did VW mention about the warrany period? any extended warranty offered?

5.Was there any info on spare part cost/ cost of ownership, Figo is promoting lot of this.

6. What sort of fuel consumption the MID was showing during test drive?

7. How was the quality of seat cover on Trendline?

8.Any info on quality of headlights?

9.Brochure mentions about green tinted glass on all varients, will a sunfilm required?

10. And finally a quick comparison with i20

And once again zillion thanks for all your effort and time. Proud to be part of the "Team-BHP"
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Old 27th February 2010, 02:51   #34
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Fantastic review, guys - thanks!

I really love the polo to bits, and if and when (hopefully soon!) we get a hatch in India it'll be the polo, straight from the heart - three pot engine be damned!
And yes, I'll get the neat european headlights ASAP!

Hopefully they'll have a 1.6 on offer soon (Chennai dealer confirms it'll be out, albeit at a later point in time) or a meaty 1.2 TSi! Weren't they going to bring the 1.2 for the Yeti? Maybe it'll find it's way into the polo soon!

@Smartcat: Even I have a feeling the Polo may go the Palio way. I guess nothing can defeat maruti in India

One question GTO, in start-stop traffic, does the engine (petrol especially) have enough grunt to pull from idle? I mean, can I just nudge the car forward at 0 kmph speeds with just the clutch? I hope I make sense!

One more: Is the optional navigation unit inbuilt to the dash or a handheld unit?


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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Figo diesel, in my books, is the best VFM hatchback out there. It's an absolute all-rounder. The Polo diesel simply cannot match the sheer refinement & driveability of that 1.4 TDCi. However, it's a tough call between the petrol Polo & Figo. I'd be tempted to choose a red Polo over the 1.2 Figo.
Well said, GTO. IMO, the Polo looks far better than the Figo, though I've seen neither in flesh and blood.

I compliment you and Rehaan for this fab review---I guess I have the advantage of reading it so soon owing to time zone difference.

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Old 27th February 2010, 04:00   #36
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Great review, GTO and Rehaan!

Finally the much anticipated review is out. Frankly I was a tad disappointed after finishing it or was I expecting too much from the polo?

I expected it to be Jazz quality at a far more affordable price point for the common man. How do they compare? How does it compare with Punto?
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Old 27th February 2010, 04:19   #37
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Awesome review GTO ! Its wonderful to have a dependable & unbiased review from true enthusiasts.
Thanks a zillion for all the effort you & Rehaan took
And superb photography too

Which hatch to buy for 5 lakh INR !!
The choice between the Punto & the Polo just got tricky methinks.
The strongest points in favor of the PUnto seem to be:

a. Big car like handling & ride
b. Great looks
c. Solid Build

I gather from your review that
a. The fit & finish is way above Fiat's
b. The cabin looks better than the Punto's plain jane one

A few questions

1. Is this the best ride & handling package in the great hatchback war now ?

2. Is the 1.2 Petrol engine better or atleast as good as the Punto 1.4 ?
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Old 27th February 2010, 06:55   #38
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Good Review guys. polo 1.6 should replace the palio 1.6 as the hot hatch.

Build i guess is typical German. One reason why my wife's uncles have always had a golf (3 over a 10 year period).

How do you guys find the petrol engine over the petrol engines u have driven in this segment ?
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Old 27th February 2010, 08:02   #39
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I was eagerly waiting for your review. Thanks for bringing it to us. I liked this car, only thing that disappoints is the 3 cylinder fabia engine. My decision to buy Polo is dependent on this review.
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Old 27th February 2010, 08:05   #40
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i srongly feel the mass will react to the diesel due to the HIGH fuel efficiency than the petrol. seems the new budget has an increase in fuel prices by 3Rs and small car prices are also going to be increased..
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IMO as far as diesel cars are concerned the swift vdi will remain the best seller in the country. I mean despite being a good car Punto is not exactly disappearing of the shelves now is it ? Same could be the case for Figo diesel. Its between the petrol Hatchbacks that Polo might be able to make a name for itself.
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Old 27th February 2010, 08:47   #42
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Thanks for the excellent and extremely well thought out review. I have come to rely on these reviews much more than the ones in auto-mags.

Any videos so that we can feel the Polo? Further the Polo brochure says the Highline variant has 185/R14 as spare wheel - is it correct?
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Old 27th February 2010, 08:54   #43
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Compared to the 1.2 petrol i 20, how is the 1.2 Polo petrol on
1. Engine, for driveability, with reference to the somewhat weak i 20
2. Ride on broken and good surfaces. The i 20 is also a little stiff kneed, is the Polo more supple?
3. Steering feel and feedback at speed. Is it as disconnected as the i 20?
4. Braking feel, is it as good as the i 20?
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Old 27th February 2010, 08:56   #44
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A nice review GTO, thanks for that. However their dealership numbers are a concern here. And how good is their A.S.S, this being the first exposure for customers.

Apart from some dumb mistakes like door locking the car looks good but don't think it can beat the Punto by any means, except for the Fiat A.S.S reputation of course.
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Continuing from my previous post - Polo diesel seems to be a no-no for bumber-bumber traffic.

GTO - Which is better for city driving engine-wise (iam not looking at rear seat space where Vista will always rule) - Vista QJD or Figo TDCI???
Earlier, it was said Vista's tuning of MJD is best for city.

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