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Hey Eddy! Thank you for that wonderful review, was waiting for it eagerly. How would you rate it against the Santro? For the money, should one go for Santro GLS or the Wagon R VXi?


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Nice review Eddy.
Looks like the VXi model is going to be very VFM and the fabric on the seats seems to be of decent quality.

It looks much better than the previous Wagon R, but I don't like the chrome strip on the hatch door at all!
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These are the full prices of Delhi
Attached Thumbnails
Maruti WagonR : Test Drive & Review-wagon-r-price.jpg  

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Excellent report, Eddy!

Check out,
Maruti Wagonar

Excellent job with the website design
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Thats the under seat storage. Very innovative. Carry veggies, milk packets etc. Easy to operate and pretty easy to clean it too.
I would have preferred an 'under-seat' box that slides to the front. My co-passengers generally do not like getting out of the car to lift the seat base and access the box.

Looks are not as contemporary as other recent launches
Which makes me wonder whether Maruti is planning an all new model soon. I remember the Zen was 'slightly' face lifted and then almost immediately the new Zen Estilo came in.
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Old 23rd April 2010, 16:20   #36
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The product is sure to succeed. A very worthy successor to the previous model. It carries over the good traits while clears up most issues the previous model had. Pricing seems to be more or less fair keeping in view the current trends though I wish the Lxi and Vxi came in at 3.50L and 3.75L respectively. The Lx hardly has any takers anyways so no point in pricing it any lower.

Edit: Any info on whether the discounts available on the previous model are being made available to this one as well?

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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
BTW MSIL sent me this at my home today.
Have you written or talked to Maruti for any complaints? A friend of mine recently bought a A-Star. He was not happy with the dealer as they kept postponing the Mudguards and Number plates even after the car was delivered (they were supposed to fit them before delivery and said they were out of stock will fit in couple of hours). So the compliant was made to Maruti and things got done by 4 hours with dealer's appology.
It seems Maruti's Area manager personally visited my friend and gave a similar compliementary gift with appology.
My friend is now a die-hard Maruti fan,no wonder
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Old 23rd April 2010, 16:24   #38
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Originally Posted by Technocrat View Post
Rohan the i10 1.1's top end is Magna & not era, A lot of people think that Magna comes only with Kappa engine while the fact is that Magna variant comes with both engine options
i10 1.1 Magna was indeed the top end variant before the launch of kappa engine.

But after kappa engine was introduced in i10, 1.1 Magna was discontinued and 1.2 Magna became the entry level variant for i10 1.2 kappa followed by Sportz and Asta (Top end variant).

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that i10 1.1 ERA is comparable to WagonR Lxi, but it would be unfair to compare i10 1.2 Sportz with WagonR Vxi. Even though both have similar equipment levels, but there is absolutely no comparison between the 3-cylinder K-series engine and the kappa engine.

@Eddy, which do you feel is a better overall package - WagonR Lxi or i10 1.1 ERA ?

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Nice review, Eddy.

IMO from the snaps, the older one looked better.
Anyway, that space under the seat is an awesome idea.
And liked the fact that they have ABS and Airbags as options. Cool.

Originally Posted by jinojohnt
I would have preferred an 'under-seat' box that slides to the front. My co-passengers generally do not like getting out of the car to lift the seat base and access the box.
Even with a sliding box, passenger would need to clear his legs for you to access the box - not very neat. Also, I guess this feature is more for using when you are driving alone - say to the nearby grocery store, in which case, the seat can be left lifted.

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Compared to old WagonR there is an increase of 10K for LXI model. The old WagonR Lxi in Bangalore ex-show room price is 350858 and OTR 421533. After all discounts a frined of mine bought one in Jan-10 for 3.63 lakhs with lot of freebies. Now the Pratham motors saying no discounts on new WagonR and the OTR for Lxi is approx 4.3Lakhs.
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Apart from the Maruti tag, I dont see any reason why anyone would go for the new Wagon R when you already have Beat in the market. It looks better, has better engine which more refined and powerful and gives out almost the same efficiency, has better quality interiors and more equipments and costs almost the same.

Dissapointed by the choice of engine. The Detuned 1.2 litre K series engine according to me would have been a better choice.
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Old 23rd April 2010, 16:46   #42
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Default Fantastic review!

Clean, crisp and unbiased post Eddy! One of my colleague was just mentioning that the new WagonR website is up and we were looking at it. Was loading very slow.. Jus then i asked him to wait and checked the team-bhp site and there it is... I saw a full fledged review of the new WagonR. I sent them the links and they were all astonished! Great work! One of my other colleague is planning to buy a small car and was very useful for him.

Am a proud owner of a 2005 Caribbean blue WagonR and its my perfect companion. I have used it to the core! This new one definitely looks refreshing and i love the dashboard's integrated audio system ( Is that only in the high-end variant ? ) This version of wagonr looks a lot better than its previous counterpart.

Keep Rocking guys!
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1) Excellent review, once again!

2) The new Wagon R looks much better than the earlier version. Thanks to the increased exterior dimensions.

3) Front end is a disappointment. In the earlier car, the front grille was enough to give F-150 a complex, this one goes one step further.

4) The increase in interior space is nice, but the boot is what Santro had. Deep at bottom and rapidly tapering towards top. Earlier car had much better boot and had a practical shape.

5) I am sure that this car is not having that really good bottom end of F10D. The engine is not a strength of this car. No doubt, its a nice unit and for such a tall + relatively unaerodynamic car, the performance is good. But still F10D Wagon R is better than K10B. I seriously believe that considering the potential of this car, Suzuki must bring in the K12M equipped Wagon R soon. Just like i10.

6) The stiffer chassis is again welcome as the earlier car was second generation Wagon R. We never got the third generation Wagon R, and this is in line with what is sold internationally.

7) Overlap in overall Maruti line up. Alto, A-star, Wagon R, Ritz, Swift, Estilo, Eeco, Omni. What a line up!!?? Have I missed any car ?
This is definitely not good for long term, specially in the Indian car market.
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I do not understand the clamour of KB 12 engine. For a city hatch KB 10 is good. Maruti already has Ritz and Swift with KB 12. I guess this would sell more then i 10 as it would be more fuel efficient.
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Originally Posted by Schoudhury View Post
Just wanted to know if engaging the reverse gear is still an issue which most of the user complained in previous version of Wagon R.
The gear changes have improved tremendously, including shifting to reverse.

Originally Posted by deetjohn View Post
Do you have a pic showing one of the split rear seats in fold down position? It's really nice to have this back in the Wagon R. The split rear seats are much needed in any hatch.

If only the new Wagon R had better quality interior plastics like the Beat.

Also I wish our new Wagon R retained the subtle and simple look of the new Japanese Wagon R. But the Indian Auto companies do stereotype us as chrome lovers. Don't they?

Also, great pricing! Thank God for the Yanks in the Indian Auto market.
Nopes, no pic on that one. You can check out the brochure on the other thread though.
Originally Posted by rohan_iitr View Post
Whats with the chrome overdose on the hatch door.

Any idea on the pricing ?

Pricing, I believe, is same as that pf the existing version. Starts at 3.27 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

Originally Posted by jkdas View Post

And, dual horn is loud? Inside or outside? Last day, I was driving Sankar's A-Star and I complaining about its horns loudness as it was bit more audible inside than I prefer. Guess what the issue was? One horn was fixed pointing towards the cabin!
Loud, inside and outside. As I mentioned, the horn even tickles your foot on the accelerator pedal

Originally Posted by simply_sunny001 View Post

New Wagon R surely looks better and a bit refreshing.

what about the prices ? The link on the website doesnt work
Prices similar to the existing version sunny.

Edit: Just saw Sid's post on the pricing. Very impressive indeed.

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