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Nissan is looking for a 'SWIFT' success in Indian market. Their ads show the word 'SHIFT' just below the 'Micra' label. The shorter way to fame?

Regarding the new Micra styling: It is a welcome change from the now-boring i10s and born-boring Figo.

But the previous generation Micra shown below looks better than this, IMO.
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Nissan Micra : Test Drive & Review-nissan_micra_india.jpg  

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Great review GTO , it details a lot of things. i wanted to know that any idea of spare costs and service intervals? Also are there no steering mounted controls even in the top end?
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Avant Garde review, GTO *rated 5 star*.

When I went to see the car, I just fell in love with its unconventional quirky design. Now that orange colour is not so good, I still like it in red.
This is a no nonsense, practical and optimized city runabout which does many things right and very few wrong. I too loved the retro dashboard and that "paisa vasool" push button start/stop feature (keyless go).
Hope the marketing is done properly and this talented hatch gets the success it deserves.

The car does have a presence in a world of "mee too hatchbacks", just that the flat rear end can be better. And the rear seat comfort has to be improved. The car did not have a driver's seat height adjuster when I saw it.

GTO, will they provide the same in production cars?
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Great review GTO, do you know if there are any plans for a electric/ hybrid/ eco friendly version for the Micra?
It may be a boon in disguise to have a small rear windscreen - sometimes it heats up too much due to an extended one..
also, you mention that Nissan plan to launch 8 more cars - any idea what segments these are in?
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Awesome review GTO, very very detailed. What's the ex-showroom costs?
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At first I thought the interiors to be bland. But the orange light changes it all. The overall effect is superb.
For exterior styling: Somehow I like the styling of the earlier generation micra

Nissan is tapping the mass segment. They have the right car. They must work on their support network as its gonna be the key.

Nice detailed review. To the point
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Great review.

I feel Nissan has missed a big opportunity with this engine. Out of all engines mentioned, this is a clear laggard. Probably diesel (with a 1.5L) would make a difference.

But then again - anything over 1.4L would not carry small car benefits right?
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Fantastic review as always GTO. My wife was waiting for this. And we both loved the looks of this car. The CVT will clinch the deal though. The low GC sounds scary, but your speedbump test results are encouraging. The ride comfort bit is also nice to hear. The Santro is worse than our Jeep in that aspect.

Originally Posted by romeomidhun View Post
Nissan is looking for a 'SWIFT' success in Indian market. Their ads show the word 'SHIFT' just below the 'Micra' label. The shorter way to fame?
No, Nissan has been using the Shift message for ages now, much before Swift.

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Great review!

But somehow I get the feeling that GTO is not too excited about the car.
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Once again a great review GTO. Infact i am beginning to expect a review for almost all cars before launch. Punto 90 next?
Longer than the swift? The pictures sure fooled me! I would have sworn it is smaller than that and similar to A-star!
The key fob looks exactly like the key fob provided in the $ 40k+ Infiniti G35 sold in the US ! Snob value that Nissan could advertise and i can see them advertise the keyless feature a lot! Overall i see this average 4000-5000 month .Its got all the basics covered ( except for the diesel that is!) and once they expand the dealer network i can see another Maruthi like sales in the making

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I was just reminded of Porsche when I looked the front bonnet & headlights; very beautiful & love this car.
My only requirements will be...
- Adjustable head/neck rests
- Little thin C pillars; even a bigger IRVM will not suffice
- Vanity mirror

Nice to have...
- Boot release lever
- 200 Kmph speedo read to match i10 & Swift

Will I buy - Yes, provided the head/neck rests are adjustable & I can compromise on other things above.

- What if the battery dies out? Well, we tried . We made a Nissan engineer remove the unit's battery. Even then, the ECM detected the presence of the key fob and the engine started.
I couldn't understand the above? Can someone help me pls?
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Nissan has done a good job to get a nice small car, hope this car turns things in their favour.

I liked the vibrant colors and a differently refreshing car. Unlike the boxy, Fugly , crampy Maruti's
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Great review as usual GTO,
The car as someone mentioend is a jack of all trades. But I did like the pic of the previous gen Micra posted by someone.

GTO some questions for you:

Did they also give you opportunity to test drive a diesel vehicle?
You mentioned Cost-cutting. No rubber beading between the metal frame and the rear windscreen I did not understand this,
Are you saying there is no rubbered gum which sticks the glass to the steel panes.
Is that safe I did see some clumsy looking lock but a bit concerned about the safety.
Additionally you mentioned the sound system seems to tilt to left a bit. In the pics it did not feel that way can you explain in what sense you mentioned that?

Sorry to raise this question of key fob again, when the person among passenger(for e.g) has the key fob, and forgetting this he get down (midway), can someone drive on or will the car slam brakes on its own post going two meters away from him.

A word of praise for Nissan, they have sure cracked a good challenger for the swift range car.
One challenge would be the service network
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Very nice review. Thanks GTO'ji.
But I did not find the car exciting. It totally looks tailor made for women. Its round and oval and mushy. Hope they are launching it in Pink shade.
Now review of 90BHP Punto please. I am waiting for it.
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Awesome review GTO, eventhough pics did most of talking.Pictoral presentation was so good that i could almost smell the car!
One question though-do you have press for a tad longer to switch off the car or a simple tap would do?
A black and biege theme for the interiors would have been exciting.
Overall liked the design except for the quirky rear (which has a peaky roofline instead of sloping down like beetle).
The intial concept for micra emphasising weight saving strategy had advertised a small fuel tank.But good to hear its a reasonable 41 liters.
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