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Great review. It looks like a no nonsense city car and a lot more cab companies than individuals might be interested in this car. It will be interesting to know as to what was the target market that Toyota looked at for this car.
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Originally Posted by vid6639 View Post
Maruti should be looking at this carefully. If the Altis D-4D does well, then I'm sure Maruti will contemplate the SX4 with the 1.3MJD.
I doubt how the sales will be, even if SX4 comes with a 1.3MJD if the car is dull to drive. Swift was a run away hit since it had the combination of FTD + FE ! i dont think not many people would have bought a car which is not that fun to drive, just for mileage alone. Corolla has couple of other strong positives likes rear seat comfort and space + all those quality.

I dont think SX4 has much to claim on all these fronts where Corolla shines and on top of it, if it comes with an under powered engine, i dont think there is any cream left for anyone @ that price range.

Originally Posted by Satya79 View Post
Again, if this same engine is to be used in the Etios, where does this leave the Altis?
Originally Posted by DicKy View Post
Wonder if the same engine is going to be plonked into the etios straightaway,with the same tuning and 6 speed box!(WICKED!!!)
Will the performance of Etios sedan be so different with the same engine? If so, it would be more to do with the power to weight ratio right? but how lighter will be the Etios sedan compared to the Corolla. May be the hatchback can have [or for sure] will have a better power to weight ratio. BUT FOR SURE, all those cars will have supreme FE if it comes with the same engine.

Originally Posted by Equus View Post
I have a strong feeling that a bigger engine will follow soon. This is primarily to capture the back-benchers market.
Me too feel the same. May be they want to see how the sales are going to be and how the split is going to happen with respect to private ownership / taxi segment.

Once ETIOS is launched, they might restrict this engine in Corolla to the base version targetting taxi buyers and offer a better and more powerful option in higher variants. [now thats my wish-list ]
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Great review GTO.
This car's gonna be a hit with the taxi operators and I see companies plonking their executives in these in hordes. Driveability is for those who drive. As a company manager, you'd buy/hire a car that's silent, comfortable and gives great mileage in the city where the car remains mostly. Underpowered? Nobody complained with an Innova, did they? In fact, one would not want a powerful taxi enthusiastically driven by the driver, which exec likes a roaring engine/screeching tires while attending calls etc, eh? IIRC, the Linea and Manza MJD are even slower than the figures for the Altis D (please correct if wrong). Equipment levels clearly shows that this vehicle is meant to eat the pie from two segments, its own and one below that too. Clever and sober move from Toyota, methinks.
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Originally Posted by recshenoy View Post
Neutral looking design with reliable Toyota badge and diesel heart is a neat combination IMHO. "For country obsessed with mileage" (I am borrowing MSILs tag line here)
Country obsessed with mileage, indeed . When I told Dad about the Altis D-4D, his (typical Indian customer) reply "Where do you have the roads in India for powerful cars?". He's the kind of guy who would pick the Altis 1.4 without a second thought.

Just for comparison sake, how is back seat of Altis when compared to Manza?
If you ignore the badge, the Manza will pleasantly surprise you. It may lack the finesse and planted nature at high speed (Manza had more vertical movement), but the Tata's backseat is better.

Originally Posted by R2D2 View Post
A 5 star review. Thanks GTO..it is just what I was waiting for. The attention to detail in your 'small but insignificant things' section is amazing.
Thanks R2D2.

Originally Posted by Sheel View Post
If this is worth half a day's work, I wonder what two days of testing shall be like...

The attention to detail coupled with amazing coverage of each feature is a hallmark of your Drive Impressions.

I am loving it.
Thanks. I should have clarified : 1/2 of Sunday was over and above time spent on two other days. Each review takes....well, real long. But hey, it's all for the Indian car community. And all of your (highly interesting) comments make the effort well worth it.

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GTO this is a fantastic review- in fact something I had been waiting for eagerly!

This could well be my next car (purchase date estimated July 2011). The only two things I am upset about are the lack of an AT option and the fact that everyone is insisting that it's a chauffer's car (I do all my driving myself). But the rear seat comfort, the little odds and ends, the FE---all seem perfect.

The fact that it compares favourably with the Cruze on pretty much everything is also impressive. The Chevy looks like a mean monster but I don't have much faith in American marques, so will probably not invest in that direction.

I was leaning towards the Vento whenever it's released, so will wait for that. Any idea if it's planned to come out with a diesel+AT option?
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GTO - will a comparison with Chevy Optra Magnum Diesel be fair?
Which one makes better sense as far as TCO is concerned?
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Fantastic review GTO! I have now accustomed to reading such high quality reviews on Team-bhp, the magazines look ordinary.

Keep em coming!
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Only for the Altis Diesel - Aerodynamic spoilers to reduce rolling resistance and thus, maximise fuel efficiency. In front of each of the 4 tyres:
Offtopic Question: How effective are such spoilers (infront of the tyres). Also, is it possible/advisable to add such spoilers to a Vista.
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Excellent review as always GTO. Regarding the aerodynamic spoilers, I thought that will help to reduce only the drag caused by air, not rolling resistance which is caused by the contact between the tyres and road, right?
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Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
^^ Its the HID lamps without the projector, just for the low beam. The high beam are normal halogen lamps.

In Contrast the Fortuner has projectors but it does not have HID/Xenon lamps.
It will scatter light if you retro fit HID's in a normal headlight enclosure.

If it's an OEM HID kit then it may or may not be projector. Depends on the design.
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Excellent Review GTO! Toyota has another winner here.

Quails, Corolla Altis petrol, Innova , Fortuner , Camry , now Corolla Altis D , Way to go Toyota

OT: Waiting for polo 1.6 and Vento review now
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GTO review is as usual - Apt, Transparent, Neutral, Neatly described, With real facts and top class photos.
GTO - Pardon my ignorance - Is it possible to shift 6 gears even in a highway. Infact on seeing AT cars - bigger ones, I felt AT is introduced mainly to take care of shifting 6 gears or more.
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Nice review Rush but then its become a habit to expect these from you! We agree on the turbo-lag part which I felt was excessive, unlike Sid's review which says its very responsive.
I don't know but I have a feeling that it won't succeed as Toyota would be hoping. It might take in some buyers from Corolla 1.8 but someone looking at Cruze or Laura or Jetta will simply walk away. Its not just power that Toyota has skimped upon, its also the equipments. I think Corolla 1.8 is one of the best in its segment while this is just an average sedan.
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5 Star Review, as usual GTO. As already mentioned in an earlier thread by me, link:

I will consider this car. More so now since the past few days. The a/c in my Logan has conked off, some issue with hose pipes. Now the best part is, these are not in stock. I took the car back from them (Ambition Auto) & its been 6 days but the part is still not available. So i am driving the car without an a/c, which i have never done in the past 15 years. Sad but true. Thats why i am so so apprehensive to consider the VW Vento as i will be in the market in the next two months or by Diwali. Getting a Jap/Korean makes all the more sense with regards to A-S-S is concerned. Even though they don't make "exciting" cars or "solid" cars, Japs are the ones built to last relatively 'trouble-free' & relative ease of spares availability.

And yes GTO, 5 stars from my side. Fabulous Analysis!

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Default Lovely review

Great review GTO as usual.. 7 starls from me for the level of detail but could'nt find that rating !!!
People who llike to buy a cheap drivers car are going to take particular pleasure
in racing Alto K10 (tb launched tomorrow, 4th Aug) with this and(hold your breath )winning the race.
The Alto K10 does 0-100 in 13.3 seconds.or so says the teaser website..
our grandfatherly Altis D4D will be like a safety car if there's an Alto K10 racing championship..
Sorry,just could'nt resist. This car is a donkey but will be a successful donkey for sure..Slow and steady wins more races, remember!?
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