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just one thing to confirm here, does the MJD top end get the improvements? like the A/C, other little stuff?
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Great Review GTO!

Finally FIAT has made a car which is undoubtedly an allrounder.
I hope that it sets the cash registers ringing for them.
FIAT salesman though should identify the enthusiast customers to sell the T-jet to and try to promote the 1.4 regular linea to the conservative ones.

I loved the way the car drives in 5th gear at 60kmph without pressing the accelerator.

This is the only really fun to drive car iv driven after the Swift Diesel.
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Once again , an awesome review GTO, Thanks for all your efforts. Its always a pleasure , going thru your reviews.

There were rounds about features like rain sensing wipers, Hill climb assist in the Tjet, have these features made it to the production cars??

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Excellent review, GTO!

Primary reasons that made me move away from the linea, are still found in the TJet:
1. rear legroom and space (whatever happened to 4.56 meters?)
2. no pockets to keep bottles and other stuff
3. constricting space in footwell - clutching attempt hits dead pedal every other time
3.a. no AT or dualogic, long throw gearshift
4. rear windows don't go down all the way
5. pathetic stock sound system
6. no time for potential niggle headaches

Primary reasons that TJet takes care of vis-a-vis the Linea:
1. Better powered engine (expected)
2. Better A/C cooling
3. Better ground clearance

Things I would love to have as stock in the City
1. Climate control
2. 195/R15
3. Foldable keys
4. Rear AC vents (there exists a tube under the seats)
5. Comprehensive MID/MyCar
6. Collapsible sun curtain
7. Follow me home headlamps
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wow, great review and attention to detail, GTO.

Linea T-jet is a worthy competitor to ANHC now since the car is an alround package with the performance and brakes to go with the style and ride/handling characteristics.

ANHC may appear to have the larger boot in litres but it is a most difficult to use and "limited-use" boot. The loading height is more than Linea (drops to about 10" I guess to the floor inside), the opening is narrow in both width and depth.
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I cant understand why they dont launch these "performance" cars in base trim .. or a no-luxuxy no-frills stripped out variant ? Atleast then someone like me can buy and enjoy the performance ..

Renault for example has this Clio here in europe with offers a 200 hp and costs only 15000 pounds .. ever time i see these things here .. i ask mself why is this car is not in india ?
Why cant india have a fiesta S with no equipement at all and priced at 2 lac less .. a performance car for masses .. what say ?

On other thoughts .. whats the news about the Skoda fabia? Would love to see a GTO review on the new Fabia.
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As usual, Great Review GTO.

I believe, there is direct competition between vento petrol and Fial Linea T-jet, for 2nd place (AHNC 1st offcourse).
I couldn't figure out single plus point than torque of 217N-m for Linea T-jet.
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Thanks GTO, worth all the wait for the review!

Awesome report. Disappointed to hear about the shortcomings which still exist.
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GTO - fantastic review of a fantastic car. So, as expected we have a new drivers car in the segment. Too bad for a car of this size, the rear space is lacking.

This is such a fully loaded car, had they released this one an year back, i would have had a much harder time choosing between ANHC and this. Well for FIAT, better late than never.
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Thank you for the review, enjoyed reading it. Worthy of a special note of appreciation are the pictures of the T-jet next to it's less powerful variant and the one depicting it's stance with people and luggage on board; it's these - to borrow a phrase - "smaller yet significant things" that make a review worth it's salt.

I have a few observations/questions, and I'd like to see your take on it:

a. Let's look at the statements
Leg space is just about adequate
The rear seat nearly feels like a comfortable house couch.
There are statements in-between, with comparisons made to rivals but I think this is a point that needs to be hammered home.

A car's rear bench comfort is a factor of many things, with under-thigh support, backrest angle and legroom being the most important (headroom is usually an exterior design constraint). If you look at the Ambassador, there is a reason why people still say that the rear bench is among the best, despite the seat having negligible contours and legroom that is bested by the Indica of yore. Do correct me if I am wrong, but I think that under-thigh support is the key. One can always increase rear legroom on paper by reducing seat-width (depth?), a case in point, the Nano has terrific rear legroom, but I would have gladly traded it for better under-thigh support.

Perhaps, the question that should be asked is that, "if one can fit into the rear seat (without digging one's knee into the driver's back), which car has the better rear bench?"

For anyone considering a C-segment car, they should take into the account the most common use case, adjust the front seats accordingly and then check for rear seat comfort.

b. My personal take on the grab handles is slightly different from
the Linea ought to wear the "pull type" grab handles that are commonplace with modern cars
I'd opine that although "pull type" grab handles are quite modern, they are designs that inherently "stick out" from the body and they require a "scooped out" area on the door (take the Vento as an example). With the current handles, the Linea's exquisite side profile remains unblemished.

The way I see it, there are three major areas of concern for the Linea (come to think of it, true for Fiat India):
  • Interior fit and finish - They aren't quite there yet, but they've clearly listened to customer feedback. Most importantly, has this trickled down to the Linea range on the whole?
  • Buying and ownership experience (includes service) - I'd say that the warranty offer is absolutely fantastic. It should give a potential customer some reassurance that the company is willing to back its product. While many of you would disagree, but a stellar warranty can also cover up for poor troubleshooting of complex issues (the customer just cares about a problem being fixed).
    If it's true that the buying experience (with the coffee and smartly attired sales executives, who hopefully are specially trained) is being improved with the T-Jet, I'd like to see it trickle down to all Fiat models or the complete Linea range at the very least. A positive impression of the salesperson can go a long way in clinching a deal.
  • Performance to match the Ride and Handling - , they've done it.
Judging from the review, I think I've found my new segment favourite.
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The most important thing now for Fiat India is to concentrate on after sales service. The sales of the Linea and the Punto have sunk to a dismal 700 and 900 figure respectively. Even the more expensive Laura is selling 800 Units and non-asian competitors like Figo at 6000 and Polo at 2500 odd. Even the SX4 with no diesel variant sold 1900 units in September. I just hope the Linea/Punto don't go the Siena/Palio way. Read an article in the Hindustan Times yesterday about Fiat India being the only manufacturer showing a downward graph. Hope the launch of the T-Jet is not a tad too late. I really want this car to do well now that they've done full justice to the brilliant chassis with this stonker.

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This morning like every morning for the past few day I am logged on to Team-BHP to check if the T-Jet review was posted and yes I am already late too office

The T-Jet makes for an almost no brainer car in its segment. The best handling, ride, power, equipment, excellent air con, warranty, Build (plasticy bits and the panel gaps notwithstanding). So I am sure the buyers who really compare their cars before buying will go in for a T-Jet without a doubt. But alas that does not work in India so IMHO if Fiat is still unable to sell their cars here after such a fabulous product, I am not sure what more can they do. Yes service and after sales can be improved but I am not sure how people can be convinced that it has improved if it all it has.
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1) Excellent report GTO! Liked what Linea can do now. SX4 failed to stop City, hope this car makes a dent in City's sales.

2) The GC issue will be there IMO, but its more upto the ever increasing height of bumps and quantity of bumps are also going up. Still an added 5 mm wont hit the car hard that has excellent chassis.

3) I fail to understand why SX4 is not compared. SX4 with VVT hits about Rs. 9 lakh. Would love to see 0-100 and 0-150 compared with SX4 VVT. IMHO, SX4 does strike a good combination of practicality and engine. IIRC, SX4 is also on heavier side as compared to Honda City.

4) As with most Fiats, this is a buy from heart. I live in Gujarat and have seen the good highways. Enjoyed them in Baleno, the only other cars under Rs. 10 that can be fun to drive are Fiesta,SX4 ( that EPS somehow is not preferred by me ) now this Linea Tjet. Earlier Linea would not be a good fit thanks to lack of power, but is perfect tool. If I had the money, simply for the engine itself, I would forget A.S & S. issues and take calculated risk in purchasing this car.

5) A few issues of ergonomics is something Fiat could have solved. About inconsistent panel gaps, it will take time IMO, but its not a deal breaker.

6) I fail to understand why Fiat could not bring in the 1.9 JTD. That engine can have 140-150 bhp. Wont it be a perfect hit against competition ? Great looks, powerful motor will actually hit many cars IMO. And it will make certain car look less VFM. Its just a personal opinion/feeling that adding a powerful diesel could do a better job than turbocharged petrol.

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A comprehensive thesis of Fiat Linea 1.4 T-Jet+, GTO.

You have presented the bouquets wherever Fiat excelled and thrown brickbats wherever Fiat deserved!

Some comments from my side:

Even Linea T-Jet+ could not escape cost-cutting as I don't find ash-tray in the photographs. My September 2009-manufactured Linea has it.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I really missed a storage place + lid to keep loose toll notes and tickets in.
I keep the toll receipts, parking tickets, etc., in the arm-rest compartment.

'09 Lineas used to have their tool kit placed in a thermocol cut out. Now, the tools are wrapped up in plastic (blue package at the left):
Even in my September 2009-manufactured Linea 1.4 FIRE, it is the same arrangement, i.e., blue package wrapped up at the left.

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Originally Posted by v.anand View Post

One question though, you mentioned "Strange, exposed screw hole placed between the A & B Pillars. What gives?" in one of your pics. I find the same in Skoda Laura even at the very same place as well as between B & C pillars too. Now I am very curious to know their purpose. Can anyone throw some light on it?

I think that hole is to facilitate attachment of a lifting arrangement for the BIW when it goes for coating, painting etc.
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