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Really good review GTO. But somehow, I cannot help feeling that the T-Jet could be Fiat's swansong. A la the GTX, S10, Petra etc. etc.

I really do not know if Fiat will be able to bounce back this time around. God knows, but I wish they do.
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Originally Posted by nkrishnap View Post
True petrol heads have something to rejoice with the T-jet which has engine not only capable, but also has the chasis to compliment the engine.
Key word here is finally . And what a sweet motor at that.

Originally Posted by Vajra View Post
For an enthusiast, leaving aside the petrol/diesel issue, the two best drivers cars out there at 10 lakh seem to be the T-Jet and the Vento diesel.

Which one would be your choice GTO?
Not that simple between the T-Jet & the Vento. It completely depends on:

- Your running. If you're frequently doing 2,000 kms a month (and over), the Vento diesel will be more suited.

- Your personal preference between petrols & diesels.

If you mean to ask me in terms of driving pleasure, the T-Jet it is.

Originally Posted by MihirC View Post
This might be a bit OT here, but like you said a GTO,is there a probablity of the TJET Punto getting launched in before mid 2011??
Same car, same engine bay, engine ready in the godown. Fiat probably has a Punto T-Jet mule already made, and some employees are having fun on the expressway. How much easier can it get to launch a variant? The T-Jet can do what the 90 BHP engine (in the Punto) couldn't.

Originally Posted by PaddleShifter View Post
I believe that the legroom at the back is not good even in Skoda Octavia.
Octavia is hardly a benchmark; it was known for poor rear seat comfort from day 1 of introduction.

Originally Posted by CARDEEP View Post
I must say that you had no love lost for the older Lineas (sometimes apparent in your review)
I don't like under-powered cars, hence my criticism of the 89 BHP Linea. All that handling & dynamics gone to waste. This car is the real Linea.

I am 5'6" & so is my brother, implying we are a family of shorties. Does the coupe like rear roofline & limited legroom in rear matter to us.
Family of shorties eh! No, I don't think you'd have any problem then.

What is your rating on the product on a overall basis? Sorry if I may have missed the same in your initial posts (I read it the way I read the morning daily).
I usually shy away from rating products on a scale of 10, because the way that they can be interpreted is wide open. Someone asked me on the Aria thread (was it you?), I thought and gave the Aria a 7 / 10 (primarily due to its inflated pricetag). I'll give the Linea T-Jet an 8.5 / 10. Would have had a full point more if the gearshift was slicker, and the driving position proper.

when you go for review can you please leave the emotions (,& probably the bad memories of the product) behind. I feel that you are being critical, but also emotional at places.
Then, our reviews will read like a boring wikipedia entry! I think from the heart as much as the head, guess that'll stay in my reviews.

Originally Posted by Chrome6Boy View Post
My dad was looking to buy a car. We went to the Fiat showroom, unfortunately they informed us T-Jet was unavailable in Chennai.
At the launch press conference, Fiat clearly mentioned that the product may not be available officially. Yet (*wink* *wink*), some people might be able to get a T-Jet in other cities. Write an email directly to Fiat and watch things happen.

Originally Posted by Satya79 View Post
My experience with Palio Service - TATA FIAT was all right with the routine stuff, but breakdowns and major issues was a whole different story.
My exact observation in the review:

About Fiat service : What Ive observed is that, satisfied Fiat owners are those who have only needed regular servicing & maintenance. The service station seems fairly capable of handling these tasks. However, their trouble-shooting skills are all over the place. When Fiats develop complex problems (say, overheating or the air-conditioner not working), that's when owners end up dissatisfied. Fiat should first work on making completely trouble-free cars. Niggles are a given with current Fiats.
Originally Posted by neotraveller View Post
Now I am not sure if this is the "upgrade" that TJet got or a new compressor.
T-Jet has a different, beefed up compressor.

Originally Posted by ashwinvig View Post
I test drove the T Jet a few days back and was quite shocked when, just after we got home, my wife asked me "Is GTO's review on TBHP out yet?"!
Oh come on!! Tell me you are kidding.
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Originally Posted by typeOnegative View Post
Really good review GTO. But somehow, I cannot help feeling that the T-Jet could be Fiat's swansong. A la the GTX, S10, Petra etc. etc.

I really do not know if Fiat will be able to bounce back this time around. God knows, but I wish they do.
Its pretty sure that Fiat's NOT gonna bounce back or make significant turnovers or anything just because they've launched T-jet.

Sales volumes will still be low, those who buy it will enjoy it and those who doesn't will never bother!
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Finally, the Linea has the 'go' to match the 'show'.

Great review as always.

As I am interested in statistics, one question to GTO -
How was the 0 to 100 time of 11.7 sec measured? Does TBHP have sophisticated instruments for measuring this accurately or is it a rough estimate?

If the former is true (I hope so), then can we have the stats included (like 0-60,0-100, in-gear acceleration etc) in all official reviews?

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Hello GTO , thanks for the great review as always crisp and clear. I beleive Tjet will be the answer for all the janta's who wants stonker performance with the turbo rush. Imagining this engine in punto is really really a killer on road for sure ( hope they do not downtune) with adhrenalin levels reaching all time high and might turn fiat sales upside down
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Originally Posted by typeOnegative View Post
Really good review GTO. But somehow, I cannot help feeling that the T-Jet could be Fiat's swansong. A la the GTX, S10, Petra etc. etc.
*Tsk Tsk Tsk* Why do you care? You got an absolute fun machine at hands, keep enjoying it ;-) I am doing just that.

But yes, T-Jet seems to ably carry on the Fiat legacy.
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Originally Posted by typeOnegative View Post
Really good review GTO. But somehow, I cannot help feeling that the T-Jet could be Fiat's swansong. A la the GTX, S10, Petra etc. etc.

I really do not know if Fiat will be able to bounce back this time around. God knows, but I wish they do.
Do you mean to say that Fiat will wind up operations and go home if the T-Jet doesn't sell?

I get the impression that you have mistakenly used the term swansong, when you say that Fiat has already had multiple swansongs (?) earlier. Perhaps you'd want to explain in detail what you mean to say. Thx.

Brilliant review, GTO, as usual. Thanks again.

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Seems the GTX DNA is back..!! Indeed this is a Stonker of an engine, FIAT has tuned the Engine Perfectly, Kudos to them for bringing back the Peformance factor in the forefront.

GTO, one question, was this TD arranged by FIAT or this was a Dealers car ?

My Test Drive experience of the T-Jet, City & Vento, did this Last Week:

Me and my colleague were on a Hunt for a Petrol Sedan for him, he will be opting for a Company Leased Vehicle.

So we landed up in the TATA-FIAT showroom to check out the Buzz about the T-Jet. As my colleague insisted we check the Linea First. took a brief Test Drive of the T-Jet at the Fortune Nerul Showroom. The Car looked Fabulous in the Sunbeam Beige Color.
The 16 Inch Alloys are just superb, i was surprised to see that the 5th Tyre is not a Steel Wheel, it is an Alloy, Fantastic..!! I think the same alloys are available on Bravo Internationally, anyone ?

The Interiors are now better finished and the Black portion of the Dashboard has now a Soft & Spongy feel to it, which is pleasing to the eyes. The Leather seats also look great.

On the performance front, the difference can be felt right from the First Gear, FIAT has re-worked the Gear Ratios now the car feels more relaxed in every gear comapred to the earlier NA Variant. The Engine is Very Smooth at idle, we took off for a Test Drive & let the Tacho Needle get past the 2200 RPM Mark, there is a rush after that, the car transforms in terms of performance characteristics. Fantastic is the word that comes to my mind for the Performance, we took the car to 100 KMPH mark for a short stretch which it did quite comfortably. The Pulling Power of the Engine is Addictive..!!

I wont say anything on the Legendary Ride Quality & Handling, enough has been said on that. It is just awesome, how the car gobbles up the Potholes and Bad Roads. After the Test Drive, we came back to the Showroom, my colleague who took the quotation & otherstuff, as he is going to book the car soon. We had a very good experience with the sales guys, they seem to be more focussed now. And above all we were offered "The Italian Coffee" and a gorgeuos female sales representative took the feedback for the TD on the Form

One Word, this car should have been launched with the Tjet engine, when it was introduced in January-2009, it could have turned the Tables round for FIAT. Purely My Opinion.

After the Test Drive, we went straight to the Honda Showroom to check out the Honda City, it was a familiar Car that we are used to see, but i had never driven the ANHC, so it was a First TD of the Car for me. The Cars Engine is excellent, the performance is just fantastic. But the Tjet Ticks all the right Boxes now with the Honda City which it missed out in earlier version on the Performance front, now i feel they are at Par. But the torque of the T-Jet is Just Awesome.

I was shocked to see that the Honda City does not have an Engine Guard after paying more than 10L, ATLEAST i expect that, are you listening Honda..!!

Also the ride quality of the city was not great, it felt like it is hollow after sitting in the linea. The City's build quality is nowhere near the Linea. The only saving grace for the City was the Engine. Nothing Else, truly.

Then off we went to the Volkswagen showroom to check out the Vento, i was disappointed to see the car in flesh, it looked like booted polo, they should have given the car its own identity, also the car didnt exude the class as far as the exteriors are concerned. It was plane jane IMO.

The Interiors are very Good and fit & finish is fantastic. But there is no symmetry in the Color scheme of the Display, the Center Console was Purple Backlighting and the Display on the Meters & the MID is in Red. Why ? i dont know, just an observation.

Lets come to the Performance, the Petrol, as expected was OK, as reported by our Forum Members & Auto Journalists. The real star was the Diesel, it was just mind blowing, the torque & NVH. Very good. I Just Test Drove the Diesel to get a feel of the Engine only. My Colleague was only interested in Petrol Sedan.

So the Conclusion, If you are buying a Petrol Sedan, T-Jet is THE Car. Loaded upto the Brim & Fantastic Performance. If you want a Diesel Sedan, Vento It is, only if you are OK with the Wafer thin A.S.S Network & Unknown Cost of Ownership.

My colleague finally decided to go for the T-Jet, stands Booked.

Apologies for such a long post.

Disclaimer: The above are strictly my opinions, no offence meant to any specific Brand. It is only a Comparo which me and my colleague felt about the cars we considered. I dont intend to start any Debate regarding the respective brands.

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
To further widen the Linea's appeal, Fiat should introduce an automatic gearbox. For the T-Jet and MJD, both. There's a growing number of 10 lakh rupee customers who are inclined toward the convenience of AT, and Fiat does have some great slush boxes internationally.
Well said. My next car should be around this 10L with semi-automatic gearbox and a sixth gear or at least a gear what runs at 2500 rpm at 125 Kmph speed (preferred for both fuel economy and lesser NVH).

Currently, ANHC has the semi-automatic, i20 CRDI and Altis Diesel have the 6th gear. Cruze (and probably Verna CRDI too) manages to do 125 Kmph at 2500 rpm with just the 5th gear, but I think they have compromised on the city driving. If FIAT brings dualogic (they usually have 6 speed) gear box on this T-jet, it will be very satisfying. Or Nissan may bring their CVTs to spoil my choices.
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I hope people would understand that the new powerful Linea is about driving pleasure and they do not crib about the FE because its hard to drive this beauty at 80 on open highway.
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Great car and Great report. I spend good one hour at working going through the report. Given the specs,I wonder why is city still quicker than T-jet by whatever negligible margin.Is it because of Power/weight ratio ?

Also, does this mean the END OF ROAD to the CEDIA ??
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Originally Posted by blackbeast View Post
Great car and Great report. I spend good one hour at working going through the report. Given the specs,I wonder why is city still quicker than T-jet by whatever negligible margin.Is it because of Power/weight ratio ?
The City is a little more powerful, is lighter in terms of weight, and has a longer 2nd gear in which it manages 100kmph. Those are the reasons it is quicker.

Also the Linea has much more torque lower down which means it should be easier to drive in traffic. The way I see it Fiat has given a good compromise on the gearing between outright performance and city driveability.

BTW nice review GTO. I see the car you have tested is only 1500kms old. I wonder how the performance would change after another couple thousand, im sure it would shave of a bit in the 0-100 time.
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One more gem to your crown GTO. Awesome Job.
So FIAT is back to track.

Originally Posted by MAS View Post
- Would suggest to start a new sub-folder and name it as GTO test reports!!!
I second to MAS Suggestion. Come on dude. We need it one.

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That turbo looks tiny. Why only 113 bhp at 2.2 bar. That's a lot of boost. I get that with just 5 psi not even 8.
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Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
The City has a longer 2nd gear in which it manages 100kmph. Those are the reasons it is quicker.
does this mean the linea is faster than the city for 0-90?

i also wonder why magazines/sites have not yet come up with detailed road tests.
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