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Awright, another detailed review & excellent as always Rush . This was one hell of an Independance Day treat, & it made a great Sunday morning read! I have a few questions, please bear with me -
  • So it looks like the Diesel Highline is the way to go, did you by any chance get to measure some 0-100 timings for the Petrol & Diesel?
  • How quick does the Diesel feel in comparison to say, the Verna?
  • Would the Diesel be very boring to drive after the Fiesta 1.6?
  • Would you consider the Highline to be undertyred, would 195x60x15 be desirable or is 185 good enough?
  • Do you feel that Parking Sensors are a must (because of the rear headrests etc)?
I'm disappointed about -
  • The Central Locking - even Linea has the Autolock feature, dunno why they stinged with this one! The least they could have done was to give the activation/opening on both the front doors instead of driver door only (like the Fiesta)
  • Although this was already apparent from the brochure on their side, the absence of USB/Aux is disgusting to say the least & I can't figure why they didn't add on steering mounted audio controls!
  • The rear center hump. Tell me something - how does the rear legroom & the rear seat width compare with the Fiesta apart from the inconvenience of the hump?

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Linea is hardly the primary target of the Vento. Either ways, the price difference between the Vento & the Linea, top-end, is Rs. 60,000. When I'm spending 8 - 9 lakhs on a car, I certainly wouldn't mind spending 55K more on:
- Stupendously superior performance. Expect a 5 second quicker 0 - 100. This alone is worth 55K to me.
- The gearshift is also 2X better
- Way better fit & finish. The Vento feels like a 9 lakh rupee car when you are inside
- More interior cabin space
- A brand that's perceived to be more premium
- Lighter controls + better power delivery = Better to drive in the city, which is after all where we spend 99% of our driving kms
- No messed up ergonomics
- Sheer quality. Has an immense feel good factor.
Well i guess god bless competition, GTO! Althought I think that VW goofed up on not offering the comfortline variant as it could have truly reduced the true acquisition cost of the Vento. Maybe its an initial strategy on their part to reduce volumes before their plants can produce more cars.

I forsee the following market dynamics:

1. I think that Verna would probably see a wipeout in sales because of its similar pricing to Vento. (And its vintage as well)
2. Honda city might lost 40-50% of enquiries
3. SX4, Linea will still survive but only by pricing the car at a 1-1.25 lakh discount to the Vento (Spec for Spec)
4. I think a small portion of dzire customers and old honda cty customers may choose to upgrade/replace to vento
5. Possible that vento TDI may impact sales of scorpio?
6. No clue if fiesta will be hurt.. im still amazed by how that car sells!
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That was an excellent review. Throroughly comprehensive.

I'm still not sure about that suspension component that's so close to the ground. Even though it moves with the wheel, its not hard to imagine some lopsided hump catching it out.
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Which is the best diesel now for a usage of 70% city/crowded suburbs and 30% highways?Is it better than the tdci and mjd in this respect?

I guess the fiesta 1.6 still remain's the best driver's car this side of 10 lakhs or does the vento have enough to challenge it?

The fiesta could also go into the competitor's list i guess. The SXI or S feels premium enough. I guess the prices should be in the same range.

The volkswagen badge looks awkward to me. The polo looks better that way.

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Thanks for the excellant and comprehensive review. I was planning to buy Punto 90Bhp or Vento Tdi around Diwali. Going through your review I had an "aha moment" when I realised that Vento TDI just about meets my reqirements.Vento Tdi seems to have a peppy engine with brilliant and strong performance. Final decision is subject to Test Drive by me.
I have some queries:-
a. What is meant by rough road package as mentioned in VW's site?
b. Does Vento TDI comes with "engine guard" to protect the engine chamber from stones,etc.?( like Linea )
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1) Excellent review. The post giving the overview of competition is very nice, giving an entire look at major players.

2) Is VW petrol engine similar to Jetta 1.6 ? Which engine is better, SX'4 M16A or Vento's 1.6 ? The SX4 even without VVT was nice in the mid range giving out good grunt in 90-150 kmph on highway. The VVT has since then improved the engine a lot. So is Vento's 1.6 better than SX4's unit ? The best is G3HC overall & all are aware of it.

3) Diesel's gearing is nearer to Cruze indicating nicely matched gear ratios. Cruze diesel is a bit short geared for the power it has IMO.

4) If VW is not able to put up numbers as per demand, VW is likely to lose. The competition is different in this segment with many cars having proven track record. Moreover, all are quite competent also. So waiting list might not be good for Vento. Polo in small car segment might have an advantage of badge, but in this segment other brands are also well established.
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GTO, excellent & comprehensive review definitely, if you go at this rate all Auto magazines might stop their own TD reports and publish yours to save time & effort

I have one grouse though why not a comparison with Fiesta to Vento? Is it too old ? ( I recently bought one so you can understand )

I too wanted to know 0-100 kmph in how many seconds and are there plans of VW to increase dealership? Also you mentioned bit of lag in Diesel so which one is better for City driving - Petrol or Diesel?

Now for the Vento positives:
- it looks quite good and simple design
- German Quality
- Lot of useful features - central arm rest, coin holder, business card holder, bag hook etc.
- Pricing is spot on, less than ANHC and more than others to establish them
- Diesel seems to be a killer machine
- Looks plush
- Rear AC vents

Areas of improvement:
- USB/AUX is needed
- Steering mounted controls
- Why did they introduce trendline, not sure who will spend so much to get a bare bones car
- Auto locking as you mentioned should have been easily included
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That is a wonderful review GTO .

I actually booked the Highline Diesel Vento yesterday. I can now breathe easy post reading your review. I have been promised delivery sometime in the 3rd week of September but i will definitely be on the dealers back from 6th Sept onwards.

@GTO i was hoping you could help me finalise a colour for my car. For now I like the White, Black and the Red. I also like the Silver and the light Blue on the Polo (Light Blue is unfortunately not available on the Vento). I dont want to buy the beige as i already have a '06 NHC of the same colour (New Warm Silver). Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Suggestions welcome from other members who might have seen the car.
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Excellent Review GTO. Few things keep coming in my thoughts

a. Dead Pedal missing was given as a lack right from the Polo times itself. Even in Vento VW has not added it. As raised by another bhpian, it's not a major cost for them for a car of this segment. Then why it has been missed. Any specific reason (like the wiper blade plastic of Polo for which there was some reason highlighted in one of the posts of Chetan's VW Polo TDI Link. After being the best seller, even Swift does not have a dead pedal. Not sure whether it is due to it's form factor that it doesn't need one). Can it be checked with VW?

b. Locking mechanism being the same way as in Polo. This also has been commented from Polo times. Again can this be checked with VW for any reason?

Sometimes manufacturers' reason will be valid. Don't get me wrong that I am supporting VW but trying to understand why they have not done something which looks to be available in many other cars of this segment or even the lower segment. Reviews in Team BHP have reiterated that for VW (or even Germans) it's function more than form.

Given the experience of Team BHPians and the mods we can easily gauge whether their reasons are simply "reasons" or does it have any value in them. If it's cost factor for point b, even then it is not agreeable, but if it's some other important reason then worth to know.

Missing USB / AUX is big drawback even after seeing Honda's Music System which is only based on USB. Have VW sacrificed something for cost increase in another part of the car?

Overall another great car from VW.
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Default Fantastic !!! Now thats what I call a Review ....

Great Review and Write-Up GTO !!!
Sometimes I feel the Auto Magazine editors and journalists should be reading this review to see what they lack. Absolutely stupendous review Sir !!!
Keep the the good work .......

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Excellent detailed review as always by GTO. It took a while to read all of it; so I can only imagine the time and efforts spent in compiling the same. Great work. Hats off to you.

"All 4 power windows have one touch up / down function" - that does sound like a first in the segment. Even cars in the higher segments do not have this feature.

The diesel Vento seems to be the overwhelming favorite going by the review. This is the one which should have the ANHC running for the cover. Nothing too fantastic about the petrol variant except for the slightly better torque and the famed VW build quality.

Reading the comparison of Vento with other C segment cars in your first post, you have mentioned GC of SX4 as 170mm. Isn't this supposed to be 190mm? Atleast that is what Maruti claims.
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Great review, which is leaving me Hmmmm.....!

I'm always certain what my next car is going to be: just it changes from time to time. Fabia, i20, Micra, Polo, now the Vento ...maybe. Not certain!

Things that put me off: that arm rest; if I can't easily access the handbrake, what's the point? The obviously low-budget sound system; what did they do? get a deal from a friend of a friend in Burma Bazaar? The rear view; this is vital, especially on our dangerous roads. Maybe I drove a hatch for too long, but I can't imagine parking this?

My favourite thing: Believe it or not! ... auto-up and auto-down on the window controls! This is something I want (but don't have) almost every day I drive.

Couldn't care less: miscellaneous hooks and grab handles and all that stuff. Rupees that could have been spent on something useful! Passenger seat adjustable from rear. Why, for goodness sake? Either you're sitting in the back because you have a driver, in which case the car will be permanently set up for your comfort, or because someone is already occupying that front seat, in which case you can't go pushing them around. Utter waste of money that could probably have meant a decent HU!

Don't give a ____ : "Dead" pedals. Why the fuss? Is it just I've never had one anyway? Am I going to find it utterly indispensable the first time I ever try one? (Actually, yes, I think I have, and no, I didn't). But hey, for those who do love the idea, I bet you could have one for the price of a couple of bag/suit hangers!

Rear view might be the deal-killer for me

EDIT: does it have heat-resistant tinted glass?


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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The steering tilt & reach adjustment have superb range.
The flooring has a 5 - 6 inch high hump in the center. The (hopefully occasional) 5th passenger will have to keep his feet on either side of the tunnel. And that in turn will interfere with the leg room of the other two rear passengers.
Steering reach adjustment- is this first in the segment? Or does Linea already offer this?
One observation, looking at the picture of the rear floor is, there is no inward space bellow the bench. Such space (like in City, which has been mainly possible due to the location of the petrol tank) is useful to move the legs around during long journeys.
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Great Review as usual GTO!!!

One question though , Did this beauty has all wheel DISC Brake ?

I pic from my side for TDi
Attached Images
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As always, great review, GTO. I agree with many others here than no magazine can match the quality of GTO's reviews. These reviews are one of the several reasons why Team-BHP rocks!

This is definitely a great news for customers, because healthy competetion (which was unfortunately lacking in C+ segment) was the need of the hour, and VW has provided exactly that!

Regarding the slightly firm ride (and not plush ride), I think this is necessary to reduce the probability of underbody scraps with 168 mm GC. ANHC and Linea both have relatively plusher rides but both are known for high probability of scrapping on the bottom. Less than 170 mm GC, more than 2500 mm wheelbase and soft suspensions (for plush ride) is a perfect recipe for scrapping on our bad roads. Therefore, I believe VW has done a right thing by giving a bit hard suspension set up.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The suspension's bottom spring mount plate seems to be placed too low. It moves with the wheel though, and wont hit anywhere. This type of a setup is rare:
This is a very interesting observation. From this picture, it looks like the bottom spring mount plate is the lowest part of the car at 168mm GC. And since this is not going to hit anywhere (due to moving up with the wheel), the effective GC of this car is going to be more than 168mm. It will be equal to the clearance of the next lowest part, whatever it is.

Given all this, it appears that VW will be a good sedan on bad roads and speed-breakers, which I consider a primary requirement for taking a car out on long, rural drives.


P.S. GTO, there are a couple of errors in SX4 data in the datasheet on 1st page. The price of top end SX4 you mentioned is for leather option. A more comparable model to Vento is the ZXi (non-leather option), and this is what I would call SX4 top end for this comparison, and it is priced 7.67L (ex-showroom, Delhi). Further, the GC of SX4 is not 170mm as you mentioned. It is 180mm for VXi trim and 190mm for ZXi trimp. Sorry if this appears to be nitpicking.
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