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3M Car Care (Kolkata)

Kolkata never had its fair share of car care & detailing franchises compared with other metros in India. All that changed when 3M opened its first outlet few yrs back in Kolkata @ Topsia. It is very near to the Ford dealer from where I purchased my car (Ganges Ford) and easily accessible from different parts of the city.

During Christmas 2020, after I drove to Kolkata from Pune I needed to wash my car big time. Clean N Shine was very far away from my place in Rashbehari, so decided to try this new outlet for a change. Previously I had a very bad experience with 3M Pune, details of which are there in the thread here: (Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Pune))

However given the dearth of options, I decided to try out this place. The facility is on the main road. However their setup is a bit unique. They have their office & guest area on the ground and 1st floor while their washing happens on the parking of the building. Although definitely cramped compared with 3M Pune, they had all essential equipment needed to carry out the work. Here are some pics of the facility:

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_143126.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_143204.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_143225.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_154405.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_143358.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_145133.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_153311.jpg

Here is my experience with 3M Kolkata:

What I liked

+ Facility is promising with good equipment, car care products and trained staff. The guest room is nice too.

+ Location is convenient to come from all parts of the city.

What I didn't

- While booking over call I wanted to do a simple wash costing around 700Rs which they agreed to. However after entering the facility they continually started to upsell a higher package and showed no interest to do the basic wash as discussed on call. They pestered me so much that I finally agreed to take the next package which is UV Protect costing more than twice as much.

- Pestering didn't end right there. As soon as I entered the guest room they continually tried to sell me detailing products which are on display. I was shocked to see this kind of unprofessional behavior from someone who I assume to be one of the stakeholder/manager of this franchise.

- I did a underbody coat from 3M Pune which comes with a free touchup every 6 months for 5 years. I requested them to do that however they refused. At the time of purchasing this 5 year contract the Pune outlet mentioned that this can be done anywhere in India.

- Washing quality is average at best, especially compared with the money I spent. Pune outlet was definitely better and not even comparing with Aquatint.

- They managed to break the Ford logo on tailgate while air drying the car post wash which they fixed using a double sided tape. They didn't even bother to tell me about it and I found out this when I came to inspect from guest room.

Here are some pics of the car post washing. While the franchise is promising, I will avoid this place in future due to the issues faced.

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_162543.jpg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-20201227_155252.jpg
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Re: 3M Car Care (Kolkata)

Originally Posted by Samfromindia View Post
. While the franchise is promising, I will avoid this place in future due to the issues faced.
Try Excellerate Motors in Kolkata, have heard good things about the place and services.
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Re: 3M Car Care (Kolkata)

Originally Posted by Leoshashi View Post
Try Excellerate Motors in Kolkata, have heard good things about the place and services.
Excellerate is definitely very good however they don't do just washing. They are premium detailers and a does a very good job. Prices are on the higher side though. However you get what you pay for.
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Re: 3M Car Care (Kolkata)

So here I was picking my car from the dusty nondescript highways of Dankuni, an hourís drive out of the City. With very little knowledge about the options Kolkata offers in terms of detailing and car care, I chanced upon the only 3M outlet after having read not so favourable report here on TeamBHP and overwhelmingly good reviews on Google.

It was on my way home, and I have been a long acquaintance of 3M Car Care chain for many years now. So on it went on Google Maps, and I navigated through the fairly nicely laid roads of Kolkata (something that Mumbai needs to learn). It being a Sunday and me having driven-in (equivalent to a walk-in) without any prior intimation was gleefully welcomed by Mudit and Mayank Jajodia, owners of 3M Kolkata franchise and Subroto, the very capable and experienced Manager. I had a bit of an ordeal with the car transit, remnants of which was scattered around in the car and all the three patiently heard my incessant ranting out.

Fast forward a few hours, and then a second visit - I can wholeheartedly vouch for this outlet. So what did I like about them?
  • Very personal feeling. It was the first time I met them, and the team; and maybe it was the festive Durga Puja waft in the air but we all hit an instant rapport. Everyone here was so well spoken, mannered and companionable; that I was instantly reminded why this city was called the City of Joy, and why it is synonymous with sweets.
  • The location is very central and approachable. Right off the EM Bypass and adjacent to a fairly wide road leading into Topsia, no one should have a problem driving till here.
  • Extremely knowledgeable (Subrata is in this vocation for close to 15 years); and this outlet is blessed with a very talented and honest team. Each and every person was involved in getting my car done on time, and therefore I was personally witness to their diligence and hard work. The management kept a keen eye on the happenings at all time.
  • Even after all the hard work through the day, late evening they all still had a smile on their faces. This needed a separate bullet because I cannot emphasise enough, how much it says about the personal gratification derived from an honest dayís work. Mudit later informed me that he had followed one instinct during their interview process, work can be taught but behaviour cannot. Am taking that away for my next team meeting.
  • Was there a bit of pitch? yes, it is a business after all. On the flip side, if they donít let customers know what all options can be offered, then an informed decision will be seriously constricted and customers will complain about not being told. Itís a weird catch 22 situation. But nothing that I didnít need was sold to me, nothing that I didnít want was insisted upon.
  • Fairly modest setup, but everything essential was there. I have definitely seen more equipment in the Mumbai outlet, but nothing that is essential is missed. The place is a bit tight, but they manoeuvred a 4.8 m behemoth just fine. Mayank assured me that longer cars have come, and safely passed through.
  • This also brings me to an assumption. This place is nearly not big enough to have multiple cars. The max I saw during my visit was 3. Now this should relate to a more personal, and ample attention given to each car. I really hope they donít lose this virtue ever. As the picture would suggest, every technician was involved in doing something or the other on the car, like clockwork.

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1320.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1319.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1365.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1366.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1364.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1367.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1368.jpeg

3M Car Care (Kolkata)-img_1370.jpeg

During my visit, I saw a fifth-gen Hyundai Verna in Black. It says a lot about an owner, who keeps a Black car looking Black - not brushed charcoal. I got to know much later that it was Muditís. He mentioned that his personal affair with cars preceded this outlet opening in 2019. I looked at his Black car, and trust his declaration.

Like Samfromindia suggested, 3M in general is no where close to Aquatint, but in my experience car care for regular Joes may not always need detailing - just a nice foam bath is fine, done by some fine persons in 3M Kolkata. If one is looking to get their car taken care of professionally, and by a set of people who work hard and are diligent, then this outlet can surely be on their speed dial. I have not tried their detailing services, but I will be surprised if they donít compensate any lacunas with sheer zeal and effort. In todayís date of pop up businesses and app-based impersonal services, this outlet championed by Mudit and Mayank, along with the able team led by Subrata, will see me again on my next visit - and that is the biggest compliment one can give to a service provider.
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