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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Can we change address and remove hypothecation together in 1 visit?

I am talking about no change in RTO, only address in Bangalore.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Originally Posted by Humanity View Post
Recently applied for hypothecation termination at the Thane RTO. It is 2 day process here.


You may now proceed to your loan service centre branch, apply for hypothecation termination confirmation letter. The bank would issue this letter within half an hour on production of a government ID by the applicant.
You can save yourself the entire hassle of day 1 by simply calling your bank and asking them to re-issue the documents. They'll charge a small amount and courier them to you; everything that's needed. You just have to visit RTO and submit them. Took me about ten minutes at RTO.
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Default website has provision for many RTO services. Including hypothecation entries. Please access that site through your respective state mvd site. For Kerala, it is the link on Kerala MVD site is named Parivahan seva.

Keep scanned copies of documents handy. Fill the forms online, upload scanned images of respective documents, pay fee online, print the application, sign and post to the RTO.

I have not used the site so far, but looks user friendly.

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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Kindly note that the Hypothecation removal procedure described above, is only applicable for the Thane RTO in Maharashtra. Here it is not possible for anyone to do the procedure in one day due to the following reasons: - RTO window is open only between 10-30 AM to 2:00 PM for acceptance of the new cases. - One has to stand in 2 lines, first one to get the RTO outward dispatch cover note signed by the counter staff at 51 (# 49 if 51 closed). - Then one has to go the counter # 7 on the other side of the RTO, stand in another queue to get the not wanted report. Time spent in both these lines is approximately 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours. - Thereafter one has to run to the first floor, wait for dispatch clerk to scribble an outward number on the dispatch cover note. - One has to run to his/her bank's loan servicing branch to get a hypothecation cancellation confirmation letter clearly mentioning the outward number mentioned on the RTO cover note by the dispatch clerk. By the time one gets this letter and runs back to the RTO, their counter would be about to close. Hence one has to go to the RTO once again on the next day to submit the application as mentioned above.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Originally Posted by Technocrat View Post
STEP TWO: Submitting your application

  • No Objection Certificate (RTO copy)
  • Form 35 (Both the copies, duly signed by yourself)
  • Registration certificate - Original
  • Driving License - Copy only
  • Insurance policy - Copy only
  • PUC - Copy only
  • Owner's Aadhaar card - Copy only
  • Owner's photograph
  • Print of payment receipt (if paid online)
Thank you for posting this. I got the hypothecation terminated for my Xcent from RTO, Raja Garden, New Delhi. My experience of the same is as under:

Procedure is fairly simple. I paid ZERO rupees for this entire process.

First Step
1. Register on parivahan website -

2. Go to Online Service --> Vehicle Related Services
(enter the requisite details and select Hypothecation Termination)

3. Keep following the instructions mentioned on the left side of the website. (Its very basic, Owner Details verification and Insurance details)

4. Upload documents:
(a) NOC from Financer
(b) Form 35 in duplicate (duly signed by the owner)
(c) Valid Car Insurance
(d) RC

5. Take Appointment of the day suitable to you.
(a) Retain copy of the appointment details. Time slot (8.30AM-11AM in my case) and Counter Number will be mentioned on this page.
(b) Take print of the e-receipt. (Although it is zero, but still an important document)

Second Step
1. Prepare documentation for appointment. I carried all the documents mentioned in the quoted post. However, the copy of PUC was returned and the officer did not ask for the photograph.

2. Go to the counter number mentioned in the appointment. (It was 21 in my case, but since there was no one at 21, I was asked to queue up at counter number 20)

3. Hand over all documents. The officer upon verification will issue an acknowledgement. (I flagged all my documents for my own convenience and the officer was extremely happy to see an organised set of papers, he was otherwise pissed on people who had incomplete documents. So, I am thankful that I read this post )

I was informed by the officer that, hypothecation will be terminated by the RTO in few days and I can check the status online. There's no need to visit the RTO office again.

I carried all the originals with me, but the officer never asked to see any of it (not even RC).

Honestly, I was not expecting the process to go this smooth. Things were very different at Sheikh Sarai RTO in 2008, when I applied for my driving license. (I was asked to get my birth certificate as age proof, despite attaching the 10th pass certificate)

All in all, it was a very good experience. I am happy that I got it done on my own without involving any touts.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Originally Posted by varunswnt View Post

That's it, the whole thing took me hardly 30 mins and only Rs.250 and I didn't even have to go desk to desk.

Tbhpians from MH14 let me know if this was the case for you or I missed something here.
Thanks for sharing this! Re-confirming this process was exactly the same for me at the PCMC RTO; with a few minor amendments

- There is no appointment option for PCMC RTO; you just need to land up at the RTO
- The counter #12 accepts applications only till 2 PM (a hand-written board/sign at the counter states this)
- In addition to the documents mentioned above (payment receipt, Form 35, Form 17, NOC), additional documents requested - PUC, RC copy, Aadhaar copy, insurance copy

I landed at 3PM on Friday, so will have to go again on Monday to submit the application with required documents.

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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Thanks to Mayuresh W for sending in his experience with the Pune RTO. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!

My experience of hypothecation removal was a lot different and simpler at the Pune RTO than what is described here. After submitting application at the Parivahan website and paying fees online, I just had to make one visit.
Application, relevant documents (the Team-BHP article was helpful for list of documents) and RC were submitted. Windows are marked clearly based on vehicle registration number and type (Transport, Non-transport). New RC was received by post in approx. 20 days, which was informed earlier. Online application tracking is also there on the Parivahan website which is helpful.
One more observation - when hypothecation removal is Googled, first result is obviously from Team-BHP. When I went through other articles, it was observed that Team-BHP article contents are copied there. Kudos to Team-BHP.

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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Thanks to Manivannan Palanisamy for sending in his experience with the Bangalore (KA 51) RTO. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!

I purchased a Hyundai Grand i10 Asta (O) petrol in May 2016 and my HDFC loan was completed in May 2019. I paid my last EMI on May 7, 2019 and after a few days, I received the following documents from HDFC bank:
1. Car Loan closure letter - 2 copies
2. NOC copy - 2 copies

I received the document on May 15, 2019, but in the letter, they mentioned May 8, 2019. So it is valid till August 8, 2019. If you are not doing the Hypothecation process within this period, you have to apply again to the bank, with Rs. 500 additional charges.

I stay in Hulimavu, Bangalore and the Electronic city RTO (KA 51) is located nearby (Devarachikkanahalli Main Road). I went there on July 6, 2019, Saturday, at around 10:30 AM with the following documents:
1. Original NOC, car loan closure letter.
2. Receipt of online payment (Rs.200). Note: KA 51 still accepts cash, but you have to stand in a long queue, especially on weekends. Many BHPians mentioned that the VAHAN website had some issues, but when I checked, there was no issue. I successfully paid Rs. 200 and generated the receipt.
3. Pollution control certificate copy - It was taken the same day at a nearby IOC petrol bunk.
4. Valid insurance copy - My existing insurance expired on May 19, 2019. The thread suggested renewing the insurance and going.
5. Original RC.
6. Valid address proof copy - I took my voters ID.
7. Driving licence copy - Not required. During verification, they asked me to remove it.

There are plenty of shops outside the KA 51 RTO office available for xerox, etc. Just mention HPT removal file (pink colour file) and acknowledgement envelope and a plastic pouch to put the original RC. The total cost is around Rs. 48. They suggested taking laminated copy.
1. The mentioned duplicate - Rs. 40
2. Laminated copy - Rs. 80

I took the laminated copy.

After that, I filed all the self-attested documents and directly went to the verification counter. It is exactly opposite to the entrance. There was a long queue. I waited 10-15 minutes until my turn. In between, lots of people skipped the queue and there were some small fights. On the way, some agents will approach you. I heard that they will charge between Rs. 1500 - Rs. 2000.

Thanks to Team-BHP, I saved some Rs. 1500. Totally it cost me Rs. 248 (Rs. 200 for the online receipt, Rs. 48 for the file and acknowledgment envelope, and Rs. 40 for RC lamination, which is not mandatory) for the whole process. Just do it on your own instead of doing it through some broker / agent.

It hardly takes 25 - 35 minutes. If you are planning on going on weekdays, I guess it will take hardly 5 minutes. I believe there is no crowd on weekdays. I was unable to go on weekdays due to some office work.

There are the following 3 steps in KA 51 RTO for HPT process:
1. Verify the documents and get a signature from him.
2. Move to the next table for data entry.
3. Move to the next table to get the acknowledgement. They gave an acknowledgement with RTO seal valid till July 31, 2019. They mentioned that the original RC will be received within 21 days.

I waiting for the original RC. Meanwhile, I verified using the VAHAN SMS service (SMS to VAHAN KA 51 XX YYYY to 7738299899) that they have removed the finance entry. I am very happy now.

Thank you once again Team-BHP.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Anyone here who has done the hypothecation removal in Chennai? If yes, can it be done via the vahan website? I have to do it in the Tambaram RTO which is usually in the news for the wrong reasons.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

I need to do this, both for my 2 & 4 wheeler. I believe the 4 wheeler process will be hassle free (as I have all the required documents), but it is the 2 wheeler process that I am worried about.

The reason, I don't have insurance for my 2 wheeler, what could be the problem if I don't have it?

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