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Default Re: 1967 Mercedes W110 Fintail LHD - Restoration EDIT: Completed!

Nicely restored car. I can imagine the time , money effort spent apart from getting the right people to do the job and sourcing parts. Are the tires crossply or radial, I am not able to make out from pictures. Old mercs that I have driven which came with crossply tires seem to lose handling and ride comfort with radials and also the steering gets hard.

This suspension system looks new to me, can you explain the benefits of this, ride quality etc?
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Congratulations on a wonderful outcome! I'm super happy with how nice the Finnie has turned out! How about some more detailed shots of the interior?

Not to sound critical or rude, but those fog lamps don't suit your car. I know it's a personal choice but still, if you insist on fog lamps then there are slightly later period Hella/Bosch lamps of a proportionate size that could be used instead and I think they come in amber/orange.

But otherwise, really happy at how neat the car looks and wish you lots of enjoyable motoring


If you are referring to the rear axle and associated suspension set-up, I'll take a shot at answering.

This kind of axle is known as a 'de Dion' axle, named after the pioneers who designed this set-up. Georges Bouton, Albert de Dion and Charles Trepardoux (all Frenchmen) founded a French car company called De Dion-Bouton and their cars employed this unique axle set-up. In the pioneering days of the motorcar, De Dion's were obviously well-engineered and reliable which led to a host of other contemporary car makers assembling De-Dion's under license in their own country, selling it under their own badge. Daimler of England was one such.

The basic difference between a standard fixed axle and a De-Dion axle is that in the latter, both sides of the axle move independent to each other with the centre (usually the diff case) as the pivot. This resulted in a more comfortable ride and more control over uneven surfaces.

Coming back to Mercedes, the kind of axle you see in Merc_lover666's car was first used in a post-War Mercedes on the 300SL Coupe (Gullwing). However in the Gullwing, both sides of the axle had a swing action which apparently led to unpredictable handling at high speeds/wet road conditions and the rear could suddenly swing out. The early Ponton sedans which were manufactured at the same time as the Gullwing also used a double joint set-up. To ensure safer handling, Mercedes introduced a single joint swing axle on the 300SL roadsters which replaced the Gullwing. In this set-up, one side was fixed in the same plane as the diff housing while the other side moved independently. They also used this improved layout in all the Ponton cars.

When the Fintail series was developed, Mercedes incorporated another feature to further stabilize the rear axle; a horizontal compensating spring and this is what you see on Merc_lover666's axle. It is essentially a coil spring placed horizontally to counter sideways movement.

Having driven a 220S Fintail, I can tell you that the car drove like it was on rail tracks - that stable and I'm sure a part of it could be attributed to the addition of the horizontal spring!



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Default Re: 1967 Mercedes W110 Fintail LHD - Restoration EDIT: Completed!

Wow what a beauty, considering the amount of work that was needed, she has turned out to be looker. The black color is so well suited for these cars.
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Default Re: 1967 Mercedes W110 Fintail LHD - Restoration EDIT: Completed!

Originally Posted by mbz180 View Post

If you are referring to the rear axle and associated suspension set-up, I'll take a shot at answering.


Fantastic information there, thanks!
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