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Originally Posted by Stanher View Post
I'd reckon that includes the number as well- better to preserve the old one rather than have it with a modern KL-** **** regn.! BTW Steer, you also have a house (flat?) in B'lore right? In that case you could continue the B'lore regn.?
Depends on how old a tax receipt they will accept - I sold the property when prices were up, am on the lookout for something new but will wait for prices to drop further.

Even if they dont, I dont plan to change the number. Will try to work with AA and transfer the registration without changing the number. I think karlos the devil has a few ideas as well.

Else I always have my grandmother's KGF address with a birth certificate that proves that I was born in that part of the state.

Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM View Post
One suggestion, dont do any changes on this car whatsoever, it looks great, runs great. It better stay at your home than any workshop.
Rest assured, this car will be preserved EXACTLY as it is. No changes are envisaged and there will be NO visits to the garage - if at all any work is required, the old man will have to come home and fix it. I plan to kit out a garage at my parents house with all the tools that will be required for maintaining the two old ladies.

I spent about 20 minutes on the phone convincing JayD that this is not going to be a retro-modern conversion like the Landy. The boy was pleading with me not to do anything to it, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Touching anything on this car will be sacrilege. Even if there are a couple of things that arent entirely original like the meters or the boot handle or the horn button, I will NOT be changing any of them. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

The Landy was different. It was bought with those modifications in mind, it was meant to be a daily drive. This one will be preserved and driven around very occassionally (in dry weather only) just to keep it in running shape.

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Congrats Steeroid, upon becoming a fiat owner. I had checked the thread in the afternoon and then now, got blown away. Hopefully this one will put the smile back on your dad's face.

Don't tell him the price though. These old gentlemen can't fathom our craze, I still remember the look on my dad's face when he found out price of GV.
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Default Ultimate Buy Steer!!

aaah... herez another lucky oldie who got an equally good new owner!!


This clearly shows your true love towards automobiles!!

Awaiting restlessly to see this beauty in flesh!
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Congratulations, The car looks AWESOME!!

Looking forward to see it in person.
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Congratulations Steer. That is a good addition to your stable.

If only I had a few lakhs lying around..
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There are days when, amidst things going in different directions than intended, something comes up to bring up a smile on your face. Things that give a person hope, to go out there and take face the other stuff. Thanks, guys.

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Congrats steer, when an we drool our eyes on the beauty? There goes another gorgeous collection to our garage.

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Congrats steer.The car looks neat and decent.Looks like a brand new car even the tyres are shining.Enjoy your ride.
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
congrats steeroid

are you buying or bartering ?
I think he's bought and now he's bantering

Congrats Steer! Beautiful car.
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What happens when steer smokes up exotic stuff in Dxb?
Ans: He goes and buys a FIAT!

Congrats for the car, a certain finneyp and few others must be very relieved to see this thread .
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Congrats man! that's a great acquisition thank god you only had to pay and not fight a war to get her (i don't mean the ones we still have on the dining tables )
Neat, pro Fiat dudes will jus have

As far as the price goes, the discussion is only when you are thinking of buying not after. So ENJOY!
See ya soon.
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Old 24th November 2008, 09:54   #27
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@ Steer - congrats on two things:
1) Buying this pristine baby
2) Becoming my tenant

Inshallah this car will be in cochin on saturday
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Nice engine/gearbox combo it has.
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Ahh! Better late than never . Congrats on owning a Fiat.

PS: Seems old Fiats have a better resale value than their modern cousins !!
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Rudra posted @ 14:08 and Steer finalises the deal by 14:22 . I don't know of anyone, except for a Team-BHPian, who'd buy a car this way. Congratulations Steer : I am sure that Fiat fanboys are ready to welcome you with open arms!

Butttttttttttttttttttttt there is YET ANOTHER not-so-easy-to-maintain car in your garage. A Tata Safari, an RD350, a WIP Landmaster, Jaguar S-Type and more!! Here's a certified glutton for punishment if I ever knew one.
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