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Now thats a Amazing Job,Kudos to the kids who did this

@All classic lovers, i can understand your feelings as you all are thinking if this is reversible or not
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Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM View Post
Wow, Nice car, though nothing much of originality is left on it. I hope the paint job is reversible.
Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM View Post
Not being too picky, very simple to anyone's eye, the Body chrome beadings are a straight lift from the Fiat. Lets leave that and enjoy the fine art on that car.
Pavan, you are a great restorer, facilitator and come across as passionate about your cars. We've also observed that you are an artist too!

But changed beadings alone don't support the earlier observation of not much originality left on this car. Yes, let's enjoy the fine art on the car instead of starting to make observations on its originality.

I'm amazed one can even wonder if the paint job is reversible! Another non-issue, IMHO.

By the way, I see a fair bit of originality too - the Wolfsburg badge, taillights and the ultra rare semaphore slots, not to mention the hubcaps, wheel trims, etc. Of course the fender indicators don't belong. Could this be one of the rare 1957 Karmann semaphore cabriolets?
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Hi Guys,

Sorry to say, but this is sheer vandalism specially when you consider that this is India's oldest known convertible Beetle. I do recognise that the owner is well within his rights to do as he pleases, or let kids have their run with "assistance", but when such a display is made public, critics have a right too.
Is this reversible? You bet, a good scrubbing followed by a scraping will do the trick. The owner being such a Beetle guy, may have done this prank prior to a thorough restoration, who knows but I hope that I am right.
I remember that in the 1980/90's Hussein had done something like this on a NE 118 bonnet and that did not last long too. In fact that car was seen on the roads in Mumbai for a relatively short time. Hopefully the owner of that 118 felt silly. Does anyone remeber that white 118?

This Beetle was originally black in colour, belonged to a Mr. J. Kapadia. It was lying in Breach Candy in a side lane for a while. The car was more original then than now, but needed some refreshment (TLC). That came in the shape of a red coloured car with Premier "patti's".

Cheers harit
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What colors are these? They will not be permanent, will they? How does one make them permanent (like professional car color)?

(Sorry, I am a n00b)
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This paint job reminded me of the Famous "John Lennon's Rolls royce". Enjoy some of the pics just to refresh the memory.
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