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Default Re: Why do 2-wheeler lights dim / brighten depending on accelerator input?

Originally Posted by antz.bin View Post
@dark.knight More than the technical reasons, the bigger reason for this happening is Corporate Greed.

There are 7 motorcycle brands that Bajaj Auto sells, only one has this issue (CT100/110, costs ₹33k). Everything else, including the lowly Platina 100 (costing ₹40k and change) has full DC electricals. And this is not a recent development either. It has been this way since at least 8-10 years.
Well, you can't really call it corporate greed, at least in the case of the CT100B.

The engine is a direct lift of the Kawasaki 4S Champion engine that came in 1991, and the last motorcycle to maintain the AC CDI configuration when even its Honda counterpart the Splendor started coming with DC CDI's.

So for enthusiasts like myself, the sole reason to opt for the CT100B is its authenticity(read benefits of owning an older engine) and rugged configuration which ensures that though the electricals run pathetically the ignition stays independent of the battery, meaning come hell or high water the engine would keep firing.

Not a reason for everyone, but just chiming my appreciation for Bajaj having kept things simple as long as they could with the CT100B I.e even though they've silently phased out the old engine with the new one.

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