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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Originally Posted by SunnyBoi View Post
The only thing I used to wear for showoof actually saved my life. Since then I have a severe helmet fetish! My collection consists of an Arai Corsair V, Suomy Expreme Spec 1R, AGV K4 Evo and a few others
Posts like these in this thread would surely make non-helmet wearing riders think more seriously to consider a helmet on head (and not in arms) while riding.

And by the way, wish you a very happy birthday! Just saw on the TBHP homepage.
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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

I first kissed the tarmac in 2014. I was practicing on my family's Yamaha Ray. Wasn't wearing my helmet. I twisted the accelerator hard in the parking area. Couldn't control the scooter. The scooter rammed the pillar from the side and the pillar hit my head. I had two bruises on the right elbow and right palm and also a big bump on my head. Luckily, the scooter just had some scratches on right panel and a broken right mirror.
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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

I learnt riding quite late. In the year 2009 I first rode a bike.
I have kissed tarmac thrice till date. Everytime due to distracted/disturbed mind and saved each and everytime by my full face helmet. Luckily just a bruised arm as a damage.

1.19th July 2009 Just as a petrolhead, I am still fascinated by every showroom I pass. A glance is a must. I was passing a Ford showroom and a brilliantly accessorized Endeavour was being delivered. I was distracted and when I put my eyes on road, a tractor was coming in my lane towards me. Pressed brakes and rear tyre skidded and I fell on the ground, with my helmet banging against the road first. I had missed my riding gear that day, hence arms bruised.

2. 19th January 2010- My 2nd accident occurred when a Bolero initially gave me pass and then changed minds and banged me against the divider when I was overtaking. Bike was badly damaged and was almost totalled but I didn't have a scratch due to my helmet, riding gloves and thick blazer of DPS!!

3. 25th May 2010- Third incident happened when some girls on a scooty banged against me from behind. I didn't have a scratch, but the girls were badly hurt since they didn't have even helmets on themselves, in interest of hairstyle.
I hired an auto and took them to nearest hospital for stitches etc. I left the place when their parents arrived.

Now I am a safe and matured rider, and luckily haven't again kissed the tarmac.

But, the thing is, I am posting this and am alive due to helmet.

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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Been riding for 17 years now and have had around 5-6 accidents ... only 3 are worth mentioning here I guess

Incident-1: Pune city as you know was very famous for 6-seater rickshaws all over the place (now they only ply in certain places). One day returning from work I was overtaking a 6-seater with a bolero coming from the opposite side. All of a sudden with the rickshaw at around 20kmph and me at 25-30kmph an old lady decided to jump out of the 6-seater (to avoid paying the fare I guess). Bam!!! Lands right on the front bumper of the bike (Bajaj Caliber) and falls to one side. I lose balance and have a nice grand crash skidding around 10-20 feet from the moment of impact ... though both our injuries were minor, the family of the old lady decide to make it a police matter and I end up spending 2 days in a lock-up till the matter is settled. Finally, out of court settlement and I am let go

Incident-2: My wife had just recently had our first baby girl and was on the way to her house on a bright Saturday morning (after a week of not seeing my little angel). Riding along nice and slow on a Bajaj XCD 125 and crossing a signal near Shastri Nagar (Yerawada) at 11am. My signal was green and I thought (maybe stupidly) that green means go ... so I go and then I fall ... another biker still believes that his signal showing red does not mean he has to stop and he keeps gunning it and smashes into my left leg from the side. I gather myself and try to stand. Right leg behaves fine but when I try to take a step forward, my left leg gives way. I look down and the leg is bent at 90deg angle from my knee down. Some folks help me into a rickshaw, go to a hospital and find my knee is broken. Put in a cast for 2 months, 8 months of physio and still walk with a limp and knee still hurts a lot in winter and most sports are out of the question now

Incident-3: Coming back home from work in Kharadi late night. The road was being cemented on Nagar road and it was raining. The cement part of the road was apparently some 6-10inches higher than surrounding tar parts. Try to move from tar (which was potholed) to the cement and front wheel hits the height difference and skids off in a different direction. Suddenly the bike is gone from beneath me and my face is smashed on to the cement. I stand up, find nothing broken and go home. When I reach home I look down and see my shirt is completely red (when I left home it was white). It was blood coming from a gash below my chin (still have a scar to prove it). 19 stitches later, bleeding stopped from the chin but started from the ears ... had an MRI and brain swelling was found. Spent 3 days in hospital for the swelling to subside

To summarize, I would say the below

1. The road is full of people who live in their own little world of laws so never assume green means go ... it may mean stop as well because someone else thinks red means go

2. All incidents I was wearing a full-face studds helmet which I guess saved my head from far worse injuries

3. Bajaj bikes I feel have lower grip (maybe just my feeling) because they go with tiger-striped tyres for show but they offer low grip. BTW, I now ride a Hero Splendor (my bulletproof monk) with Ceat Gripp tyres and find it much more stable

Hope so no more incidents take place but one never knows ......
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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

The only fall I have had from my motorcycle (Enfield T-Bird) was in the November of 2013

I left home at 4:30 AM for a solo ride to Shimla. Was on the ring road (Delhi), barely 15 kms away from home. There was a lot of (Metro / fly over) construction going on. My enfield btw has a candlestick for a headlight

It was still pretty dark but I wanted to start early to beat the traffic chaos. At one intersection, a santro cuts me off .I could see that the driver fella was sleeeeeeepyyyy. Anyhow, I strated to brake and almost like in slow motion, the bike drifted and the front wheel slid from under me. I fell on my right side

Got up and found slick gooey oil on the road. I simply did not see it. Scraped my right elbow & I have a pain in my right thigh and shoulder since then (that I am going to get looked at tomorrow, LOL)

The heroes of the day surely were my A-stars boots and Dianese knee guards. These things are definitely worth the money. I could see my jeans ripped from the knees and scrapes on the boots. However, I did not feel a thing in my knees or my feet / ankles

On a sidenote, some crashes described above are the "classic" scenarios that any rider may encounter. The ability to react to these scenarios dictates whether you stay upright or "kiss the tarmac". I would highly recommend "David Hough's - Proficient motorcycling" book to everyone. You will learn a thing or two in riding safely, I assure you!

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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Nice thread, reminds me of couple of horrible falls I had on my bike.

Year 2000, I was working in Mumbai and was dreaded of traveling by local trains and hence used to travel by my TVS Fierro F2 almost 100-120kms per day.

I had this habit of paying my "namaskaras" salutations to all the temples and shrines on the way. One fine day on a rainy morning, was traveling on the Thane-Belapur road and as usual, turned right side of the road to namaskar the temple. Had taken off my eyes for a split second from the road and BANG..crashed into another motorcyclist who cut me from left side and came into my lane suddenly. I somersaulted and fell on my face. Was wearing full-face helmet so face/head was protected. Since it was a rainy season, was wearing full raincoat and hence hands / knees were also protected.

But bike had fallen on my right foot and dragged for a few feet. Silencer fell on my ankle and hence I had a large burn wound and gash on my right leg.

The other guy also crashed and had several injuries but I was not in a condition to check about his fate.

Some bystanders pulled me to the side of the road. I was totally shaken and in a lot of pain. The other guy had just ran-off thinking it was his mistake that caused the accident.

I called a friend of mine to come and pick me up and my damaged bike.

Lessons learnt - never take off your eyes of the road.. even for a split second. Gods wont mind you not looking at HIM while doing Namaskara.

Wear enough protective gear.

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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Although the thread is about motor cycles, I have to share this incident related to bicycle.

Had a BSA-SLR for almost 5 years between 8th grade and Intermediate. This incident was during my 10th Vacation, four of us school friends were riding from Dombivli to Malang Gad on a hot and glorious afternoon of May. Couple of day's before this ride had seen a bicycle wala holding on to a moving Rick on it's side and riding without any efforts. Had made up my mind that this indeed was a good option to ride long distance without breaking a sweat!.

On our way to Malang Gad, caught hold of a slow moving tempo and started riding on it's side, the non-existent brain didn't realize that
a. tempo's have gears,
b. the tempo driver's can change gears and increase speeds very fast and
c. Bicycles are not meant for this kind of thrills.

It took 5 minutes for the Tempo driver to increase his speed, as the speed increased the BSA started wobbling, as the BSA started wobbling I strengthen my hold on the tempo enjoying the speed. In the 6th minute the Tempo's speed was beyond me to hold on and had to let go of it - a split second decision was to verve the BSA handle left (without looking at the condition of the road) and be away from the tempo trail - a split second later after letting go of the tempo I was in a nice dry ditch on the side of the road face first on, rolled over for good 3-4 feet. Stood up completed dazed and confused, looked for my mates who were standing dumbstruck on the side of the road and wondering themselves what should they do next...whether to help me get up or go for the BSA...they did neither! Realized the BSA lying a few feet ahead of us - handle twisted, spokes broken, seat non existent and multiple dents around the body. Me - ? I was completely shaken, bruised all over but more angry at the Tempo wala - for driving so fast! All of us decided never to trust tempo wala's anymore - until a couple of month's later when another friend (from the same group) opted for a state transport bus for similar ride on his MTB......

Now all four of us have our next generation riding their bicycles - hope they have not inherited their dad's gene's when it comes to bicycles.
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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Hey guys,

Had my first fall yesterday. I started riding about 8 years ago.
Sort of my fault. Was a steep downhill section close to my house. I was on the left hand side. Close to the pavement (there is no pavement as such). Was very sandy. Speed was around 25kmph. Had to slow down as traffic slowed. Applied the front brake. I guess I hadnt noticed the sand. The front wheel slid. Immediately let go of the brakes. regained control for a millisecond. My riding instincts developed over 8 years automatically caused my to pump the brakes and down shift. But there was waaaayyy too much sand and on the third pump, I just went down. Speed was very low after the braking attempts and I was wearing a jacket, jeans and helmet. Fortunately, I came out unscathed. Not even a single scratch (dont as me how, I myself am surprised!). The bike sustained minor damages. The crash guard was bent and the gear lever broke.

Got it fixed today and I'm back on the bike. Thought Id share!

Thank you for reading.
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Default Re: Riders: When did you first kiss the tarmac?

Good thread!!

I am riding my bike from past 10 years and luckily till date have only fallen twice.

2004 : I was coming back home from college with my friend who was riding pillion with me. We were chatting and going at about 40kmph. Suddenly a small mechanic kid standing near the shop decided to take a U turn and came into my path. I couldnt do anything but to go and hit. Had a bad fall with me landing on my head and dragged for few mtrs. Luckily I had invested in a helmet and escaped anything big. Nothing happened except an hairline fracture and some bruises.

2008 : I was going for some errand from home and was on the way. Going along at 50 or so when suddenly the person going in front of me decides to hit the brakes hard and make a sudden right without indicating me. I tried to control and somehow avoided hitting him but my bike skidded and fell down. Luckily nothing happened to me this time.

Made me wise and have been very alert at all times when I am driving bike and maintain sufficient distance between vehicles and also drive sedately at all times.
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Been riding from 2006 (Since I was 18 years old). Kissed the tarmac only once till date.

This first tarmac kiss happened on my Honda Unicorn on 11th March 2009 (Roughly around 9:40pm) when I was chugging at 40 kmph along the median to take a U-turn while returning home from a movie. At an unmanned crossing one scooter guy (LML Vespa) came in the wrong direction and hit my leg guard.

After a while, gaining consciousness, my eyes open and I am lying down with the belongings strewn over and an ambulance waiting to take me.

Got bruised on my left shoulder, left knee and left eye where the spectacle pierced into me. On the bike front, the whole front end damaged. Got it repaired and sold the bike. Bought a Karizma R. Since then no kissing done (Touch wood).

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