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Default Re: Harley and the responsibility that comes with it

Harley or Hero, riding at sane speeds,adequate protection gear and safe riding is a must on all motor vehicles (train,car,bus etc).Like someone said,there are people who pop wheelies on public roads on 100cc scooters. It would be wrong of us to generalize and brand all those superbike users.

This might sound off topic: Bangalore police have interoduced an android app through which you can report offenders. I guess any one who feels that the fellow motorist is being irresposnible can make full use of this app.
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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

This thread was a complete goldmine for me, learned a lot going through the posts and the user experiences shared.

Would like to share my experience/tip for the safe riding thread :-

If you suffer from myopia, DO carry your spectacles each time while on wheels, even when you are going to pick up groceries as close as 2 Km.

Some people (including me) take this lightly as we suffer from power ranging between -1 to -2.

Why I made it a habit to carry my spectacles each time :-

While exploring Ferguson College Road in Pune, I was looking for exit towards Shivaji Nagar. As the city was new to me, I repeatedly checked the boards named with locations and each time have to squeeze my eyes and have to pay a lot of attention which should rather be concentrated on the busy road. Nearly rammed my bike into a stationary car
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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

May be this'll help manufacturers deliver safer bikes:
(more pics on the site)

Yamaha shows Motobot motorcycle-riding humanoid robot

(Credit: Yamaha)
Image Gallery (5 images)

Yamaha produced somewhat of a surprise at the Tokyo Motor Show today when it showed a motorcycle-riding robot. Unlike most two-wheeled debutants, Yamaha's new Motobot isn't starting out on a small capacity motorcycle, but release images show the humanoid robot riding Yamaha's most sporting motorcycle, the 1000cc R1M.

The motorcycle-riding humanoid robot combines Yamaha’s motorcycle and robotics technology in an R&D effort aimed at developing a robotic rider which can ride an unmodified motorcycle competently on a racetrack.
Little information has been released about Motobot. The brief press statement states that the "task of controlling the complex motions of a motorcycle at high speeds requires a variety of control systems that must function with a high degree of accuracy" ... so we don't expect any startling results any time soon.

The aim of the exercise is to develop rider-support systems similar to those we are seeing developed in automobiles to make driving safer. "We want to apply the fundamental technology and know-how gained in the process of this challenge to the creation of advanced rider safety and rider-support systems and put them to use in our current businesses, as well as using them to pioneer new lines of business," says Yamaha's release.

It's no secret that DARPA catalyzed the massive leap forward in autonomous vehicles over the last decade when it held its inaugural DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004, but one of the less publicised entrants in that momentous race was Anthony Levandowski's Ghostrider Robot Team, which used the base of a Yamaha single-cylinder dirt bike to create the first autonomous motorcycle.

The Ghostrider didn't make the cut for the final event, but then again only a handful of those cars that did qualify got out of the car park, but the event was the crucial factor which has resulted in autonomous vehicles being developed so quickly in the subsequent 11 years.

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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

I came across this news article about the helmet law enforcement for pillion riders in India. This particular report refers to Bangalore wherein the authorities booked 2K people on Day 1 of Helmet law enforcement. A good move IMO. As a practice I never allow anyone to sit pillion on my motorcycle unless they wear a helmet. Carrying a helmet is as important as carrying a smartphone or any other accessory as the former can save one's life.

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Default Re: Superbikes spotted in India

Hi Friends,
I came across this video on mistakes people normally do. It was very informative. Hope you guys learn something from it or is a refresher video for others.

Mods: Pls move thread if this is not the right place
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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

I am searching for good riding pants.

Off late I was very happy with the forcefield knee guard under my jeans but I feel its time to go for something specifically build for the task.

I came across Spartan and Rynox and both looks and feel good. Any suggestion from personal experience which one is more VFM and safe as well.

Thanks in advance
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Default KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

Mods, starting a new thread since I could not find similar discussion. Though this is about motorcycle riding, it would be helpful to get opinion from car users as well. Please post to appropriate sub forum if needed.

I am proud owner of Duke 200 (My2016 model). Coming from HH Splendor to KTM Duke is completely a new world for me.

KTM bikes are mean machines and has provided sports bike feel at a much affordable cost to many enthusiasts like me. It’s a world class product manufactured in India. Thank you Bajaj.

Even before I purchased the Duke, I have seen many Duke Riders driving recklessly on public roads, overtaking the vehicles from wrong side, riding at a very high speed on crowded streets, squeezing through a small gap, tailgating the vehicle at high speeds, not following traffic rules and what not. At times I used to get angry at these bikers.

Few more incidences confirmed the general negative perception about KTM bikes.

1. After purchasing Duke, almost every time my friends or colleague or neighbors used to ask me whether I also ride fast (read recklessly) like the other KTM riders. They used to share few incidences observed by them. So looks like there a general consensus that KTM riders are reckless.

2. Recently I participated in the Orange Day ride arranged by KTM on 15th Aug. You can read the entire report here. There were few college kids and few riders riding their bikes very dangerously at times risking their own lives, other group riders and people on the road.

I know that KTM bikes are superb handling bikes so in most cases the rider may be in control but not always. The way these bikes inspire confidence is difficult to explain in words. Even my riding style has changed and I ride faster than earlier. However I follow the traffic rules at all the time and ride sanely. E.g. waiting at red signal even if I am the only one waiting at the road junction, not riding in no entry, not overtaking from left side, not over speeding etc.

“With great powers comes great responsibility“
I personally believe in this quote. You need to respect your machine and not overdo things.

Wanted to know what fellow TBHPians think about this perception.

With more KTMs coming on the road, will it create a bigger issue in future?

Do you think this perception is only about KTM bikes?
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Default Re: KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

I don't think the problem is with the bike, but more to do with the thought process of the customer segment it attracts.

There have been reckless drivers (young, old) always, period.

It's just that probably the "segment" that generally is at fault is now attracted to the KTM bike. There was a time when Pulsar 180 meant brawn over the (relatively) weaker Pulsar 150. And ages ago, Suzuki Samurai and RX100 used to be equaled to noise (and trouble) making magnets.

I'm sure there were good users of these older bikes during their hey days, and that would apply to KTM bikes too in the current timelines.

I wouldn't put too much thought into it.
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Default Re: KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

To me, it looks like pretty much all bikers with high capacity engines go faster than 99% of the traffic. And yes, it does involve weaving through traffic. I guess this makes it look like rash driving for a casual observer. It's basically down to having much superior acceleration and brakes than rest of the traffic.

If truckers have an online forum, they might be wondering why modern cars zip past them on highways so recklessly!
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Default Re: KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

Firstly due to the manic and focused nature of these machines, they are preferred by youngsters with their hormones gushing all over their bodies. Secondly, the bikes are popular so there are a large number of them on the roads. Thirdly, KTMs have bright orange trellis frames and orange wheels it's hard not to notice every single KTM being ridden rashly; a pulsar would do the same thing but not everyone will notice. Fourthly, these bikes are so well poised, so well balanced yet on-point and ready to rare their heads and charge forward, that they instill confidence in the rider and confidence is not always matched with skill

Lastly, as an owner of the RC390 (a bike that receives the most of of such flak), in my experience, unlike the 200s, the 390 performs very poorly at low or cruising speeds. The gearshifts are clunky at low speeds, fueling is choppy under 6k revs (might have changed with the new ride by wire tech), engine braking is extremely high due to the heavy piston and high compression ratio. As soon as you wring the throttle open, everything comes into its own; the fueling is precise, you appreciate the engine braking, gearshifts are spot on, you go tak, tak, tak as the rev counter chases the red-line. The other aspect is the Metzeler sportec M5s they inspire dollops of confidence as well and with the sharper rake the bike has a very knife edged nature to it and is not as forgiving as other bikes can be. Not to mention the fact that the bikes heat up unless ridden at a relatively higher pace.

In the end I guess it is a combination of the bike and unfortunately the kind of rider it attracts (the bike would not be at fault if it somehow attracted a different audience) which results in such perceptions. The bike for being confidence inspiring, bright and easily noticeable, track tuned and thus very knife edged, and the rider for mostly being part of the younger demographic with every intention of riding irresponsibly. Anyway, the way I see it, these new focused KTMs are sure to have a chapter of their own and go down in the history of Indian biking as one of the greats

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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

Could also be due to their unique presence.

To a bike noob like me, all black bikes look the same. But a KTM Duke stands out due to its orange wheels + chassis. Therefore, they get noticed more than the others.
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Default Re: KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

Originally Posted by mp417 View Post
I have seen many Duke Riders driving recklessly on public roads, overtaking the vehicles from wrong side, riding at a very high speed on crowded streets, squeezing through a small gap, tailgating the vehicle at high speeds, not following traffic rules and what not. At times I used to get angry at these bikers.
In early 2000s similar comment was passed over Pulsar riders.

In narrow lanes, I agree with your comment. It is quite dangerous and irritating to see such behaviors, but on highways remember if everyone follow lane discipline, no high speed rider (with sense) will overtake on the wrong side or tail gate at higher speeds. Most irritating scene I experience everyday is a biker driving at less than 40kmph on the right most lane (or sometimes in the middle of road)
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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

I see many two-wheelers being reckless(irrespective of the power). This is because, by default they think that they are supposed to reach their destination quicker despite the traffic and in this process they do all kinds of stunts.

When it comes to KTM or powerful bikes, I see them reckless especially when a girl is behind. I observe this mainly because there are many colleges in my locality.
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Default Re: KTM and Reckless riding. Is there any relation?

Good and valid topic to discuss.

As a owner of D390, I have faced many awkward and embarrasing situations many a times in road and front of other colleagues. I use it as a daily commute to my office which covers almost 25kms in one way. Most of the time, when standing in signal, atrracts the eyeballs due to the orange alloys and trellis frame. (Of course me sitting on it in formals )

People bully or irritate me all the way daily. Young chaps who ride Apache, Pulsar 220, Duke 200 when they see me they wanted to show the superiority over the road and end up endangering myself and others on the road. Others, see this as I'm provoking them to go fast. And they never wear any protective gears. The guys over D200 especially do all sorts of nuissance (no offence to other proper owners/riders in forum).

Fly on the ointment, There came a movie in Tamil where in they use dukes for chain snatching. I met with a small accident, on which the police enquired about me and replied "why you office going people buy such bikes!" Same happens when I get stopped by cops every time for overspeeding although I follow the speed limit. This happens to every D390 owners across India.

I think the fact of pricing and offering rediculous amount of power creates such a image, and when it falls in wrong hands, creates a perfect receipe for disaster. And Yes, Public think KTM and Reckless driving have a relation.
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Default Re: The Safe Riding thread

In my opinion any vehicle can be driven in a rash manner. Be it a moped, bike, car, bus, lorry and at least in Bangalore-even JCB's.

It is just that some vehicles are more suited to be driven rashly if the person driving/riding is not mature/knowledgeable enough to handle the parameters the vehicle provides. This could be pure power and torque, nimbleness, sheer size or anything else.

So any vehicle that satisfies at least 2 or more of these parameters has more chances to be driven rashly. A KTM falls into this category and combined with its unique looks (which makes it more noticeable) leads to a generalization.

Same is said for the BMTC City Volvo's in Bangalore. They are powerful, easy to maneuver relative to size and typically intimidates other road users with these parameters combined with its size.
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