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Originally Posted by prince_pervez View Post
So many times I have experienced rickshawallas negotiating a half 'U' turn and then peeping to see if someone is coming from behind. The half turn is enough for someone not alert to skid off a bike and hurt himself.
My sense cannot expalin this behaviour.
OT: I agree completely. My first on-road bike accident was because of behaviour like this. If the auto hadn't begun his turn, I'd have been fine. If he'd completed his turn and moved out of the way, I'd have been fine too. But beginning a turn and then stopping midway-- I bumped straight into him.
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Dear All

Please find attached herewith the news published in the Lokmat (Daily Marathi Newspaper), ]Akola on 18th March 2009 .

Below are the details of the news. While the accident was unfortunate, it underlines the inherent robusstness and safety of Tata vehicles and especially of Indica.
The family was traveling in a hired Indica Car MH 30 PA 1270 from Akola to Amaravati, at high speed. The car went out of control in traffic, rolled over, and finally crashed under a goods carrier tipper (MH 30 B 2921) near Dr. Panjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola .

The passengers in the car were from a family of Mr. Omprakash Zunzunwala, the owner of Prakash Studio at Akola . The other family members in the Indica included, two daughters, two grandsons- 2 and 5 years old and his son-in-law Mr. Alok Agarwal. They were returning from a family function from Akola to Amaravati.
All the family members escaped relatively unhurt from this terrible accident. All the members came out of the car’s broken glasses.The people at the scene were not been expecting that the travellers could come out of the crushed car unhurt.

The Civil Line Police took the car driver Raju Wankhede and Tipper driver Mahadev Vakade in to custody for legal proceedings
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This indica under truck looks a horrible crash.

Glad to hear, all came out safe.

For fellow BHPians who cannot fathom Marathi.
Translation of Marathi is "Family returns from the teeth of Death"

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Oh man, that is one terrible crash! And, yes, they can thank the gods and the indica for saving their lives from a horrible accident like this!
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Lucky escape for the family; How come the truck is on the flipped Indica suprises me.
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The car went out of control in traffic, rolled over, and finally crashed under a goods carrier tipper
Crashed under the tipper? or the tipper climbed over the crashed car?

Good to know that everyone came out that horrible crash safe.
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Nice to know that the family is safe. But its real surprise how the Tipper Climb in the Indica in this way. Seems like some movie scene.
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Do not know how a crazy driving will get a vehicle under the tipper! But, glad that the family came out safe. Else it would have been a really really bad scene.

I guess both of the vehicle were over-speeding and both lost control, resulting in this.
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I distinctly remember once Tata was asked about the weight of the Indica and that why it wasnt lighter? They replied saying that have a look at the Indica crashes when visiting any of the dealerships and the fact that there havent been any casualities so far. This was a long time back... around the time Indica V2 was launched.
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American Versus Indian

The tavera was in a hurry and it ramped to the KSRTC , it happened in front of my house at cochin
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Multi Vehicle pile up in Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Multi Vehicle pile up in Gachibowli, Hyderabad
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Originally Posted by Digital Vampire View Post
Multi Vehicle pile up in Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Looks like a very bad crash, any details on how this happened?
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the guy who was driving was apparently drunk. he escaped without any injuries.
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hmmm, a hyundai Elantra.
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@ Digital Vampire: That crash looks awful. What on earth happened there?
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