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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Originally Posted by xcentrk View Post
The guys who lost their life is a acquaintance of mine and friends of my brother. A close friend of my brother go for a ride once with them and he said he consistently maintained 120 in his Elite i20 pre-facelift in the same route. And that was the last he took a ride with him, because he was scared for his life and when he explained it to us after the ride, he was still panicking. Even in the residential roads, he drives between 60-80. Also, he never ever wears seat belt.

Not sure 150, but 120 would have been my guess.
Thank you for sharing this. I understand what you mean.

You can call it an occupational hazard on my part, but I am hardwired to give minimal importance to past driving behavior and victim/witness statements when determining crash parameters. I can only look at evidence in front of me. I may very well be wrong, but I don't think the impact was above 100kph (may even be lower). I am also considering another post here that mentions that one of the occupants survived. I don't see anyone surviving in a car that has hit a bus head-on above 120 kph. The deceleration of such an impact would be enough to cause internal hemorrhage even in belted occupants.
However, again, this is just a guesstimate as I have not seen the vehicle or the scene.

Originally Posted by MT_Hyderabad View Post
Underride accident with a bus is not 'standard'.

I haven't seen cars getting under the bus in a head on collision. They do it when the accident is on the rear end of the heavy vehicle.

Also, the depth of the damage to the bus clearly shows that it was caused by the front tyre moving back. This maybe the reason I think that the bus was also at high speed (of course it was a highway and the bus wasn't stationary).

The car's driver seat is upright and intact, if the car went to such a distance under the bus, the full left side of the car would be reduced to 200 odd mms.

See this similar video below. This maybe what happened in this case.
I guess I didn't explain myself properly. By standard I meant that the damage pattern on the car is of a typical underride impact. I am not sure why you are saying that head-on underrides with buses are not possible. The video you have shared is of an underride.

The bus axle moving back could also have been after the dislodging of the axle. Unlike cars, these vehicles don't have any body/floor to restrict axle movement once it's dislodged. My guess is that the car went underride upto the axle and broke it. The axle and the bus' forward momentum did the damage to the bus' undercarriage.
There is evidence on the car's roof to indicate an underride. But, it's hard to tell the extent considering the roof was cut open for extrication. Also, a narrow overlap can miss the seat.
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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Originally Posted by knightfurry View Post
I owned a diesel Ritz & I get what you are saying. 150-160 kmph was very easy to achieve.
The car met with two major accidents in 7 years & 1.5L kms, no injuries at all to the occupants.
The XUV accident looks like a headon collision. I have seen lot of video & reels where people are experimenting with its ADAS or doing silly speeds even on 4 lane state highways. This looks like one more experiment gone wrong. Many idiots in this are questioning the GNCAP ratings.
Do they expect 5 start ratted cars to cut through anything & everything thrown at it?!
I did not mean you, brother

I have also driven a Ritz, and the light weight coupled with the 1.3 diesel before they neutered it in the new swifts is a potent combination. That lag and then the subsequent pull when in the turbo zone is addictive.
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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Originally Posted by GeeTee TSI View Post
I have been trying to imagine how the engine got thrown out, one would expect the impact to push the engine through the firewall and into the cabin. Did it get pushed right through and out through the rear ?!

This gruesome accident goes to show that impact conditions in real world can be far removed from simulated crash tests.
Engines & gearboxes are designed to be collapsible and drop down in the event of an accident to prevent exactly what you described (going through the firewall and injuring passengers) and this is exactly what has happened here. Given the speed at which this accident happened, it appears to have been thrown out.
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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Fellow forum members, we need to take some time and understand basic concepts before making allegations, assumptions and passing judgements.
The safety ratings are given at speeds of 40mph, 64 kmph because the assumed vehicle speed is 70mph (112kmph), which is legal highway limits in most countries. The assumption being that the driver has tried to slow down from 70mph and collided at 40mph, the 5 star car will save him from death or major injuries. These tests are conducted on dry tarmac settings and not on wet or slippery conditions.
If a driver is belting along a road at 150kmph on a road which has a designed safety speed of 100kmph, there is no way any vehicle will be able to protect him. He is outside the design limits (both the car and the road). Please note: the best designed roads in India have a design speed limit of 120kmph, so the speed limit is 100kmph for passenger cars. I don't know from where moron drivers decide to cruise at 140/160kmph? It's sheer lack of education which kills them.
The other area which points to a lack of education is understanding of average speed. To mantain an average speed of 90kmph on your journey, you should cruise at 100/110kmph (well within posted limits). Trying to cruise at 150kmph and braking every 5 minutes will only cause fatigue and irritation, your average speed will still remain lower.

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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Captured this accident with my car dashcam on Saturday. The red Ford was being driven at some what high speeds in the rains and ended up hitting a divider after getting aquaplaned. The rest is in the video.

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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Well Said. It is neither the vehicle nor the system which is at fault. There is no cure yet for stupid drivers.
Originally Posted by gopi_rm View Post
I am appalled that some of the learned forum members are trying to bash NCAP rating and some are trying to bash Tata/Mahindra without knowing the actual ground report about the accident scenario (speed & direction of collision, impact on both vehicles, other obstacles on the road when collision happened, road condition, etc.). GNCAP test the vehicles only in a defined set of crash scenarios to asses the vehicle's safety with same set of reference for all the vehicles. It does not mean that a vehicle with 5 star rating would protect it's occupants in any kind of crash scenario.
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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Though pointed out umpteen times earlier, can't stress this enough that crash safety is designed with restrained passengers. I am very cynical when it comes to people's seatbelt habits. Any rear seat passengers would most likely not wear seatbelts and third row passengers would not even know there are seatbelts. I have failed to convince many a family member myself

The unrestrained passengers could have injured belted (presumably) passengers in the front as well, whilst sustaining injuries themselves
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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Originally Posted by Passiautonate View Post
I mind people called "irresponsible" posthumously inhumane, It's unfortunate.

May I kindly ask where you find a hint of irresponsibility and proactiveness in my statement? I meant majority of us have driven/ ridden crazy speeds and they aren't safe always.

On another note, 3 out of 4 dead were in their mid-30s and we don't call them kids, at least where I live. Are you sure you are reading what I read?
You can read your comment again and find out where you were irresponsible and provocative (and not proactive mind you).
I am not following the ages of the deceased, I have read that they were in their teens and called them kids. Link below. (Pics: Accidents in India)

Someone who is responsible for a few deaths due to rash driving can be respectfully called irresponsible. Whether he is dead or alive doesnít matter. Stop being over sensitive. Read some legal documents on people found guilty posthumously.

Someone who calls 50 members on the forum as drivers who overspeed and brag about it, is definitely irresponsible and provocative.

Posting your comment again, as there is huuuge difference in what you wrote in your last post and what you actually meant.

I am insensitive to your replies now, as I donít want to carry it forward.
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Default Re: Pics: Accidents in India

Originally Posted by normaltusker View Post
Captured this accident with my car dashcam on Saturday. The red Ford was being driven at some what high speeds in the rains and ended up hitting a divider after getting aquaplaned. The rest is in the video.
I recently did a Mumbai Goa round trip, an aquaplaning was one of my biggest worries. Thankfully it did not rain a lot and I stuck to the middle lane with speeds in check.
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