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Default Re: Things they donít teach you at an Indian driving school

Originally Posted by braindead View Post
Things they don't teach you in driving school - anger management.
Actually, this was one of the things that WAS taught to me by Dubey-ji circa 1993.

"Sir-ji, bechari gaadi pe kyun gussa nikaal rahe ho?" may have been the phrasing he used. To this day, I am very careful not to let my emotional state reflect in the way I drive. Pull over and take a few deep breaths, steady yourself before you resume driving. That one tip can save you many incidents in the long run
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Default How cautious and compassionate are Indian drivers?

Car penetration in India is relatively low, at under 20 per 1,000 when compared with the US which has over 687 cars per 1,000 people. But rising income is making it easier for more Indians to buys cars. The difficult part is getting people to be responsible drivers.

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.2 million people across the world die in road accidents annually. About 90% of these happen in developing countries. In India, over 4.5 lakh accidents happen every year, causing 1.5 lakh deaths. The road mishaps can be avoided by improving behavioural patterns at three levels ó of the drivers, pedestrians and co-passengers.
To understand how Indians behave on the roads, Ford Motors commissioned advisory firm Astrum to conduct a survey of car drivers in 10 cities ó 6 metros and 4 non-metros. ďIt is not only just about following rules and the law. To make Indian roads safer, we must learn to be more cautious and compassionate on roads,Ē says Anurag Mehrotra, MD, Ford Motors India.
Here is a look at the findings of the survey that had framed questions focussing on three areas ó compliance, compassion and caution.
Article Source & More details.
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Default Re: How cautious and compassionate are Indian drivers?

Interesting article but typical of how these surveys seldom reflect the reality on ground.

For instance, I find it relatively easy driving a car in Delhi compared to Hyderabad, with it's two wheelers all over the place, absolutely no lane discipline and most people not bothering to keep a minimum speed even on highways. But yes, over speeding cars and bikes are relatively scarce.

As for compassion, surprisingly again Delhi was an absolute revelation. The bike drivers specially are very very helpful in most incidents occurring on the road. Might have something to do with them being a minority on the roads so they have formed an unsaid bond perhaps.

As for caution, good to see millennials doing well. Can't recall instances of this being reflected on the ground however.
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Default Re: How cautious and compassionate are Indian drivers?

What was the sample size of the survey? 3 out of 10 is 33% but out 100 its only 3 %.

Without information about sample size, these surveys cannot be trusted. Here in Pune most of the drivers I encounter are incompassionate. commute to the office feels like living in the Mad Max world.
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Default Re: How cautious and compassionate are Indian drivers?

Indians are very caring people in general- they're always there to help you if you fall into trouble. The problem with Indian drivers is that many are simply ignorant. If drivers don't know the consequence of speeding or skipping traffic lights, it makes them not want to follow rules.
(Driver) education is very poor in India- this is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.
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Default Re: Things they donít teach you at an Indian driving school

I really appreciate the post about things not taught at driving school in India.
The key to prevent accidents (I am a doctor and I see the consequences of accidents everyday - unfortunately) is to train everyone well in driving, road safety and manners.
In larger cities, I think there is a good number of BHPians and followers of BHP - Is it feasible that the experienced BHPians can educate the newbies in driving practically?
Say we meet at a particular place over the weekend and the newbies can interact and learn? I thought team BHP can have its own driving school - may be too much to ask, i am not sure. Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Moderators, please note i did not find a similar post on search and i did not want to create a new post so i have replied here.
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