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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

Few things I find annoying on Indian roads:

1. 2 wheeler riders simply come and join the main road without even seeing the oncoming vehicles. (Their thought - the oncoming traffic is seeing me and will slow down / stop)
2. 2 wheeler riders trying to squeeze in from all possible sides, they are really restless creatures in this earth.
3. 2 wheel riders overtaking from left side though there is enough space on your right.
4. 2 wheel riders following closely behind your car. When we brake they hit the car from behind (happened twice to me).
5. Overloading 2 wheeler motorbikes - like carrying ladder/cylinder/grass/veggies/wholesale items keeping it horizontal creating scratches to vehicles when they overtake from left
6. most office goers on 2 wheels hang their lunch bags and it scratches most vehicles
7. HONKING, I really hate this (especially by buses)
8. Wrong side driving/riding and some don't even bother
9. One full grown adult sitting infront of the 2 wheel rider on TVS50
10. Unwanted barricades on roads (night time, they are not really visible)
11. People stop their cars on half roads and talk on phone without even realizing how to tough is it for the traffic
12. Bus stops as soon as a signal is crossed
13. Buses stopping in the middle of the road

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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

Whenever I see a car with folded ORVMs,
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This comes to my mind for car driver and I stay away.
7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads-h1.jpg
That's one of the most annoying habits of idiots on Indian roads.

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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

I often see low slung sedan (usually registered in a bigger city) overtaking a STU bus doing his locked 80 kph on a not so smooth 2 lane highway and then suddenly braking for a miniature pot hole, making everyone following behind brake in a chain reaction.
Pune has many roads where middle and RH lane are both marked for RH turn, yet there are people who stick to the RH lane and go straight, and often argue with people in second lane turning right even when it is marked for right.


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Default 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

The day the 2 wheeler riders would start acknowledging and using the rear view mirrors before overtaking and changing lanes there would be a drastic decrease in honking.
At least in Pune, majority of the 2 wheelers either have their ORVMs removed or they fold it towards inside.

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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

Came across this thread... And this more or less sums up all my thoughts on this topic...
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Default Driving Discipline - How tough is it?

Driving Discipline - How tough is it?

I am a accountant who loves driving, for me its like a catharsis, makes me feel calm, happy, ability to forget wifey when i am driving [what bliss ] and normally at one with the world - in peace. Every day when I head out of office, till the moment I sit in my XUV500, its thoughts of mails to send, office stuff, running around in my head. The moment i unlock, its then the quite hum of AC, pleasant Kishore kumar oldies on the system and i know the next hour is going to be mine, and mine alone - heaven on earth, if thats possible

That's what it used to be, in the last couple of years i have started to observe the way others drive, because slowly we see the change in their driving ways. the 3 worst cases is as follows;

1. Overtaking: Few years before overtaking was precisely planned and executed, we would check oncoming traffic, before you begin to accelerate, then shift gears, go to slightly higher speed, cover the required distance and then ease back into the lane. The other drivers would observe, and understand. There would be no risk from oncoming traffic, because you would have started the move at the right time.
Today there are instances on NH44 [where I noticed], where drivers are racing against each other oblivious to all others on the road !!. Accidents occur in such instances, according to Statista source - In 2019, we had 421K accidents in India, out of which - 55.7% was due to over-speeding and 27.5% due to careless driving - a staggering 83.2% due to driver error, not considering other causes or mechanical failure etc. Just imagine bad driving resulting in deaths of 350000 people.

2. Entering a main road, a junction or a circle: This was standard question by the RTO during the DL test and everyone got the answer right. Slow down, stop, look to the left and then right and then enter the road. How many of them actually do it?? Every single day we see vehicles of every size and type barge right into the main road or a circle without even slowing down. The other day, a guy coming out of an apartment block did the same, just barged in. Few of us, who were about to crash, honked and he had the effrontery to get out of his huge SUV and start yelling, what an attitude. This is not rocket science, all road users need to understand the impact of what might have happened and take care while driving.

3. Consideration for the fellow human being: Respect everyone on the road while driving i.e. let people who have arrived at a signal pass first, if you are in no hurry or would prefer to drive slow, take the left most lane, kindly don’t use your mobile so that it interrupts others – you are talking animatedly on the phone and in the fast lane – certain recipe for an accident.

When I started penning down my thoughts, my intention was that we drive safe, so that we are not responsible for any accident either knowingly or unknowingly. And since we spend so much time in driving daily, we can actually make it a time to look forward to, rather than to dread.

How tough is it to do it?, I believe all it takes is a decision by each one of us to drive safe, nothing less nothing more. Lets bring back the fun in driving 😊
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Default Re: Driving Discipline - How tough is it?

I guess it is the sum total of our Environment and Experiences. Someone who has had a bad morning at home and is late for work might not be in the right mood for following discipline on the road. Not that those actions are justified, but I guess that is how it is. Then there are some eternal losers who despite whatever the situation will never improve and drive like a maniac. Drunk driving, jumping the red light, lane change w/o indicator, entering road w/o looking is a strict NO-NO. Not acceptable at all.

The most common violation of road discipline can be over speeding I feel, & most of the times, people get into it in the heat of the moment too. Someone overtakes you, you don't like that, want to show whose the boss kind of strange vibes. I guess the best way is lose on purpose. No point racing or driving recklessly to prove to some random stranger your never going to meet again.

These days if any temptation arises to overspeed on the highway I usually pull over, stretch myself and drive again. As for city traffic, I always ensure to leave on time or In advance so that traffic doesn't bother me and I am not in a hurry. I also have reserve music playlists that are soothing and calming in nature.
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