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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

Few things I find annoying on Indian roads:

1. 2 wheeler riders simply come and join the main road without even seeing the oncoming vehicles. (Their thought - the oncoming traffic is seeing me and will slow down / stop)
2. 2 wheeler riders trying to squeeze in from all possible sides, they are really restless creatures in this earth.
3. 2 wheel riders overtaking from left side though there is enough space on your right.
4. 2 wheel riders following closely behind your car. When we brake they hit the car from behind (happened twice to me).
5. Overloading 2 wheeler motorbikes - like carrying ladder/cylinder/grass/veggies/wholesale items keeping it horizontal creating scratches to vehicles when they overtake from left
6. most office goers on 2 wheels hang their lunch bags and it scratches most vehicles
7. HONKING, I really hate this (especially by buses)
8. Wrong side driving/riding and some don't even bother
9. One full grown adult sitting infront of the 2 wheel rider on TVS50
10. Unwanted barricades on roads (night time, they are not really visible)
11. People stop their cars on half roads and talk on phone without even realizing how to tough is it for the traffic
12. Bus stops as soon as a signal is crossed
13. Buses stopping in the middle of the road

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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

Whenever I see a car with folded ORVMs,
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This comes to my mind for car driver and I stay away.
7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads-h1.jpg
That's one of the most annoying habits of idiots on Indian roads.

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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

I often see low slung sedan (usually registered in a bigger city) overtaking a STU bus doing his locked 80 kph on a not so smooth 2 lane highway and then suddenly braking for a miniature pot hole, making everyone following behind brake in a chain reaction.
Pune has many roads where middle and RH lane are both marked for RH turn, yet there are people who stick to the RH lane and go straight, and often argue with people in second lane turning right even when it is marked for right.


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Default 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

The day the 2 wheeler riders would start acknowledging and using the rear view mirrors before overtaking and changing lanes there would be a drastic decrease in honking.
At least in Pune, majority of the 2 wheelers either have their ORVMs removed or they fold it towards inside.

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Default Re: 7 Habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads

Came across this thread... And this more or less sums up all my thoughts on this topic...
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