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Default Re: New Auto technologies - anti-Indian (pun intended)!

Originally Posted by troublemaker View Post
I can totally understand and trucker who did not see high school but what about the dude driving that X5?

Any takers??
I don't think we can generalize in this manner. For example, I know a dude in my native who hasn't seen high school but has the vitamin M to buy a BMW without knowing anything else other than the brand name. He has an X1. He went to the showroom with a sack full of cash and said I want BMW. that's it.

Now for this guy, learning the basic controls is itself a big thing. Switching on the headlight is a bare necessity. He doesn't give a damn about what beam, what light and so on.

On the contrary, I see most long distance truckers are disciplined. It's these local shunters who have horrible manners. So unless traffic education is made compulsory before issuing licences, no extra features or safety features like seatbelts, helmets etc will be of use to a person who doesn't know how and why its necessary.

But I agree that at least things like automatic dipping of lights should be introduced. It isn't so expensive to implement. The only negative is that this is a cure to the symptom than the actual disease.

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Default Re: New Auto technologies - anti-Indian (pun intended)!

Originally Posted by troublemaker View Post
If you are driving on high-beam and the car finds oncoming traffic, it automatically, switches to low-beam!
Much needed in our country. But however much I like to have these, I think it takes away "freedom" from the driver. The freedom to "fume" at the oncoming guy by flashing the high beam. I hope there is a manual override.

IMHO, the Indian driver would hate this (pun intended)!
I think, I am missing the pun here and in the title.
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Default Re: New Auto technologies - anti-Indian (pun intended)!

Nothing to do with education, riches, type of vehicle or even just being on the road, this can be seen even in supermarkets where jumping the queue is quite OK...

It has everything to do with empathizing with others, which our culture seems to lack. Behaving in this 'ugly Indian' way is the norm and is tacitly encouraged by the environment (parents, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, police, politicians...) and once you get the disease, you feel obligated to transmit it to others.
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