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Default Re: Supreme Court charts course for safer roads

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I see something interesting in the 2nd image.

The sales of 2-wheelers in India is about 5 - 6 times higher than that of cars. The fatality rate however is 1.5 times higher.

Something wrong with the chart or are motorcycles safer than cars?
Most of the times they cause accident between vehicles and escape unhurt, any bang on rear side is simply not possible without a 2 wheeler in front, any dent on right door/fender without a 2 wheeler on left side is not possible. In Bangalore they are least bothered about other vehicles and just want to squeeze through!
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Default Re: Supreme Court charts course for safer roads

Remember 2-wheelers do far less highway mileage, where most fatalities occur.
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Default Re: Supreme Court charts course for safer roads

The problem is not that we don't have rules, prescribing traffic dos and don'ts - the problem is lack of enforcement , and lack of penalties that have bite.
Consider this: In the USA, if one speeds, depending on the state one can be fined for anywhere between $100 to $500. Say the median fine is $250- as a percentage of median monthly income (4.3K), this is a whopping 4.6%. Moreover, points are awarded, which increase the premium paid towards insurance coverage.
IIRC, 17 or more points and the DL is suspended.

What I am trying to say is that even for a offense such as speeding, one pays through the nose. One is not likely to forget the experience. There are similar fines for driving in wrong lane, running red lights/stop signs etc.

The point I am making is that when the fines get tough , and are enforced strictly, people have an economic reason to follow the rules.

But for that to happen, first the State needs to have the wherewithal to punish offenders, even to the extent of impounding vehicles on the spot as surety for unpaid fines. Surely SC will ponder these aspects- it's not enough to castigate a State agency just on the basis that it did not do its job. There has to be more substance to the action plan - otherwise it would probably get ignored by the staff responsible to execute it - simply because they were not enabled.
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Default Re: Supreme Court charts course for safer roads

The SC appointed panel has recommended license suspension in certain cases ( over speeding, jumping red signals ) and Delhi Police have started to implement it - I've heard of 1 case in Delhi . Matter of time before other cities start following this, so be careful. I don't expect this to be followed outside of major cities, and it's a matter of time before it goes on the back burner.
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