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Default Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Last evening, on my way back from Hassan to Bangalore (NH 75, 6 laned toll road), I saw a Nano being driven at the speeds 100-110 KMPH. The driver's skill here needs to be appreciated, as he was doing these speeds for the entire journey (180 Kms), overtaking the likes of Santros, Scorpios, Ertigas, WagonRs with ease.

That is when I got this question in mind. Nano's reliability at high speeds cannot be questioned. But the question arises on the safety side. How safe is it to drive the car that has no ABS, Airbags and other safety features at this speed on a highway, where other high speed and heavy vehicles were sharing the road space.

Any thoughts ??
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

I have seen several Nano's over the years get into the 100+ range on the Pune expressway. At the same time, it has always been a single person or two person occupancy vehicle at such speeds.

Now, as a skilled/ experienced driver, if any vehicle starts shuddering or is jittery at such speeds, it is but logical (although not necessary) that the speed be reduced to a comfortable point.

For your question on safety, even the M800's, Fiats etc of old, and if you go even further back, the classics as we call them today, with open or soft tops, would do such speeds. In case of an incident, the outcome would not always be good, but then there are no curbs on this for now in our region.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

I would say that the driver is unaware of the capabilities/ abilities of his machine. Nano is a very light weight car and it does not even has disc brakes, forget ABS & all. Being lightweight, I also expect it to be more sensitive to crosswinds generated by terrains and other bigger vehicles. I would neither advice nor indulge such misadventure. Probably belongs to the bad driver's thread.

And is it not that the top speed of Nano is capped to 105 KMPH? In my opinion, it is a terrific city car, and if you must take it to the highway (I will not advice), then you must keep it well within its limits.

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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Ah, while you are driving the car atleast, at 100 all you would get inside is a steady thrum of the Motor at those speeds. Handling wise I would say it feels comfortable at 100.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

In our Last trip to Kerala, we were overtaken by dozens of Nano's. We were quite perplexed when we were being overtaken by a Nano as it was our first time we saw this vehicle being driven at such speeds. We were driving at a constant 85-90 KMPH.

I am no more surprised when i see a Nano being driven at 100 or 110 or more kph as we have already witnessed the worst.

Strictly speaking, The Nano's speed limit must be limited to 80 - 90 kph. This thing is just thrice the size of an Ultimate Gaming PC Cabinet and its tires are a tad bigger than a child's bicycle People boarding this vehicle and driving at 100+ KMPH is as good as a tricycle driven at 60 KMPH. A perfect Disaster recipe.

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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Nano driving at such speeds may be very dangerous.

If you recall correctly, Nano was marketed as a car capable of speed upto 80 Kmph.

Note several factors that could be fatal:

1) High car height and low weight can make cross winds extremely fatal for the Nano occupants.

2) Forget ABS. It lacks even discs and in wet roads, the drums are ineffective. Couple that with small tyres and we have a recipe for disaster.

3) Hardly any bonnet and a "egg" non aero dynamic shape.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Its not reaching 100+ km/h that ought to be a concern, its got to be coming back to 0!

I always remember the biking adage about the ABCs of grip - acceleration, braking and cornering all vie for the attention of a tiny contact patch.

So while a Nano can attain and sustain the ton, one must also consider the consequences of having to brake/swerve and how the car would behave at that time.

Apart from safety, there's also the question of sustainability - the effect of strain on the engine. I have been comprehensively overtaken and left in the dust on the ORR/NICE by Nanos, but have found that at the first hint of upslope, they lose steam and I end up passing them again.

This just means that the car is probably being driven at the limits, and wonder what the long term consequences will be on the engine (e.g. higher oil consumption).
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Why just corner the Nano? Is it safe for other vehicles to drive at that speeds constantly on our roads? I do not think so. Having said that, doing these speeds in a nano is extremely dangerous and should be avoided, but I agree with what others have already posted. I have seen a lot of Nano's being driven at extremely high speeds.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

In keeping with the majority view on this subject, I certainly wouldn't recommend that this car be driven at those speeds. For all the reasons that others have posted before me.

Keep in mind, that it is way more fun to drive fast in a "slow" car, than it is to drive slow in a "fast" car. I guess the drivers are all having loads of fun driving that fast. Adrenaline rush happens most when you are closest to death, and cheating death at that point is the ultimate high. Hence the existence of extreme sports, like bungee jumping, driving a Nano at 110kmph etc etc
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

As someone pointed out its a perfect recipe for disaster. People tend to think a car moving at 100 or high speeds is the capability of that car. No, there is nothing special in it, even a 100cc bike can go that fast. The important thing is how it can handle at those speeds the important thing is braking, forget the normal brakes, it cannot handle the sudden deceleration from that speeds, it will FLY esp if it is equipped with disc brakes. IMO, Its just brainless \ dont care attitude can make somebody to push a Nano to that speeds.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Me too gets overtaken by Nano near Belur. I floored my i10, then after reaching 60kmh I swallowed my pride and let him go. My wife would have been spitting butterflies and fire had I continued.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

Its limited to 105 if my memory serves me correct.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

A Chandigarh registered Nano with alloys kept me company for a good part of my drive on NH-1 a while back. Of course it could not match with the initial acceleration of my swift diesel but as I would keep my speed between 90-110 kmph it would catch up and at times overtake also in about 10-15 seconds no kidding!

It looked like being driven by a driver (going by the outlook). Though he wasn't rash or anything but he was flooring the pedal at every chance he got. I thought he would slow down at the diversions but he was taking the diversions at 60-80 kmph just like I was and I thought he was going to topple but he didn't, don't know how.

There was this one time when I overtook a truck and had to go down the road a little. I could never imagine the Nano driver doing it because there was a sharp turn ahead but he tagged along and while I had ample space to make the turn after overtaking he almost pulled a stunt doing that (the only time one could call him rash).

So I know that Nano can be driven at around 100 kmph at ease (assuming that driver didn't get a re-map ) but not sure how the driver/passengers feels inside the car at such speeds.

Having said that, I think Indian highways are very unpredictable and while all the Nanos can go do 150 kmph but I'll still be scared in doing anything above 100 kmph on our highway these days. In fact even 100 kmph is scary at certain stretches. My defensive driving has made me very very cautious.
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Default re: Tata Nano at 100+ kph

I have driven the Nano quite a bit on highways, personally I feel it handles better than my dads Wagon R. You need sensitive hands to change lanes after it exceeds 90. It easily does the 105 where the limiter cuts in.
The only place you feel the need for power is in 4 lane GQs it is very at home on 2 lanes and state highways.
The brakes are just about OK if you know how to use them but the crash safety is very suspect.
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My friends Nano's check engine light started blinking while he was driving at a steady 105kmph on the Ahmedabad highway.
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